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Hi, I need to display something through VGA at 30 fps. I am afraid we can just send data from 60fps as I am unable to find any details such as back and front porch, syncing times when sending 30fps.. Has someone an example displaying something through VGA at 30fps ?? thanks for your help !
You don't need to tie the unused data lines on the LCD low, it is best to leave them unconnected as the LCD has quite strong pull up resistors on them.
read data (pixels) check against the ranges for the bins, increment the bin count (another memory) that has a range that matches the pixel, display the resulting counts on the monitor. Of course this is probably what you were supposed to "design" (i.e. figure out on your own).
Hello, I bought GPS receiver VK16E and now i want to interface with At89c2051. This is the first time i am working with GPS and i have poor knowledge on micro C. But I have done several progarmming by using assembly. So i will be very glad if somebody can guide me for following matters. 1. Can i interface VK16E dirrectly to the microcontroll
Hi I want to use DDD (data display debugger) together with jLink debugger from segger. DDD will act as a front end for gnu-dbg and others but I see no direct support for seggers variant. The problem is that DDD seems to use a set of predefined command line options which will be sent as parameters when the debugger is invoked. These are not recogn
Hello,there I am trying to implement a soil moisture sensor with VH400,can anyone help me to know the formula for reading analog data from vh400 to be converter for lcd display with pic16f877a USING MICROC. Please help!!
I am facing a problem in my LCD interface code.. Is there any other reason for not getting data on 2nd line of LCD!!!??? Hoping for the help and guidance.... here is my lcd_mod module module lcd_mod ( input CLK_50MHZ, output LCD_E, output LCD_RS, output LCD_RW, output LCD_D,
I want to take data of ads output results as I-V Characterisitcs ,S21 vs Power etc. and plot in the excel sheet. How can I get the data ? How can I plot the same results in excel sheet? How can I get the readings? How can I access the file in which the results mentioned? Please help me. Thank you in advance.
It's CD4511 - - - Updated - - - 1) segments are not switching...means data is displayed on each segments not as per the MCU control. 2) digit "6" and "9" are not displaying correctly.. (in case of 6 -- 'a' segment missing ) (in case of 9 -- 'd' segment missing ) 1) The display component
i want the logic for transmiting the keycodes of perticular keys on key press on the display board... Other than sending data to PC using UART you mention about some display board. What kind of display board is it like LCD, 7 Segment, LED Matrix, etc... and how does it interface to 8051 ?
hi, I am working on SSD1963 and I need scroll display data vertically, now in this driver we have set scroll area command (0x33) that set top and bottom of scroll area, when you use this command and start scroll by 0x37 command all of page start scrolling. I need scroll part of my display (like scroll a rectangle table) how can I set left (...)
Hello, I'm looking for a device that has an LCD display (2x16 will do) to display data, but i want to send the data through bluetooth. does this product exist ? Thank you in advance
Pl, any body can reply for this, I want to send 8bit data into different port pin of 8051 , for example a=0x06; this is to be displayed D0 on P2.7 and balance to be displayed on P3.2 to P3.7 .
A single flip-flop can be made to divide an incoming pulse train by 2. A 'data' flip-flop is the customary type for this purpose. Connect one output to the D terminal. If you have a bunch of transistors, it should be possible to homebrew a flip-flop.
Hi, I want to display images on a LCD by using a ov6620 sensor. for this I use a FPGA that receives data from ov6620 and send them to LCD . I can manipulate OV6620?s registers and think all recommended points in its data sheet are considered but the image is not correct . in fact i have a dismal image that means one of the stages of my try (...)
Maybe I missed it, but where do you initialize the LCD? LCDs have an initialization procedure, with very specific timings, where you set such things as cursor style, 4-bit or 8-bit data input, etc. Without this sequence, the LCD will do nothing. r.b.
hi, My LCD manual states: Note: Perform the Function at the head of the program before executing all instructions From this point the Function set instructions cannot be executed unless the Interface data length is changed. E
You have to display data in two different modes and use Timer interrupts. If you want I will write a program for you. Which MCU you want to use? PIC, AVR, 8051 ? What crystal frequency will you use ? - - - Updated - - - You have to use a button to toggle the display mode. If button status is 0 then adc value
The original MDIF description is very general/unspecific and MDIF can be a container for all different sorts of tabular data. It seems that GMDIF has a more specific use of fields/names. Have you checked the Agilent documentation on this?
Hi All, I have been asked to work on a new project. It is like this: RF433 MHz Transmitter - 3 Nos. RF433 MHz Receiver - 1 No. Any transmiter can send data to the receiver and receiver has to to read it. Request can from any transmitter, the receiver has to sequentially receive the data and display it on LCD/LEDs. I am aware (...)
for data pins use multiple entities and it will appear as U1A, U1B, U1C, if power lines donot appear then go to properties, click on hidden pins, assign the pins by naming the power lines infront of VCC and GND. This will connect them in schematic as well as PCB layout
I want to enter the data in eeprom with keypad and the display on 8 bit lcd. Please help me with asm code. its urgent...reply soon
Hi! In need of a PC setup that reads data from an external microprocessor and displays that in real time. Like a low level DAQ. Which would be the most suitable software to be used on the PC side? Considering Matlab, Labview and the like. Software with GUI plugins are more convenient.
