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Hi, I applied for a PCB design engineer position and was called for an interview. Their work will be mainly high speed. What technical questions should I expect ? Thanks :)
Which Books to refer to attend Senior Digital design engineer interview in Qualcomm Thanks
Hi, I was hopeing that someone can help me here. I am going to have a Phone interview with a company for an Anlog design job. What kind of questions should I expect and what should I do to prepare for it? This would be my first interview in Analog so I just want to be prepared. Thanks
Hello, What are the interview questions that a candidate will have for a product engineering position ? thank you.
Hi guys, I have an interview coming up for the design verification team at qualcomm. Could any body here please let me know what kind of questions usually qualcomm asks for that position. Or at any other company in general. Also what probable topics I should be focusing on? (I tried looking for them here, couldn't find anything concrete) (...)
Hello All, I am MTech student doing Microwave engineering specialization.Now in campus recruitment process Nokia Netwroks is coming for recriutment. I don't have any idea about what will be the selection procedure etc etc.Will you expert guys help me in knowing what to prepare? Can anyone post RF and commu
Maybe you find here some answers: Good luck!
Hi all, Every one can contribute in this thread with experience or background from microwave field. Any questions(with answers) which you think could be asked in a job interview for the position of microwave and system design engineer should be shared here in this thread. /SC
Hi, I request members for interview questions for the post of physical design engineer, especially about floorplanning,powerplanning and routing. i also request materials relating to routing(DRC,LVS),physical optimisation,creation of IO pads. Thanks in advace
I do not have any good reference, but I was on interview :) for analog designer position, I guess you are beginner, otherwise you would have experienced in interviews. What I would suggest learn the basic circuits again, be capable analyse them intuitively, try to develop some knowledge on the filed of the company, check again your (...)
But, this is a position as an applications engineer? Not design engineer... I suppose there will be slightly different questions. My thinking would be that you would apply for a role where you align product definition, customer support and IC development/bench evaluation. The role would definitely vary with companies. I (...)
Visit my Blog I have explain about HVT/LVT cells , it is a common question asked in interviews, look at Q45. you can put your comment if you want to add new questions. Rahul
Hi does any one has interview questions for digital circuit design for digital audio. mainly audio signal processing, AGC, Digital filters. Thanks in advance
Yeah...other than that you must know at least the Op-Amp basis design... It's he most basis thing in all analog circuit... Small Signal and large signal anaysis also... There will also look if you got the intuition... Good Luck
hi, these questiions are very basic and important for an analog mixed signal design engineer. You can refer razavi, baker, ken marting to get anwers to all these question apart from gaining some more knowledge about AMS. rdgs raags
hi everybody... i m starting new topic here. i requested to everyone who are working in the VLSI Front End design, plz share their interview questions they faced and they asked.... it will really helpful to me and all other who are working in this field. thnaks to everyone in advance amit gangwar
Hi all, Can anyone share some question and answers for asic-fpga design interview or any questions/answers for digital design. I tried looking in this forum but most of the topics point to the same 10-20 question in the internet. Is there any standard document which you could share ? I would really appreciate your help (...)
Hi Guys, Please send me some interview questions for one year experience Analog/Mixed signal design engineer. The group deals in PLL, ADC/DACs, PHYs... Thanks....
Hi Guys, Please send me some interview questions for the requirement of one year experience Analog/Mixed signal design engineer. Even suggestions (there is no restriction that you post only questions, you might suggest some topics) will be good for me... Thanks....
VLSI 1. Explain why & how a MOSFET works. 2. Draw Vds-Ids curve for a MOSFET. Now, show how this curve changes (a) with increasing Vgs (b) with increasing transistor width (c) considering Channel Length Modulation 3. Explain the various MOSFET Capacitances & their significance 4. Draw a CMOS Inverter. Explain its transfer characteristic
Hi, Please can somebody help on what kind of basic design compiler questions to expect on an interview. Appreciate your help! Sincerely, Shubha
Pls search interview question on this forum itself... There are lot of physical design related questions. Thanks aravind
Hello all, I have an interview with Synopsys for a AE position (AMBA product line). Can anybody tell me what do they look for. ? Also I need advice on AE positons in general. I have been working as a design engineer for almost 4 years both in RTL and verification. The experience has been decent, my questions ; 1. Is a (...)
General question is so clear. They probably will ask you some thing about design, coding, Synthesis, Test, ... But as i said they may ask some specific questions about their technology. They will check your knowledge about their product features and something like that. But It's very hard to predict what they exactly will ask you.
