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Hi, I applied for a PCB design engineer position and was called for an interview. Their work will be mainly high speed. What technical questions should I expect ? Thanks :)
Hi, I was hopeing that someone can help me here. I am going to have a Phone interview with a company for an Anlog design job. What kind of questions should I expect and what should I do to prepare for it? This would be my first interview in Analog so I just want to be prepared. Thanks
Maybe you find here some answers: Good luck!
Hi, I request members for interview questions for the post of physical design engineer, especially about floorplanning,powerplanning and routing. i also request materials relating to routing(DRC,LVS),physical optimisation,creation of IO pads. Thanks in advace
Yeah...other than that you must know at least the Op-Amp basis design... It's he most basis thing in all analog circuit... Small Signal and large signal anaysis also... There will also look if you got the intuition... Good Luck
hi, these questiions are very basic and important for an analog mixed signal design engineer. You can refer razavi, baker, ken marting to get anwers to all these question apart from gaining some more knowledge about AMS. rdgs raags
Hi Guys, Please send me some interview questions for one year experience Analog/Mixed signal design engineer. The group deals in PLL, ADC/DACs, PHYs... Thanks....
Hi Guys, Please send me some interview questions for the requirement of one year experience Analog/Mixed signal design engineer. Even suggestions (there is no restriction that you post only questions, you might suggest some topics) will be good for me... Thanks....
Hello all, I have an interview with Synopsys for a AE position (AMBA product line). Can anybody tell me what do they look for. ? Also I need advice on AE positons in general. I have been working as a design engineer for almost 4 years both in RTL and verification. The experience has been decent, my questions ; 1. Is a (...)
What are the typical questions that one might encounter for a position of IP design engineer (with a leading FPGA firm). What are the typical questions asked for FPGA technology... All help is highly appreciated. Thanks, Beo
There were some topics same as this in ASIC design forum.. check it with the following forum..
Hi All , I have a interview ( new grad ) for C MOS analog design engineer position . I will appreciate if some one can please guide me for preparing for the interview . I am a Masters Student with EE major ( VLSI design ) . Please do reply , Thanks Abishek Mann
Hello Friends, I'm Vishal. I have applied for many full-time entry New College Graduate positions at Intel , Nvidia etc. I have already seen other threads where people have asked probable interview questions about DFT in general. I would like to know interview questions related to DFT, ASIC (...)
Hi All, Could anybody tell me what kind of questions are generally asked from Digital CMOS layout during a job interview ? I have an upcoming interview coming up for design engineer and there is a dedicated session on layout. Any help is highly appreciated. TIA
Hi all, Every one can contribute in this thread with experience or background from microwave field. Any questions(with answers) which you think could be asked in a job interview for the position of microwave and system design engineer should be shared here in this thread. /SC
But, this is a position as an applications engineer? Not design engineer... I suppose there will be slightly different questions. My thinking would be that you would apply for a role where you align product definition, customer support and IC development/bench evaluation. The role would definitely vary with companies. I (...)
respected ppl, i hav a interview at SPANSION tis week(Circuit design engineer ) ..i've covered all te basics n all my previous project. Do u guys hav ny other tips r wic chapter tat i should concentrate more ??? especially te engineers frm SPANSION, could u help me point out ur views n thoughts !!!!! any samples of (...)
Thank you for your response flatulent. The thing which is mainly troubling me is how to explain technical things on the telephone. There wud be an HR person and a design engineer on the other side. I can imagine explaining an LNA design on the phone. doesn't seem easy to me. Any tips on that?
Hello. I will apply for a master course this year, this has to do with electronic automatation, many lessons are about digital control systems, microcontrollers, DSP, programming and FPGA/computer architercure. My first degree is electronic engineer. I feel pretty strong in most of these things, I've been programming in C for many years and d
Hi Everyone, I have a phone interview with Cypress Semiconductors for the position of design engineer. Can someone please tell me what is their interview process and what kind of questions they ask. If someone has undergone this and can narate his/her experience, it would be really helpfull. Any (...)
modulation ,and demodulation schemes , some about system design like NF of cascaded block the blockers performance , enhancement of sensitivity matching networks PA loading khouly
Hi all, I found this new site it contains real time interview questions(FPGA, RTL, CMOS,SYNTHESIS) compiled from many design engineer interview experience a must see and read for every VLSI engineer.
Hi all, Can anyone share some examples of IC design interview Q&A? Please give the example questions relate to R,L,C, CMOS, layout and digital. many thanks.
Hi all Can any body help me regarding analog design interview questions Thanks to all
Hi everyone, i have a written test for an analog company coming up for an entry level position. I want to find out which is a gud book for RLC circuits. Also i want to know to what level i should read analog design,is it sufficient if i read basic device physics,amplifier basics,opamps,feedback or do i need to read anything extr
Hi All, Can you please share interview question for a post of ASIC engineer (design) at Juniper networks at Bangalore India ? Please send me the questions as soon as possible. thanks you.
Hello Friends, I would like to know how to prepare for analog design engineer position interview. Books, links and sample interview questions would be very helpful Thanks
Hi all, I m looking for some interview questions for a DSP Software engineer Graduate Position by the company which design audio processors.
1. the verification environment you have done 2. OVM/VMM methodology 3. PLI/C/C++ 4. perl/tcl/shell 5. IC design knowledge 6. verification flow
Thank you MTWIEG, I have the book "fundamental of power electronics" and "Power electronics: converters, applications and design", could you tell me if I can find all the information you said in it? Or if you have some recommendation of the books or the chapters I should refer to, could you also tell me? Could you tell me something more about impl
Hi all, i've very humble request for all of you. ...actually i'm an ASIC/FPGA design verification engineer and i have an interview with a company which does PCB/Board designs....I would really appreciate if anyone can give me what sort of questions are asked in interview related to (...)
Hi, I am a VLSI design engineer.I do only programming on VHDL.Apart from from this i have knowledge on fpga and digital and little bit of verilog.Please let me know if anything is nedded to study for an interview.I am not confident in testbench.However i can manage writing. Please guide me to change my job. Thank you.
Production testing of power supplies generally involve: Setpoint accuracy Load and line regulation Output noise and ripple HI-POT Possibly ground continuity There may be other tests, depending on the actual design, such as overload/ overvoltage limiting, brownout detection, etc.
Hi, I used to be a CAD engineer, supporting Cadence tools for Ananlog/Mix-signal engineers. Now I am unemployed and would like to re-take some ananlog design courses (I have a Master's degree in EE) and get into analog/mixed-signal design engineers. Through an employment service program, I can get tuition (...)
The job is at Mellanox Technologies - a leading supplier of end-to-end InfiniBand and Ethernet interconnect solutions and services for servers and storage ... thank for the responders...
Without rating the interviewer's viewpoint about big risk in this regard, I would suggest to learn about ASIC design. So you are able to answer related questions, show that you are aware of difference's in design methodology and give the impression that you're able to cope with new challenges. This won't help if the (...)

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