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This isn't actually an active bandpass, rather a passive LC filter followed by a gain stage, which simplifies calculations. Obviously you got the resonance frequency wrong, but that's no the only design problem. You should face the fact that it's almost impossible to achieve the intended Q of 400 for 6.8 MHz (...)
i wanna design a bandpassfilter on a FR4 pcb 1.6mm thickness.The range is between 70Hz and 30kHz.Cutoff frequency at 200Hz and 10kHz. Pls advise me what type of capacitor to be used as listed below: 1. 220nF 2. 100nF 3. 470uF Is there any strict rules to make a good design during layout a PCB?
I want to design a bandpassfilter that is used for IR_Detector, the frequency is 36Khz-40Khz and the output signal is always active low when the signal passes and active high when no signal. Does any one give me the schematic or documentation....? Thanks and best regards
Hi,for the fourth order active loop filter shown below, how to calculate the value of C3 , R3, R4? In the book ?PLL Performance, Simulation, and design 3rd Edition? written by Dean Banerjee, it gives that C3=C4*4T3*T4/(T3-T4)^2 ,R3=(T3+T4)/(2*C4) , R3=(T3+T4),but I do not know how to get these formulas. Could you give me some guide or
TI have a pretty good filter design tool you can download freely, I think some other vendors have similar tools
Hi everyone, I am working with my project of developing a heartbeat monitoring device. I've built a circuit that gives me output quite well, but there is noise. filtering it out I wanna design a bandpass filter of range about 60-600 Hz. I've tried in filterpro designing software, it gave (...)
Phase margin of used opamp has essential influence on active filter design. Theoretically opamp phase must be flat. Practically the opamp unity gain frequency must be few decades higher than max filter operating frequency.
i want to design a active bandpass filter, Q>10, center frequency f0=20KHz, stop band attenuation as large as possible, and use as small as possible external components, and only one off-chip component is allowed (a R or a C), the other components to be on-chip, what type of BPF can i use? in my opinion, i want to (...)
is it possible to realize active bandpass filter using op-amp at Fc=350 MHz?? if yes, kindly suggest me the op-amp that i should use.
Hi I have to design a passive bandpass filter. I need to do it with the Cauer synthesis. ( i.e ladder network with R and C's). We have to take incount that the source and the load are non-ideal. So the formulas off the transfer function Z21/1+Z11 change into a much more difficult one. Does anybody knows a software tool who can (...)
I want to design a fir bandpass filter. its parameter: fc1=2MHz,fc2=3MHz, fs1=1.6MHz,fs2=3.4MHz.; I design a hardware system that has ADC--FPGA--DAC. can anyone give me its code?
How to choose OPamp for an active loop filter in PLL?Is there something guidline or principle?Thanks!
Need an analog bandpass filter (central frequency 50MHz) My circuit needs a analog bandpass filter and its detail information is as follows, Central frequency: 50MHz Pass band width: no less than 300 KHz and no more than 1.5MHz Stop band attenuation: no less than -20dB I have designed a LC (...)
hi frnds i want to design a combline bandpass filter using tapped line input..... the problem coming here is the location of tappedline on the first resonator...from my specs my external quality factor is around 182... by parameter extraction for determination of external quality factor. ..... i changed the tapping position onto the first (...)
hi, can someone tell me how to simulate NF of an active polyphase filter in spectre? thanks very much
Hello Everyone, I need help to design a dual bandpass filter using mainfold principle (using quarter wavelength). Please please help me...
hi all, I want to design an active RC filter, opamp (GBW larger than 100MHz with PM no less than 60 degree) need to drive large capacitor (as large as 10pf) and small resistor( minimum value is 3k ohm ) ,. classical two stage opamp with miller compansation is OK ,however it consumes too much power. so is there any better solution ? thank you.
