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Using an avr, I implemented a simple dds using an R/2R network. The output freq. I'm interested is up to 20KHz (since this is for audio usage). Since my TL071 OA won't get near the lower rail I need to DC bias it using a non-inverting summing amplifier like this one (all 1M
I'm not very sure that you can obtain 1MHz output, but you can find an example on internet:avr dds Signal generator V2.0
Hi all, I need to do a project to develop a dds function generator by 18F4620 produce square, sinusoidal and triangular waveforms of adjustable freq. Anybody can tell me some suggest in the coding with PIC 18F4620
I need a dds project implemented on avr Thanks
You can generate this frequency using dds. Example with PIC or with avr . Fore more info search on google for dds
dds signal generator based on Atmel microcontroller: avr dds signal generator project
i used pic877 lcd buttons for menus and two cd 4059 as 32bit jam waveform gen and a waveform restore passive circuit {res cap} pwm ports drive the clock two 4059s in cascade output of firs tis the clock of the next 32 bits data using 2x 2 8 bit addressable selectors as an 8 bit port expander 4 bit selectable good luck here is a cool
maybe you can find inspiration here:
Maybe this can help need to add some code to control the LCD to display the frequency and type of waveform. Also you need to modify the code to read a keyboard and use the value entered. The program there uses UART to control the dds generator.
You may find this page about a dds synthesizer usefull. The basic idea is very simple, and may be a good starting point for implementation in a PIC.