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You can use fs() function in data display.More info is found in help.. HB may not work in that case because steady-state regime is not established due to ON/OFF signals.
According to the wave window, the sine frequencies are not 1 MHz and 15 MHz. Apparently you still don't manage to scale ADD3 into FILTER_OUT, respectively to display the data with correct number format.
how much value strobe i can set?. this is first time i hear it. thank youTstop=2sec If you want to limit data points stored in data as 5000pts, strobeperiod=2/5000. Set as far as large strobeperiod required for display waveform changes.
Hi, I am new to all of this. I am a student.I have been trying to interface SIM808 with PIC18f4580.I tried to debug the code using PICkit3 debugger. I sent (ATE0) command to turn OFF echo mode after sending (AT) command. I am using LCD to display the response from SIM808. The problem is whatever I sent is getting back i.e., ECHO mode is n
Obviously ICL7135 has multiplexed BCD outputs. It's designed to drive numeric displays. Nevertheless it's possible to connect to a microcontroller by reading the BCD data and segment lines. #STROBE can be used to synchronize the data processing, RUN/HOLD to optionally start and stop the conversion. display oriented (...)
Hi I am working to interface EEPROM and 89c2051.I am started with counter program (0-9)values display in BCD 7 segment. When I pressed button P3^5 ,R/W process works well.After that in my For loop it wont Write data in EEPROM.I dont know where I am going wrong?I anyone know the reason share with me.Here I attached my code Simulation
Any idea, how to generate the text file without titlesUse write_var() in data display. or is there simple way to remove all titles. This size of the text file is about text edit
Running LCD parallel interface through ribbon cable means asking for trouble. Connecting LCD ground or display frame to chassis metal must be absolutely avoided, it might help to place a small capacitor between E pins and ground at the display. You can also verify command and data register writes by read-back and reinitialize the (...)
You can check the chip according to the test circuit in the data sheet, but I would think to just swap the chip and see. The outputs must be a square wave unless something is damaged in the chip, or it is being loaded down by whatever is connected to it. It will help if you can post a picture of the scope display.
Hi! i a trying to code a filter function to preview selected data by dates. dates will be chosen through datetimepicker and the filter doesnt work. I have my code below. void FilterDBbtnClick(object sender, EventArgs e) { //filtering data for database display MySqlConnection conn = new MySqlConnection(); (...)
Dear Sir, I am interfacing AS1116-BSST driver with AT32UC3A1256 using SPI. I am able to read all the inputs and outputs in CRO(Clock, data, Chip Select). But I am unable to display the output on Seven Segment displays. I have attached few snapshots of the output and Circuit Diagram of the Interfacing. I have attached the code also. Please (...)
Manipulate S-matrix using {{}} in ADS data display.
Hi, I need help for Writing some data in MMC the read specific data from MMC and display on the LCD. If anyone shares with me some example it will help me a lot. You will find the circuit with this post. If I press the "Button 1" one string (ex. This is text number one) will write on the MMC. Button 2 will write second two string(ex. (...)
Hi I have simulated an LC series circuit in ADS 2009 and analysed the s-parameters. Now I want to export the S-parameters as a text file or CTI file or CSV file or matrix to plot a graph in any other tool like MS Excel and Origin Pro etc. But I do not know how to export the data files from ADS, so that I can use them in any other software fo
Hello Everyone, I am inexperienced in micro-controllers. I want read data from a "six-pin DIP switch" attached to the port A of PIC 16F876A and show data on two 7-segment display connected to port B and port C. I have a problem to read data. Thanks. My program : #include "display_utils.h" unsigned (...)
This is the circuit I have been given for reverse engineering. It has a 4 feet matrix display. It has other features like RS232 input, PS2 Keyboard input, HT1380 RTC, 24C64 EEPROM not shown in circuit. Now the issue is only with matrix display code writing. How should I approach ? The original board uses P89V51RD2 which is obsolete and
Hi I'm new to PIC Microcontrollers. My program is PIC16f877a has to take analog input (ex: sine wave) and ADC should sample that analog input with a sampling rate 0.5kHz. That should be displayed on LCD. Below I'm attaching a file , which has code. But that is not working on proteus. I'm using MPLAB IDE and Hitech c compiler.
