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assura is not AMS tool, it's physical layout verification (DRC/LVS/dfm) tool.
Same questions, same old reply. Is there any real reason to have the same questions and samw answers in different threads? For the end user to make a comparison they should really arrange trials for the different softwares and make the same schematic and PCB project in each one. There is
Several of the high end PCB tools is about to launch support for what you are asking. Mentor Graphics (Expedition) will do this. Cadence (Allegro) too. Thus you can enter your dfm requirements directly into the tool's constraint set-up.
to be frank with you..the rejection ratio of chips are high when the Design rules arent meet. well.. i feel proto typing with a FPGA before actual implementation on ASIC would always help.. dfm is more appropriate.. perfecting and crafting is always evolving :)) with regards, arun
Synopsys tools for dfm are called TCAD tools. They are for device simulation and mask simulation and other dfm. You can go to to see the detail of dfm tools for synopsys
WHat precautions can we take as analog layout engineer to make layout compatible with dfm? I have not used dfm based tools..plz tell How do we test whether our layot is compatible with dfm or not ? Thnx
Hi I'm using eagle 4.0, in eagle it passes the design rule check, but when I use the tool supplied by the vender it fails. For exsample, my clearance is set to 6mils, there tool would measure 5.998. I can reset the clearances but is there anther solution? Is there a Auto dfm package for eagle that can clean up the design? thank (...)
I've used many Free Gerber Viewers out there and finally found one I like. Numerical Innovations - dfm Now! After using it for a few months, I ended upgrading to their Gerber/CAM tool - FAB 3000 (Not free), cause it had all the bells and whistles. Hope this is helps.
It's sound like Mentor's DFT tool is more pop. The DFT tool would be merged with dfm?
Software Publisher's Description PCB123 provides the complete circuit board solution, design through order for your PCB prototyping needs. Download circuit board design software (converts schematic to layout). Easy order process (quotes your board as you design). Boards delivered in da
All this are physical verification tools from different vendors ( Assura/Dracula -> Cadence ), Calibre from Mentor and Hercules from Synopsys. Each of them have their own pros/cons, syntaxs, capabilities, functionalities and supported formats ( own formats). This toolsets are not only used for verification purposes but improving simple (...)
Hi ... Is there any standard thats being followed for DRC setting? Thanks As per dfm we need to consider the DRC we have to consider the DRC for SI also Added after 31 seconds: Hi ... Is there any standard thats being followed for DRC setting? Thanks[/quot
Earlier Synopsys had Astro as their PNR tool, but now they've launched IC Compiler for their 65nm process & beyond ICC uses Zroute as its router engine which is a multi-threaded router, belive me life in 45nm is not easy & ICC have shown very good routing results as compared to their earlier router, it gives best dfm & DRC coverage, timing, and oth
I am located in India with 20+ years of experience in PCB Designing and Manufacturing providing PCB design services. Lost your layout data? Want to reverse engineering a PCB? Just mail me bare PCB's image, I can supply Layout, Gerber and Netlist with 2 mil accuracy. (Applicable for Single sided and 2 layer PCBs only) Want to translate a PCB f
Flow is exactly similar to any other CAD tool. -> Prepare the Footprint library -> Create the Board Outline -> Import the schematics netlist -> Clear all Netlist importing errors -> Create Board outline -> Create Stackup -> Prepare the constraints in CMS (if you have the license) -> Enable online DRC and route the Card -> DRC -> clean up -> dfm che
Hiring Location(s) USA - Massachusetts - Marlboro Job Description and Requirements Design, develop or test EDA or dfm tools used to design electronic circuits, components, and systems utilizing knowledge of electronic theory, material properties, and/or EDA tool Development. Determines hardware compatibility and/or influences hardware (...)