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Hello, This is my first post to this forum, so bear with me. I'm working on writing assembly code for a R/C microturbine tachometer. I'm very new to this so, I really could use some help. I'm using the PIC 16F84A micro controller chip, compling the language with MPLAb IDE v 7.30 and assembling the data with Mplasm. I'm having a problem displayi
In ADS data display window, how can I plot a line like this? -30 dB (5MHz
Hi, Does anyone ever use ADS 2011 version? I am using it to do analog circuit simulations. I would like to calculate an input impedance by running ac simulation. However, after doing this by employing an ac voltage source and current probe, I cannot find the "advanced" button in data display window of this version of ADS. So that I have not ide
You did not specify where your LCD is connected (data and control lines). If data and control is connected to P3 you can not do the routine like you have done because when you use P3=xxx you will overwrite the control lines. And at least this is wrong: d=val>>4;//the uppermost 4bit are taken and stored in d E=0; RW=1; [
hai to my knowledge i am saying this plz verify if it is correct or not for 2x40 lcd dd_ram 0x80 which is the pointer that points to the dataram line1 addr 0x00 line2 addr 0x40 now if i want to point to the first line then ddram|line1 if 2nd line ddram|line2 this is to take the pointer to the first or second line now what should i do to in
how can i seperate a serial data into two string indicator? for an example first serial data display on string indicator 1 and second data display on string indicator 2...thanks...
No such interface. Its only one direction ADS to Mat lab to ADS. Mat lab can not invoke ADS. I might not very clear in my old post, what I want is script for matlab to read ads output data file .dds Thanks
How to display a point on smithchart in the data display of ADS. What is the correct form of my data?Such as : A1=20+j*20 What form I should write in the Eqn ? If display A1 directly, A1 would be plot in a wrong place.A1 is plotted in correct point you specified. It seems you are misunderstanding Sm
Hi all, I know how to import SnP file from some other softwares/measurement results and display in ADS. However, in case that I just have a simple Excel-like data where one column is frequency and the other column is characteristic impedance of a transmission line. How could I import and plot this data in ADS ??? Does someone (...)
I'm trying to display a graph on the JHD12864E GLCD.... I'm sending the data using the code for 'write display data' which is "HLXXXXXXXX"... Its function is given as "writes data into display data RAM. After writing instruction, Y address is increased by 1 (...)
I have simulation impedance data file which is text or excel(csv) format. And, then, I will import these file into Agilent ADS program and then, plot it with a separate graph to compare with another simulation plot of my designed circuit together. So, I can compare how similar two graph is. In S parameter simulation, CITI or touchstone file fo
value = uart_getc(); while(value); If data is received and value becomes true then your code doesn't do anything other than infinitely looping in the while(value); loop. No other code is executed.
I have an LCD-display 4*20. With one HD44105 and two HD44102 Controllers. I can't find a datasheet for these controllers. Does anybody now how to programm them, i don't understand the function of the two CS Pins. so far Dominik
Hi, I need thte data sheet for the LM32K071 sharp LCD display. Anyone?? Thanks, //k
If you are using I2C bus. I recomended to use 8 bits I/O expander PCF8574 or PCF8574A, and using 2 chips for control and data bus to connect with parallel LCD. module. Regards ZeRoN
Hallo solvarg, did you look at is the company's site, but they don't show anything about the DMF651. Greetings, FD
Hi all, I have a S-9591 graphic display with a touch screen. I don't know who makes the display thus I am having trouble locating a data sheet for it. Can anyone out there help? Thanks, K.
The interface pinout is as follows: 1 - input data 2- latch clock 3- shift clock 4- input square waves of 50% duty cycle 5- NC 6- Vcc +5v 7- GND - 8- SW1 CLEAR 9- SW2 SECURE 10 CHASSIS GND Download datasheet for HD44100 and look up info on "Static Drive". This will provide timing and interface detail required to use this
Use a standard LCD monitor with 1024x768 resolution and VGA cable. For the drive, the best way is to use an old ISA bus based VGA card capable of 1024x768 resolution. If that is not avaialable, you will have to use a PCI or AGP based card. But you have to know how to drive the card with your microcontroller. Another method could be to make your
Setup Harmonic balance analysis. Insert a voltage source in the schematic. Sweep the source voltage, e.g. vin Label the output node, e.g. vout At the data display, plot dbm(vout) vs dbm(vin) I guess it is in the manual. Hopes it helps.
How to read the data displayed on a gsm phone's display via a controller?
Hello All Yes Im Need datasheet for LCD LM-BE53-22NEK Thx
// (CCS for 16F877 use MAXX7219) // from //******************************* #include<16f877.h> #fuses xt,nowdt,put,noprotect #use delay(clock=4000000) #define da pin_c0 #define cs pin_c1 #define clk pin_c2 void send_16bit(byte address,byte data) { byte i; #bit carry=0x03.0; carry=0;
Other than sysgen, does anybody know about other third party tools that can display data from modelsim? eg. I want to see a sin wave intuitively other than each individual amplititude hex data.
I'm a begginer is this things. I had understand everything except the following: (not good at C) How do we convert the ascii char (for instance A is 7E 88 88 88 7E 00) that is show up in columns, into data to be shift in to the rows? A basic code example will be apreciated. Thanks CM.
