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I am trying to understand how the Goertzel algorithm works, which is bothering my mind at the moment. I have an discrete sampled output, but can't se how come dft calculation comes, and how come we end up spectral coefficient... Basically, I am lost..
Just for my own cultural background i enterprised to learn a little bit about the fourier series and how it lead to the dft .. I also wanted to undertsand how Fourier came up with the cornerstone general theorem that all functions can be aproximated by a fourier series my suprise i found that fourier only generalised the Theoreme .which was alr
Categorize your size into Random Logic Area + MEM Area. You can get the area report from synthesis tool, usually it's based on um^2. (Based on the library you are targeting). The chip area will be (RLA/cell utilization + MEM Area) * (1+dft overhead)
hi, friends: i know that dft is a approximation of the CFT or DTFT,. but i cannot have direct connection between some other meanings and dft process, such as every dft bin is bandpass filter, and dft processing gain and so on. is there anybody who understanding dft well can explain it deeply. thanks!
Hello Why FFT is faster than dft? Regards, N.Muralidhara
What device are you talking about? Amplifier, ADC, DAC... in general, you just divide the output by the full-scale (normalize to the full-scale) before taking the dft so that it corresponds to /=1->0dBFS
Hello, Im student of 2 year of electronics from Poland. Once I was sitting and waiting on a corridor, and my tutor come to me and chat a while. Finally he gave me a task to think through. After few hours of intense thinking I started to bang my head over the wall. Friend of mine recomended me that forum. Maybe you have some idea? ---------------
I tried to read the lecture note or lecture video on youtube but it's hard to understand. there are a lot of mathematics but no concept what they are doing and how they work. Anyone please explain to me the concept of it. What are dft/FFT doing and how they work? or suggest me the source that is easy to understand about this please. Thank you so mu
RAKESH E.R, you may see dft Compiler documentation. Tcl is needed for dft insertion script development.
Hey I am a Btech fresher.. just joined as dft engineer ... Can anyone provide a link to some good ebook with which I can get started.. Thanks
thanks for ur reply. I wonder why in the literature the most discussed topic for calculating the amp and phase from an IF signal is the calculation of I and Q. Do u know any literature discussing this topic with dft for heterodyne (or homodyne) receiver? thank u
Transformer calculation v0.1 is program for calculating number of coils and wire thickness. If you have some experience in assembling transformers, then this program is perfect for you. Info: Transformer calculation - Vypo
Hi, here is the book about dft. Uploaded file: Home.pdf
Is there any FPGA tools that can help me insert scan chain for dft? Mmm... dft. Are you saying design for testing? Or something else? In FPGA, all we use is the JTAG. I don't think people know what you want to say. Please be specific.
Freeware LAKU is a program for loadflow and shortcircuit calculation in electrical networks. The program is running on a PC under Windows 9x, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. LAKU supports the languages german and english. Data input can be done best with the graphical editor NETDRAW. Both programs can communicate with ea
Here is appcad for DOS containing helical inductors calculation. Software runs from floppy disc (FAT32 problem).
RF Workbench v4.0
Circuit design & calculation program OS DOS Description: Circuit design & calculation program
Do u hv any DOCs about dft advisor
That cpu dft technique may be good for me, thanx.
Which dft tool can generate the necessary input assignment of the circuit? If no tool can do that, which dft tool can generate the non-compress test patterns for the circuit?
Actually I am trying to design a Induction Heat machine. I need information about the calculation of section of Ferrite core to manage the necesary power. The machine will work to 50khz or up. Thanks brothers.
I need a book about dft . somebody could help me .thanks
I have one question about PSPICE , when I do a simulation of a low pass with switched capacitor ,I have a bad Fourier analysis , the response of a pulse has a bad Amplitude PSPICE doing a dft but I cannot fix the sampling period. So if someone has a idea?
What I have ever seen and experienced is the Syn*psys DC's buit in scan insertion command, but pls tell me more bout the dft, methodology and whatever.........
Now I use the synopsys dft to add scan chain after synthesis the verilog code. before I insert_scan . I do check_test command . and the DC give me some information like that Information : Inferred system/test clock port XCLK(20,0,30,0).(TEST-260) Information : Inferred system/test clock port XCLK(20,0,30,0).(TEST-260) Information : Inferre
Transformer calculation is program for calculating number of coils and wire thickness at transformer.
