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there are external devices which can acquire data via USB and have drivers which can be accessed from MATLAB, Labview, C++, C#, VB, etc have a look at do a web search for matlab data acquisition - it will give you plenty of links what data do you wish to acquire? e.
Hello all, I am quite new to STM32 programing. But i need it for my project. I am going to transfer data from an accelerometer to STM32VLdiscovery board via SPI. Now I have the code written and uploaded without any error shown. But I still can not see the data from the accelerometer in real time, even when I am going to the debugging mode
Hello all, I am working on a project that has use of telephone. I have a problem that I want to detect the ring signal from the telephone so I have created the ring detector circuit. But before the telephone rings, I want to place security. the caller have to enter the password. So I have used the DTMF decoder. Is this a correct choice? I wi
in our project, we are using 18f4620 controller.some information is saved in external eprom connected to this controller. i want to connect one pendrive (usb) to my board for collecting those data saved. (later, pendrive is connected to pc for display) for that i have to interface one usb female connector with my pic cont
hello sir i am doing my project on embedded pic controller 16f877a and i have got the meter for reading the solar panel data such as volts ,amps, freq etc .and this data is taken from MODSCAN software ,but i want to use or import the data from MODSCAN to MATLAB please do tell me the procedure to import the data and (...)
Hi.. you can right click on 'results', and click on 'solution data'.. there in 'matrix data' sub-window, check the 's-parameters' the 'export matrix data' button to export in .snp format. Thanks
replace your metlab data in the above code.
Hi, Im new to all this forum stuff so please forgive me if i do this wrong I have an lcd screen from a Pixma MP800 printer. It has a code 0544 5 94v0 and another code EDT REV.C 20-20576-2 made in taiwan Nice little full colour screen and id like to use it on a robotics project my son and I are working on so Im looking for some data sheets or sche
Hello, Basically I am developing a GUI to represent received data on a display. I have successfully implemented everything FPGA related except the input part. Ive been thinking of using SPI but the connector on Altera Board is HSMC and I have not used it before. Is there any USB to HSMC or RS to HSMC converter cards that you might know? I've fou
Hello all .. I have interfaced a 128x64 GLCD and keypad with microcontroller (PIC16F877A) .. The problem i am facing is that GLCD shows garbage text first and when i reset the PIC and start again, GLCD displays more garbage text and the garbage text increases with every reset .. How can i remove this garbage text?? I am posting code of function
Hello Everyone. This is Sampath. I am Interfacing LPC2148 with SD card through SPI Protocol. I got Source code from NXP. Purpose of my code is to display whether SD card is connected or not. I am unable get any data in lcd. Normally i able to display data's in lcd. I attached Source code. Please help me.
Dear all I want to design an alarm clock.with 8051 & 4 digit led display.I have RTC code but I want to know how to multiplex rtc data to 4 digit led display.& what are essential components to run circuit efficiently. Please give reply.
I am trying to connect my SIM908 modules to arduino mega 2560 for gps tracking purposes. The gps data works fine but when I send the gps coordinates to my server via httppost (using the library of SIM908 example), it only works once time and then display DB not connected....... My server can read one data but not continuously getting new (...)
Enter the equation in your data display: Beta=Ic/Ib, hopefully you know how to measure Ic and Ib.
Hi, I am using hd44780 4x20 LCD to display some data.. I am using PC30f5011 controller and external oscillator configured as XT Oscillator with PLL4X... its not showing any data only Back light is switching On. External Oscillator tested its working fine.... Same code Configured as Internal Fast RC with PLL 16x LCD working fine. (...)
The data display function for bandwidth calculation is discussed here:
Hello, I am trying to build an application to display curves from data coming through a USB device. I cannot go from a white paper so I have found which compiles with Visual C++ 6.0 with MFC. The express versions are difficult to use even with multiple topics about MFC. I have also found another application to dem
As a test, I am trying to receive a simple array of values containing from matlab, store this data in flash memory then check the memory. However, I get all zeros on the serial display. I am new to writing code for an avr controller. At this point I?m trying to isolate the problem to either hardware or software. I have verified the
Hi, why you are thinking of use FSM to solve your problem :thinker: you just need to use keypad first with registers controlled by "E" button to load data to register B then the "F" button to enable the op of the adders to register on edge and keep it with the other edge then display , yours FSM is already exist in the adder hope it helps Ziad
hi guys, I want to know the way to transfer the temperature sensor data from arduino and send it to my PHP website textbox. I had successful get the temperature from the arduino and display at LCD. And I using HC-06 module as my bluetooth connection between arduino and my laptop. Please help and Thanks. Regards, YY
hello, if you are using a 16*2 jhd162a lcd then you canuse one more method that send 0x80 as instruction to the lcd that is the start address of the first line and after that you can send 40 bytes to the lcd as data and the second line starting address is 0xc0...
Thanks for posting your solution Hakim. I am doing something similar in that I have two bias variables and one S2P file per unique bias point. The step size between bias points can be uneven and not all data rows are the same length, so I am still working on the best way to format this data to import it into ADS for data (...)
I tried interfacing rtc with 8051 to display hour,min,sec but got seconds alone displayed on lcd with an error logic contentions on data bus
hi every body i need a simple program that have capability of display incoming datas in client side i send a data by sim900 gsm/gprs module via gprs (based on at commands) in http to my laptop & need a program to displaying this datas tnks all
Hello Ashu, You are getting garbage data, that means you are getting the data from the GPS. but probably you need to convert the characters into ASCII format by adding 48(decimal) and then display the values on lcd.
if you do a web search for build oscilloscope you will get plentry of links using microcontrollers to acquire signals via ADCs and sending data to a PC via USB for display
use BCD to S-seg and store data one by one
I want to interface two OLED with SPI how to do in lpc1768 or in freertos?? i interface two separate SPI for two OLED display and data displayed separately BUt only one OLED is working at a time and data of the both function are displayed in one display Confused??????? - - - (...)
