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89s51 is 40 pin chip, having port1, port2, port3 and port0 and allows ISP (in system programming). check the link below for ISP. In System Programmer (ISP) for ATMEL micro controllers 89c2051 is 20 pin chip, having only two ports P0 and P3. check the difference from the immage below: images.elektroda.n
Does any body have software or Ebook for at89s51. thank you :)
In short, the difference between PIC and ATMEL is moretheless the same as the difference between "Pink Lady" and "Granny Smith" .. The first two are both microprocessors - the second two are both apples .. 8051 and 8052 - no programmer will program chips without program memory .. And finally, here is a link to programmer which can program t
T he programmer software presently supports the following devices at89c51 at89s51 AT89C1051U D87C51 AT89C52 AT89S52 AT89C2051 D87C52 AT89C55 AT89S53 AT89C4051 AT89C55WD AT89S8252 at89c51RC
Hi I m using at89c51/at89s51 to drive the motor the circuit is like controller generates the PWM on two pins( 50% duty cycle + equal and opposite) that is fed into a latch and in turn latch drives the transistor + relay circuit The relay in the response runs the motor in CW/ACW direction depending on PWM signal my problem is that some
A simple presence of flash memory alterable when the 8951 is supplied only with +5v was strong enough for a good advertisement. A voltage of +12v was not so common available in the electronic boards based on microcontroller supplied at +5v. Thus, such a kind of microcontrollers with internal flash memory program, alterable only at +12v, have to b
Hai, can anyone tell me what is difference between at89c51 and AT89S52, which is better we can use for industrial application.. Thanks & Regards dayal
I have a problem with the at89s51 and at89c51. Why at89c51 easily damaged if the reprogram continue, while at89s51 safe. Please help. Coz the at89c51 flash memory can be programmed upto 1000 times while the at89s51 can be programmed from 1000-10000 times. Anyway..the (...)
hello i am new in this world of edaboard so can any one help me out. i have made a project of metrotrain prototype using at89c51 and now my ic is not working all the cuircuit connections are correct. now the problem is that at89c51 is not available in market now soo can i use at89s51 instead of that................................
what is the difference between 89c51 and 89s51
There are several differences between the at89s51 and the at89c51, however the main points are as follows: at89s51: Can be programmed using either In-System Programming (ISP), which utilizes the standard SPI interface, or High Voltage Paralle
code will be same for all these ADCs the only difference b/w them is that they have no. of inputs. I once written code for ADC0831 but I don't know where I have kept in my PC, if I find I will post you that was for ADC0831 + 2051 temperature display. regards
But the arcitecture is the same? It's the same architecture, don't worry. If you want to compare: For at89c51 data sheet : For at89s51 data sheet: The main difference is that at89s51
I think you have the NM24C04 (not NM2C04) in mind, so here is an application note on how to connect it to atmel ?C: Once you have this done you will be using the same routines to communicate with the PCF8591 A/D D/A. The only difference will
Can I Use the same C coding for these ?c ............... "at89c51,AT89C52,AT89C55,AT89C1051,AT89C2051,AT89C4051" If No then What?s the difference b/w there coding? Also tell me the header files for these controllers
Hello friends, i'm trying to make a very simple program in which i'm feeding two signals (basically frequency,square waves) to at89c51 uC to measure time difference between them(one on INT0 and other on INT1 ), but i'm unable to get correct value. I've tried everything, can't understand what mistake i'm making. I'm sending my program (done in Ke
that example is not for a 8051 device... it`s big brother, the 8052 (and likes) actually have 256 Bytes of ram, but just the lower half (00h to 7Fh) can be accessed by direct and indirect addressing and the existing upper half, (80 to FFh) just can be accessed by indirect addressing Direct addressing will make access to the SFRs... remember, 80
Hello guys, im a final year engg student and am currently working on my project. I need ur help in lettin me know the advantages of using at89c51 over 8051 if any and also help with regards to the interfacing of an LCD and EEPROM with at89c51 well there is no difference bet 89c51 and 8051 for interfacing the lcd and other
i have made a projct usin at at89c51 and have developed assembly language for it. however i dont know how to compile it and burn the prog to its flash . how to go about?
