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hi, how to write matlab code for RC 1st order low pass filter?? i saw many matlab codes from internet , like butterworth, chebychev... but don't have the one for RC low pass filter?? pls advice how to do it? i was stuck in RC filter (...)
use "filter Wiz Pro" for your design.
You can read the book: design with Op. Amp. and linear integrated circuit. by Sergio Franco
hey there... i've got question regarding 1st order butterworth filter... i'm using Multisim software.. Question.. design a first order Butterworth low pass filter with cut-off frequency fo = 20 kHz and the gain K = 1. You will need to simulate the (...)
what is the relationship between integrators and low pass filters? can we say integrators are the basis of low pass filters? if i designed a integrator, how can i design a low pass filter based on it?? (...)
You may add a cap in parallel with R to form a 1st order low pass filter. Your opamp usually has requirements on voltage supply. So using supply as limiters is not a good solution. low price resistors, capacitors, and LEDs: FVM, Would you let me know how to (...)
Download a Trial version and use that software : Nuhertz Technologies > Electrical Engineering design at its Best +++
hey, recently i am designing an active filter circuit. but i meet with a problem. as u can see the pic, the fliter chip is from the national semiconductor. well, the focus is the calculation. i know how to calculate two fo them: Fo=1/2*3.14*R1*C1 Av=1+R3/R4 But how to calculate the
Hi I design the 1st order high pass filter for the with cutoff frequency 100 HZ and gain 100. My filter passes all the frequencies above 100 hz but when frequency goes above 1.3 Khz output goes in attenuation.Its tried every thing to increase the attenuation but (...)
I want to create an optimized band-pass filter using two op-amp uA741. My required band is 85-115KHz with carrier frequency 100kHz. This design will be a part of Frequency division demultiplexer. It's very necessary to optimize the design for recovering an original message signal. In schematic (using orcad pspice 9.2) i have (...)
Hey guys. Hope everyone is doing great. I'm supposed to design a 3rd order Butterworth low-pass filter and so I combined 1st order and 2nd order Butterworth low-pass. That's what I need to do right? And so I did but (...)
In addition, I don't understand why you set the gain to a rather low value of 0.18. It's an independent parmeter of the MFB, I would usually start with a gain of 1, unless other parameters are required. According to your bandpass design method, you'll face an additional gain reduction by cascading both filters.
can someone tell me why... -we need inverting amplifer?why cant we jus amplify the signal during differential ampifier then pass to BPF filter out the noise then ok de You don't need an inverting amplifier, it depends on the design. One of the recommendations of the American Heart Association is that an ECG should t