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I need some information on the AT89C52 based DC motor control for the antenne positioner system. Its feedback control circuit to drive the motor . I will be gratful if some useful links can be provided with some circuit diagrams.
What kind of DC motor? Which voltage and current? Just forward and reverse or variable speed from 0 to 100% or any other range?
What type motor it is?... I did BLDC motor controller using PIC Micro... For that I hav used PIC16F873, Hall Effect sensors, MosFET Driver IC & MosFET Bridge... What else u need?.. K.Kumar
For DC motor control. H bridge is one, using PLL thats another option. For switching look up for PWM, but you must be sure to correctly saturate the transistors.
I built a scheme that controls the speed of DC motor through the PC, see the circuit. Everything was fine with power supply of the motor up to 30V. When I applied 200V everything burned. I didn't understand what happened - the two MOSFETs IRFP260N, the MOSFET driver L6384 and the uC are out of order. I didn't apply a load but this couldn't (...)
i am using l6206 for dc motor control and designed my circuit exactly its given in the datasheet of l6206.but i am getting very less current in the output pin though giving full current as input.what's wrong
See the microchip web site under application have 9 app notes on servo brush motor control AN531 Intelligent Remote Positioner AN532 Servo control of a DC Brush motor AN600 Air Flow control Using Fuzzy Logic AN696 PIC18CXXX/PI
hi i try to make the simple DC motor control by trsnasistir but the motor will not work but if i put the LED in place of the DC motor the circuit will work and the LED will flash in the attachment is the circuit can you tell me what is the mistake in the circuit
Hi, i am new to control systems, I have to build a dc motor control system using a uC. Can someone please help with the steps i need to take to do so and also where i can find a good lecture on simulink. I have done a little bit of research and i know am going to be using a PID controller. Thanks
this looks similar to facilities of Microchip's Mecatronics board Mechatronics Demonstration Kit which uses ECCP (Enhanced Capture Compare PWM) to control a Brushed DC motor Have a look at the Mechatronics Demo Board User?s Gui
Hi, Speed control using resistors is not correct approach techincally because you are controlling voltage where as for DC motors you need to control current. So I think you should look for current control instead of voltage control(this is only AC motors). Thankyou
How to control a dc motor with pic usin ccs compiler ? what are the basics i have to know ? I have the basics of programming in ccs, and i know how a dc motor works, but i don't know how to control it with pic microcontrollers. how necessary is to use the technique of pwm to (...)
The most common form of relay based DC motor control is to use the relay to switch the motor contacts to control the direction the motor runs. Relays can also be used to control speed by switching contact between voltages to apply to the DC motor. Hope this helps. Tahmid.
hello I am doing bi-directional DC motor control circuit using AT89S51 , I used 2 push button switches for Clockwise and Anti-clockwise the program and circuit for this is given at the end of the Thread My problem is when I push the button for clock-wise, motor is keep rotating I want ,when I press the button (...)
hello to all. i am new in programing pic. i am good at programming plc but my prof. doesnt want to use it, because of high price. i have a project. i am controlling a wire straightener machine. i am using a 24V, 40 Watt dc motor to roll the rollers. what i am trying to do is to control the motor by (...)
Do use also search the HW interface for the DC motor or just the controlling with the pic? What do u what to do with the motor?
In an open loop pwm control of a dc motor what makes the starting torque be enough for the load to begin its movement? For example which choice is good for this purpose 1000 rpm 24V 300W motor? or 1400 rpm 24V 300W motor? or 1400 rpm 24V 200W motor? or 1000 rpm 24V 200W motor? I have (...)
I want to control DC motor Direction and speed. I used l298 but this IC have power dissipation about 5watt. have any link or circuit with low power dissipation? thanks. snmeciut
@salman04 what kind of DC motor controlling are u up to?is it controlling it and have it in reverse or forward direction?
Please help how can i control a dc motor with pic?
I would like some documentaion about H bridge or some other possibiities to drive 2 DC motors., and how can I realize how the motors are controlled by a PIC16F877, given the scheme? Thank you!
hi i want to use 18f4410 for DC servo motor control application. 18f4410 has four PWM o/p in Full Bridge mode. in this application we required bidirectional motor control . can i use this kind of PWM for DC motor control. regards qmriso
hi. I have a solar car project whose dc motor will be controlled (speed, forward-back controls) by pic 16f84. we don't have enough information and backround of PWM and pic 16f84 assembler. İf anybody knows assembler codes or etc. waiting for your responses. kağan mail:
What type of dc motor are you talking about? What is your budget?
Hi I m doing a project about controlling a solar cars dc motor by pic 16f877 or 16f84.. I did the motor's forward-back motion assembly code but when it comes to speed control ı have problems with PWM. I dont have enough backround in PWM and it's relation with pick. If anybody has a simulation about this in proteus or (...)
anyone plz give me the code for the DC motor control using pic16f84a plz upload the code and circuit diagram plz hellppppppp
Hi, I want to control a 4A DC motor in a bidirectional way with PIC16F877A however,I do not figure out the input pins 5,7 and some net sites it is stated that input for pin5 and pin 7 must be pwm, however, the square wave for these pins should be inverted form.(see that attachment) In datasheet, I can not see this explanation. I wrote fo
Hi all, I'm trying to control a simple DC motor using a motor driver chip (L298) through programming the PIC16F877 microcontroller. I'm trying to come out with a simple code which will move the motor by a quarter with respect to its initial position and then stops. I need this (...)
