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Hi, I am looking for the user manual/service manual of Analogic/data Precision 6000 analyzer, does anyone have a copy? Thanks!
I need to find this conector's name and model so I can find and buy it It is the power/nemea connector from a magellan nav 5000 , nav 6000 it is 5/32 in diameter with 5 connectors, screw on , not like bnc that is a quarter turn, more like a mic with several turns Any help is appreciated
Hello I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop and i faced a problem that couldn't be solved! when i got it, I expected a standard Windows XP media and separate applications CD that can let me pick and choose the software I want to install. What I got was only a restore CD that apparently sets up the machine in the original factory condition with all
Introducing the newest addition to the Diamond Engineering product line: the DAMS 6000 v5.0 Antenna Measurement System Platform Features: - DC-18 GHz Frequency Range----->not new - Precision 2 axis Movement-------->Precision level?? - Accuracy to 1/8 of a degree--------> not good for high directi
Hi, some thing isnt clear! How long is your RS cable? Can you give us the datasheet/type Nr. pls? Are you sure pls, that its RS232 system? 6000 rpm & /1kpulses=>6Mpps! Nice for some RS232 & more meter cable... Maybe you must try it with RS422/485! :-) K.
It is a while since I used the Flex 6000 but I seem to remember they are SRAM based and the programming is normally done with an EEPROM. If that is the case, it should be easy to duplicate - the data is not encrypted. It could be loaded from a device such as a microcontroller instead, which would be more tricky as that co
I want to communicate a text from a PIC18F25J10 pic to a PIC16F877A device. after receiving the data PIC16F877A device will display the message on a screen. here I wrote a program for it using microC. PIC18F25J10 (sender) program. void main() { TRISC=0x00; UART1_Init(2400); // Initialize UART module at 9600 bps Del
MCU = LPC2138 (32-bit by nxp) IDE = Keil uVision4 (MDK-arm 4.21) Hi All, After so much effort to try to find out and debug the problem, i finally decided to post here on the forum all my observations related to the issue. Here's an overview of code: struct queue{ char *buffer; int wp; in rp; }; char j =0 ; char buf
What are you particularly searching at the forum? Why don't you consider the Ferroxcube Soft Ferrite databook as your first information source? You'll find e.g. pulse/general purpose transformers as one of the suggested 3E25 applications. For detail questions, you'll want to refer to the material data.
well u are going to need lab equipment that at least goes to 10 GHz. An old 8566B spectrum analyzer can sometimes be had for $1000. The trick is to get one that is in or close to being in cal (and with a screen that u can still read). 8720A network analyzers go for maybe $6000 on ebay. U will need a signal source, a 8672A will set up back maybe