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hi i am interfacing the lcd with pic16f877a and i got the source code . in tat code i got the header file delay.h .i cant understand about this file plz help me and i attached the file ... /* * delay functions for HI-TECH C on the PIC * * Functions available: * (...)
#include #include "delay.h" void main (void) { TRISD=0; PORTD=0; while(1) { PORTD=~PORTD; delayS(1); } } Thanks for sent this c code Sorry for asking again Actually i don't know how to add the header file The MPLAB ide asking the header file (...)
first create a file header file. these usually do not need any other header file to be added in it, but if you declare any variables that is dependent of any other , then you have to include that header file in the header file you are (...)
where can i possibly downlaod iostream header file for turbo c. thanx.
hi, Is graphics.h a header file for Visual c++ or Turbo c++? i cant find it in my "include folder" in VC++... can anyone send me a copy of the header file?i downloaded one but it has problem with the union type and union REGS when i compile my codes. :(
hi all, i need "_defs.h" header file..i cant find it in my VC++ include folder either..thanks!!!
hi, i'm looking for the header file of the JPG file. how can i convert 16 bit/pixel format to 12bit/pixel?
Pls Expalain me how to create header file having globel variables and functions. ie: what is the commands need to use. In which time #ifdef use.
Hi, I am in need of a windows.h header file. please help me.....
Hi, I have to program PIC 18F1230 device and I wondered if there's a useful header file defining the device's special function registers and maybe some bits. I usually do these definitions myself,but this particular microcontroller has too many registers.
Can anybody send me the dmedia/audio.h header file i was unable to find the file. I will be very grateful
What header file we use for audio in c++ and want are its fuction in input and output audio from microphone
i want a header file to be shared by 2 arm processors .hw do i allocate the address to the header file and pass this address to these processors... very urgent pls help...
i want "systemc.h" header file to simulate the systemc coding using modelsim simulator
Maybe anybody has include PIC16F872.h for HT PICC? Thanks a lot.
Hi, a.c union Data { unsigned char nbit; }; bdata struct Bit { union Data byte; }Ex; sbit xbit0 = Ex.byte.nbit^0; sbit xbit1 = Ex.byte.nbit^1; sbit xbit2 = Ex.byte.nbit^2; sbit xbit3 = Ex.byte.nbit^3; sbit xbit4 = Ex.byte.nbit^4; sbit xbit5 = Ex.byte.nbit^5; sbit xbit6 = Ex.byte.nbit^6; sbit xbit7 = Ex.byte.nbit^7;[/c
Can anyone provide me with a PIC16F727 CCS C header file.Thanks
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello is there no person to help me .......... PLZ SEND THE header file FOR KEYPAD INTERFACING WITH PIC18F4620. PRESENT I AM USING KBD.C header WHICH IS NOT WORKING WITH PICLab-40 kit. please help me out of his problem. thank you. (...)
i need header file dsm.h .kindly help me
For RC extraction i am using STAR_RCXT. THis tool is called while performing PLS(post layout simulation). After the setup is done- that is feeding the gds and cdl, slecting type of extraction etc, while running extraction STAR-RCXT gives me an error: Missing header file. Subcircuit defination may be incorrect. I do not understand how to so
hi all... i'm working on DSP56F801... so i'm using 8.2 version which is recently released.... so in the CodewarriorIDE there is no default headerfile included in the IDE... so without headerfile how can i write the code... so please anyone can help me how can i include header file in (...)
Hi all, Could you tell me how to include a header (.h) file in VHDL. In verilog we does like this. entity X end entity; `include "rtl/def_HarrisCorner.h" How it will achieved in VHDL module. And where exactly it will be done the VHDL file. Any help is appreciated. Regards
I am programing PIC using MPLAB Sim. but I need the header file pic.h for pic 16f877. can anyone give me the code ? I have the other 3 header files- pic_lcd8.h, pic_serial.h and pic_adc.h This is my program... to display ecg, pressure, pulse, respiration rate. #include #include"pic_lcd8.h" (...)
In C language you define the names of functions you usee.g. lcd.h file will have the following files void lcd_cmd(unsigned char cmd); void lcd_data(); etc........ delay.h file will have void delay(unsigned char a); void delay_millisec(); lcd.c files will (...)
This is the error log that i am getting Clean: Deleting intermediary and output files. Clean: Deleted file "C:\Users\SHARMA\Documents\MPLAB_Projects\LCD_header_file_Test\lcd.p1". Clean: Deleted file (...)
Attached you will find a tested LCD Library for the Hi-Tech C Compiler for the PIC 10/12/16 series. Including in the zip file is a demo program for the PICDEM Plus Development Board. The LCD Library supports both 8-bit and 4-bit interface using either the busy flag or delays. BigDog
hey guys.. i am using p89v51rd2fn controller.. but i am not ale to find a header file that i can use in keil micro vision 3.. please help with the correct header file and also if any1 could tell me the procedure to load it into the mcu using flash magic since i am using this for the first time.. thanks a lot in adv...
Hey everyone, I just started to learn PIC18 micro controllers. I am following a book by mazidi. Can you provide me pic18f458.h file which mazidi use??? It comes with Hi-Tech C compiler but there is some problem with it....I don't see any thing written in it nor in htc.h file. So compiler generates error that undefined when I w
plz send header file 16 x 2 monochrome lcd in atmega 16 (code vision avr)
hi i am using atmega 8 in my project.and also max 7219,. in this , i have used cascading connection of max 7219. any body have spi header file for this connection?
Hi guys I have accessed the bits of corresponding registers by the syntax REGISTERbits.bitno and through this syntax I get by default that particular bit to be showed in the MPLABX IDE but when I try to access the VCFG bit of the ADCON0 register I did not get that sort of automatic pop up window showing the list of bits defined in the structure,
How to add external existing header file to project in mplab ide v8.56, c18 compiler. I have added one header file to the project and i defined the header file in the project as #include when i build the project it shows an error as "E:\test.c:2:Error unable to locate (...)
I know it is used for programming x86 Microcontrollers and has some registers defined in it. What I do not know is when would we need to use this and why? What can it do? I have done some search and what I find is that dos.h is actually obsolete. Modern CPUs are not how they were when dos.h was written down. But the point remains, in the world o
hi frds, i need to start work in atmega 8 with max 7219 (spi compatible ). i need the perfect header file for SPI. i am using code vision avr complier. i knew that , SPI header file available in default. i need to new one? could any one give me?
hi im trying to interface an atmega8 to a graphical lcd,but i need the header file in avr for atmega8 .plz i really need . thanks
Hi friends , Where i can header file for P89LV51RD2 (REG51RX.H)? What is the difference with REG51.h? pls help
Hi , Can any one explain about the what is the header file? & what is the library file? in c programming, and please explain about what are the differences between them? Thanks & Regards, Chandu.Kurapati.
Hi, can i write my isr in a separate header file?
C program for to store and access the student id, name and percentage using structures #include #include struct student { int id; char name; float percentage; }; int main() { struct student = 450; strcpy(,"praveen"); record.percentage = 75.13; printf("ID of t
this is the header file i got when i brought a line follower kit which has P89V51RD2FN 8051 based microcontroller.....please let me know whats the mistake //LCD header #ifndef __LCD_H__ #define __LCD_H__ #define RS P00 /*0 for Command , 1 for Data */ #define RW P01 /*0 for Write , 1 for Read */ #defi
#include //include PIC header file #include //include I/O header file #include "delay.c" //include delay header file __CONFIG(0x3f71); //Configuration word void main() { TRISC=0x00; // ass ign PORTC as a output port (...)
Did someone know for which processor the machine type 0x24 is defined in elf header section. I know that the file is written for a 32 bit risc cpu. It would nice if someone can help. Many thanks forward, El_Paco
Hi i want create my functions how i create header file from C++ it doesn't work input of function is array 3000 data output is array 3000 data it compile pass but link fail :cry: //*************************** // header file is conv.h extern con(double *x); extern H1; //************************** // source (...)
Hi all. I want to know that how I can see the code of each function of header files ,for example printf ?Is it possible?the codes of each function. tanx
i need include file #include plz
can the delay function handle more then 256 (unsigned char)? check the function prototype in the header file. hock
Hye everyone. :) I am currently working on a project of generating test pattern for path delay fault for a combinational circuit using TetraMAX. But I don't know how to generate the .sdf file needed to 'Add delay paths' before running the ATPG. I've tried searching for the tutorial on generating the .sdf (Standard (...)
I have a question regarding the .sdf (standard delay format) generated after the synthesis step. The file contains the input slopes and output loads of the gates used in the design. The output loads specify the load that it is driving. But what do the input slopes actually mean? Also can anybody say how static timing analysis (STA) is d
Can anyone tell me how to generate exactly 20ms delay using 89S52?? pls help
Most of the compilers have built in delay routines. You can use that By the what compiler you are using?