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Could any body tell me abot the difference betwin 89c51 & 89s51 in the data sheet i got the pins status are the same but the flash memory of both mcu is in system programmable but the 89s51 only have pins allocated for in system programming. what about 89c51 in systemm programming?
In short, the difference between PIC and ATMEL is moretheless the same as the difference between "Pink Lady" and "Granny Smith" .. The first two are both microprocessors - the second two are both apples .. 8051 and 8052 - no programmer will program chips without program memory .. And finally, here is a link to programmer which can program t
89c51 and 89s51 difference...... In S series the main difference is that you can program the "S" verison through ISP (in application) or using very simple programmers, while the "C" version still needs "full" parallel programmer . (ISP stands for In System Programming). 89s51 has more new feature than 89c51 such as - ISP programming ( In
But the arcitecture is the same? It's the same architecture, don't worry. If you want to compare: For at89c51 data sheet : For at89s51 data sheet: The main difference is that at89s51
On this web the firmware is provided for 89C51 master chip. My question is that can i burn the same file into a 89S51 and use it as master chip to program 89C51 then put the programed 89C51 back as master chip 89c51 or 89s51 once programmed will work with no difference .. The firmware provided for master chip is a binary f
Hi, What is the difference between CMOS IC and TTL IC? I found in one CMOS IC datasheet that it logic levels are LVTTL levels? How TTL levels are achived with CMOS IC? CMOS IC means it will have CMOS logic levls only. Please correct me if i am asssuming wrong and help me to get rid of this confusion... Thanks, Mallikarjun Y
Hi, I want program at89c51 Atmel IC, I don't have any programming software for this IC and flash magic didn't work for it and some peple says this IC not programed at RS232 uC kit.only at89s51 ic is programe.. And also what is difference between them..?? Can any one help to how program this ic and there is any programmin