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hi this is deva i want to write a program in keil c for stepper motor control using atmel 89c51 . my project involves controlling stepper motor(sanyo denki) which has 1.8 degree rotation per step through san motion driver . i want the stepper motor to rotate 22.8 degree and wait for 5sec delay and again rotate for same degree and (...)
ImageShack? - Online Photo and Video Hosting This is the circuit diagram of the project im working on. I have a few queries. 1) My Leds connected to P0.0 and P0.1 are not glowing. Is the resistance value too high? 2) The lcd backlight glows but no characters are displayed. 3) Are the 2 reset pins
Hi all, Need your advice: I'm using atmel eeprom AT24C16A. I write 15bytes into the eeprom page 0 at word adress of 0x0000, no problem, verify by read-back. Next, after 10ms delay, I write only 5 bytes into page 0 but at word adress of 0x0003. This time I read back and found that it has overwritten my first 5 bytes (...)
Dear all, I am using usb controller atmel89c5131a to sense my stethoscope. My controller kit is communicating with pc as standard Microsoft Human Interface Device and atmel provided DLL. My problem is when there is only single device(My stethokit). there is no data loss and no delay but as soon as I connect other USB (...)
You can use four bipolar transistor and one look up table and one delay routine. L297/L298 is expensive solution comared to four trasistors and few lines code.
Hello guys, i am newbie here, was doing a project regarding infrared sensor autogate... what i wish to ask is how to write the command for the situation stated below? When a IR receiver received a signal from IR transmitter for more than 3 sec, only the DC motor will move CW or CCW? else, the motor will be remained sta
this is main program /* Dot Matrix Display Controller Chip: ATMEGA128 Serial EEPROM: AT24C256 RTC: DS1307 Matrix Size: 16 Row x Column Character programmable via: PS-2 Keyboard & Serial DB-9 (using custom data downloader) RTC format hh:mm:ss and DD:MM:YY */ #define F_CPU 14745600UL //1
hi everybody.i hv a problem with my is a counter prgrm.i hv 2 calculate like 99,98.........00 bt it is giving o/p like 9(1st display),then it goes off n then 9 on 2nd display.m using atmel 89C51 controller n using keil code is #include sfr disp_val=0X90; sbit ds1=P2^0; sbit ds2=P2^1; void system_init(void); vo
hi i need 1 sec delay i hv written the code like void delay() { for(i=0;i<1275;i++) for(j=0;j<20;j++); } it is giving me 1/2 sec how to calculate it? m using keil compiler n controller is atmel 89C51. can anybody help me?
Determining 1st and 2nd harmonic sounds feasible even with a slow (1 MIPS) standard 8051, e.g. using Goertzel algorithm. It depends however on the sampling frequency and bit resolution, which hasn't been told at all. You would want a low sampling rate not much above the minimal (Nyquist) rate. A good analog filter would be require
input is given by keypad or PC. if it is keypad then you have to write a program for keypad scan... if it is through PC then you have to write a serial communication program and blink the LED. Please tell how is the input given.... which IDE and compiler are you using???? ---------- Post added at 10:49 ---------- Previo
hey which compiler r u using im giving some code here if u got some compiler depended errors,u have to rectify it but the basic concept im giving here #include void delay(unsigned int i) { unsigned int j; while(i-->0) for(j=0;j<500;j++); } void main() { P1=0x00; while(1) { P1=0x01; delay(1000); P1=0x00; (...)
You need a delay routine to see the led effect!!! ( ) " main:call sys_init call blink_led blink_led: ldi R16,0b11111111 out PORTB,R16 call delay ldi R16,0b00000000 out PORTB,R16 call delay jmp blink_led "
Hi.... I am trying to control an led matrix(5X7) using an 74HC595 latch+shift registers and atmega32. I checked out several codes on the was quite easy. So i tried making up my own code using atmel studio. But the output pins show zero output whatever serial data i send. (The multimeter showed zero volts with GND as reference)
Dear Gauiver, Perhaps you can help me: I have just realized a Clock and timer with AT89C2051 in fact it is a clock and a downcounter and other little features. (the display is on 6 seven-segments led display using MAX7219) in fact I have realized the downcounter routine using a delay of 1s; Would their not be a clever way to count the (...)
can you tell me what is wrong with the following code. In that code when analog comparator output is high the counter should work but it is not working. I checked output of the T flag and analog comparator they are high then also counter is not working. Can you correct the code I am also facing probs when I am using 'rcall' Till now I am a
I use CodeVision both for the program development and the chip programming. For programming I use the STK200 cable. While ATmega163 and ATmega16 I program without problems, the programmer sometimes hangs when programming the ATmega162 EEPROM. The only cure was to set the delay Multiplier (in the Code Vision programmer settings) equal 2. The pro
Salam ; i think it's better to use a short delay ( 10mlS ) after each interrupt for checking that the interrupt is true not noise , you can do it by disabling EX0 after interrupt ( during interrupt routin ) then call delay for 10mlS and check input pin for being 0 , then do what you wamt , and don't remember to enable interrupt before RETI ins
Hi, I am using AT89C4051 to utilize it as an AD Converter for an application as a two digit Voltmeter. I am following the circuit design given in the following address: . I have written a code in C and it does not work and also i am not able to compile, the compiler says something
Hi guys, i need c code example for AT89s51 or 52 or 53 using .....Keil C or SC51 compiler. Need the basic one, like LED blinking, delay, loop, PWM, Interrupt...... Starting to learn how to program the atmel 8051. plz help, thanks....
CodeVision AVR is really cool c compiler for AVR MC. I am using it from last 3 yrs. U will get ready made C function for delay LCD, I2C. Also u can perform all mathematical calculations (Including tri,log, exp).
Hi All, I need to generate the different bit stream with constant frequency and at the sm time i need to provide different delay for each of the bit stream... for ex I have clk ,data ,reset with bit sequence 101,001,110 with pulse width of 500ns with delay of 250ns,100ns and 200ns, How to generate these sequences using (...)
Hello! I am having an nmos switch, that i want it to shut off when my comparator gives "0". But i want it to keep on NOT conducting a bit more than the output of the comparator. So as you see in the attached pic, my idea is to delay the output of the comparator, and with an AND function to get a signal that gets 0 in the crucial moment, and stay
Hey, I've got a problem with USART communication on ATmega16, I'm using USB-RS232 converter (AVR-CDC ), with newest drivers and firmware, but simple echo doesn't work :( atmega is clocked by 11.0592MHz crystal, so there should be no errors. Here's the code: #define FOSC 11059200 #define BAUD 9600