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assura is not AMS tool, it's physical layout verification (DRC/LVS/dfm) tool.
Same questions, same old reply. Is there any real reason to have the same questions and samw answers in different threads? For the end user to make a comparison they should really arrange trials for the different softwares and make the same schematic and PCB project in each one. There is
Several of the high end PCB tools is about to launch support for what you are asking. Mentor Graphics (Expedition) will do this. Cadence (Allegro) too. Thus you can enter your dfm requirements directly into the tool's constraint set-up.
to be frank with you..the rejection ratio of chips are high when the Design rules arent meet. well.. i feel proto typing with a FPGA before actual implementation on ASIC would always help.. dfm is more appropriate.. perfecting and crafting is always evolving :)) with regards, arun
Synopsys tools for dfm are called TCAD tools. They are for device simulation and mask simulation and other dfm. You can go to to see the detail of dfm tools for synopsys
WHat precautions can we take as analog layout engineer to make layout compatible with dfm? I have not used dfm based tools..plz tell How do we test whether our layot is compatible with dfm or not ? Thnx
I've used many Free Gerber Viewers out there and finally found one I like. Numerical Innovations - dfm Now! After using it for a few months, I ended upgrading to their Gerber/CAM tool - FAB 3000 (Not free), cause it had all the bells and whistles. Hope this is helps.
I am not familiar with ASIC design flow, maybe somebody else can give some valuable comments.... For FPGA design, what I have used synthesis tools(only to synthesis VHDL code): Synplicity Synplify > Synopsys FPGA Compiler II > Mentor Leonardo Exemplar It is only my personal opinion...
SWIFT Designer software tool The SWIFTTM (Switcher With Integrated FET Technology) family of low-input-voltage, high-output-current, synchronous-buck PWM converters (TPS5461x) integrate all required active components including high and low side N-channel power MOSFET switches. This is freeware.
what is the best tool for analog routing 20Hz-200Khz
Hi, All What is the best Power Analysis tool for Full Chip Analysis(IC design)? any comment will be appreciate. Thank you in advance cdic
Wich is the best tool for Jtag boundary scan?
I'm currently using Synplify from Synplicity and LeonardoSpectrum from Mentor but i can't make my design work properly at every try because of the timing constraint and the bad optimiser. My target is a FLEX10k130e FPGA running at 60MHz. Any advice would be helpfull... KTy
I am looking for a really good DIGITAL design tool like xilinx ? What is the best one out there?? Thanks
Dear Friends, Do you now whether VCC(C@dence's system*level*design tool) has a Windows version or not? If yes, How can I get it? Regards, Laplace
I have "hspice exportrtl DC primetime covermeter verplex leda ecs formality vera" for linux platform If you have eda tool for linux,and we can share with each other. I 'm too need designware that can gen rtl, not smartmodel. If you have designware, share it with me. thank you
hello every one. Now i working for designing next generation VLSI project in china.Can any one tell me the best tool suite for such thing. Now we use synopsys dc for front design. We are going to do about ic place & route .Any suggestion will be apreciated. We want the best tool, for examle,what is good by cadence,what is good by mentor.
hello everybody regarding the FPGA synthesis, we can think about various tools like FPGA express,Leonardo Spectrum or synplicity tools. but the question is.. which of the presently available tools is the best of all? i hope that the experts who have worked on these tools can give a comparative analysis. waiting (...)
Hi Does someone know any tool/software for adiabatic CMOS (ACMOS) simulation and modeling? tnx
what's the best verilog lint tool? where is anvt1 expl0re RTL or verilint for nt?
What is th best eda tool for Linux and where can i find it? Im using mandrake Linux thnx
Hi,all: I am a new one in EDA design and I am learning Verilog now . I want to do simulate with a circuit both Verilog and some analog parts such as D/A etc. And I want to know which tool can do the mix simulate. Who can give me the detail info about the EDA tool and where to get it . Thank you all. :-?
Hi,all: I am a new one in EDA design and I am learning Verilog now . I want to do simulate with a circuit both Verilog and some analog parts such as D/A etc. And I want to know which tool can do the mix simulate. Who can give me the detail info about the EDA tool and where to get it . Thank you all.
Incentia Design Systems -> designCraft Monterey Design System synplicity ASIC Have anyone can compare it with Synopsys DC ??
I heard Cadence First Encounter has a linux version, but I can't get it..:( Any good floorplan tool under Linux ? Can anyone share such a tool? thanks. marsgod
what is best ic layout tool for rf design?
Hi all, Check out this cool tool for verification. . There is short info about the tool in this link, Regards Ezi
Mentor Graphic RF Layout is a powerful RF Layout tool. Could someone share this baby? Thanks in advance,
Who can write the eqn or tbl of T-FF for the EDA tool "DynaCell" ?
There are many verification tools available from different companies: Specman from verisity Vera from synopsys test builder from cadence and some other tools that I don't know. Now I'm going to choose one of them. Which one is the best?
Does anyone know which source code analysis tool is good for Embedded C/C++? lint, LintPlus, CC-Rider, or more? TIA
Evaluationboard & free ISP-tool for ATMEL AVR (+code samples)
This's EDA tool based on SystemC. It's free for non-comercial use. More here:
Hi Flex tool An external script to report on the status of flexlm license usage. Shows who has licenses checked out. When status is red, it also displays recent log file messages. UPDATE: Added variable $SINGLE, to show one dot per vendor. 1. -> t tnx
I am looking for a tool that can handle the schematic conversion from Mentor's Design Architect to OrCad Capture. The tool must be able to read the Mentor native binary file directly and convert it to Capture format. Any one any idea? Thanks! backdoor_
hi all any tool silmilar to debussy which helps a lot in debugging the verilog code availble in market?
this tool is strong for ASIC verification.
this tool is strong for ASIC verification.
LogicAid 2.5 is a handy (at least to me!) tool for a. Truth table specifications b. Transformations (automatic) to Boolean expression simplification c. Karnaugh map constructor and solver (up to many variables). the_penetrator?
Hi, everyone, I am looking for the formal verification tool, it's said that the verplex is a good tool for the formal verification, who can tell me where I can downloaded the evaluation version software. Thanks!
how to start Coverage Analysis tool in NC-sim? i can't find it .
great conversion tool: OrCad <> ePD, ...
Dear.. thank you for your good suggstion. first , physical compiler is synopsys commercial tool. Physical Compiler is a block-level timing convergence tool that combines proprietary synthesis, placement, and static timing analysis tools. These tools have a common infrastructure to achieve the best post-layout (...)
I need a free tool for block diagram drawing.
What's the best PCB tool?
Hi people, agood article explaining fundas behing synopsys's STA tool primetime............. rgds,
Digital Works OS Win98/ME/NT4/2000 Description: Digital Works is a graphical design tool that enables you to construct digital logic circuits and to analyse their behavior through simulation.
DigiTcl v0.30 Circuit Layout tool & Digital Simulator OS Win 95/NT Description: DigiTcl is a graphical user interface which allows users to construct and simulate simple digital circuits.
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