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Hi, You can buy any isolating dcdc converter 24V --> 15V/2A and connect the +output to the -input. Or do you want to build it on your own? Then: Switch mode IC manufacturers help you to find the right IC with their selectiin guides. One of many examples: Klaus
Here's a picture with the vias. Is it too much? 128406 I expressed myself incorrectly, the load is meant to be switched. The dcdc converter will stay on. I forgot to mention, the switching frequency will be 500kHz. I added the big capacitor because the datasheet states: "A minimum of 20uf/A load current should be used
Hi, There are a lot of step up / boost dcdc converter chips that run with 2.7V or less. Also there are capacitive voltage doubler / voltage inverter circuits. Like MAX1044.. If you have access to the other side of the RS232 (PC), then you maybe can use those (control line) levels to generate the RS232 supply voltage. But this is a low cost solu
I have a 400 watt boost DC-DC converter that. Input voltage: DC 6V~40V Input current: 15A (max) Output voltage: DC 8V~80V Output current: 0 ~ 9.99A. I want to replace the mosfet with a little higher ID ratting, just to help with heat. The current mosfet is an knock off of SPP80N10L. The issue I'm having is I don't know enough abouts RDS on to
Hi, Going to use Cadence SpectreRF to check dcdc buck converter AC characteristic (gain margin, phase margin, crossover frequency). Any reference? or Tutorial to use SpectreRF for dcdc? I think I have to use PAC (periodic AC) analysis in spectreRF analysis setting but I have no idea how to create dcdc testbench and (...)
Hi All, I am designing power supply and having dcdc converter module in it. My question is How should I connect power supply ground to chassis ground. Can I use a ferrite bead between power ground and chassis ground. Other any other better way of doing this Regards Satish
Hallo, Maybe this is a simple question but I want to be sure. I want to design a common mode filter for the input stage of a dcdc converter (200w input). I follow this application where they suggest the filter in figure 1. The input o
Hi, I designed a boost dcdc converter 11V to 19V @3A load in CCM and a voltage mode type 3 copensator. I get this step response from simulation. Is it ok or should I redesigned my compensator? Steady state response is ok, but I am worried about transient response. Should it be without oscillations? 113040
Hi all, I measured boost converter with kikusui electronic load. And when I draw 2A with elec. load, my dcdc oscillates. But when I draw 2A with resistor (real resistor), my converter operates stable. Then what is the difference between electronic load and real resistor? of course, IN/OUT condition and load current condition is (...)
Hello members, I have some doubts on how to define the requirements for certain analog simulation models. Supposing you have to require a Boost dcdc converter simulation model which shall provide the Output voltage with a given maximum error. How would you define the error and which is the value that can be considered acceptable? Thanks
Hello everyone I'm collecting ideas, plans, projects, tutorials, appliction notes etc ... to make a dcdc block which I give the specific in figure below 103917 I'd like to be able to adjust the maximum current. Could you help me advising for example pwm controller to be used (Texas, Linear, ...), the method by whic
I've seen some design in this forum for a dc-dc boost converter for Nixie tubes running at 180V. Though all designs I've seen are running from 9V DC supply and more... This week I came across this item on ebay, and it looks like it is using a LT dcdc converter chip and a MOSFET packaged in SOP-8, delivering up to 5W at 5V DC input: w
Hi, I will try to explain my problem first. I am trying to simulate a flyback dcdc converter with the following spec, Vin-min = 80V, Vin-max = 122V, Vout=58V, Iout = 6A. I am using a calculation to define the parameters of the transformer mainly. I followed the following steps, 1. Pin = Pout/eff 2. Iav-min = Pin/Vin-min and Iav-max = Pi
If you are using a switched type dcdc converter to convert 12V to 5V you can theoretically get 5V at 5A. Max Power input = 12Vx3A = 36W. Max Power output = 5Vx5A = 25W. You cannot use a linear converter since the 12V adaptor cannot handle more than 3A.