Hi, I want to interface HDSP-523E with Raspberry Pi. The datasheet is here. Any suggestion on how to interface it with RaspPi? Through I2C? I guess I need a port expander.
Can someone help me to explain how I can use the following popular code using: plen=fill_tcp_data_p(buf,plen, xxxxx) I want to display variable which contains HEX data.
somebody please help me!I make a code for 8x8 dot matrix display scrolling data in pic16f1936.Now all the code running very well but I don't understand the logic how to scroll it,because my uC is 8 bit and I want to scroll two 8 bit data as a single somebody have any idea how to rotate left or right the column data. here (...)
Dear all, I am having TVS company 1D bar code scanner. It will work only in HOST(Meaning PC). I need to access the data by micro-controller and I need to display the data in 4 line LCD. I am having little bit knowledge about FT232RL and PL2303.. These ICs will perform USB to UART. But I am not confident in USB host.. How can I add (...)
if you do a web search for "PIC LCD circuit" it will give you many links to circuits using Microchip PIC microcontrollers, e.g. also Microchip's development board data sheets give schematics and sample code
Hello!! I am using Keil uVision IDE, and wants to display data while debugging in debug(printf) window, but not able to do so. I am using NXP LPC1343 Micro-Controller based development board and colinkex an open source debugger by CooCox, but i am not able to use it to display data on debug printf window. Can one help me (...)
On Key press you append the key value to an array and terminate it with null character and use this string to display data on LCD. You also use a counter to index array elements. On Key press (except back space) keydata = Key; keydata = '\0'; displayOnLCD(keydata); //If backspace is (...)
does anything display on the LCD? have you checked the baudrate by connecting the SIM300 to a PC? by using polled UART receive you are probably loosing data while you transmit the AT commands and you will get receive overrun on the UART it is recommended to interrupt drive the UART receiver with received charcaters placed in a ring buffer
If I define a custom character that uses the lowest (8th) pixel row also, this row is never displayed, although the HD44780 datasheet says this: The 8th line is the cursor position and its display is formed by a logical OR with the cursor. Maintain the 8th line data, corresponding to the cursor display (...)
I need a Mega 2560 shield for 3.2" TFT display with touch screen and also for XBee. My system collects data received through XBee and displays it on TFT. I have seen shields for XBee and TFT but cannot use both at the same time.
You can send values from microcontroller through Sim900 to a server. Main tasks of the microcontroller are as follows: 1) Configuration of the SIM900 module for TCP/IP Client mode, 2) SIM900 control via AT commands for data transfer, 3) Updating the Microcontroller display if any, when the corresponding command is received from the Server.
both approaches are possible 1. build a single application in C++ which talks to the device via a serial port and has a GUI front end built using wxWidgets, GTK+, etc 2. run a C++ based web server with talks to the device via the serial port. A PHP web front end contacts the server to display data received and control the device. This should b
I assume you will be receiving the keypad data from the PIC18 via serial port the project is possible in Matlab, i.e. it can read data from a serial port and build GUIs alternativly you could use Java, C++, C#, VB.Net, etc all of
Are you able to see the Hsync, Vsync on the CRO (You can check these signals by connecting a prob on the display's Hsync, Vsync ports). also check the clock. If the Hsync and Vsync are able to see... then try to find whether the RGB data are zero or not.. if the RGB data are zero then also you can see black screen.
... and bar code readers usually produce serial ASCII output so all you need to do is display the characters. It would be up to you to look-up the character string in a table and display data accordingly. The type of code is normally worked out by the scanner itself and can be requested from it if necessary. Brian.
I am using one way communication for sending data to display from microcontroller. In this case as the output of 75176 is always enabled, are the bias resistors necessary? Secondly, the cable length will no exceed more than 5mtrs, so are the termination resistors necessary? Let me explain my project. It consists of two devices one controller
Search for "128x128 LCD" and you will find hundreds of suppliers. You will have to search their data sheets to find an exact match for the cable though, I think most of that size are made for mobile phones and customized for a particular model even if the display itself is the same. Brian.
hai there, Thanks for your reply..i manage to debug the code and it ran nicely on the board..but the problem i facing now is..i cannot display/import the digital data which i obtained after i convert the analog signal inside my pc. i tried to use system generator but its not working as well cause i need to purchase the toolbox for the simulink..
1) Those square blocks indicate that you are not sending correct data to the LCD (or are not sending it correctly). Unless you are INTENDING to display blocks. 2) It sounds like something failed. 3) You have to be aware of static or overvoltage
I am trying to display an image on a monitor/projector using the DVI port of the Xilinx XUPV5LX110T. From the user manual, I saw that DVI port has 4 pins for 4 bits of R G B each. With that it has 6 other pin outs. I can generate the RGB data. Can some one please help me with the other 6 pins on how to control them?
Hi All, I'm working on a project for one of my classes in which I get to implement a design of my choosing, and I am attempting to interface with the on-board Cellular RAM of the Nexys-3 Spartan 6 and do asynchronous and synchronous reads and display the data from the memory (which I programmed using the Adept interface) to the 4 SSD's by displ
This program is for PIC16F676 in micro c compiler. sbit LED1 at RC0_bit; // 1 sbit LED2 at RA2_bit; // 2 sbit LED3 at RC2_bit; // TIMER display sbit SWITCH at RA3_bit; //TIMER SWITCH int Adc; // Save analog data void Read_Adc() { ADCON0.GO=1; // Start Convert w