Hello everyone, this is my first post here, I have designed a passive tunable combline filter for cellular bands using agilent ADS and the results were high insertion loss in the lower frequency of operation. Now trying to design an active combline filter to cancel the losses. My problem is how to (...)
you should use OP to construct a active bandpass filter, the pcb may has negligible effect on your filter. best regards I wanna design a bandpassfilter on a FR4 pcb 1.6mm thickness.The range is between 70Hz and 30kHz.Cutoff frequency at 200Hz and 10kHz. (...)
Dear Try filter Solutions. about filter Solutions : filter Solutions is a comprehensive PC based filter synthesis and analysis software package. filter Solutions provides passive and active circuit synthesis and modification analysis with parasitic effects, and digital (...)
i need to design a microstrip bandpass filter for Ku band frequency range the resonant frequency is designed at 12.5GHz while the bandwidth should be in the Ku range 11.7-14.5GHz my question is does the PCB substrate FR-4 suitable for designing microstrip filters for high frequency range (...)
Hello Everyone; In some PLLs, active low pass filter is used. How can we design the active filter (that contains op amp) without negative power supply?
I have a task to design a broadband bandpass filter design, covering 1GHz to 6 GHz. It is highly prefered that the size of the filter is compact. Is there any good filter implemention for my purpose? Is it a good idea to simply cascading a lowpass filter and highpass (...)
Nuhertz makes a filter design program with a 20 day free trial.
Hello: To me, it's easier to acheive by so called "State Variable bandpass filter" if you one stage can deploy 3 OPamp can be fuond in "Handbook of Operational Amplifier Circuit design" by David Stout / Milton Haufman, Have Fun
Hi, I need to design a OTA bandpass filter. I derive 2 equations but got 4 unknowns.... fc1 = sqrt(kn(w/L)Io1)/(2*pi*C1) fc2 = sqrt(kn(W/L)Io2)/(2*pi*C2) where fc1 is 4250Hz and fc2 is 17000Hz. Unknown Io1, Io2, C1 and C2. Can give me some advise on how to do it.... Thanks in advance. I am attaching a schematic diagram of the (...)
when we design a bandpass filter either interdigital or combline or hairpin using tapped line feed input...since the tapped feed is 50 ohm and resonator impedance is greater than 50 ohm so there is a mismatch in impedance .....whether we can make the resonator impedance also equal to 50 ohm or not????? i refered to text book of lancaster and (...)
I have a task to design a broadband bandpass filter design, covering 1GHz to 6 GHz. It is highly prefered that the size of the filter is compact. Is there any good filter implemention for my purpose? Is it a good idea to simply cascading a lowpass filter and highpass (...)
I have to simulate the noise performances (with Spectre) of an active bandpass filter working up to 1.5 GHz. It's 50ohm input/output matched and what I do not understand is which noise analysis I must use. First, I used Noise analysis in Cadence and during the design I noticed clear noise improvement by choosing the right (...)
Hi everyone....I need urgent help in designing a bandpass filter(4-5 GHz) using microwave office. I have never used microwave office or any other eda before. Could anyone please tell me how to go about this??? Your advice would be of immense help to me as i have a week only to submit my work.. Thank you
Hi all! I am a newbie in this digital signal processing field. Can you please help me in solving my homework? I need some hints.... I have an idea, but I am not very confident.... Thanks in advance. design a stable bandpass filter of order two with the following characteristics: ? The system should be real-valued, ? the center (...)
i need to design a RC bandpass filter for 500kHz to 10kHz range. I found the poles and zeros using Cadence tool, therefore d transfer function. Can sum1 suggest how to move further???
