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I am new to Orcad Layout plus,and am designing board for Ethernet. Is there any Consideration to route differential Pairs. and what are the steps has to be considered for routing.Maximum speed of my Ethernet board is 10MBPS Regards Rajan.K
Can you please tell me how to route the differential pairs in ANY ANGLE in Expedition PCB?
First you have to assign the not nets or xnets as differential pairs. Specify clearly the trace length & track to track spacing. In case you are not able to get this. try to run the pairs to be routed parallel from source to destinatio (this mentod is not recomended.)
Hi there, This is my first time doing a differential pair layout, and I am hoping to gain some helpful pointers. My partially complete differential pair is shown in the attachment (screenshot). I am using Cadence Virtuoso. My transistors are W/L = 56um/4um. I am using the 2D structure dAsBdBsAd dBsAdAsBd where d = drain, s= source, and
Hi, I am designing a fully differential amplifier with capacitive feedback with a 32:1 capacitor ratio. I need the capacitors in common centroid. In addition each of the two signal paths should be the same. I have attached a picture of what I think the geometry should be. To get common centroid, I have made the unit caps = 2 x smaller unit caps.
Hi all, Can anyone tell me how to route differential pair(with 10mil, spacing 5mil) in PADS 2007? Thanks, Demigod+
Hi I am trying to route some differential pair signals using the tools in Altium Designer. However when I start to route the tracks a message comes up saying there are rule errors on all layers and will not let me route the tracks. How do I find out where these violations are in the design? Thanks Jon
The first place to check is the differential pair design rule itself. You'll find it in 'Design>Rules>Routing>differential Pairs Routing'. You need to have the minimum, preferred, and maximum gaps set for each layer, as well as the maximum uncoupled length. If this rule isn't properly set up, the software won't be able to establish the proper se
Hi all, Some times when i use blaze router for differential pair it doesen't allow me to route as a allows only as a single ended traces. THis will happend only for few nets.Eventhough I assigned them as differential pair nets i couldn't able to take as a pair. Regards, Monolisa
Hi all, In Allegro, we can calculate the differential impedance using differential Impedance calculator and give constraints and route them. But is there anyway to confirm that, these differential signals are now having the required impedance after routing the traces. pls help sandhya
On Semiconductor is the leader for ECL and PECL components. They took over the product line formerly run by Motorola. Go to and search for PECL. You will find numerous design guides. You can fanout PECL. However, the routing must be daisy-chained with the termination resistors at the far end. Most common mistakes
hi the differential pair routing will help in cancelling out noise impact. so, even if it is analog signal we can use differential pair. i.e., the reason why we usually route the inputs of an op-amp as differential pair. hope this info. helps Regards
Hi, How to route the speaker interface signal in PCB.Whether i have to route as differential pair or i can go with ordinary signal routing(Signals named as +ve and -ve). help me to do better Regards Rajan.K
Hi,everyone: I use Virtex5 and ISE10.1. I connect one chip’s single ended clock to the N-side of clock capable pins of Virtex5 FPGA by accident on my PCB board. But Xilinx’s manual demands :“1)Do not connect a single ended clock to the N-side of the differential clock pair of pins, for example IO_L3N_GC_3. 2
While trying to create differential pair of signals using route flip chip signal ,I fill the advanced options form and in that I select "Named" nets under that.But when I enter the nae of the name of the nets,it says cannot find "those particular" nets in design.then **No net has been selected.Could someone help me with this? can route signal in power layers too. remove power shapes from certain areas and route the signals. But make sure you have at-least one reference plane for all the signals routed in different layers of the board including the signals in power planes. This is to maintain the single ended impedance of (...)
Hi Everyone, Are there any design constraints to route differential signals in ORCAD?Please some one help. Regards DB
Hi All, I am new to this membership. i am very glad to see the comments in this website. I too have some doubts, kindly give comments. I am using ARES PCB designer, when I try to route a differential pair there was no option I noticed. Is it possible to do differential pair routing in ARES PCB Design? Is there any way to do it? Can (...)
Hello, I am interested in how to find a good way to route differential pairs in the internal layers. This normally is a good idea except the fact now you have 2 reference planes, in which most tools can not calculate this b/c they are not set up to. Example is using the Saturn PCB toolkit to calculate differential pair calculations. It (...)
Is there a autoroute function for differential traces on CADSTAR?
In my project,differential signals are input to my FPGA,the output is single.Can I make use of LVDS pins to tap this issue.?
Not sure what your question is. Are you asking how to route differential pairs?