Sorry if this question is a stupid one but I need to know the answer. Intel 8051 is equivalent to Atmel at89c51?
hello everyone, i am searching at89c51. can any one tell me whr will i found it? One of my friend told me that i will find it in telephone set. byazit
On this web the firmware is provided for 89C51 master chip. My question is that can i burn the same file into a 89S51 and use it as master chip to program 89C51 then put the programed 89C51 back as master chip 89c51 or 89s51 once programmed will work with no difference .. The firmware provided for master chip is a binary f
Hi, What is the difference between CMOS IC and TTL IC? I found in one CMOS IC datasheet that it logic levels are LVTTL levels? How TTL levels are achived with CMOS IC? CMOS IC means it will have CMOS logic levls only. Please correct me if i am asssuming wrong and help me to get rid of this confusion... Thanks, Mallikarjun Y
Hi, I want program at89c51 Atmel IC, I don't have any programming software for this IC and flash magic didn't work for it and some peple says this IC not programed at RS232 uC kit.only at89s51 ic is programe.. And also what is difference between them..?? Can any one help to how program this ic and there is any programmin
I did the below circuit , but the hex file generated will be 5kb but at89c51 is only 4kb memory. Can i replace it with AT89S52? The code is in BASCOM.
78889 Hiiii .... Can any one tell me the circuit attached below will run...??? Or something has to change.. Actually I have 5(five) at89s51 IC's and they are wasting without Programmer ..:sad::sad::sad::sad: I read all the Posts and reply's on to making at89s51 & at89c51 programmer but there is no efficient tec
Is there any difference in RS232 and USB communication for Keil for at89c51. If i have rs232 port at controller side and usb at PC side than what step i need to follow while programming. Can any one help me to write simple code for below. I have Connected in this is RTC I2C(DS1307) with 32.678khz and i want to see this time in my PC. How co
Hi, Can anyone tell me what is the difference between the tow designs for video inverter (I know the first one) Simple one ---------- Complex one (Electronics Now July-95) ------------------------------------- AmR
Hi, Can anybody tell me the difference between an ordinary CD and a CDr with respect to mould used and glass-master used??? Any help or link appreciated. Thank you.
Can anyone explain what is the difference between PSD14.0 and 14.1?
:sm9: What difference is there between gal and pal? :sm9:
Hi: except using different script. I know one major difference between them is : dc only use worst case timing pt can analyze both best case & worst case. any other difference ? bests
The issue here is NOT the mechanics or semantics of Synopsys. There is a major difference between Clock Tree & Reset Tree - in regards to correct design practices. 1. Clock Tree must always be 'Skew Balanced' to avoid synchronous skips & races. 2. Reset Trees - especially for those cases where the Reset is Asynchrounous - MAY not be 'Skew Ba
we often use the Imtools and Imgrd to install a license file, is there any difference between these two files
I have a PicStart Plus programmer which can program PIC16F877 but it doesnt have the F877A listed in its list of supported processors , I tried programming the PIC16F877A using a ISCP connector but I'm only able to programme the chip only once, if I try to "verify" I get errors. Can someone tell me whats the difference between the two chips and is
i86_r and i86_g are linux platfrom of flexlm. What is the difference with i86_r and i86_g? :? Can the license of i86_g be instead of the license of i86_r?
Computational Electrodynamics: The Finite-difference Time-Domain Method (w CD-ROM), by Allen Taflove, Susan C. Hagness, Artech House; 2nd edition, contains some simple fdtd matlab codes.
Can anyone tell me what is the difference between "vera", "open-vera" , "formal-vera", "sugar" and "verisity e-language" ? many thanks!
Can anyone explain the difference between SPW and VCC?
hello I need the sch of the at89s51/52 programmer(cable). I test the ponyprog sch for avr ,it work for avr but does not work for at89s51/2 . regards
Hi, I am going to build this programmer. There are two versions. What is the difference between them (propic2 and propic2 gold) ? What is the preprogrammed pic12c508 job ? Pharaoh Of Egypt
Who can tell me the differences among PCI , cardbus and mini PCI. Thanks !
This address explains what is the difference between sonnet and Momentum. regards, Lkuzu
Ask a stupid question. Why sometimes called Hspice and sometimes Star-Hspice ? What the difference between them ??? (OR I really don't understand what is Syn*psys thinking ?) Thanks in advance :o
some are aix, some are linux, in the syn0psys f*p site d/l file name, who can tell me the difference. thx in advance
you should to download these datasheet and find difference
The difference is speed. PE version is cheaper and is slowed down. SE version is more expensive and is not slowed down.
I guess you mean what is the difference between FPGA and CPLD. Read this topic:
Can anyone tell me what's the difference between TimeMill (Synopsys) & StarSim (Avanti)? After all, StarSim belongs to Synopsys now.
what is the difference between PLD, SPLD, GAL, CPLD and FPGA ?