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For switching GPIO you need only header file with registers definitions. Bacicaly, it is just a changing value or register. For delay you can use simple cycle counter, timer or system timer systick. For that purpose you can download and use standart perephireal library from ST.
// LED blinking c code //start //turn ON LED // wait for some time (delay ) // turn OFF LED include // header file for 8051 include<delay.h> // header file for delay #define LED_ON 00000001 // LED ON #define LED_off 00000000 // LED OFF (...)
The files delay.h and delay.c is for hitech c for PIC18F!!! In this case, you only comment or remove the #include delay.h, because it not exist in pic for PIC12/16F and your program works, because the #define _XTAL_FREQ 8000000 Change too the _delay_ms(100); to __delay_ms(100); (2 (...)
Hi! I have written a code to display date and energy consumption for a project using MPLAB C18. Everything displays perfectly in Proteus but when I tested in real hardware variables such as date, time doesn't display on the LCD. I tried a MikroC example code and it displays everything perfectly. Can somebody explain me what I may have done wrong? I
Hey guys I'm new PIC microcontrollers and programming them in C. I started many months ago but had to stop since school started and I got busy with other things. But now I'm back to it determined to learn and I really need your help guys. I have a small issue in my program and I was wondering if you guys can help! I have an issue with the delay fun
Mr BigDog i gone through ur profile i found that ur also familiar with AVR. i am using AVR studio-4 to blink an led for 10seconds when a button is pressed connected to PORTB. for that purpose i am using #includedelay.h> header file. the program is being compiled and hex file was genereted . i (...)
void main() { int i; ANSEL; // Configure AN pins as digital I/O ANSELH; PORTD; TRISD; RD2; while(1) { //Move Anti Clockwise direction for(i=1;i<=500; i++) { PORTD=(1<delay_us(1000); //want servo to move to 0 degrees. PORTD=(0<delay_m
Here is a sample program, which I tested as functional, make changes in your current code accordingly: #include <16F84A.H>// Include header file #fuses XT,NOWDT// Crysral Osc(4Mhz), No watchdog timer #use delay(clock=4000000)// 4Mhz crystal frequency #use rs232(baud=9600, xmit=PIN_A3, rcv=PIN_A2)// to set baud rate, Tx and Rx Pin void
How can i calculate delay in atmega8 or 16 ? Is controller divide crystal by something or what ? what is the machine cycle for different instruction?
Can anyone tell me how to generate exactly 20ms delay using 89S52?? pls help
I think your code is toggling some I/O pins. The delay between toggling is too low to notice the changes in the I/O pins. Just increase the delay to see the toggling instead of seeing the LEDS always ON -- Amr Ali
can the delay function handle more then 256 (unsigned char)? check the function prototype in the header file. hock
i am interfacing the lcd with pic16f877a and i got the source code . in tat code i got the header file delay.h i can understand about this file pl help me i attached the file ... your question is not clear, i guess you meant u "can't" understand the delay.h file??? (...)
#include //include PIC header file #include //include I/O header file #include "delay.c" //include delay header file __CONFIG(0x3f71); //Configuration word void main() { TRISC=0x00; // ass ign PORTC as a output port (...)