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I want to have 2 PICs communicating with each other over a DC power line that's running at 12V and maybe carrying 10A. It will be driving motors so there will me some noise. Max distance is probably around 50m. The attachment shows the basic approach but I'm not sure how best to approach putting the data onto the power line. (...)
i am doing my final year project and have to use a modem for DC power line. do u think ST7538 can be used for that purpose?thanks!
hi! does any of u know whether ST7538 can be used for dc power line communication?? thanks!!
The inductor should have the ability to pass the DC current without having its core saturate. Pay attention to the DC rating in the data sheet. As far as the values, The inductor should have a high reactance compared to the E/I ratio (load impedance) and the shunt capacitor should have a low reactance.
hello I find out that we can send data (RS485) on DC power line (+12 , GND). now I have 4 questions: 1- can I couple RS485 ICs (ADM485) to bus with Capacitors for block DC ? 2- what is value of termination resistor? (how calculate) 3- what length cable I can use? (RS485 + DC power(12v)) 4- I have one master uc and many client, now, (...)
Hi, Is it possible to communicate over dc power line of 12V as a master slave rs 485 communication. Is there any specific IC's available. If possible please tell me how to do that? Thanks, Murugesh
Try SEARCH in this forum. There was similar topic some time ago: "RS-232 over power line" In any case you will need Low-pass-filter for DC and High-pass-filter for communication. This can be accomplished by simple L-C combination.. DC power choke of, say, 1mH as power filter, and capacitor of 100nF as data in/out.
anyone have success with power line communication over a DC bus? or know of any research papers on the subject? anyone selling such a product? Mr.Cool
Hi I need help to developing DC power Communication using PLC I need documantation,shematic ingineer project,books, any think wich can help me best regards
Hi, I want to have a half duplex communication using max 485 IC through the 12V DC line. Is it possible to use A,B line as the power line itself? If possible please tell me how to do this? Thanks, Murugesh
I am doing final year project on the power line communication and think it need to be discussed in this forum.First, I would like to clear that we are in progress and encountered problems with the required ICs because some of the required IC are not available here and I need its equivalent one and short of valuabel ideas of accomplishing the projec
you can start with this product from tenet bangalore powerline Communication Modem PLC UART 12V - Tenet Technetronics Description:61919 This is a transceiver module designed to send/receive serial data over power lines. PLC-UART is designed to transparently
I view capacitor failure as a matter of "when?". For safety you might want your isolation by magnetic means, using a high frequency transformer suited to your carrier frequency and using blocking caps to keep the 50/60Hz from burning the little transformer up. If the cap does let go, you will hurt a winding on the
Buy an FSK generator chip say 433 Mhz , couple the output of the FSK generator to a DC line say 12V , using a coupling capacitor , you will receive the signal at the other end of the line perfectly . This is a DC power line , I don't know whether you are using AC or DC power line .Since the (...)
i am doing FSK modulation for data transmission thru power line so please suggest me how it would be possible and also provide the available IC's
This chip is intended for AC communication. I don't think it will work over DC lines since you need to couple a signal through a transformer. You'll need a different approach for DC communication -- perhaps 1-wire communications. Our company uses a technique of modulating the DC power rail with a serial signal (essentially grounding the (...)
dear friends my final year project is power line modem using pulse code modulation .pls where can i get write up on it or literature review. i have the circuit already. fola
just an easy idea: On your power supply side you need a resistor and a differential amp to measure the current through the supply lines. On the ?C side you connect a port pin to a transistor that will draw some current from the power lines. thats all for unidirectional communication. More complicated will be (...)
Hi I would like to find out more on whether signal can be sent through cable shield? Would appreciate if someone can give me guidance on this. Thanks
You will be using 12V or 24V DC in the primary section of your inverter and if you have access to a scope, you will be able to find 50 or 60hz noise pulses in the primary section. This noise is much higher and contains several multiples of harmonics of 50 or 60hz if your inverter output is square wave. You will need a good power supply filter to yo
First you have a low pass filter for the power connection and a high pass filter for the data. Then you can use ordinary telephone modem type communications. The only thing you will have to take care of is the on-off hook sensing because there is no DC level to sense and also the lack of a dial tone.
X10 possibly ? only 60 bps is a good point. I don't need a hight speed communication. But if I use a 24 V dc power source There is somenthing else ? Thanks
Hi , this is a good power supply , 0-30 VDC STABILIZED power SUPPLY WITH CURRENT CONTROL 0.002-3 A enjoy it ...... :-)
Isolation cicuits: Galvanic - we have power transference between two circuits without the same reference point/ground. Optocoupler Transformer There is Blocking of DC with a infinite series capacitor like in the previous options, but isn't Galvanic.
Input signal: power line include 50Hz or 300Hz /220VAC and ultrasonic signal or FM signal (7kHz, 20khz, 50kHz). Output signal: ultrasonic signal or FM signal, no offset, DC = 0 (no oscillation).
