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In real life, PnR engineers start with some work before the final version of RTL is available. But they can accept changes up to a certain time (in reality a synth & dft inserted netlist). As per my knowledge RTL signoff or RTL freeze, is that version of RTL after which no more changes will be allowed in it. Otherwise it would be very costly for
Cannot directly answer your question as I have never done STA on a latch based design. In asic designing, within the design team, if you give a synth. design containing latches (which is not intended) the dft engineer should be shouting back at you! Better to fix such issues at the design stage and then go for STA and other asic design (...)
hi, Why dft insertion is done after synthesis ( Gate Level Netlist ). What are the advantage of dft insertion in GLN over dft insertion in RTL level ?? Thanks In advances plz share ur views .
When you do asic design, you should ensure that you design is testable using dft methodologies like SCAN BIST, MBIST and at speed test control if needed. This means that all flops reset and clock should be drivable with test reset and test clock during test mode. Normally we would be adding a test mux to mux between the test clock and functional cl
Simple design flow from rtl to foundry: This flow doesn't include dft process, like mbist, scan chain, atpg & bsd. If dft process above is included, the flow will be a bit longer.
Hi, Some points to add to the above content for some one who doesn't know. Some Companies prefer, at the Synthesis stage only scan insertion will happen (or) After dft, again Synthesis will be performed for better optimization. this depends upon which tools they are using & other factors as well. Formal Verification
Hi does someone has some good dft reding materials? Thanks!!
I've read the book Advanced asic Chip Synthesis: Using Synopsys? Design Compiler? Physical Compiler? and PrimeTime?, Second Edition, and in chap 8 there contents for dft, but after typing some of the commands in dc_shell(ver B2008.09), I found almost all of them are not supported by this new version, like: check_test create_test_clock set_test_h
What do you suggest to stay current with asic, dft, and other technical stuff while being out of work. Hardware tools are not available over the Internet to practice, what one can do to stay current? Thanks.
Hi folks, I am an international student and graduate from Carnegie Mellon last December. I am looking for asic related job, such as digital engineer, hardware designer or dft designer. If you have opening in your companies or from friends', please leave your message or mail me I appreciate your help, have a good
Hello Friend, dc_shell-t indicates dftC in turbo mode in which 'set_scan_signal' can not be used instead use 'set_dft_signal'. 'set_scan_signal' will be accepted only dftC in DB mode
hi, i have master degree in microelectronics engineering and have 2 years experiencs in R&D based ic design center, also have experience on fabrication process, therefor find myself suiteable for backend design and dft. i have also seen your post regarding job for backend IC designer. while only thing contrary to your requirement is that i have
try this one in ur source netlist (if it suits)
For dft concepts, I guess the books/foils by Vishwani agarwal
Hello Friend, Clear information is given in the following weblocations. Learn jtag in 30 mins. Budumuru Added after 36 minutes: Or elase give me a test
Hello friends, An informative is launched. And, if you have time have a look and provide your valuable sugggestions to improve the site. Team,
asic flow: RTL coding-> RTL simulation-> synthesis->dft insert->formal->STA->gate simulation->backend flow
i m searching job in vlsi front end asic digital design flow. i have completed 6th month training in vlsi front end and my project based on dft if any one can help me, please help me. my email id:- phone no :- 09379085298
1) Synthesize your RTL into a netlist using a synthesization tool like design compiler. 2) If you are looking at doing dft, you can perform the dft at this point of time. 3) Import the scan inserted netlist into the place and route tool you are using along with the relevant timing libraries and timing constraint files. This is just the overvie
hi can any upload some matirial related to ET (cadnece dft tool )encounter test.......
To Start up with Design, you need RTL code for verification or dft , since you cant design now. Get the free ip cores from Design reuse site or site. I am not sure about mentor suport .synopsys had excellent support for any design flow issues.Refere Solvnet for each basic queries before putting infront of them. For ex dft is y
looking for Design Engineers, Architects, and Managers across business groups in Noida and Bangalore. NOIDA Analog Design Engineers/Leads asic/SoC Pre & Post Silicon Validation Configuration Management Engineer Design Automation Lead Developer dft Design For Test Engineers DSP VoIP Systems Engineer Engineering Writer LA
I am a student in a university,majored in IC design.And my study is forcused on asic verification and dft .For some particular reasons, I have to finish my design by self-learning. Therefore, I need you some suggestions on how to start my design.(My lab owns the software resource based on Synopsys and Mentor.)I will be very appreciated for your s
#1 tristate buses cannot be structurally tested for asic, i.e. dft. #2 high leakage current can break system power specification. #3 accidental bus contention can lower asic reliability/yield, etc.
For asic front-end, asic back-end, dft, asic Verification. also FPGA. Assume the applicant is junior, senior, lead or manager ..
now im working in vlsi design engg..i ve interst to study "asic DESIGN AND VLSI VERIFICATION(dft CHECKING)" can any one tel that this course details in chennai..plz its argent.. sahul hameed.P 9840231380 We offer Verification related course in Bangalore in several variants: 10-days, 1-we
U can thisk FPGA is a rapid asic, for it miss many dft, DFM, DFY issue which are pre-fixed by the vendor. U just focus on Ur design. SOC, huge design age's produce, not many differents, but u should care about the internal bus speed, topologic, and sleep/wakeup mode for mcu.
