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I want to have 2 PICs communicating with each other over a DC power line that's running at 12V and maybe carrying 10A. It will be driving motors so there will me some noise. Max distance is probably around 50m. The attachment shows the basic approach but I'm not sure how best to approach putting the data onto the power line. (...)
Try SEARCH in this forum. There was similar topic some time ago: "RS-232 over power line" In any case you will need Low-pass-filter for DC and High-pass-filter for communication. This can be accomplished by simple L-C combination.. DC power choke of, say, 1mH as power filter, and capacitor of 100nF as data in/out.
Hi, I want to send DC(9-30V@0.5A) and digital data using bus from a Microcontroller to a sensor board.The distance between these boards are needs to be a more rugged solution.Basically I need the data transfer in both bidirections.(i.e read the status and control a DC motor on sensor board).I want two use less number of lines.For me aroun
ASK stands for Amplitude "shift" keying, in principle it means on/off type modulation like in a telegraph. You can use a TTL-driven transistor to key the transmitter power by interrupting the DC power line, you can key the RF power-amplifier DC bias. For low data rate, you can drive oscillator-transistor (...)
Hi, has someone any kind of experience or information about implementing a communication over a dc power bus. In particular that dc bus is the output (700V) of various step-up machines that are in parallel elevating the voltage of independent photovoltaic strings in order to be the input of a three-phase inverter to be the power injected
If you refer to fisher rosemount smart pressure transmitter uses fsk modulation on the dc line to tansmit data between several device and monitoring system by use of only two wire and all of them are paralel to gether.for better search result use the "hart"protocol.
Hi, I'm having a project which need to send the Video signal at the rear side of the car using the power line Communication over DC. 1) Can the Video be able send through the PLC over DC with high data rate? We are targeting on 640x480, 16bit, 30 Frame. 2) If the video signal can be send over, any recommendation of the information and IC t
Hey! I am wondering if there is any way to transmit serial data (RS232) without using more wires. My power supply is a battery (DC) and I want to know if there is any way of sending serial data through the power supply wires. Regards!
200 meters at 10 mW--you are not happy with that? Assuming that the two boards comminicate fine at close distances (like 20 meters), you will want to tweak up the boards as good as they can be to go a little farther. Do both boards put out the rated 10 dBm? What is the exact frequency of both boards when they are transmitting to the nearest
You inject and sample the RF through devices that would tend to block your DC voltage. Therefore, the usual device is capacitors. Here is a quick example The trace in the center is supposed to represent your +12V tra
In microwave measurements we attempt to measure power and power ratios as measuring current and voltage is often not possible. Microwave power varies over a wide range, down to a microwatt or less, so instrument noise needs to be suppressed. Improving the signal-to-noise ratio is done by modulating the test signal, often by a square-wave (...)
A subsytsem like a sensor needs to have a power supply and the option to communicate data. To accomplish this with two wire the supply line must be modulated. This modulation is detected an demodulated. One example over the AC power line is power line communication(see ) (...)
One further requirement is that the base drive is high enough to make the amplifier stage be in class C at all Vcc values. Varying Vcc varies the output power. The Vcc is the sum of a DC term for the carrier and an AC term for the audio making the modulation sidebands. In the old days this was done with a transformer. The AC was put to the
Saw a wireless lan job recently that was all screwed up because the were trying to transmit before the DC bias levels had settled out in the transmit amplifier. Sorry, I do not remember how many ns it took to settle. It is probably a function of how much bias line capacitance you have to charge up. Unfortunately, with today's modern modulation s
Hi, i want to step up the voltage from 9v to 30v dc, i require 20mA current at output.what scheme i use, i have heard about PWM,can i use 555 for that purpose? if yes then how? or any other scheme?
Also, I failed to mention that each LED has a forward voltage of ~ 3V, so I think I need the bias tee for headroom reasons. Does anyone see any potential issues I could have doing this? Without it I would have 1 line driver to 1 LED which is not practical in my coupling is O.K. for constant modulation respectively DC balanc