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Can you provide a drawing of your layout so we can take a look? Together with the CST MWS design files?
Hi, I wanted to konw how to design wilkinson power divider. i.e Calculation aspect of it without any tool. You can mail me the details
i want to learn design of low-power RF circuits i think this web is useful but it is free for Graduate and under-graduate students from European universities can anyone help me or give advice about design of low-power RF circuits thanks
Hi All, Do anyone having idea how to improve performance of a power splitter.The input having mono block(there is cavity underneath),ic limiter? Pls contribute some idea?is it possible to have S11 better than 20 somthing dB?Thanks in advance.
"design of low power high speeg truncation error tolerent adder and its application in digital signal processing" is ieee2010 paper do any one solved this or can any one give me the fast fourier transform & inverse fost fourier transform code which has option to rep
My design of 800-2500MHz 3-way power splitter has very poor return loss performance.who can give me any advice?
Hello All, I am wondering if it is possible (I think should be) to design broadband multisectional wilkinson power divider/combiner with unequal power split. I found many paper about the subject but they treat about multisectional design of equal split dividers or single section unequal split. Thanks in (...)
Hi everyone, I am wondering if the input matching of a 3dB splitter will be degraded if two filters with different passband frequencies are inserted at the two outputs of the 3dB splitter?
I already constuct the 5GHz multiport power divider but i do not know the application out of it.. can anybody help me out?
I am currently trying to simulate an array of Vivaldi antennas. I work with ADS Momentum. I have finished the elementary antenna design, but I am having problems with the 2-way wilkinson power splitter. I designed and optimized it using Schematic, but when I create the layout and try to simulate it, some of (...)
I want to design a unequal power divider of 8mm.I need the following paper: J.Joubert and S.R.Rengarajan,"design of unequal H-plane waveguide power dividers for array applications",Microwave Journal,Euro-Global Edition,Vol.40,no.2,pp24-34,Feb 1997 who can help me?
Hi stefen, Where are u using this splitter? is it working as combiner? if not then you may design 3 way unequal splitter without those isolation resistor. But remember that it depends upon where it will be used. If output ports are terminated with matched impedance and it is used as a splitter then u may neglect those (...)
Hi All, Background story: I'm designing a 2-way power splitter and would like your comments/advices about some issues i've encountered. First of all, the splitter is a "standard" wilkinson power splitter, using a 50 ohm microstrip line on a grounded dielectric slab. (...)
Hi frens , i want to know design techniques of low power cmos opamp,, where i can i get those material ,plz suggest me For low power opamp, u need to bias the opamp in subthreshold region or vgs < vth. You can find the material from Philip Allen book regarding the micropower opamp.
Hi, I am a stuudent doing my final year B.E in EC. As a part of final year project i have to design a wilkinson power divider. The operating frequency is 2.45 GHz. So can anyone please help me out with design parameters. Please send your replies to it will be a great help for me
hi i want to increase the s11 parameter of the power splitter to occupy a wide bandwidth,i have changed εr value too..can anyone suggest a way to increase that s11???
Hi, I need to design a microstrip hybrid coupler (to be used as combiner) with power handling capacity of 160W. I have many doubts, namely: 1. how much power a conventional hybrid coupler can handle? 2. what kind of design can be used to achieve high power handling capacity? 3. how can we increase (...)
Hello i want to design wideband wilkinson power divider and used A Class of Broadband Three-Port TEM-Mode Hybrids , SEYMOUR B. COHN, MICROWAVE THEORY AND TECHNIQUES, VOL. MTT-16, NO. 2, FEBRUARY 1968 to multistage power divider. this paper show a table, but i want to use different number for example f2/f1=2.5 . this (...)
Hello to everyone. I need some assistance ?Till now I made design of analog power supply. I think to start moving to digital power supply. Can someone explain me the Concept of digital power supply, and how it work? Can you send me some schematics? Many Thanks
few designs of RF power combiners using stripline with proper dimensions of the striplines and substrate required while designing it with HFSS software
I'm in urgent need of designing a high power (2KW) directional coupler with 50dB coupling factor for UHF band. The coupler is intended to use for sampling the output signal of a power amplifier. Does anyone have experience in designing such couplers? Any comments are appreciated.
in the design of rf power amplifier,power added efficiency is directly proportional to the ouput power then why power added efficiency decreases when increase in out power magnitude?
can u plz mail me some design of wilkinson power divider or any basic power divider in hfss 14.0 I want the tutorial for its design in hfss.