Here is a short tutorial on dft with synopsys tools.
I am wondering how could I calculate voltages on resistor network ar maybe better resistor mesh. I have thick film resistor with large area. I am wondering what is the voltage distribution on the surface. I have assumed that there are a lot of nodes on surface, and calculated voltages from Kirchoff law. But even use of mat*lab for simple Kirchoff c
Dear all, Xilinx advertizement or datasheet says about the size of FPGA as System Gate. Does anyone know how to come up with the calculation of the system gate? The largest Virtex-II XC2V8000 is about 8 M sytem gates. Does this mean I can implement 8M logic gates? I guess this is definitely not possible. Thanks.
Please: I need dft and FFT algorithm on PicBasic Pro or PicBasic Plus(for PIC micro). Please :cry: :cry: :cry:
Hi ! Does anyone have Infrared Com. calculation Software or some Optical Link Calculator. ?
The AlCap design tool dimensions the capacitor banks required to implement link-circuit capacitances. When you enter the specific parameters of your application such as voltage, current and ambient temperature, the tool calculates a range of key data including useful life, price index and lists ordering codes for numerous solutions. The database us
yeah, i think synopsys have some document about dft in sold also.
Who can give me some info about using m-sequence to generate the test paterns fed to test chain in ASIC dft, and how to get the results :P .
Spectre's pss is not needed. Simply do transient and dft(fft is not used in calculator). Then take the difference of the harmonics. But that is not the true story if you apply the phase shifter signal to a mixer input. Then also the harmonis contribute to the phase performance. To get the real performance you have to setup a phase shifter plus a
where can i find RCD soft clamp calculation?
How to deal with the dft of embedded cores such as another vendor's IP,EEPROM,ROM in a SOC design? Does the synopsys have some tools can do that?Who can give me some paper or anything useful about this topic.Thank you all!
BIST consists of *)DUT *)PRPG-> Psuedo random pattern generator *)Response compactor *)Comparator *)Memory for storing the expected results PRPG pumps in random data to the DUT. DUT response is compacted and compared with expected response for corresponding to that particular input. The expected results will be stored in ROM. Used for
can anyone kind to provide me with the formula or calculation used in desining a fractal antenna. as example , calculation determine the feeding point calculation determine the impedence and other parameter thanks regards danesh
calculation of simple arithmatic than usual method. like for example: if u want to multiply 99971 by 99988 without using pen/paper 99971 *99988 -------- 100 - 71=29 100 - 88=12 then 29* 12= 348 ,so put 348 at end then since the numbers are five dig
I'm now doing my project on LNA with embedded active inductor and now I've succecfully design the active L. My problem is I would like to calculate my noise performance of the active L and then prove the calculation via simulation! :cry: A lot of books and paper/journal tell us how to calculate but there are no explaination on how to do our no
dft: Design for Test If i get a free ipcore, for example: freeRISC 8, How can I do the dft job for it?
If latch and flip-flop in the same block and scan is inserted for dft. Can the two elements be in the same chain?
I will really appriciate if anybody can give some References/Links for hand calculation of poles and zeros in cmos amplifiers..
Below are the equation for MOSFET of 1/f Vn(1/f noise) = rt where Kf = Flicker noise coefficient f = frequency r0 = output resistance of the circuit Problem 1. What is the value of the ferquency? f3db@GBW@frequency that we pick? Example kf = 2f gm = 2.83m Cox =
How can I determine the dominant pole of an opamp by hand calculation? I am confused with associating each node with a time constant and things like that......where can I find good reference about that? I read Razavi's simply does all the calculation and I don't really get any insight of the circuits......any idea? Thanks a lot. :D
Tutorial of dft with Pattern Compression and Delay Faults - DBIST-TetraMax for TSMC Reference Flow Release 5.0
Tutorial of dft with Pattern Compression and Delay Faults - DBIST-TetraMax for TSMC Reference Flow Release 5.0
Hi Dora, I would take the flow graph of a FFT algorithm and mark back the branches from the desired results towards the data. In this way I would have the subset of operations that have to be performed for a reduced FFT-like algorithm. Note that there are several possible decompositions of the data length. Maybe this needs less computation that