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AT89C52 Basic digital clock using rtc DS1307
sir i m trying to make a digital clock with rtc(ds1307) ,but i am getting a problem to throw on seven segment. i have tried to make this code in c and i get easily in lcd ,but i am unable to throw same value on seven segment. plz if some one help me how can i throw value in sevensegment how is your circuit conn
I need hellp am trying digital clock using pic 16f877a interfaceing with rtc 1305 and seven segment leds please give source commend and how to flash pic using in circuit serial programing,......................
how to implement a digital clock using keil ' C' thanks in advance.....
digital clock using ATMega8535 and DS12887 with 5x7(8) led dot matrix I am doin last project and urgently in need some soultion.... Plz help me,if any-one has that project or related info. I am using ATMega8535 and DS12887 and the display is on 5x7(8)LED dot matrix and i also wanted to include buzzer which says (...)
Hi, Have a look here the progam should run on a 877a with minimal modification
does anybody know how to make a real time digital clock using zilog encore??? tnx
we need a a circuit and program for a digital clock using pic16f84a. It should be in military and standard time. thanks!
In Proteus sample files you can find TTLclock.DSN, a fully working digital clock based on standard TTL ICs.
Hi friend, Happy New Year too, Below is a file which I uploaded for you. its a digital clock made up of discrete logic components, I think it is a sample circuit file from Proteus, Enjoy! If you want to learn to design timers/counters, please refer to the book of Albert Malvino, digital Priciples and Applications. PS : dont forget (...)
hi there, can anyone help me plssss... i need a circuit of a digital clock using flip-flops... the flip-flops is the one responsible for driving the seven segments. the clock i need comprises of 4 seven segments only, this is because i only need to output minutes and hours... seconds is not included... well, i (...)
Hi friends, I have planned to design aa digital clock using large seven segment display, can any one help me in this.
can someone please help me with the codes and schematic for a 12hour pic based digital clock using pic16f877. the digital clock must be adjustable. help please.:cry:
I did digital clock using 7 segment and 89c52. But delay is incremented when clock hardware working. Its fall to behind about 4 second after 1 hour. If known anyone please tell me. the delay code is: void delay_asec(void) { unsigned char d; for (d = 0; d < 20; d++){ delay_50ms(); } } void delay_50ms(void) { (...)
Hi all :-P:-P I am a college student and need the help of pieces of news in this area Please Almsaap in the work of a digital clock using assembly language, especially 8051 and lcd screen help me help me :oops::oops:
can any one plz help me to make a 7 segment digital clock using at 555 timer Schematic diagram and Layout also
(Any comment, modification humbly accepted.) Here is a 8051 microcontroller (prototyped with AT89S52) based clock using rtc DS12887+ chip using LCD DISPLAY. The advantage of rtc DS12887 is that the chip includes battery for backup in power failure! The Prototype is shown in the picture has two separate vero (...)
Plz i need help to make the code for the digital clock using MPLAB.
Dot Matrix clock using rtc
i want to design a digital clock using 8051 and microc..????
Flickering is obvious... Proteus cannot simulate the circuit in real time... Check the timer in the below which runs when you start simulating. As you may know, 7 segment works with multiplexing, i.e., fast on-off to refresh the digits. These are impossible to catch by human eye, but proteus shows that very slowly. So you are seeing these flickerin
Hi guys, here is a simple project I have done in 89s52 IC of 8051 series. Making a digital clock. Components required: 1 microcontroller 89C52(89S52 will also do) 2 ceramic capacitors-22pF 1 switch(button for reset purpose) 1 electrolytic capacitor-10uF,25V 1 crystal oscillator-11.0592MHz 16x2 LCD display 1 resistor-10k Software you
Searching on google will give you loads of helpful links:
Do you know how to use the timer/counters of the PIC? If yes then now you can create a digital clock. A digital clock is nothing but a loop adn an increment routines and reset routines. I think PICBasic has ready routines for interfacing into an LCD and keypad.
hi all, i am a new user.... do anyone can help me about the above topic... this is using PIC to create a digital clock with calender and time... if you have any schematic diagram and program... can u post up for me?:| thanks.....
Hi everyone, I have to do subject project with LCD monitoring. This Adjustable digital clock project must contain a 8051 microcontroler, and LCD and a keyboard. Please let me have assembly code for this project. I really need your help as I'm not familiar with 8051 programing. looking forward to hear from you masters.