Dear all, I have design a wilkinson power divider in ADS2011. i am getting correct result for S parameters. but the problem is with layout. I am not getting correct layout. please look at my layout and tell me what is the problem. 99226
I want to design an equal split wilkinson power divider at a frequency of 960 MHz using ADS.I am a bit confused about the number of sections used and matching of the transmission lines.Can you please help me a bit
these are all simple questions. you should pick up in theroy of microwave solid circuits . almost general basic books you will find your answers. you can see some chapters in this book----- microwave transistor amplifier Analysis and design by Guillermo Gonzalez, Ph.D. good luck.
I want to design an equal split wilkinson power divider at a frequency of 960 MHz using ADS.I am a bit confused about the number of sections used and matching of the transmission lines.Can you please help me a bit Look at the attachment file. May be it'll helpful to you.
Hello everybody. Actually I must design a splitter /combiner at the low frequencie between 75 MHz to 260 MHZ. At the beginning I would like to use the microstrip technology and design a wilkinson splitter but with my frequency my design will need to many space and will be to (...)
Your question is not clear. Do you design your own splitter or already have one? What are design details? If you design it you need to use right transmission lines and connectors. For 50 Ohm 2-way splitter you will need two 70.7 Ohm lines and one 50 Ohm line, all about ? of wavelength long. Also it is very (...)
Hi guys, I wana to design broadband unequal wilkinson power divider with two section quarter wave transformers and I need some informations or references about this kind of power divider. I didn't find any paper about this topic untill now.... please help Thanks in advance
hi everyone, Im trying to design wilkinson power divider in ansoft designer, range 5-15 Ghz, input, output return losses, and isolation equal -30 db. Now im wondering how may sections in the transofmer i need to have to meet -30 db input return loss in the frequency range 5-15 Ghz? thanks
do u have any design of hfss 1-4 wilkinson power divider ?? i need it plz help
The splitter you show in your picture does not look like a wilkinson. It appears to be a split, and re-split, with multiple quarter-wave matching sections, possibly not all at the same electrical length. The defining feature of a wilkinson is the resistor between (in phase) outputs, and in the case of multi-stage (...)
Has anyone implemented the equations in the "A General design Formula of Multi-Section power Divider" in a computer program? Thanks, DrWho78
I am now designing a tri-way power splitter covering the frequency of 5.9-6.4GHz. using the traditional wilkinson's methods.But the VSWR is very poor and the isolation between the 3 ouputs is also poor. As the frequency goes high,the circuit will be an distributed how to increase the perfomances? thanks Liu Yun
Where can I find some manual/algorithm for designing of power converters? I need to design one but do not know where to start and how to go on. Thanks.
there is a request in my design that hysteresis of por is 0.07v, what does it mean,is it means delay is 0.07v? what is the use of hysteresis in por ? thanks
Hi, guys, I need the Ph.D thesis (or the book) of Derek K. Shaeffer, "The design and implementation of low-power CMOS receivers", can anyone please share this to me? Thank you. email:
Hi; How can I design an n:1 wilkinson power divider? Please provide links, articles, papers, ...
Does anyone have any experience designing and manufacturing a wilkinson power divider in HFSS? My results from when I build the designs are always frequency shifted down from my simulation results. I am attempting a multi-section design so if anyone has worked with any time of multiple section matching (...)
Hello VSWR; Can a wilkinson power divider be designed for all of VHF/UHF band?
Hello! What is the precise difference in these devices: - signal divider - signal splitter - power divider - power splitter Up to now I have learned that a signal divider with 3 ports has three resistors (in triangle configuration, in a 50 Ohm system every resistor has 50 Ohm), isolation from each port to any (...)
i need to design wilkinson power divider. Operation frequency can be between 2-8 ghz. i need to Ads systematic or pcb file.
Hi all : I have a question from "design of Low-voltage, Low-power Operational Amplifier Cells" by Ron Hogervorst and Johan H. Huijsing. In page 99, how to derive to get formula 5-17 ? Thank you.
hi , I need help. I need to design an unequal power divider . so i need some links which can give me details of it. If sm one has the idea of how to design then plzzzzz help.. bratati
Hello I'm now designing a 5 stages 'cascade' wilkinson power divider (bandwidth 0.5GHz -6.5 GHz) on RF-60A (Er=6.15, H=1.542mm)according to "A general design formula of multi-section power divider based on singly terminated filter design theory". With the value I calculated according (...)
A design of multi-stage, multi-way microstrip power dividers with broadband properties
hello, I have a question regarding this article 'A General design Formula of multi-section power Divider Based on Singly Terminated Filter design Theory' on wilkinson power divider design. Let's take a 4-section power divider just for verifying the formulas.First, I (...)
Hi, I am designing 3 stage micrpstrip wilkinson power divider from 2-6 GHz using quater waveform technique. I calulated the impedences from POzar book. Now I want to convert the impedences into strip lengths. so for strip length caluculations whether I have to use same frequency for different stages? Is there any design (...)
hello friends I can use a power splitter to combine amplifying pallets:|:|