Anatomy of a BLDC Sensored Commutation COMMUTATION CODE SEGMENT DC motor EQUIVALENT CIRCUIT Open Loop Speed control Closed Loop Speed control etc.
I am looking for a closed loop speed and angle control of a DC motor at very low speeds of 15-50rpm using pic18f4620. suggest me algorithms for precise control.
how can we control the DC motor with PIC16f84 the attachment i try to connect the DC motor to make it off or on but i do not succeedd why pleas help me why the circuit is not correct
Hi to All any body here to share their idea, link, schematics ets to control 300v 45W DC motor through mircontroller using mosfet. Regards AZ
hi experts , I'm new in microcontrollers and learning them for my project now. I have three 38V DC motors and their encoders with 240 pulse/rev. I want to start DC motors and count encoder pulses and say stop by PIC16F877 when they reached to my value. Which program,compiler could you advise to me ? Also have you got any web link (...)
hi all..... I m building a 4 quadrant chopper using IGBT-H bridge for sep ext dc motor. motor specifications are 230v, 3.7 A, 0.75hp. Im trying to make a controller using uc 3638 pwm without any microcontroller. The problem i am facing is how to design the control circuit for reg braking ... i (...)
Hello, I finally built a working development/programming station for the 16F877. Switching from POSIX-threads-C to assembly language. I could use some help with the assembly code and parts for these Sub-Sections of the DC-motor throttle project I am working on: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Hello, I am planning to build a remote control car using bluetooth, which uses pic16f84a that controls the servo motor for the front wheel and dc motor for the speed. Can anyone give me an idea on how to implement this one? Note: The input for the pic16f84a is from a serial bluetooth..
how to on off a dc motor using AT89C2051,and PC??
Read here: DC motor Speed control using PWM : AVR microcontroller projects controlling DC motor with AVR ATtiny13 PWM and ADC Project | ermicroblog
Hi! I need to do a project to control dc motor with JAVA also using PIC The Project: When i enter to pc keyboard K(DC motor START) and L(DC motor STOP) please help ...
If the boat design will require an onboard microcontroller, then using 802.15.4, ZigBee, MiWi or similar transceivers might be the most straight forward method. As not-a-moderator mentioned you can use a simple ASK type TX/RX with proper encoding/decoding, however the depth sensor, servo and DC motor control would require additional sensors (...)
Hi, I design a circuit by DC motor, which controlled by micro controller(using PWM), I want to control a 24 volt dc motor by L298, I have designed a schematic file but I'm not sure this is works, I atached the both schematcs in pdf and a part of circuit in image and also PCB, any idea?:idea: Also another (...)
hi., I want to control DC motor(12V,<500mA) Speed and Direction also using PIC 16F877A Microcontroller. How to implement it with H-Bridge(without using H bridge IC's).what are the ways to control the speed of the motor. please explain what are the ways to generate PWM.
Hi every one !!!!!!!!! I want to use the IR2104 as a MOSFET gate driver for H bridge that controls a DC motor. However I want to do so using one PWM input and a GPIO pin of my PIC microcontroller. I went through the datasheet and came up with the below circuit. Can someone please look into it and tell me whether it will work or not (...)
hello guys i want to control the speed of brushed dc motor in a closed loop mode (12v 300W dc motor) . i am using H bridge for bidirectional operation . and i have implemented current sensors for protection. I CANNOT install encoders to the motors , very difficult mechanically . I Am trying to escape from back emf (...)
you can control the speed of a DC motor using PWM and 5KHz should be OK however, speed is not linear vers PWM width as you have to overcome the resistance of the bearings + load etc but is OK for simple applications for discussion of alternatives have a look at Microchip's motor control pages
I was wondering if anyone could suggest a robust DC motor control system capable of being driven via Radio control, capable of controlling 12 or 24 volts at currents up to about 60 amps, and is reversible
I have a mosfet that controls a dc motor. Without snubber, mosfet gets hotter and hotter. With a diode snubber, this time diode gets hot. I used a slow diode. I'll also try a fast diode but i wonder that does snubber helps to reduce the dissipated power or does it take it from mosfet onto itself? I mean, must i use a huge diode or can i reduce comp
Please help me understand My motor dc is 3A 30V with (tachogenerator 3v/1000 that correct shematic? tachogenerator connect to ANALOG IN of PIC . I must convert that voltage or can connect it without anything 3. Is that correct measurement current? That is
DC motor control application notes of microchip company
hi, Friends, i need to help how to contol microcontroller based DC motor (forward reverse , brake and steering). i want to know all about this. thanks