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in inset feed after matching patch antenna impedance is matched to 50Ω stripline. does it have any significance on the length of 50Ω strip line or it can be of any length i am new to design and planning to use λ/4 transformers for splitting feed(two T junction splitters)
I think is about pulsed 800W, and not continuous wave (CW) signal. An RF system that use a wilkinson splitter which supports 800W is really a design challenge. In the literature when you search for "High power wilkinson combiner" the maximum supported power is about 100W.
In my design, I'm using the wilkinson divider as a 'junction' for tx or rx path. Why do you do that? Even with an "ideal" wilkinson divider, you will loose 3dB in TX and 3dB in RX direction. In TX mode, half of the power is lost in the resistor. In RX mode, half of the power is lost because it goes to (...)
Hi guys, I wana to design broadband unequal wilkinson power divider with two section quarter wave transformers and I need some informations or references about this kind of power divider. I didn't find any paper about this topic untill now.... please help Thanks in advance
If you connect antenna to the splitter you will have two antenna connectors at the splitter's outputs anyway. design of wilkinson or any other splitter/combiner will depends on your requirements. What is the frequencies for each signals? Please keep in mind that splitter will have at least (...)
Your question is not clear. Do you design your own splitter or already have one? What are design details? If you design it you need to use right transmission lines and connectors. For 50 Ohm 2-way splitter you will need two 70.7 Ohm lines and one 50 Ohm line, all about ? of wavelength long. Also it is very (...)
hi, can you help me to design an "Microstrip wilkinson equal combiner of 50 W" and to simulate on ADS or Ansoft. what PCB materials should be used. Added after 1 minutes: Frequency is 100 Mhz
Can you provide a drawing of your layout so we can take a look? Together with the CST MWS design files?