You have three options as output data format. (1) ds (2) blk (3) psf Choose (1) for data display in ADS framework.
Hi, I work with cadence and I use GoldenGate instead Spectre for simulation. And I want to display the simulations results in the ads data display window to can write equations in the display window. But I can't open ads data display window from the Cadence Analog Design Environment ADE. (...)
Hi all, what is actually this .sta file. is it only the image that contain the display for the saved stated. What if i had done my calibration with port extension, and i wanna save this cal and measurements data so that i could re-measured my fixture by recalling it. How should i save it, in what file format in the analyzer. thanks
Hello! First, there are many things we need to know to answer. The only accurate information is PIC18F4550 - Where and how do you want to display data? On an LCD? What kind of LCD? On a 7 seg display? Etc... - Are you using a PIC board (standard), or is it a home brew hardware? In this latter case, where is the switch wired and how? Pull up (...)
Sorry for the long post I have a UT60E meter which sends out RS232 data to serial port and would like an Arduino to receive and display the data on LCD(with the idea after to send via NRF24L01'S) for data logging to SD card, Now I know how to do the SD part, But fairly new to Arduino and don't really know how to do it, I (...)
Arduino mega +ssd1963 Problem Hi all.. I have designed a custom PCB with ATmega2560 for my project. Have a 4.3 inch tft on it With SSD1963 controller (16bit data bus). All the data and control lines are translated to 3.3 logic With 74ahc541 buffers. The connection from my PCB to display module is via a 40pin flat ribbon Cable. (...)
I think this is normal for Tek oscilloscopes. My MSO3032 does the same. It is to save ink/toner and make it easier to read but if you want it as the original screen showed it, I think you can save and 'invert' the image back to display colors. Remember, the original data is just a list of numbers, the saved image and the phosphor display (...)
Hi, I wanted to know how I can flash the backlight of a 2 line character LCD module interfaced with FPGA while data is getting displayed. I am using VHDL (duration of flashing :2 secs on, 2 secs off). A simple technique is to toggle with the display on off instructions in a seperate process by help of a loop (while counting till (...)
The initial post seems to presume that the device is exchanging readable ASCII data. Must it?
2- and 3 -segment 7 segment LCD displays are usually non-multiplexed. You get the segment data by XORing segment´and backplane signals.
Dear experts, I am having problem of plotting integer signed data say temperature in VGA display. I have VGA controller where there is a RAM which stores data from the sensor of temp. Inside the controller I manipulated x and y axis and send it to VGA where it displays the axis. Now my problem is when I get the (...)
Hi everyone i'm on a project about the communcation 1 Wire i have a DS1922 that i have to run. i did a script for a " Search Rom " commande to identify the ID and display it on the LCD. it worked fine. now i'm doing a MATCH ROM with the ID that i found, i'm just looking for a simple code to for example to mesure the temperature every 30 sec
Hi all, I am working on a project using PIC18f4520 and mikroc. Here there are two displays which are connected to a computer. One of two displays is a master and another one is slave. i am working on a slave display. So whenever master display gets character 'A' sent by a computer via serial communication, it sends all the (...)
I want to send MATLAB simulink block output data through serial port and display it on LCD.Can anybody help me with the procedure how to get output value from block and send serially through the port. thank you
I am planning to buy xbee modules for my project,which is based on getting data from MATLAB simulink model and sending through Xbee and want to display at user end (other end).I want to know about best module which will be suitable for my project.Also mention if any other software if required to configure the module.Thank you
I heard first time GPS module with SPI, Anyways Try going step by step first connect only GPS module and then GSM. And display data received on LCD or any terminal for easy debugging.