Hi, BASICS!! This is the point you have to be strong at. Go through 0) HDLS (Strong design/verif skills) 1) FPGA design flow (Flow chart). 2) Definations like Synthesis, CPLD, FPGA, P n R...... 3) Tools that you have used.(Versions) 4) Projects that you have carried out. Very important 5) CMOS knowledge ( Basic) 6) (Power, AreA, Speed,
Hi, I am looking for some interview questions for the analog mixed-signal design for sensor interface circuits. What kind of specific questons I could expect ?? regards, Jef
Hi All , I have a interview ( new grad ) for C MOS analog design engineer position . I will appreciate if some one can please guide me for preparing for the interview . I am a Masters Student with EE major ( VLSI design ) . Please do reply , Thanks Abishek Mann
just be good in analog design , if you are fresh graduate then the interview will mainly measure your way of thinking other than deep technical background. so what you need is the basic analog design knowledge ( single stage amplifiers analysis , cascode , compensation for stability, .......etc ) and a good sleep and to be calm and show (...)
Friends, I need your help. What are the typical interview questions that might be asked if one is applying for an Applicaions engineering position for a 3-5 yr experience level position. The job is for a FET applications position to generate test ckts for lab evaluation, demo boards, thermal and packaging studies .... all other tasks that a (...)
Hi all. Can u suggest some interview questions on Uart chip design . Because i did that as a project . what might be the most probable questions. thanks in advance
Hello Friends, I'm Vishal. I have applied for many full-time entry New College Graduate positions at Intel , Nvidia etc. I have already seen other threads where people have asked probable interview questions about DFT in general. I would like to know interview questions related to DFT, ASIC (...)
Hi All, Could anybody tell me what kind of questions are generally asked from Digital CMOS layout during a job interview ? I have an upcoming interview coming up for design engineer and there is a dedicated session on layout. Any help is highly appreciated. TIA
i have 2+ years Exp in PCB designing in project centre. all are said there future in this field for girls(in chennai). if i went to interview what type they ask. plz give interview tips & questions for pcb designing. plz give list of companies in this field in chennai.
hi frnds.. i am fresher ,going to attend for "ti analog design interview". please guide me how to prepare for the interview.and guide which books i need to prepare. thanks in advance my dear frnds..
How does interview look for 6 Years Experienced Digital design engineer Opening ?
What are the expected hardware design interview questions for a 2+ years experience?
I have summarize the digital design interview questions , please go through them. For interview, do not try to be oversmart , be honest and this blog is just to refresh yourself .. not for the cheating purpose. Rahul
VLSI design related questions and answers.. 1. Only-VLSI 2. exploreroots | Digital tutorial, analog, processors, c language, sql projects basics ideas placement tests concepts |introduction of sequential circuits | interview specific concepts, maximum frequency asi
hello amarnath, most of the companies,(Bachelors/masters) ask only the basic question. for ex what is latch ? what is MSFF ? write timing daigrams ? etc. if you are tro this round then they will ask some question on the analog part (very basic). after this some questions of the VHDL/Verilog languages. and some questions on your VLSI (...)
I am in US and have an undergraduate education in RF. I learnt for LNA, Mixer, Oscillator, Filter, Amplifier, Stubs, Couplers with also design Labs and Actual impementation of them and testing them using only Network Analyzers not the real world. What interview questions I should expect? Mostly I am looking for any trick (...)
umm intel doesnt take any design engg. they need software engg.. compscience guys... well moreover i need to know were in i get info on when cadence, synp and other guys come n for off campus in india...southindia.. with regards,
1. What is setup/hold time and metastability? 2. How to interconnect two synchronous digital design with different clock domains? or How to connect asynchronous external signal to synchronous design? 3. What is DFT? (sometimes say Discrete Fourier Transformation :)). 4. Whal is logic race?
Kindly provide me interview questions for Physical design, for entry level and 1yr exp level. Thanks a lot
Hi, Can anyone share a number of interview questions for Analog Layout engineer position? and ofcourse possible answers will be much appreciate if you are kind enought. or can you give any URL that i can read for my incoming interview. God bless!!! Liz
hi hairo, Latch is level-sensitive. Means, o/p changes during HIGH "1" or LOW "0". U can confirm this in any digital design books. Hope it helps
Hello all members; can any one tell us some of the question that may face anyone in the interview(i.e microcontroller architecture,c++,tricks of programming and so on. Thanks for the great members of the forum
Hi E'Body... Can any one share some questions based on digital logic design/Front end design/HDL would be nice if some material is posted. Thanks.
Hi guys, I am going to have a phone interview. I am very nervious right now. This position is about "design multi-gigabit copper cable assemblies and components" Do you what kind of questions they will ask? And could you give me some answers? Thanks
Thanks alot. Do you have any papers in cmos circuit design?.
I have made list of digital interview questions with answers which I had faced during my interview. Hope this helps.