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If you aren't going to be doing anything during that long period, you can use software delay, using the delay_ms() function and for loop. If you are going to be doing something during that period, you need to use timer as Oyvind has said. I don't know which pic you'll be using. But you can use (...)
Hi Everyone, I'm doing my final year project as Bipedal Walking Robot,I'm using Futaba 3006 Servomotor and pic 16F877A IC.I have to Control totally 20 Servomotors,I tried to generate the PWM signal from PORTB Its working fine for single servomotors,But for multi servomotors control the code is not running, Its getting hang after so
Hi. pic12F629 works from 2.0V to 5.5V. You can use delay function of C compiler or timer(if you want precise pulse with) Best Regards.