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Hello, This is my first post to this forum, so bear with me. I'm working on writing assembly code for a R/C microturbine tachometer. I'm very new to this so, I really could use some help. I'm using the PIC 16F84A micro controller chip, compling the language with MPLAb IDE v 7.30 and assembling the data with Mplasm. I'm having a problem displayi
In ADS data display window, how can I plot a line like this? -30 dB (5MHz
Hi, Does anyone ever use ADS 2011 version? I am using it to do analog circuit simulations. I would like to calculate an input impedance by running ac simulation. However, after doing this by employing an ac voltage source and current probe, I cannot find the "advanced" button in data display window of this version of ADS. So that I have not ide
You did not specify where your LCD is connected (data and control lines). If data and control is connected to P3 you can not do the routine like you have done because when you use P3=xxx you will overwrite the control lines. And at least this is wrong: d=val>>4;//the uppermost 4bit are taken and stored in d E=0; RW=1; [
Hi all, I know how to import SnP file from some other softwares/measurement results and display in ADS. However, in case that I just have a simple Excel-like data where one column is frequency and the other column is characteristic impedance of a transmission line. How could I import and plot this data in ADS ??? Does someone (...)
I'm trying to display a graph on the JHD12864E GLCD.... I'm sending the data using the code for 'write display data' which is "HLXXXXXXXX"... Its function is given as "writes data into display data RAM. After writing instruction, Y address is increased by 1 (...)
hai to my knowledge i am saying this plz verify if it is correct or not for 2x40 lcd dd_ram 0x80 which is the pointer that points to the dataram line1 addr 0x00 line2 addr 0x40 now if i want to point to the first line then ddram|line1 if 2nd line ddram|line2 this is to take the pointer to the first or second line now what should i do to in
how can i seperate a serial data into two string indicator? for an example first serial data display on string indicator 1 and second data display on string indicator 2...thanks...
No such interface. Its only one direction ADS to Mat lab to ADS. Mat lab can not invoke ADS. I might not very clear in my old post, what I want is script for matlab to read ads output data file .dds Thanks
How to display a point on smithchart in the data display of ADS. What is the correct form of my data?Such as : A1=20+j*20 What form I should write in the Eqn ? If display A1 directly, A1 would be plot in a wrong place.A1 is plotted in correct point you specified. It seems you are misunderstanding Sm
I have simulation impedance data file which is text or excel(csv) format. And, then, I will import these file into Agilent ADS program and then, plot it with a separate graph to compare with another simulation plot of my designed circuit together. So, I can compare how similar two graph is. In S parameter simulation, CITI or touchstone file fo
value = uart_getc(); while(value); If data is received and value becomes true then your code doesn't do anything other than infinitely looping in the while(value); loop. No other code is executed.
Setup Harmonic balance analysis. Insert a voltage source in the schematic. Sweep the source voltage, e.g. vin Label the output node, e.g. vout At the data display, plot dbm(vout) vs dbm(vin) I guess it is in the manual. Hopes it helps.
Hello All Yes Im Need datasheet for LCD LM-BE53-22NEK Thx
Hi All! i don't know if this is the right forum but it is the only one where i see some ADS friends... here there is my problem: I designed a digital circuit with for inputs. Actually each of these inputs represents one bit of a 4-bit word. I would like to plot a diagram of the input word so i merged the four signals in a bus named I<1:4>, but
spiral inductor for board level design or on chip inductors? BTW, here is fast and easy steps: 1.define unit length micron mil or mm in new project dialog box. 2.start a new layout from tool bar 3.define layer names in options>layers 4.define snap and grid as your need 5.define layer stack and electrical specifications of them in momentum>su
Use the button (add wire/pin label) just on the right of the (add wire) button. All named net on top level of your design will be exported in the dataset and can be viewed in the data display. Mazz
Hi, there are functions Map1C and Map2C to map source to the output or vice versa, you might be able to use them together with moving marker (pointer) in the data display but I think you must write some equations in data display window. The other way is to write the whole maping equations set (you can find those in the (...)
1)Provides accurate nonlinear simulation performance. Unlike existing models for GaAs which are based on silicon models, the AgilentHBT model is accurate for large-signal modeling of III-V processes like GaAs & InP. 2)Faster data display and improved data display synchronization with the simulator greatly improves tuning (...)
Next-Generation Standard Layout Viewer LAVIS is a next generation layout viewer to support large scale data, super high-speed display and multi format. With LSI designs becoming increasingly detailed, the volume of design data is rapidly expanding. Speeding up data display and standardizing (...)
k is a real number (please see the definition). you can write the equation in the @DS data display or you can use the icon "stabilty" (or something similar..) in the S parameter menu. in the second case you'll find "k" in the dataset, that's it. I hope it can help. Mazz
>I have spent the last 3 months trying to get this thing going. Sometimes it helps to go and work on a different project for a while or try a completly different approach. You could have writen your own software from scratch in three months. >I have received the software for data display signs Do you mean PC software? How is your sign conn
In data display windows, go to tools and data files tool. you can export the result to ascii files. There are many format you can choose from.
Hi ! Depending on what you are going to use as a data display (LCD, 7seg leds displays, graphics display, etc), you can dimension your needs about I/O ports in the microcontroller. Also the sensor output should be translated to suitable voltage levels to be digitised via the PIC A/D converter (accepts only 0 to Vdd (...)