Hi, Here are my suggestions to route ethernet signals. I assume the interface speed is 100Mbps: 1. Keep the distance between PHY chip and Ethernet Transformer (magnetics) as short as possible. 2. route the RX+, RX-, TX+ and TX- differential pairs as 100ohm differential characteristic impedance. You can use Saturn PCB tool (...)
differential s-parameter? I've been dealing with differential impedance designs for years and almost all of my designs contain differential signals now, and this is a new term for me? Could you explain? You may find what you need in the polar folder on filemanager. Skip
Nonlinear Partial differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers 1997 Birkhauser Verlag USA Lokenath Debnath
Hi, Can anyone site or provide some good reference material regarding floorplanning and place and route during ASIC development. Thanks.
Hi every body Does anyone can help and provide an FDTD code to solve non-linear differential equations especially to slove the E and H fields inside microwaveFerrite Devices (circulators and isolators)? Thanks
I am trying to connect a common mode output to a differential input in base band. I found a differential driver for example from AD: AD8131. The question is : Is it possible to do without an active device? Thanks
He swears by a Cadence product that lets him manually simultaneously route the two differential lines with automatic spacing between them and equal lengths. Actually, in Mentor Graphics (formerly Innoveda) PowerPCB also have this option (High Speed Design) in thier package. very useful especially during manual routing wi
Dear all Anyone have experience use the network analyzer to measure the 2.4GHz differential port impedance? Could you share you experience with us? Best regards yuhohang
Hi Place and route Tools download 1. -> t tnx
I am wondering how I might "measure" the Output Buffer delay for a differential output. For a single-ended device, I would use the Rref,Cref, and Vref load and measure the time it takes the output to reach Vmeas. However, for a differential output that swings from -400mV to 400mV, how would I measure the Output Buffer Delay? A (...)
Explain me, please, What does mean Punch, route and Hand Cut regarding to PCB outline ? English is not my native language, so I don't understand cleraly these definition. When I order route PCB ouline, will I obatin from manufacturer several PCBs joined in one FR4 sheet (panlized PCBs) ? As I understand in this case I have to cut it myself ?
a typical device with a differential input is an operational amplifier. so understand what it does and you know how to do it ... look at the circuit description in this document circuit which use a push pull (common emitter and collector) I think this is
What I can use for a differential pressure sensor?
I suspect you mean to convert from differential to single ended with one op amp. Then elliptic filter and convert back to push pull. The Nuhertz filters are available for a 20 day free trial. This program can design passive and active filters.
I will design a high-density board that uses many BGA package,could someone kindly tell me how to implement the autoroute to route the BGA package? Thanks!!!
1)How to perform the group routing,because my PCB work contains so many buses,I want to route these buses as same length as possible. 2)My PCB contains many differential lines,how to route these differential lines in the same length? I kown that there is a setting in PowerPCB to set the differential (...)
Anyone to know how to use a 2 port Network analyzer to match the differential impedance?
Hi, I'd like to know some general EMC rules to route micro wires , ( like reset circuit and so on...), to route a pcb with the smallest number of errors. Thanks.:wink: mkbs 8) 8)
Can I couple 1-2 BJT to design a differential gain to single ended output with high CMRR? I want to put a preamp for the electret mic and don't want to use an opamp. Maybe I will have to. thanks ahgu
Any PCB design rule or guieline for LVDS, Optical channel - track width - spacing between differential wire - twist angle - spacing between pair - ???
it' really god damn it too slow, i need to speedup the place & route anybody can tell me?
i want to design a differential CMOS logic circuits to use it in hig speeed frequency divider about 4 to 5 GHz , is there any one can help and share knowledge
You have to divide the input impedance of the LNA and then you can synthesize mathing circuit on Smith chart. But the characteristic impedance of the chart must be 25 Ohm instead of 50. You'll find a L-C combination and you may use this combination by multiplying 2 symmetrically. But in this case you find differential 50 Ohm!! Not single en
plz i need a differential if amplifier IC in rage 10.7MHz
Hi You can design a differentiala notch filter use ANADIGM's FPAA ICs. Very simple and free design software. see ynhe
The main sources of a non-ideality for SA ADC are an offset voltage of comparator, a non-ideality of the elements, which make up the DAC (mismatching of capacitors or (and) resistors, non-ideality of switches). To reject the noise from substrate and power supply use the fully differential architecture. Typicaly SA ADC are suitable up to 12 bi
In addition you may be constrained to LNA single input by the balun/duplexer in between LNA and antenna. However, it may be a good idea to make a single input differential output LNA so tha the mixer is fully differential. nathan
Hi, You can try this site: differential Impedance Enjoy, RF_router Hi, Anyone know how to match differential impednace? Any good articles discussing this topic?