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u can implement "OFDM in matlab" "implementation of digital phase lock loop ffor carrier recovery" " implement the QPSKtransmitter and receiver with LMS based channel equilization in matlab" "transmission of data b/w two PCs using cordless telephone" ihave mentioned few projects and help can be extending regarding these projects if (...)
hi everyone.can you people please give any idea about my options of doing the final year undergraduate electrical engineering project in digital communication can tell me about your projects for a start.i'm really confused at the moment about the project stuff.thanks
Hey i am doiing Diploma in VLSI. I wnna make related to digital communication. so , can u plz send me some project title and some info. about them
What about a building block (module) for a digital Terrestrial Receiver standard if it would be of interest. You would need to identify the basic functionality of the digital TV receiver and then identify its main system blocks. Isolate one block and proceed to form a diagram and then use Matlab, Simulink or some sort HDL (Verilog or VHDL) Coding
did you ever refer to digital communication system design books such as praokis & salehi or not , if you did not , please try it.
Hi,all Anyone can recommend me some references/documentation that talk about the ADC requirement in the digital communication system, like SNR,SFDR,IP3.etc? Many thanks!:D
Hi all , I'm gonna select a topic for my final year thesis in the field of digital signal processing and digital communication. I have passed speech processing , pattern recognition , adaptive filters, and also I have got CCNA (cisco certification in network). I have these choices: 1- An application of adaptive filtering ( like (...)
I need a good topic in digital communication for a course research(or project).can can anybody introduce me some good topics? tanx all.
A good idea would be to recognize your skills. What are you good at? Signal Processing, digital communication, Optical communication etc So once you know a field, then you can find out what the latest research in that field, and choose a part of it as your project
:D Hi to You all! I've developed at my second degree studies a simulation to a digital communication system in MATLAB 6.5 The system include : TX unit using 8FSK modulator AWGN simulation function RX unit an option for phase delay good luck
Can anyone here tell me where can I find digital communication Forum in internet(instead of mixing with DSP)?
Hi, anyone here know which company or which country is good in digital communication.I mean doing those coding,modulation and so on......Or any good website to find this kind of jobs?Especially in UK.....comments please.
I have spend sometime on this equation from digital communication and can't find any relevant information how this formula come from. It is a probability or maybe log likelihood. Pr(A|B)=exp(A*B)/(1+exp(B)), Is there anyone here know about this?Is it a theorem,rules or equation?.Thanks
An oscilloscope display in which a pseudorandom digital data signal from a receiver is repetitively sampled and applied to the vertical input, while the data rate is used to trigger the horizontal sweep. Note: System performance information can be derived by analyzing the display. An open eye pattern corresponds to minimal signal distortion. Dis
can anyone please upload the book of schaum series for "analog and digital communication"
If it is digital communication by bernard Sklaar ,,, Bernard Sklaar Solns Manual- ZIP 72MB contains pdf chapters.
well syukri the thing is the best way to understand the infrastrcture of your system is vendor documentation which they provided your company at the time of installation. thats the best and to the point resource that u want to know. rest one good reference is digital communication by Sklar, but think due to ur job scedule u will need vendor mate
Should I take digital communication or Computer Network communication? I don't know what is better. Thank you
I need some information on current work going on regarding bandwidth/data rate improvement in field of digital communication. Thanks M
hello. Can any one give me good creative ideas for a project using mobile applications.(using j2me and such). thanks (sorry for my bad english)
hi all somebody plz explain me (in detail) what is jitter??and what is its effect on digital communication?
hi everybody i have a digital clock project in my college and i cant do it. it is by AT89C51 if anyone can know any site for the schemetic and the assempbly program so plz send it to me on mail mail or on the forum. thank u very much
plz give me links for digital communication books by prokais,sklar or haykin?? i 've long been searching on the net and gave up after not finding them .. plz.....
Hi all Any good book on digital communication receivers? I have heard of John.G.Proakis. what are the other books available? Any one plz upload them ,preferably with the solution manual.
Hi friends, I have started studying goppa codes for digital communication channel error coding theory I request you to suggest me good ebooks and its path. thnks in
hii all can u advice for a simple book or tutorial to understand the digital communication thanx in advance
I need the solution manual of the book "digital communication Systems" by Peyton Z Peebles. The link given in this forum is dead. You could PM at Regards
hi friends...... explain me about the hard decision and soft decision decoding in digital communication
An increase in Technology has changed the way of living a life. Technology is connecting people together even if they are far away. Due to Technology, communication is now possible all over the world even with those who were once considered geographically remote. digital communication has changed the way the communication is (...)
Hello all friends, i am just a begginer into digital communication field and want to make a decision in wich part to go in in details (ofdm, cdma, wimax or wifi). may be i donot understand what each of them include and talking for, so i am waiting for ur help. Added after 1 hours 15 minutes: i am waiting f
hello every body can anyone help me in understanding the conclusion in the "digital communication" 4th edition by Prokis page 246. Regards
hello any one can explain to me briefly how to convert to bivariate Gaussian as in Proakis "digital communication" under the BER of PSK Regards
the disadvantage of digital communication is loss due to quantisation, speed and bandwidth.....
There is a lot of digital communications like BPSK, QPSK, ... What kind of digital communication you want ??? I upload to you a Matalb code simulating ASK, OOK, FSK, BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK modulation.
Plz if any one could reply & help me about a matlab code for the digital communication BPSK QPSK 16 QAM just help me give me ideas or hints something like that
Here is the link of : Principles of digital communication II, Spring 2005 in MIT :
i need all of your advise on which book/material should i start of studying for understanding the digital communication?
in digital communication where we are doing equalization?
digital communication proakis 2nd edition needed
hi ,i want to study the digital communication. but i am a free . i don't know what should i study ,please tell me what should i do ?or what acknowledge should i study first? giving some information about it is ok!
i need electronic book of digital communication 5ed any1 who have it plz inform me!
i need symon haykin digital communication electronic book+solution if u have got it plz tell me by
hi ,can you tell me some website about digital communication?i need some books,some informations and so on.
do any1 here have proakis digital communication 5ed mgrwhill , i need it!
plz suggest a conceptual book for a beginner in digital communication ,
I am in 6th semester BE electronics and now my university has offered me to choose one subject between "digital communication" or "power electronics".please guide me which is best.
Hello, Can anyone recommend a good digital communication handbook? Thanks.
Hi What is the difference between the Analog communication and digital communication ? Please its request not to mention the basic difference ( i.e related to cost and Complexity)? Thanks :D
can any one provide the solution digital communication Fundamentals and Applications - Sklar .some problem cant solve. Thanks