Do you know if is it possible to cut and paste a plot on the data display inside open office? thanks in advance wasm
You can use it in the data display window. You can also look at the variable to determine type and data structure of that variable i.e. Real, Complex, 1D array 2D array etc
1. You can use transient simulation but if that takes too long...envelope simulation can also be used 2. Usually the components/parts are categorised in ADS into blocks...e.g. System Mod/Demod, System PLL components i would say that you use ur intuition to guess which part will be in which block...i am unaware of any way of searching fo
Anyone who know how to add a VSWR=2 circle in the smith chart in ADS data display file?
First of all have a look on the data might consist of multiple page consisting of graphs and the other consisting of the background equations using which the graphs are can go back n forth between these the forward and backward buttons on the menu of the data display... Secondly, these equations ar
Hi all, I use the two following function to simulation C Varactor using ADS. 1.C_Varactor=-1/(2*pi*freq*imag(Z11)) 2.C_Varactor=-1/(2*pi*freq*imag(Z(1,1))) Get two different data display as attached display.And what is the of freq and what is the difference between freq and freq in Equation?.and wha
Hi, everyone. I have a question about the IE3D data display in Modua. What is the difference between two data display option: "Real and Imaginary Parts of Z-parameters" and "Real and Imaginary Parts of Z for S-Parameters"? I known that the RF network can be characterized by S-parameters and Z-parameters, and both of (...)
Hi all, I was checking the examples given in ADS momentum folder. There r few examples of Antennas. In the related data display, ADS software plots 2 graps for Axial ratio . One is under "Circular polarization" heading and the other one is under the heading of "Linear polarization". These 2 graphs are plotted for all the antennas rega
Hi, look for the data server, you can do a lot from it. flyhigh
Hi Turn off! window parameter "Kaiser" in data display
Thank for your advice. However, I have not known how to convert S-parameters to Y-parameters. Can you show more detail? In ADS? Just add this equation to your data display: Y=stoy(S)
I know the topic might have been posted previously but i could't find it. Most of 320x240 graphic LCD's have industry standard interface which includes D0..D3, CP1, CP2, FLM and M signals. From what i understood basing on datasheets the data display is written in 4-bit packets and then it's latched. The question is if data (...)
Hi, Avantek design engineer has published on 1990 Applied Microwave Articles regarding Gilbert Cell Mixer. It is modelled and simulated by Agilent, previoulsy HP with their great RF and digital development tools ADS. It is the IAM-81018 Mixer. Agilent did a great job on the analysis and simulation of this mixer. It generated 16 pages of data Dis
Hi, everyone. I am wondering how to convert the Agilent ADS momentum database to TouchStone (*.sNp) or Citi files. Thanks. If you do a s-parameter simulation by placing a black-box that will represent your momentum block (or directly itself) you can create touchstone or citifile format this case, all ports s
Hi, ADS already have this capability since version 1.1. It has a Meas Eqn component located at Simulation S_Param and Simulation -HB pallete that serve that purpose, the flexibility of ADS lies on the built in Eqn and you can display it graphically in data display windows. Goodluck
yeah , it gives u this coz u r sweeping the DC , so there is no one operating point , its a sweep to be able to get all the data , don't sweep the voltage make it single point to know the region , get the Vdsat , and see if ur VDS is large than it khouly
First, draw your circuit in Schematic window using lumped-component or TLines .... whatever you want. Then select Simulation-S_param from the drop-down list from left. Here you can select the "Term" component which will be your ports (connect the "term" components at the ports where you want to calculate the S-parameters, don't forget to connect th
Equations and constants are little different between simulation netlist and data display. For example, you can see functios available on data display from followings. Also you can see detail function definitions in the following AEL. $HPEESOF_DIR/expressions/ael About func
Hi Guys I am studying RFDE software examples, the question is how to set up a marker? For example,in HB simulation, I have two frequencies, and one sweep parameter(VinputdB),then the output variables will be a function of VinputdB, so how can I set up a marker so when I move marker, the plot will update automatically as the Vi
in ADS data display make sure that the smith chart max value is 1 , instaed of autoscale khouly
Hi, I am creating user defined AEL files in ADS software, I want to use a AEL function which is related to a data display. But this function doesn't want to be loaded when I am runing the simulation and then the function is undefined in the dds window. Could you help me?
As others have said this is an artifact of the data/display being limited to +/-180 degrees. You are using ADS to display the results so if you wish to see the data without the 'overturn' use the unwrap() measurement expression which will compensate for this behaviour. Place a Measurement Expression (MeasEqn) on the (...)
Search with in this page with "unwrap" it is a function used in data display for continuous phase.
use a function what(Vout) in data display. I twill show the dependency, how many points, type etc. for your data use the expression freq then it should show 10kHz. if not then adjust to freq then it will definitely show as 10KHz. Put this the number in Vout to get the required 10KHz response.
I am making a PLL PhaseNoise Response simulation with ADS(Model from DesignGuide). Can any one kindly help me to explain the expressions in the data display window (Fig 1) ?? They are too complex to understand. Beacause some variables have not been defined in anywhere ~~ And I don't know the appropriate parameters to fill in Fig 2....[/
Hello I would like to create a S2P file or a dataset file from a S matrix that i have made on a data display from equation thinks for your help