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Can you provide a drawing of your layout so we can take a look? Together with the CST MWS design files?
Hello All, I am wondering if it is possible (I think should be) to design broadband multisectional wilkinson power divider/combiner with unequal power split. I found many paper about the subject but they treat about multisectional design of equal split dividers or single section unequal split. Thanks in (...)
I am currently trying to simulate an array of Vivaldi antennas. I work with ADS Momentum. I have finished the elementary antenna design, but I am having problems with the 2-way wilkinson power splitter. I designed and optimized it using Schematic, but when I create the layout and try to simulate it, some of (...)
these are all simple questions. you should pick up in theroy of microwave solid circuits . almost general basic books you will find your answers. you can see some chapters in this book----- microwave transistor amplifier Analysis and design by Guillermo Gonzalez, Ph.D. good luck.
hi, can a wilkinson power divider be used as a combiner and what are the steps to design it in ADS? any study material would be helpful.
Your question is not clear. Do you design your own splitter or already have one? What are design details? If you design it you need to use right transmission lines and connectors. For 50 Ohm 2-way splitter you will need two 70.7 Ohm lines and one 50 Ohm line, all about ? of wavelength long. Also it is very (...)
Hi everyone, I'm interested in designing a microstrip power combiner to connect two modules to one antenna (only one module will be connected at a time). The idea is to have just one antenna connector on the PCB regardless the module I'm using at the moment. I've been looking wilkinson's power divider and T (...)
Hi guys, I wana to design broadband unequal wilkinson power divider with two section quarter wave transformers and I need some informations or references about this kind of power divider. I didn't find any paper about this topic untill now.... please help Thanks in advance
Hello I am designing a microstrip balun and plan to do it by using a wilkinson divider to divide the signal into 2 signals with equal amplitude and then a Lange coupler to obtain 90 degree phase shift between the signals. The problem is with this design I am getting S(2,1) and S(3,1) more than -3 dB. What can be done
thank you DDavid I use this splitter in power amplifying,so I think separating power in 4(or more) way is my aim. I think I can use ADS,AWR and Ansoft-designer simulate.But,I have some questions ,which software is the most appropriate one toward my project? whether wilkinson multistage can be used in (...)
Each arm of the wilkinson splitter/combiner has the impedance Z = Zo*1.41, where Zo is the impedance of the ports (e.g. for Zo=50 ohms result Z = 70.7 ohms). The isolator connected to the output ports guaranties a perfect 50 ohms, and in this way keeping the designed performances of the splitter/combiner (insertion loss and (...)
Hi David/guys, Can you suggest any good reference for wilkinson multistages design equations, on internet? Thank you very much
Can anybody tell me how to choose the power Rating of Isolation resisters while designing power Divider?
Hi I'm designing an 4-way wilkinson power divider with flexible structure. After successful optimalisation I would like to simulate change of S-parameters when you're bending the whole structure. The problem is when I'm bending the structure on cylinder the microstrip line partially isn't touhing the substrate. Even healing tools (...)
Ok! Thanks. It makes sense now. Just the last sentence was a bit blurry... What do you mean by: This just means you have to add a little something extra to the 3 dB You wrote 3dB is no loss, but later you said to add extra to this 3dB. Didn't understand that... In my design, I'm using the wilkinson divider as a 'junction' for tx or rx path. When it
hi, yes i need output with full freq band,i will use bandpass filter at each wilkinson output to seperate different bands This design makes no sense to me. Why not use a simple frequency splitter, instead if difficult broadband power splitter followed by band pass filters?
hi all...i want to design an equal power divider for wideband there any power divider that can be function well for at least 3 or 6 way power divider for wideband??my frequency range that i want to cover is 1.5GHz until 8GHz... any advice for me to design it?? thank you...
Dear friends: In order to design properly a wilkinson microstrip power combiner/splitter some guidelines should be followed: 1- The thickness of the dielectric material should be chosen so that the 75 ohms microstrip line's width that makes up the wilkinson is rated for the full operating (...)
I should design a 3dB hybrid (splitter or combiner) in frequency approx 50-100MHz. So i cant use microstrip techniques and besides the power in it could be very large (i.e. 300W). Any suggestions about the technique to use? thanks
hello, using your data the thermal resistance of your microstrip transmission line is about 1.1K/W, which implies that when handling 30W the temperature increase will be about 30K. If you are working at normal temperature (eg 20degC) that means that the transmission line will reach about 50degC at the input (and approximately 70degC at the outpu
hi, can you help me to design an "Microstrip wilkinson equal combiner of 50 W" and to simulate on ADS or Ansoft. what PCB materials should be used. Added after 1 minutes: Frequency is 100 Mhz
Hi I wana to use two sections impedance transformer in 2 way wilkinson power divider instead of quarter wave transformer the matching technique consists of two sections impedance and each section has max. 30 degree length and the details about this technique has already attached as PDF file ( see The Shortened Quarter-Wavelength Transformer in
Why did you say you have to use 6 resistors? You have to layou the splitter similar to what's shown in the picture. You have the via down or use jumpers. I used this design for tubular splitters, where you can be more creative for the resistor connections.
Patch Antenna ( 4 X 4array) ADS Momentum hello i have to design a 10 Ghz patch antenna array ( 4 X4 array) using a Fr 4 board, i have ads momentum, i have an idea how to use it. i just want to know how i will draw the path on the board (on the layout in ads momentum) for this problem. thanks
hi, there is an example in the AWR design environment software tool.. titled 4 way power splitter u can use that!
81013 I received the Circuit in attached files from senior. he give to me something small project. make equal 2-way power divider(Micro strip). just i know Er = 4.4 H = 1.6 T = 35um F = 2.35Ghz and attached circuit. 10cm * 10cm PCB i will be appreciate it if you have any idea about which method to us
I assume you just need a simple equal power in phase combiner. Google for wilkinson combiner and suspended substrate transmission line. There should be plenty of information to help you. Avago ApccCAD can be used to help you work out the dimensions for the transmission lines. Depending on the performance you need you may need to optimise the desi