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Design A 4 1 Mux Using 2 1 Mux

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Hi all! I have design with clock multiplexers and clock gating cells. I'm using Cadence RC compiler for synthesis. After synthesis, i need to simulate resulting netlist with SDF file using ncsim. When i run the simulation, i see that clock mux and gating cell delays are not '0'. How to get an SDF file with (...)
Hello Everyone, Below is a simple multiplexer design i wanted to implement, please let me know if you see anything wrong with my thought process Goal: If a seven segment display shows value 6: output 500Hz tone, For a value of 7 :output 2kHz tone or if a value of 8 is displayed: output a 5kHz tone The three tones described earlier h
With stripline or microstrip conductor paths around 20 ps/cm you can design delay lines and select one of 40 lines. However stability of the delay is critically dependant on controlled impedance, layout etc. The delay lines would need to be match terminated to reduce reflections. Alternatively you can search for stock [URL="www.digikey.
Do you want the difference between lut and mux? or lut and ROM? In terms of FPGA, a lut refers to the small programmable devices (really just ROMS) that create the logic in the design. A ROM would be a memory device made using integrated RAMs or many LUTs.
Adder module of My 4 bit ALU use 6 Transistor PTL circuit,to reduce power consumption.For further reduction in power consumption can i use 2:1 and 4:1 adibatic mux or there is some kind of limitations.please help me who already work on such kind of projects.i am using tanner 13. link of paper on which i am working
In scan insertion, tool convert the design flip-flop in Scan flip-flop. Already we have bunch of flops in design. So no need to insert extra flops. Is it same for mux also if i am using mux-D flops scan cells. Have we enough amount of mux (...)
Here is the working cicuit, tested on 9 LEDs in seriesYes, that's how everyone does similar things. Next you should design a mux scheme. You'll usually one column and multiple (constant current driven) rows or vice versa. The driver supplying multiple "pixels" at a time will ususally need higher current rating, e.g. several Also t
Hello All, I have a design..I am trying to insert dft in the netlist.. I am using Synopsys DC Compiler with DFT Compiler from synopsys. I am using the full scan mux-d style.I want to know that what are the main reasons for not stitching the some flops which are already converted to scan flops after (...)
Can any one explain me how to solve this Quations 1) design a 4x4 multiplier using onlly one adder 2) design 17x1 mux using only 4x1 mux 3) design 8x3 encoder by using 4x2 encdoer 4) design 8x3 encoder (...)
its pretty easy. Read chapter 4 of morris mano's book "Digital design"
I am writing a python script that automates the design (spice and gds) of a memory unit. After I add each sub-module (pre-charge array, colmn-mux, etc..) I run DRC and LVS using calibre. I run calibre lvs and drc in batch mode from the python script with my own runset file. The design does not pass LVS (...)
Hello all, How I can add fix combinational logic at the output of every FF's using design Compiler? How it is possible through tcl script? Thanks in Advance.
Matrix drivers use either Common Anode mux for "Y" LED column drivers and "X" Cathode row drivers or visa versa. to select LED in raster mode. { For bonus points design a 3D display using XYZ and control from PC USB port. with serial bit stream for each frame times Z frames using 1W LEDs @ $2~5/W } (...)
Check these links:
I am designing cmos logic xor gate and 2:1 multiplexer. In my design i am using 8 pmos and 8 nmos for 2:1 mux and 6 pmos and 6 nmos for xor gate. I am using pmos and nmos to implement complement A, means that i am not using complement directly into the circuit. So , i (...)
i want to design 39 i/p function in fpga.. using only 1 clb.. can anyone help???
hi every body:) can u help me? i wana design a mux 8 to 1 and using decoder 3 to 8 !! by generate and degenerate block if u have response please help me tnx:smile: SEE IN WIKIPEDIA FOR MULTIPLEXER,U will understand
design a barrel shifter for 16 bit words in VHDL. This barrel shifter is capable of logical shifting input toward left and right direction. Two different architecture designs of the same barrel shifter must be implemented and tested with the testbench you also need to develop. One architecture (e.g., structural) must use a 16-bit multiplexer (M
hi, the following is the mux design module mux_using_assign( din_0 , // mux first input din_1 , // mux Second input sel , // Select input mux_out , // (...)
hi, i am using a mux in my design which is having two inputs: one is asynchronous input signal and other is clock. so can anyone tell me how should i give constraint to such design. thanx in advace vijay sheladiya Hi, What is select line of this mux, means is (...)
how to design 2x1 mux using half adders
Hi all I am using synopsys design vision for scan insertion into my design (mux based) However I am not able to find out which library to be given as a target library so that scan chain insertion models can be fed to the tools. I have faraday 180nm library as well as OSU std cell library but I am not (...)
Hi, I have many designware components in my library, and in most if the designs i can see sepcific designware components (say mux, gates) are hand instantiated in design. Please let me know, what is the impat, advantages of using a designware (...)