Hello all, I am quite new to STM32 programing. But i need it for my project. I am going to transfer data from an accelerometer to STM32VLdiscovery board via SPI. Now I have the code written and uploaded without any error shown. But I still can not see the data from the accelerometer in real time, even when I am going to the debugging mode
Hi, in our project, we are using 18f4620 controller.some information is saved in external eprom connected to this controller. i want to connect one pendrive (usb) to my board for collecting those data saved. (later, pendrive is connected to pc for display) for that i have to interface one usb female connector with my pic controller. how can i in
hello sir i am doing my project on embedded pic controller 16f877a and i have got the meter for reading the solar panel data such as volts ,amps, freq etc .and this data is taken from MODSCAN software ,but i want to use or import the data from MODSCAN to MATLAB please do tell me the procedure to import the data and (...)
Hi.. you can right click on 'results', and click on 'solution data'.. there in 'matrix data' sub-window, check the 's-parameters' the 'export matrix data' button to export in .snp format. Thanks
replace your metlab data in the above code.
My guess is it's from Emerging display Technologies Based on the service manual it's a 320x240 3.5" STN color display. You'll probably have to go through each of the display datasheets to find the
Hello, Basically I am developing a GUI to represent received data on a display. I have successfully implemented everything FPGA related except the input part. Ive been thinking of using SPI but the connector on Altera Board is HSMC and I have not used it before. Is there any USB to HSMC or RS to HSMC converter cards that you might know? I've fou
Hello all .. I have interfaced a 128x64 GLCD and keypad with microcontroller (PIC16F877A) .. The problem i am facing is that GLCD shows garbage text first and when i reset the PIC and start again, GLCD displays more garbage text and the garbage text increases with every reset .. How can i remove this garbage text?? I am posting code of function
Hello Everyone. This is Sampath. I am Interfacing LPC2148 with SD card through SPI Protocol. I got Source code from NXP. Purpose of my code is to display whether SD card is connected or not. I am unable get any data in lcd. Normally i able to display data's in lcd. I attached Source code. Please help me.
Dear all I want to design an alarm clock.with 8051 & 4 digit led display.I have RTC code but I want to know how to multiplex rtc data to 4 digit led display.& what are essential components to run circuit efficiently. Please give reply.
I am trying to connect my SIM908 modules to arduino mega 2560 for gps tracking purposes. The gps data works fine but when I send the gps coordinates to my server via httppost (using the library of SIM908 example), it only works once time and then display DB not connected....... My server can read one data but not continuously getting new (...)
Enter the equation in your data display: Beta=Ic/Ib, hopefully you know how to measure Ic and Ib.
Hi, I am using hd44780 4x20 LCD to display some data.. I am using PC30f5011 controller and external oscillator configured as XT Oscillator with PLL4X... its not showing any data only Back light is switching On. External Oscillator tested its working fine.... Same code Configured as Internal Fast RC with PLL 16x LCD working fine. (...)
The data display function for bandwidth calculation is discussed here:
Hello, I am trying to build an application to display curves from data coming through a USB device. I cannot go from a white paper so I have found which compiles with Visual C++ 6.0 with MFC. The express versions are difficult to use even with multiple topics about MFC. I have also found another application to dem
As a test, I am trying to receive a simple array of values containing from matlab, store this data in flash memory then check the memory. However, I get all zeros on the serial display. I am new to writing code for an avr controller. At this point I?m trying to isolate the problem to either hardware or software. I have verified the
Hi, why you are thinking of use FSM to solve your problem :thinker: you just need to use keypad first with registers controlled by "E" button to load data to register B then the "F" button to enable the op of the adders to register on edge and keep it with the other edge then display , yours FSM is already exist in the adder hope it helps Ziad
hi guys, I want to know the way to transfer the temperature sensor data from arduino and send it to my PHP website textbox. I had successful get the temperature from the arduino and display at LCD. And I using HC-06 module as my bluetooth connection between arduino and my laptop. Please help and Thanks. Regards, YY
hello, if you are using a 16*2 jhd162a lcd then you canuse one more method that send 0x80 as instruction to the lcd that is the start address of the first line and after that you can send 40 bytes to the lcd as data and the second line starting address is 0xc0...
Hi, I want to import multiple S2PMDIF files into ADS but can?t find any other way than doing them except one by one, which is not practical as I have hundreds of them. I?ve tried using the ds_import command line tool but it only works for Citi, Touchstone and mdif files. What I have tried is renaming the S2PMDIF file with a mdf extensio
I tried interfacing rtc with 8051 to display hour,min,sec but got seconds alone displayed on lcd with an error logic contentions on data bus
hi every body i need a simple program that have capability of display incoming datas in client side i send a data by sim900 gsm/gprs module via gprs (based on at commands) in http to my laptop & need a program to displaying this datas tnks all
Dear all; I've tried a lots of logic to extract the latitude and longitude but failed. Some garbage values are being displayed on my lcd screen.I need to extract the data fom this line $GPRMC,084616.000,A,2017.753882,N,08549.964748,E,0.00,0.00,230914,,,A*69 Please tell me any possible logic using which i can proceed further.
if you do a web search for build oscilloscope you will get plentry of links using microcontrollers to acquire signals via ADCs and sending data to a PC via USB for display
use BCD to S-seg and store data one by one
I want to interface two OLED with SPI how to do in lpc1768 or in freertos?? i interface two separate SPI for two OLED display and data displayed separately BUt only one OLED is working at a time and data of the both function are displayed in one display Confused??????? - - - (...)
Hi, I want to interface HDSP-523E with Raspberry Pi. The datasheet is here. Any suggestion on how to interface it with RaspPi? Through I2C? I guess I need a port expander.