I want to make a digital clock using combinational logic gates flip flops counters registers and full adders. Can any one please help me. If any online resources please provide me the links. Regards,
help me for this project digital clock using 8051 at89s8253, the possibility of changing digit with switches OR using Terminal-RS232 port, assembler code and 7-segment display NOT LCD Assembler language
Hello Please can anyone help me with suggestions, ideas, sample codes or links on how to complete this my project. I want to design a DS1302 rtc based digital clock using PIC16F887 and 7-segment display. I have designed the circuit and the code using CCS C Compiler. The clock is working but (...)
hi all,,,,,,,,i made a 640x480 VGA controller in VHDL using Spartan-3. AND, i could display characters too. now, i'm trying to display a digital clock on screen. i tried to make BCD counter and address variables to the characters , but it didn't work. the question is, how i can combine the vga controller code and (...)
Please can someone provide me with proteus design and assembly code for digital clock using dot matrix. It's required for our project submission.
How can the DB command be used in 89c51 for clock design using dot matrix and decoder. We have to produce a digital clock that will show seconds and minutes using four multiplexed 8×8 dot matrix. We have tried to control the rows from port and the column using the decoder. Now the problem is (...)
Dear All; I need 8051 mikroC code for digital clock. Kindly help me in this regard. I shall be greatful. thanks Tanvir
I have designed a digital clock using verilog & Synthesized using Leo-Spec.. Aftr the synthesis I am getting the frequency of the circuit is 160 MHz, But I hope it wll work more than 180MHz... What can I do now to get the desired frequency?... K.Kumar, Bangalore..
That's from the good old days when I've used to play with these goodies. An old fashioned style until microcontrollers bumps into our lifes. Scroll all 7 pages by clicking on NEXT at the bottom of each page.
Hi, I had one hereand built it along time ago, its a digital clock using discrete TTL ICs, I think its a sample from cadence, and works fine, just a little modifications, and yer done with what you want. dont forget to push the "Helped Me" button huh...
hi! i am working on digital clock using rtc8563 & 89c51 controller.there is also a temprature sensor using lm335 & adc0809 with same 89c51on different port.the lcd will show time,day,date & me in implementing the programming and interfacing.programming will be in assembly language.its a (...)
hello! anyone one can provide me with the design of 12-hour digital clock using synchronous decade counters and truncated sequence counters to count minutes and seconds up to 59 and then reset?
hi I need a circuit for digital clock which shows time ,hour,seconds.
hi every1. i need an assembly source code (not written with bascom) for a digital clock using 8051 microcontroller with 4 7-segments without alarm. i can't find it anywhere. pls help me. i would be greatful. pleaasee....
Hello! Any other request? I guess you also want it ASAP, you need source code with useful comments, and with complete documentation? Dora. pls send me the code for digital clock(calender)using pic16f877a,ds1307and lcd.i am using mplab ide and hi-tech c compiler
I want to make a digital clock using combinational logic gates flip flops counters registers and full adders. Can any one please help me. If any online resources please provide me the links. Regards,
Hi friends, I am doing a digital clock using rtc DS1307 and 89C4051 micro controller. Time is displayed on LCD and different alarms can be set through 3 switches. I have written the following code for updating rtc registers first time. Only minutes code is shown //Minutes min++; (...)
i am having a problem in makin a project for my college ...i started a project with some c code in keil but its not working in proteus and even in the hardware...plz help c code for this project is: // Program to make a digital clock with time and alarm setting features #include sbit dig_ctrl_4=P1^0; //Declare the control p
This should be useful..Go through
This is a whole new digital alarm clock in 7-segment display....... Some user interface facility is given here. This is the circuit diagram.... 62569 Components used: 4 7-segment displays 1 AT89s52/AT89c52 28 Resistors of 150 ohm 1 Capacitor 10uF 2 Capacitors 33pF 5 volt Buzzer 1 12MHz crystal 5 Red LEDs 4 DIP
plz help mr i m newbie i have project related to make digital clock and clander using 89c/89s/51/52 controller kindly help me regarding schematic and code:sad:
Dear all, I would like to make a digital clock on atmel 2051 using rtc (Philips) along with LM-35 to show the temperature as well as clock time. But the ciruit should be simple. If any person could help in this regards. regards.
Google. Research how digital clocks work. Look for digital watch circuits and datasheets for rtc chips. When you know how a hardware digital clock works you can look at how to simulate one in software.
hi .... I have some problems in this project .... the prpject is : To design & implementation of an 8051-microcontroller based real_time digital clock In this project, we will be designing and implementing an 8051-microcontroller based digital clock. The digital clock has the (...)