Hey Guys... I just has make a Pinout for the Print Here We go Pinout for the Board 544E MDK52V-0 With dual controllers HD44780A00 (2x) And Segment Controllers HD44100H (8x) Connector 16x ---> Pin 1 is Marked in the under left corner Layout: .....................................HD44780 ................................
Hello I'm working on a data logger to monitor an ham tv relay on a mountain. System is working on 24 V batteries with a diesel group running one time by day between failures. We are secondary users and time of charge is not regulated by our need of energy but by the need of the first user, the owner of the group, paying fuel and repairs. The p
Was just thinking... Is it not possible to cascade shift registers with a clock and data line... And then use 1 enable line to latch the clocked data to the output. In this way you can have as many outputs as you like on 3 pins. Number of outputs are the number of clock cycles. Think I will try this also...
Hi All! i don't know if this is the right forum but it is the only one where i see some ADS friends... here there is my problem: I designed a digital circuit with for inputs. Actually each of these inputs represents one bit of a 4-bit word. I would like to plot a diagram of the input word so i merged the four signals in a bus named I<1:4>, but
spiral inductor for board level design or on chip inductors? BTW, here is fast and easy steps: 1.define unit length micron mil or mm in new project dialog box. 2.start a new layout from tool bar 3.define layer names in options>layers 4.define snap and grid as your need 5.define layer stack and electrical specifications of them in momentum>su
I want to display my simulated RGB data to screen in ModelSim. Can Tcl/Tk support this function? if yes,how? thx a lot.
if I have some RGB data,I want to display them on screen pixel by pixel. Can Tcl/Tk implement such function? Can anyone help me or give me some reference? thx
:crazyeyes: hi all, have u designed 'crt display controller' with cpld? 8-bit data input video data (RGB/YUV) output and generat horizontal sync and vertical sync my files are very limited, so, if u have some files abt it, could help me,pls?? 8O thanks moira
Can anyone please show me a sample C code to convert floating point and integer to BCD/ASCII? I want to display it on alphanumeric LCD. For ex. I want to display "0.5" etc. on LCD which are in float data types.
Use the button (add wire/pin label) just on the right of the (add wire) button. All named net on top level of your design will be exported in the dataset and can be viewed in the data display. Mazz
Hi, there are functions Map1C and Map2C to map source to the output or vice versa, you might be able to use them together with moving marker (pointer) in the data display but I think you must write some equations in data display window. The other way is to write the whole maping equations set (you can find those in the (...)
1)Provides accurate nonlinear simulation performance. Unlike existing models for GaAs which are based on silicon models, the AgilentHBT model is accurate for large-signal modeling of III-V processes like GaAs & InP. 2)Faster data display and improved data display synchronization with the simulator greatly improves tuning (...)
1. Serial data inside PIC depends how do you shift it in..MSB or LSB should check your ADC datasheet what it requires (which means do some homework ;o) 2. Why don't you download application note from Microchips website? Called AN526!!!! 3. There is no LCD display, only LC display!!! (o; This depends which (...)
i have a question on how to display an array data one by one according to the clock, which means one clock one data. Thanks
Hitachi-compatible LCDs do have a clear screen command. You can refer to the datasheet. But it clears the entire display, not single lines.
Hi, I downloaded alliance-5.0-20040714-win32-cygwin and followed instructions given in README.win32 Some of the binaries such as ocp, druc seem to be working However, when I try opening any binary which starts a gui interface the introductory data gets printed, followed by: Error: Can't open display: I am using Windows 98 SE, cygwin(the l
i use atmega32l control nokia 3310 lcd. the code is from microsyl. these is my main code: #include "iom32.h" #include "nokialcd.c" void delay(unsigned long int); int as; void main() { LcdInit(); //init 3310 LCD LcdClear(); //clear 3310 LCD LcdUpdate(); //move cache data into RAM LCD while(1) { LcdGotoXY(5,6);
First of all your WriteEEPROM routine has to wait for the WR bit to be cleared by hardware before writing (the next) a databyte: void WriteEEPROM(unsigned char Adresse, unsigned char data) { EEADR = Adresse; EEdata = data; EECON1bits.EEPGD = 0; EECON1bits.CFGS = 0; EECON1bits.WREN = 1; (...)
Does anyone know how to display the incoming data (a words) into the dots matrix LCD?? How to know whether the data is end of string??bcoz incoming data we cant define some special word2 know is end of words. My program still display some unvalid words although the words i need2 display (...)
Hi..... you have got 2 options for controlling LED matrix is through serial port and other is parallel port... If u use serial port then u would have to use some device like a Microcontroller / serial reciever to recieve data through serial port.... I normally use MAX 232 IC which converts serial port voltage levels to TTL leve
hi, have you save all the simulation data? there is a option to choose which wave_displayer to use, and dont forget to enable the simulation result saving.
I have bougth a LCD display, but I don't kow how to connect it. It is data Vision PHICO D-0 94V-0 LCD. I not able found further details about this LCD. Can someone provide me some information?
maybe following datasheet will help you
That chip used by BOB it is most likely M35061-xxxxx manufactred by Mitsubishi. They chave complete data sheet on their website.
First of all I must say that I am not using Microchip C 18 ... When I look at your code in main I am not sure that I understand what you want to do here: while(1) { temp = getcharusart(); data = temp; if (count == 2) { Process_Information(); putsXLCD(temp); count = 0; } } I think putsXLCD prints a string to th