Hi all, I would like to design a circuit to monitor the supply voltage of a board. Suppose that is 50Volts, I wish I had reported variations of + / -5% of the latter. The circuit for reading shold be composed by the microcontroller + AD connected trough spi interface and feed by dcdc converter for various voltage (50Volts --->|||--->3,5,15
Hi everyone, I tried to make every terminal voltage looks perfect though changing Cp1 and Cp2 during simulation,but question comes that for both Mnp3, the Vd and Vs are not synchoronous ,which will cause the Vsd to have a strike. 82059 I tried to remove cp5 rp5..but still didn't work Please help me?!! [ATTACH
Hi everyone, I tried to make every terminal voltage looks perfect though changing Cp1 and Cp2 during simulation,but question comes that for both Mnp3, the Vd and Vs are not synchoronous ,which will cause the Vsd to have a strike. 8206182062 I tried to remove cp5 rp5..but still didn't work
Hi - I have a synchronous voltage mode boost converter design using the TI TPS43000 that is giving me headaches. Its stability seems to be fairly load dependent, which doesn't make a lot of sense to me. With my current compensation network, it oscillates at low loads, but not high loads. Can anybody suggest why the load current is affecting my stab
For my dcdc BUCK converter: Vin=3.6V Vout=1.2V Iout=150mV Vripple<50mV f=1MHZ I caculated : L=8uH C=0.25uF R=8Ω Problem: Now the output voltage of the switches :-34.8mV-3.55V. But the Il and Ic have the wrong waveforms.(pig.1)(y=Il,r=Ic,b=Ir) And Ir Vr increase too(pig 2),no ripple. After 2 period,Ir=2mA and Vc=0.88V What le
A voltage mode dcdc converter, need to know the slew rate of error amplifer, assume the compensation cap of the error amplifer is C1 and C2, the sawtooth voltage range is 2V. How to calculate the slew rate of error amplifer? thanks.
Hello Everyone! I want to know what all standard books are available for DC-DC converter design.I am looking for books full of practical circuits which I can construct. I already have books by Muhammad Rashid & Ned Mohan .
Hi all, I want to make a negative 5V. I want to do that with a dcdc-converter. Datasheet: I've made a schematic. Is this going to work? recommendations?
Use a LM2577 is the DC12V to DC16V circuit using LM2577.
Why not design simple DC-DC buck converter with internal monitoring of load current and I2C interface to send the data out? That is relatively easy (dcdc) internal monitoring of load is interesting project and I2C is not difficult to do either.
Agree with dick_freebird, paralleled output capacitor will reduce ESR and dcdc output voltage ripple. second,the ripple can be measured between the capacitor + and the -. It will demonstrate more ideal behavior. And EMI and noise coupling will lead to big spiking noise. It should be careafully optimized with PCB design.
Sorry, without power, I can't imagine any way of checking the dcdc inverter. If you pull it out of circuit and give it a test supply and suitable resistive dummy loads, checking the output voltage and ripple should be easy. I'm guessing that extracting it may not be easy, but many jobs are like that. Cheers, Colin
hi everyone in dcdc converter what is the Light load heavy load meaning ? light load : the output current is low & heavy load : the output current is large? I don`t know exatly
Need something I can **** up to match a new DC-DC converter that doesn't have mfr supplied models. I am using LTSpice but can convert whatever I find. Most of the bigger mfrs are encrypting their models so they are not of any use to me. Either a LTSpice circuit w/ the guts, or a plain text .subckt file would be ideal.
hi I have to choose a dcdc converter, and only 2 on the market would be suitable based on the specs and price: TPS62065 with auto transitioning between PWM and PFM modes ($1.40), NCP1595A with PWM mode only ($0.38). The converter has to be operational at load currents from 0 to 1.5A. My question: Can I use the PWM-only (...)
Hello, I am looking to generate 24VDC from a ?12VDC Power supply. The component I wish to use is Traco Power TEN25-1222. This dcdc converter gives us +12V and -12V. My qeustion is how to use these two to generate 24VDC? Any help would be great. Thanks.
