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Hi, I am looking for the user manual/service manual of Analogic/data Precision 6000 analyzer, does anyone have a copy? Thanks!
Hi friends, I need your advice: Time ago I've build a device whose output consist of an asynchronous 24 bits bus + data strobe. I'd like to connect this bus to a PCI interface, through a FIFO, to be able to process outcoming data from the host PC. The bus frequency is 30 Mhz, in bursts. I need to do the job quickly, so I'm thinking to use an
i recommend at the least manchester encoding of the data to make it easier for you
For duplex operation is aivailable only 5 inputs, and 8+(3?) outputs, this is for standart printer port. For enhanced printer port modes (ESP,EPP) you need switching data port (8 bit) direction, this is
I'm trying to get the data output of for example a waveform output of a simulation. I couldn't seem to find any options in Orcad 9.2 that lets me have access to the output data file or any kind of tabular format. I was hoping to bring the simulation output data into Excel or something and perform analysis on it there, for example collect (...)
you can use normal AT commands to start data calls in GSM... I suggest you try downloading the source to gnokii ( ) and try to see how they initiated the connection... for a list of AT commands for GSM, I also suggest that you go to ETSI's website ( ) and browse their documents s
On 2002-04-14 23:39, darksky041257 wrote: Anyone had any experience of interfacing to a GSM phone module. I want to make a remote data logger. Hello, I will try to explained it. To make a remote data logger working with GSM-Phone as transmission media, you must know about AT command connected with serial protocol. T
I am trying to simulate a circuit using real components so I am trying to create the data files myself. I need this T/R switch , this MESFET (PDF file) , and
I am new at GSM design. I have project in wich i need to transmit data by the gsm, decode it on the other side with DSP and vice versa. Which protocols are used in the proces? Wich is the the best way to deal with this? With GSM wich has modem built in and ? Explain a little bit please!
Hello, I'm trying to introduce very low bitrate data into speech band frequency. I'm thinking of doing this in the form of BFSK. I've choosen the lower frequency band, ie between 250Hz and 300Hz. Example is to inject a 280Hz sine wave to represent '1' and 250Hz to represent '0'. Any idea on how practical this might be and what is the maximum bit
Hi U can use DS1621 -55 to 125 or DS1820 as probe With AVR ,8051 or PIC and external ram or EEPROM you can make as much logging points as U need or just send data to PC by 232,485 ....
use multi phase clock , & select "right" clock to fit "setup time " usual let "sampling clk in middle of "in_data" "
As we know, data multiplexing is often applied and two main implementation methods are prevalent in FPGA of Xilinx, say Spartan. They are BUFT and the combination of MUX and LUT. However, in practice, some expericense informs us that BUFT is not recommended due to its simulation mismatch and poorer performance. Also just for this, Synplify aut
Hi, I need thte data sheet for the LM32K071 sharp LCD display. Anyone?? Thanks, //k
Dear all : I need the data sheet for the following Proms : KP556PT7A and K155PE3 and KC573P Thx in advance This isn't a software request. Moved here erickki
Hi ppl I am in need of a data sheet for a Philips Semiconductor Device marked OM 1681 C It is an IC for providing the basics of a vehicle security system. I've searched all the obvious places with no results. All help would be much appreciated Cheers Jaba
I would like to transfer data from a pc to a mcu in a distance by a telephone line. the first solution i think is a modem can u help me? the second solution is internet but i think it is difficult.. thx for listening :-)
Hi all : Can any one help me to get the data sheet for the following IC SD509 for the company named Ranboss in USA. This IC is digital switching matrix 2Kx2K time slot. Thx in advance
Does the LPT port have possiblity to receive data in ECP mode using DMA under Win98/2k? I would like to receive about 1MB with the smallest CPU load.
Hi, has someone experiences with pics (16f876 or 877) and external dram like 41464 for storing analog data? Kind regards, Klemm
Hi, Does anyone know how to send a data via the rs 232 port with visual C++? thanks.