Hello all. I'm searching for a way to transfer both data AND power over a single twisted pair cable. The data itself is a differential RS485 signal from a PIC micro and DS75176 at either end, running at 19200bps. The power is DC 24v, with a maximum current in the area of a couple of Amps. I've never tried to do this before and searching the inte
Hi, I want to send DC(9-30V@0.5A) and digital data using bus from a Microcontroller to a sensor board.The distance between these boards are needs to be a more rugged solution.Basically I need the data transfer in both bidirections.(i.e read the status and control a DC motor on sensor board).I want two use less number of lines.For me aroun
Hi friends, I'm trying to measure rms voltage of AC power line, assuming it NOT to be a pure sinewave. I found a precision rectifier circuit from a very old issue of elektor magzine. The output of this precision rectifier (when fed with sinewave) come out as shown in graph below. Now my problem is how to feed this signal directly to ADC input (i'
Somebody share some ideas, Regarding transmission of Dc power supply through RF at particular range as discribed below. a) Transmission through is Dc power supply. b) power range - (300v @ 10amp). c) Tramsmission range - 10km. Are you by any chance referring to "Wireless Transmission of Electricity/power"? If
How a n channel mosfet can be used as a switch in power line? I want a transistor to be used to drive the mosfet. Please help me with the schematics. Mainly the mosfet is used to switch off the dc motor driver ic in my project
Hi Yes , it can done but the design is a bit compliceted since you will need to use 2 DC isoleted transformer on each side Also serch MAXIM site for HART modem ic - It is allmost the same but working over DC line (4-20mA) All the best Bobi
hi dear i just need help to fine best type of modulation technique in my project my project need to transmit and receive voice over power line full duplex plz help me to theory of modulation and to fine chips for that ahmed kamal
hey all, I am looking for a dc power supply 100v/1kw. I had trubble finding one,as all the power supplies are usually up to 36v at most. Can anyone help me? thanks, alon
As said before, sending for a distance of 2-3Km heavily depends on the line condition. Yamar Electronics have PLC products that convert UART to PLC so it enables you to send any amount of data bytes that you need and not restrict you to any specific protocol. It is mainly for DC power lines but can also be interfaced to AC (...)
I'm looking for some directions to enhance my project. I decided to develop Automated meter reading using PLC. But my project was rejected as it is replica of the existing system. Looking for ideas to enhance the same project.. Any changes to the existing AMR system using PLC. For e.g., even noise reduction, new modulation technique other than FSK,
ASK stands for Amplitude "shift" keying, in principle it means on/off type modulation like in a telegraph. You can use a TTL-driven transistor to key the transmitter power by interrupting the DC power line, you can key the RF power-amplifier DC bias. For low data rate, you can drive oscillator-transistor (...)
Dear friends , I have come up with a problem ...... when i drive the ac motor with contactors by manually pushing the coil tab , The motor runs and i c a lot of noise being generated on the ac power line (it reflects on a power supply of 7805 5Volts , though i have used capacitors across its output ,10uF, 1uF, .1uF etc. The (...)
What is a power line ? Will there be a power line noise in DC power supply used in labs? How to remove it ? Is notch filter enough? How to design notch filter? Explain with diagrams. - - - Updated - - - sorry, its "What is a power line noise?"
Hi, Did anybody use the infrasys power line communication IC over dc line. I am using this IC and facing some issues. When i am using a single master and single slave,the working is good. But when i include another slave, communication is not good. Neither slave 1 and slave 2 not working properly. What could be the issues.. Thanks, (...)
How far i can go with that? Idea is to decrease biasing resistor values (Rd and Rs), keeping Q point at 0mA acting as class-B amplifier to generate harmonics from weak signal. As DC load line becomes steeper, Drain Current becomes bigger with same amount of input signal, and exceed RECOMMENDED OPERATING CONDITIONS of datasheet. class-B amplifier mu
Hi, I'm working on a non-isolated AC/DC power supply with universal AC line input and 380VDC 3kW output. The output is for sure not isolated from the input. This power supply is supposed to supply some lighting applications and for safety purposes all the metal equipment in the load are connected to the AC safety ground. Now I have two (...)
hi. PDF files for power line modem (and power line carrier). regards - haymeron
i need chip or sch or info for 220v and 20kv power line communicaion for mcu Thx of any help
For 220v and if av. 20kv power line very thanx for any help 8)
hi I need some link for give more comment and math formule for anlalyze power line parameter such as (harmonic , Demand , K-Factor, symmetrical .... ) have find C library pack do it ? thanx of help :roll:
Have you some links or other useful stuff about mains power line work? If possible, something where I could use pic microcontrollers! Regards, kima
I wonder if anyone has been working on this technology. I would like to hear from you. I have specific requests to make. Thanks
Hello, i'm searching for a simple power supply to realize 12/15V 100mA or similar from 220V rectified power line without transformer. Have you any suggestion ? regards
Please i must know how can i do to find the cross over of the power line using pic, what hardware i should use? And how can i make the software? Thanks a lot and sorry about the english Jundiaí