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Hiring Location(s) USA - Massachusetts - Marlboro Job Description and Requirements Design, develop or test EDA or dfm tools used to design electronic circuits, components, and systems utilizing knowledge of electronic theory, material properties, and/or EDA tool Development. Determines hardware compatibility and/or influences hardware (...)
I've used many Free Gerber Viewers out there and finally found one I like. Numerical Innovations - dfm Now! After using it for a few months, I ended upgrading to their Gerber/CAM tool - FAB 3000 (Not free), cause it had all the bells and whistles. Hope this is helps.
why don't you try to move forward to Pyxis Nexus router? That is dfm award router.
Several of the high end PCB tools is about to launch support for what you are asking. Mentor Graphics (Expedition) will do this. Cadence (Allegro) too. Thus you can enter your dfm requirements directly into the tool's constraint set-up.
assura is not AMS tool, it's physical layout verification (DRC/LVS/dfm) tool.

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