I'm currently prototyping such a design, as a Forward topology. Got the primary running at 8AMPs ok, but switching mosfet needs more heatsink atm. The In voltage may vary between 10V and 14.2V, actually it would be good if it works down to 9V or less. Output must be well regulated at set voltage 15-18V But I want more current and more effi
what about tapped buck dcdc converter. I don;t know exactly
Need to find a dcdc converter, non-isolated POL. Similar to Belfuse: SRBA-06E2ALG SRDB-04HX20 Datasheets attached. Anyone suggest alternate suppleirs. Belfuse is too long for their delivery dates. Any design help will be great from chip level. Thanks
Hi I am designing a battery cahrger for 12V Ni-Cd battery 40AH. I think a 12V dcdc converter with current limit to 1A or 2A should be OK fro charging. Please correct if there is any issues. Can any one help me in designing a adjustable current limit at the output of the dcdc converter? thanks ravi
Hi, I am designing a circuitry at the moment and the constraint of my board is its size. I need to use isolated dcdc at the front end as my input power source is going to be very very noisy. But i have a problem. I am going to use this say, 15Watts isolated dcdc converter to provide for my DGND and my AGND. I definitely will have a (...)
Refer to the circuit I am using the same except r4=887k and r3= 197k for getting 3.3V and r2=887k and r1=442k for 1.8v Vout is given by 0.6(1+r2/r1) volts and 0.6(1+r4/r3) I have soldered the DFN10 pack chip and after that i am using this as a source for tests
Synchronous dcdc buck converter has output High side Power MOS and Low side Power Mos. And how to consider the layout for the latch up and ESD safe?
I need dcdc converter up 350W +48Vdc-in and output adjstable from +48V to +52 Vout 7Amp max Thanks!! diegor747
well you could try out the LT Spice switcherCAD simulator which is free. Of course you know how to make a dcdc converter delaying the feedback signal until the gain is less than 1 at any multiple of 360 degrees phase. of course with hysteretic converter you need no feedback compensation to make with some of the p
Does anyone can upload some documents about a one shot circuit for DC DC converter design. One shot circuit is used to generate several micro second period for dcdc covverter applcation. Thanks.
Does SPICE simulation include the high order (high frequency) poles/zeros effect in converter system? I have a boost converter system with variable load. I have compensated the loop with heavy load and the crossover frequency is about 15% of the switching frequency. Then I found when the load is light, the crossover frequency increases a lot, even
Hello, I'm working on a dcdc buck converter with hysteretic regulator , and I'm looking for a mathematic formula of the ripple, or any equation for minimizing this ripple Many thanks
hi is there a good appnote or book about selecting capacitors for dcdc converters, and other advanced aspects of dcdc design? like pfm, histeretic... converter design. Not just listing the available methods, but describing differences in design equations... All the books what I found on are introductions to (...)
when caculating the converter transfer function, the pole and zero are determined by the load resistance. when the load is a nonlinear device like LED, the large signal DC resistance is different from the small signal AC resistance. So which one should be selected to caculate the converter transfer function? Thanks!
Hi guys, Now I am analyzing dcdc converter and read the paper of ridley. But the theory of ridley can not be appied in large signal simulation. Do somebody know how to achieve both of precise small signal model and large one?
some company have the digital control dcdc converter. But most of the products adopt analog control. Anybody can make some introduce or post some papers?
i think pulse skip in pfm dcdc conveter should have a comparator in ord to decide when pulse skip happens.
hi. there is a dcdc converter, wich has a reference voltage as 1.244V. LTC1268 the output voltage is adjustable in the usual way, Vout divided has to be = as Vref. Because my processor core needs 1.25V@3A. Is it possibble to use the IC, where i connect the Vfeedback pin directly to the output (without divider), to produce Vout=Vref?
for a high frequency dcdc converter (500kHz), do we need a high frequency inductor? or a slower is also good (100kHz)? The ic manufacturers increase the frequency, to reduce size, but, what I could find, they have quiet bug capacitors at the output. why is tahat? (TPS54356)
A switched capacitor DC DC converter. I want to calculate the power dissipation of each switches. How to simulate the transient power dissipation in dcdc converter with HSPICE? Thank you.