Excelent openings with Conexant Systems, Hyderabad, India People having more than 3 years experience with knowlege of Full asic design flow and hands on experince in Synthesis, Timing Closure, Formal Verification and dft can apply. Knowledge of Physical design is prefered. Salary : Best in Industry. Please send the updated resume to [em
the general asic design flow: RTL ---> synthesis---->add test logic(dft, MEMBIST,etc)--->PR--->tapout the conformal check is used to check function equivalence of code between two phase. The RTL code is always gold. I.E. after we do dft or other, the funciton of netlist may be different from RTL code. So, we need to check whether (...)
Hi folks, I would like to evaluate various dft test platforms for my asic designs. These testers can be used to verify my ATPG patterns or JTAG patterns on board quickly right at my workbench. Has anyone had any experience using these testers? I am looking particularly at Teseda V520 and Intellitech Nebula testers. Any user experiences will
Basic dft rules include: ( I remember only these) 1. Clock & data should not change at same time. 2. No combinational loopbacks 3. Clock should not feed data input.
What you want to know? Tester for asic or insert dft for asic?
first do digital design, then code it in HDL ( verilog or VHDL), then synthesize the design, then insert dft to make it testable, then timing analysis, then place & route, then timing analysis with parasitic extractions, finally tape-out for fab. actually asic design consists a big flow. dont afraid. jest i have given the flow. start
There are more diferences the similarities between asic and FPGA synthesis: - target libraries have no similarities at all - scan insertion has no sence in FPGA world; memory BIST has no sence to; any dft has no sence because FPGA are premanufactured and tested already - clock tree synthesis is predone in FPGA; same for PLLs - you don't need wi
VCD file will be converted to WGL format by tools (ex:Mentor dft tool), the dft tool takes WGL file and does a pattern classification which can verify functionality after manufaturing of asic. The tool checks whether this same functional vectors can be used for stuck at fault detectiona and does necessary pattern generation and (...)
Hi, I'm looking for the VLSI/asic jobs in USA, Singapore & Europe. I've 4+ years on core experience in Front end and dft Techniques. there exists no relocation constraints. If anyone of you can help me then it would be a great help. If you know some direct consultant contacts then kindly let me know. Thanks, solidpetrol
Hi , Can anybody help me in Boundary scan & JTAG for asic testing . Documents /links will be of great helpfull to me. Please anyone can upload the book on JTAG & Boundary scan handbook by Kenneth Parker or send as attachment to my ID Thanks for the help. Regards Mohan:|
Dear all, I just wanna know how important to insert dft in asic design... 1. Do every asic design insert dft? 2. What about Mix-signal design which contains minor digital circuit (say 100 gates), do we have to do dft? hope someone can solve my doubts....thanks regards, smart
In general, What does a asic Test Engineer work at. Is it , dft, BIST, Scan test etc or there are other functionalities too. Shantha Iyer
many papers suggest that asic/IC Design-for-Test Process of Mentor is a great resource for learning the concept of dft.but i can find it from google. How to get this paper?thank u:) Mentor's dft flow
1. Too slow (R*C increased because R increased when it turns to Hi-Z state). 2. More power consuption (always too much fanout need in the same tri-state wire). 3. dft issues.
Hi Good Course for NJ-ites looking for practical training on EDA Tools(Simulation, Synthesis and dft) specially engineers, students and fresh graduates looking out for jobs!!! Ascend Training Institute is pursuing a practical 5-Day Course in VLSI/EDA/asic starting from August 2004. For more information, visit Chec
there are some tools for atpg. but, alomost pepple use as bellows tool. 1. synopsys test_compiler ( until 2001.08 version) Synopysys testgen Synopsys TetraMax ( now ) 2. Syntest 3. veritest 4. mentor dft architecture The ATPG tool of Ment0r should be F@stscan for full or almost ful
latches do harm to STA/dft and so on.
Who can give me some info about using m-sequence to generate the test paterns fed to test chain in asic dft, and how to get the results :P .
Scan Chain insertion is done in dft compiler before Astro routing
What I have ever seen and experienced is the Syn*psys DC's buit in scan insertion command, but pls tell me more bout the dft, methodology and whatever.........
Does anyone has experience with asic design with latch and two phase clock? I though it may save area using latches. The two phase clock scheme can handle the timing problem with latch. What I don't know is whether it can be employed in the asic design flow using Synopsys tools. Would anyone like to comment on the timing check and dft of (...)
The prevailing ATPG tools for asic today are Synopsys 'TetraMax', and Mentor 'dft Advisor / FastScan'
Is there any FPGA tools that can help me insert scan chain for dft? Mmm... dft. Are you saying design for testing? Or something else? In FPGA, all we use is the JTAG. I don't think people know what you want to say. Please be specific.