Hi, What code do you need? Gprs modules often communicate via UART, but it could be any other interface, too. Code for sending and receiving data with a UART? Or do you need to know the GPRS commands? How do you want to process the GPRS data? Storing in memory, showing on a display, transmitting to a PC? Please give detailed (...)
I am having MATLAB SIMULNK Model. I want to interface it with proteus for reading data using PIC and display in LCD.Whether its possible to interface like that???
We have a need for an embedded system/project that can accept a data and clock serial TTL level signal at up to 12 megabits/second and make the data available to ingest and examine by the processor. Selected parameters will be extracted from the stream and output to a display computer. We are flexible on that media and can use Ethernet or (...)
Hi, Without datasheet it is almost impossible to help. If you need help, you need to provide more informations. display type, display name, interface, controller name.... Klaus
Hi, i am looking for a sensor which can read the displayed data from lCD display(5 digits) panel,and the output of sensor can able to Interface to 8051 microcontroller. please anyone help me.....:oops:
I'm trying to do a variable sweep in ADS (or Microwave Office). I have 6 variables and I want to sweep them over frequency with the same percentage increments. So, variable A*0.9, variable B*0.9 through Variable A*1.1, variable B*1.1 in 1% percent increments (20 data points). ParamSweep seems to be working only with one variable, and BatchSi
It's hard to tell from the post exactly what you are looking for, or what your current program is doing. A guess would be: Convert binary data from six switches to 2 decimal digits. Something like the code below, using integer arithmetic, could be used: input = PORTC; // read the switches input = input & 0x3f; // mask upper
Suggest to read an ICL7106 (=AME7106) datasheet and learn how a (non-mux) LCD display works. Segment and BP pins are toggled between V+ and internal digital ground (at about V+ - 6V). To recover the segment data, the pin state must be xor-ed with BP. 125471
Hello! I have never played with the Sitara boards, but an SPI screen is really easy to use. If you find a way to use GPIO (try to blink a LED for example) and a SPI, then you just wire the SPI to the LCD, the GPIOs to the proper places (usually chip select, data/Command, Reset) and you're on the right way. Usually you can find the initialization p
I want to read data from L&T EM101+. I have optical probe to communicate with it. The protocol used to read data from the meter is IEC1107(IEC60117/IEC65026). From some documents and websites, I have got certain message sequence to communicate with a IEC 1107 supported meter. I tried to communicate with it using those messages. But i didn't get
Hi, I need to display something through VGA at 30 fps. I am afraid we can just send data from 60fps as I am unable to find any details such as back and front porch, syncing times when sending 30fps.. Has someone an example displaying something through VGA at 30fps ?? thanks for your help !
You don't need to tie the unused data lines on the LCD low, it is best to leave them unconnected as the LCD has quite strong pull up resistors on them.
read data (pixels) check against the ranges for the bins, increment the bin count (another memory) that has a range that matches the pixel, display the resulting counts on the monitor. Of course this is probably what you were supposed to "design" (i.e. figure out on your own).
Hello, I bought GPS receiver VK16E and now i want to interface with At89c2051. This is the first time i am working with GPS and i have poor knowledge on micro C. But I have done several progarmming by using assembly. So i will be very glad if somebody can guide me for following matters. 1. Can i interface VK16E dirrectly to the microcontroll
Hi I want to use DDD (data display debugger) together with jLink debugger from segger. DDD will act as a front end for gnu-dbg and others but I see no direct support for seggers variant. The problem is that DDD seems to use a set of predefined command line options which will be sent as parameters when the debugger is invoked. These are not recogn
Hello,there I am trying to implement a soil moisture sensor with VH400,can anyone help me to know the formula for reading analog data from vh400 to be converter for lcd display with pic16f877a USING MICROC. Please help!!
I am facing a problem in my LCD interface code.. Is there any other reason for not getting data on 2nd line of LCD!!!??? Hoping for the help and guidance.... here is my lcd_mod module module lcd_mod ( input CLK_50MHZ, output LCD_E, output LCD_RS, output LCD_RW, output LCD_D,