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Hi, I want to know if a PCB board is only having differential pairs to route and they are routed on top and bottom side of the board, then is it good practice to put two GROUND plane back to back (signal-ground-ground-signal) in PCB stack? If it is not then please suggest the right way to route the board and right stacking of PCB.
Google "orcad layout differential pair" to find videos etc. for that. ONe link suggests that it may not do it. However it depends upon what version PCB program you are using I think, what does the help in that program say?
I am a bit lost about how to establish the parameters to establish differential pair routing. I am currently trying to route several differential pair and I am a bit new to this. I have searched online some tutorial but I don't find any really explaining **easily and out of the theory** with sipmple (...)
Hi, I already design a LNA schematic and layout, so far so good. Now, I plan to make it as a differential pair LNA... I had some idea about the schematic and test bench, but it does not work very good specially when it comes to layout. Can anybody introduce me the references I can use for finding the structure os schematic and also the test benc
Hi everyone, In my design, I have some special pairs of wires. The two signals in each pair should be totally matching with each other, having the same transmission delay like "differential signals". Is there any commands that I could use as timing constraint or routing options in Encounter? Thanks
Hi, Here are my suggestions to route ethernet signals. I assume the interface speed is 100Mbps: 1. Keep the distance between PHY chip and Ethernet Transformer (magnetics) as short as possible. 2. Route the RX+, RX-, TX+ and TX- differential pairs as 100ohm differential characteristic impedance. You can use Saturn PCB tool kit (a free (...)
Hi, how to calculate the trace width for 80 meter distance transmission line. I am using rs 485 ic, and we split the pcb and join it using board to board connector. Single pcb length is 560mm, total length is 80 meter. Shall i route differential pair routing for AB line.
Hello All, In my design i am using differential pair and i have set all the rules required for the differential pair routing like clearance, matched net lengths, differential pair routing and differential width. Everything is working (...)
Hi Friends, I need to know how to do differential pair arc routing in PADS Router version 9.4? Regards, R.Rajesh Kanna
Is there a autoroute function for differential traces on CADSTAR?
diff net pairs need to end with a "_P" and "_N" extension. Otherwise you need to add them manually. Look for Interactive differential pair and Multi-trace (Bus) routing in Atlium and : "HiSpeedDesignTutorialforAltiumDesigner.pdf"
Hi All, I am new to this membership. i am very glad to see the comments in this website. I too have some doubts, kindly give comments. I am using ARES PCB designer, when I try to route a differential pair there was no option I noticed. Is it possible to do differential pair routing in ARES PCB (...)
Hi, I have been using the higher version of allegro since 2 years so cannot recall properly the menu of 15.7. Check you have routing as menu item , in that you will have something for differential pairs . If you did not get that let me know, I will go back to 15.7 and check that.
I need your help in length tuning a group of nets! Design is a DDR2 board, I am trying to tune each DQS group. Each group contain an 8-bit single ended data lines and a differential pair. Interactive routing and length tuning of single ended section is fine, but the diff pair fails. I used following rule in the "Matched Net (...)
Hi, How to route the speaker interface signal in PCB.Whether i have to route as differential pair or i can go with ordinary signal routing(Signals named as +ve and -ve). help me to do better Regards Rajan.K
read this document which resides in your altium help folder. AP0135 Interactive and differential pair routing.PDF
hi the differential pair routing will help in cancelling out noise impact. so, even if it is analog signal we can use differential pair. i.e., the reason why we usually route the inputs of an op-amp as differential pair. hope this info. helps Regards
hi SL , You can use differential pair routing if you have two nets to be routed with identical length. (Place > differential pair routing)
Yes You can route differential signalsin altium. there is DRC set where you have to define DP and then you can route them
Hi, You cannot use differential pairs in Layout. You can use them only in Capture. The netlist dosn't carry to Layout the information needed. Probably it is possible to work with differntial pairs in Allegro.
Have a look at And you can use google to find any documents on differential signaling or lvds.
Hi all, Some times when i use blaze router for differential pair it doesen't allow me to route as a allows only as a single ended traces. THis will happend only for few nets.Eventhough I assigned them as differential pair nets i couldn't able to take as a pair. Regards, Monolisa
Hi When I ttry and route some differential pairs I get a message saying that there are rules violated and I need to correct them first. How do I find out which rules are violated? Thanks Jon
Hi I am trying to route some differential pair signals using the tools in Altium Designer. However when I start to route the tracks a message comes up saying there are rule errors on all layers and will not let me route the tracks. How do I find out where these violations are in the design? Thanks Jon
Hi, I am new to Allegro 15.5.1. Can someone tell me how I can set the constraint manager for differential pair rules by the layer? What I have basically is a design with 4 inner routing layers that I want to set differential pair rules to. The other two layers have different trace widths and spacing (...)
In routing the diff pair , what it really menat as "40db isolation" ? Thanks in advance
hey, friends: I am designing a transmission line pair for CMOS on-chip CML clock routing. The trade-off is between characteristic impedance, attenuation, crosstalk and others i might ignored yet. My 2D simulator tells me that I will get a larger Zo for wider seperation between two traces. And I will get lower loss for wider traces. So, compa
keep as short as posible. use differential pair model to calculate the distance between the signal pair based on the desired impendace (100 ohm as common for LVDS) and stack height.
hi please comment "differential pair routing " binu g