Hi guys, I want to design a narrow bandpass filter like this: Fc=155 MHz Bw= 2 MHz With verry hard shapes. I try to design with agilent genesys but i didn't have good result. -60 dB at fc I use fixed inductances about 5nH Does anyone have a method or a design for me please? Thanks for your help
NPO (Negative-Positive-Zero) refers to the capacitor's ability to avoid a change in value with temperature. Silver mica capacitors have low resistive and inductive losses (high Q-factor), and also their properties are pretty independent from frequency. So, silver mica capacitors are better for filter design, when both, NPO capacitors and silver m
I would like to design a 8x upsampling filter for 32Khz , 44K , and 48K sample rate . How to optimize the coeffiecient for three of the sample rate . Using the matlab , i only can assume the sample rate of the input signal is one the them like 44.1K .
Hello everybody!! I need to design a tunable bandpass filter 910-1150MHZ center frequency and 20MHz bandwidth to included in a bigger design. I haven't been able to find many articles-white papers-books or former design in the web. Could please anybody help me, ideas, papers, resources???? The idea is (...)
first try to read about filter design lancester book is a good start , then u begin from prototype to implementation and also there are many topologies of the filter , edge coupled , hairpin , and so on u can use passive circuit design guide of ads to synthesize the filter , and them simulate it (...)
Emre, me too, have to design a single phase active power filter did u find any source to help us? I have read an IEEE paper that gives a general preview about APF its name is: A Review of active filters for Power Quality Improvement Bhim Singh, Kamal Al-Haddad, Senior Member, IEEE, and Ambrish (...)
q1) in combline bandpass filter why the resonator impedance is greater than 50 ohm and in interdigital filter resonator impedance is less than 50 ohm? q2) what is the length of feedline we have to take while designing combline and interdigital filter and why that length??? why that length cannot be (...)
Hello guys! I would like to design a microstrip bandpass filter with a BW@ 3dB beetween 5.7 GHz to 6.8 GHz . My question is what is the best topology hairpin, coupled line? what is the best subtrate? thank you for your help
I am not sure whether you can design a filter at 50 GHz. The frequency looks too high.
I want design Microstrip bandpass filter Fcenter = 600 MHz with methode Half-wavelength UIR with tapped-line ports and T-shaped center stub. Can anyone help mee about the calculation methode Half-wavelength UIR with tapped-line ports and T-shaped center stub.????:-)
Hi everyone, Can you help me to design a band pass filter using ADS and microstrip technology. The parameters of the band pass filter are: 1. Center frequency: 1.575GHz 2. BW=50MHz and the following is parameters of the substrate: 1. εr=4.6 (Fr-4) 2. H=1.59 mm 3. T=0.035 mm 4. Tand=0.02 5. Match Impedance = 50 Ohm In (...)
I should design two band-pass filter at C band with 500 MHz bandwidth(3.625?4.200GHz for downlink and 5.850?6.425 for uplink) using Rectangular Waveguide. I use CST Microwave Studio for designing process. Can you help me how to design this BPF? Thanks in advance!:-)
Hi, I want to design an active harmonic filter using pq theory or other method. Anybody have an example model? or any paper? thanks
I m studying basic filter circuit.Was given a task to modify a passive bandpass filter to an active op amp bandpass filter,the passive filter spec is given below: Low pass filter - R(68 ohm), C(0.047u F) , fc=49.8kHz High pass filter - (...)
Can anyone send me the screenshots of the design of an active filter with the following characteristics? 1. Band Pass filter 2. Center Frequency 1200Hz 3. Bandwith 100Hz 4. Attenuation outside of Band Pass 80dB 5. Butterworth filter Characteristics I have to do a presentation on the subject and (...)
Dear Milad. Would you please explain more about active BPF design. I want to design a 160MHz filter with 10MHz bandwidth. tnx
hi everyone i have a question about designing a bandpass filter. how can i design a bandpass filter in range of 1Mhz to 100Mhz ? what should i do at first? thank you in advance
Hi, I am new tofilter design and have some basic circuit books, but was curious if anyone had suggestions or maybe a spreadsheet where it would give you the poles and what not. I am trying to design a bandpass filter for UWB for the 3.1-5.0 GHz range. ANy insight would be greatly appreciated. This is (...)