You need to by pass this generated clock using mux. mux can be inserted in design itself or now-a-days tool can also insert mux automatically by finding such places. But definetely, second option is not receommended to be used as it may create equivalance (...)
using LATCH: when you connect two latches in the Master-Slave format then the complete design becomes a FF. using mux: you can have 2 mux with the 1st mux : 0 --> output & 1---> input & sel---> clk 2nd (...)
hye all..can anyone help me about how to design the mimo-cdma system using simulink communication blockset.. i have done the system by using serial to parallel block at transmitter and parallel to serial block at receiver. i use the mux and demux in both block, but i have (...)
FvM is very right. i have designed some thing like this before. i have one comment on your design. the way you are trying to store 32 bits in an array of 32 will need a 1-to-32 mux. which i think will be not a good design. instead if you make a sift register of 32 and store in MSB and shift in each (...)
Sorry but really i cant realize what is the advantage of using mux to design those logic gate ? With respect to digital, again you have to use gates to build mux, and with respect to analog surely the number of transistor you are going to use to build a logic gate by (...)
Hi basha_vlsi, How did u arrive at the inputs .. I mean design of (C and D) ( not(C) and D).. Please elaborate.. it will be helpful.. thanks, sp3
I assume you are referring to a Xilinx FPGA. I'm not clear exactly what you are building, but if you really need to switch between two clocks without glitches, try the BUFGmux (if your FPGA provides it) instead of an ordinary mux such as muxF7. If possible, try to design (...)
Refer book to understand design and test bench writing : Hdl Chip design: A Practical Guide for designing, Synthesizing & Simulating Asics & Fpgas using Vhdl or Verilog by Douglas J. Smith Also below link is useful
need help? how to design of 8:1 mux with 2GHz frequency.
Yes, you can connect a clock to a mux select input, but ISE will probably give you a warning that the clock is feeding into asynchronous logic. That's usually bad design practice in an FPGA, due to the increased difficulty in achieving reliable timing, but I don't know your design or the purpose of your (...)
what is case analysis ?......... How can I disable the timing arc's in design Compiler ..........
can any one design D flip flop and T flip flop using 2:1 mux
actually this is not my own question mux contain ,. gates anybody can design.gates by xor we are not able to build gate by using xor Main aspect is to design 'or' using xor.. tis was the question asked by TTM(time to market) Tata elxsi..and sirs from cdac can any body .. (...)
yes tristates cell delay is big, but I think it just used in IO port, so it don't take big delay for Ur design. mux is also, has big cell delay. perhaps U can use CTSmux
The best mux implementation for conjestion is using a mux standard cell. Cant do much better than that, in terms of logic. You could "set_dont_use" on all cells smaller than a certain size, this will blow up your overall design size, giving more routing area, but you are better off just (...)
u can design xor by giving the select line of mux as B input of xor and input at '0' pin of mux as A and input at '1' as Abar. Then the complete design is xor using 2:1 mux
hi i want to design barrel shifter using combinational logic can any body help me 4 that thanks in advance
Can anyone tell me how to design a XOR gate using 2:1 mux and an inverter. I have tried all ways and couldnt find a solution. Thx radhika
I have a design that using two memory bank to change the order of sequence. When a memory bank is be writen, the other is be read. Since the clock rate of read/write clock is different, I must use mux to select read/write clock to clock pin of ram(One port, seperate data in/data out). The problem I meet is, the (...)
Confused about the post synthesis functional and timing simulation results by Synopsys design Compiler. I tried to simulate and synthesize a decoder. The code is very simple. module decode (in, out); input in; output out; assign out = 1'b1 << in; endmodult part of fixture code: `timescale 1ns/10ps ............ $monitor($
Salam, Ok it seems that your design is compose of subcomponents like counter, mux,.... (Structural) You can use direct or component instantiations to connect these subcomponents to form final model (top design) In both cases you use "port map" commands to connect the subcomponents together. Search for "component (...)
I tried to do this in the past but found out as you have that even though the cells in tsmc library can switch at speed close to 650mhz but they have terrible jitter at speeds above 300mhz. I ended up using cadence tool to design the cells mostly uning transmission gates. if you look into tsmc cells, for example a 2-1 mux (...)
I am using Precision Synthesis to do VHDL design. Some time when I do synthesis, it doesn't give all gate level circuit. Any one knows how to sysnthesis a digital circuit only with gates? Thank you.
Hi, In the AMBA specs says "using tri-state implementation to reduce area" can anyone justify how exactly are we optimising on area when we use a tristate design. Thanks, Gold_kiss
Hi all Does anyone have good materials ( papers, books , sites ...etc) or can suggest good reference ( not necessary be electronic , but prefer to ) about analog multiplexer design ? Thanks in advance
Please help me. Which is better ?......I don't how to use in my design. and why to use that. Txh
Hi all While passing time here I came across an interesting article in QEX for those interested in SDR. Especially look at the sampling method using a 150Mhz video at the last two articles: A SDR for the masses. Seems that the article follows on, but there is no link to that yet...mayb