I want to make a data acquisition system of which the bandwidth is about 1.5GHz, can anybody give me some advices on how to realize it, thanks in advance!!
need m@rvell 88EE6051 data sheet TIA :wink:
:D hi all :D Discover Circuits is a collection of 6000 electronic circuits electronic resouces book corner and much more :roll:
Hi all ... How can I translate PCB data from Mentor to PowerPCB ? Thanx
I want to use my Siemens M50 to connect internet from my pc via com ports. Please help me by a data cable schematic. Thanks in advance.
I'm new in linux programming. I want to write a program that sends and take data between two computers that has linux. Has source anywhere? :?: If not please give me ideas, links docs or smt. like Thanx...
I am a newbie,I don't know afer layout what file foundry will give to me,and how to use it in ncsim and ambit and the file have what data. or JUST SDF file?
In the 64 point FFT I am using 1.15 fixed data format to represent. Can anyone help me out to with how addition and subtractions are done in 1.15 fixed data format. Thanks in advance
Depending on the telco hardware, a phone can with Default programming:(at telco side) Originate voice call Originate data call Receive Voice call Will not recive data call (page fail) If its programed for data mode: Originate voice call (cos 3) Originate data call (cos 4) Receive data call (...)
Hi all, Does anyone have any code that shows how to decode the RS-232 stock data stream from the BMI satellite or cable receiver ?? It is not encrypted, just "slightly" compressed. Or code showing how to decode other stock market data would be useful.
hi, I'm looking for a DSP based RDS (Radio data Coder) encoder. thanks.
Hallo solvarg, did you look at is the company's site, but they don't show anything about the DMF651. Greetings, FD
Hi all, I have a S-9591 graphic display with a touch screen. I don't know who makes the display thus I am having trouble locating a data sheet for it. Can anyone out there help? Thanks, K.
Looking for any data on a VME board from Philips PG2036. Please help. Thanks!
Hi: I have a sdram interface. The sdram chip only drive the data to about 2.0v as high. how could this happen. the sdram controller chip can drive the data onto 2.8v. How could this happen, however all the timing is correct. can anyone help me?
It looks to me that you need whole project. Ok, let's go step by step. - ds1820.bas - read temperature from ds1820 and show on LCD - eeprom.bas - take data from portB and write to I2C EEprom and read it back - rs232.bas - send data (2400 baud) to PC and receive back from PC If you need shematic diagrams for above sources, just ask. I hop
Hi, I am using USB1.1 Scanlogic device for transferring data. I am able to transfer at less than 1MB/s though the spec says 12MB/s in full speed mode. My data side is waiting for ACK signal for a very long time. How do I debug this problem. TIA brmadhukar
Hello, 7rots51 I hope this useful to you, please below XEMICS web. You may can find informations and devices. - For data acquisition : - For application specific microcontroller : Good luck. :roll:
Who knows the IC: RX-28S what vendor it come from ? Also, I need its data sheet. It is the wireless control IC for "TOMY" mini toy car, can control the mini car four direction: forward,backward,left,right. Thanks
WindRiver Tornado for DO-178B Certification The "Certification Kit" contains a separate CD-ROM with DO-178B certification data, does someone here has this cdrom, or knows where to download the stuff? eman
Does anyone have data sheet on this laser scaner: dataLogic DS41 Pinout, protocol description, shematic? Thanks
EMC Reference data
Hi, all. Here I attach the small data for PCB materials. I hope useful to someone. Good luck. :roll:
Hi Please specify pairs of TX/RX ICs that I can send data with them at 2.4GHZ . range be from 100m to 1000meter. regards
This link mainly covers the mixed signal,data converters etc.. with regards HBK
I need the data sheet or any info from the following old IC: C251A made by NEC Metal round housing with 10 leads.
HI everybody... I need a data sheet of the IR device supported in nokia 8290... all what i found on it is this number: (3200)... this is a pic of this device... it may helps you:) thanks in advance
Just search You can find ?PD720110A data sheet here: ?PD720110A product breef: ?PD720110A homepage: