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hi pic hi tech c program take from here . program was working but one letter after next letter moving is not continuously not moving some delay gap is come.then next letter come .i need continuously up to down vertically moving or vice versa .any one having vertical c progr
The files delay.h and delay.c is for hitech c for pic18F!!! In this case, you only comment or remove the #include delay.h, because it not exist in pic for pic12/16F and your program works, because the #define _XTAL_FREQ 8000000 Change too the (...)
Using hardware timer or delay counter? Is your crystal oscillator High speed type, ceramic resonator; did you select the correct capacitors with the type of crystal in use?
with this code further u can develop yourself /***** uC Series : pic16F877A *****/ /***** Prog Lang : Hi-tech C *****/ #include <pic.h> unsigned long delay; void mc_init(); void main() { mc_init(); delay=500; while(delay--); do { RC0=1; // pointing single (...)
and in pic i2c programming there is a i2c wait routine every time we start and stop we wait some time to get the bus if it free . i dono what i put in wait routine whether i put some approximate delay like 10ms or any flag bit till it clear . i searched some code and i didn't understand what actually they did for wait rou
you can see the post generate time delay using pic
This one is apparently HD44780 compliant one. Code written for HD44780 LCD should work on it as well, however, you'll have to tweak the delay code and the contrast pin.
Hi, The reason for the numerous errors is due part by the fact the C file was written for the hitech pic compiler, however the delay.c file was not included. So you'll have to write your own delay routines.The MPLAB requires a different header file, something like: #include Hence the code at the (...)