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We are studying the course of digital communication System (3+1) Course. Now we have to submit the project of lab of this course. If anyone of you can give me the idea of the project or some helping material then please share that here or just mail to me: Thanx
did you ever refer to digital communication system design books such as praokis & salehi or not , if you did not , please try it.
Hi,all Anyone can recommend me some references/documentation that talk about the ADC requirement in the digital communication system, like SNR,SFDR,IP3.etc? Many thanks!:D
hmmm pretty good question here are some ideas, 1.wat abt GSM SOFT mobile (software about the mobile connecting the calll and the sms and all other functions) 2.voice compression 3. image processing 4. short messaging services over the fixed (land) line 5. VOIP 6. global positioning system 7. anti theft system of CAR 8.
hi everyone.can you people please give any idea about my options of doing the final year undergraduate electrical engineering project in digital communication can tell me about your projects for a start.i'm really confused at the moment about the project stuff.thanks
Hey i am doiing Diploma in VLSI. I wnna make related to digital communication. so , can u plz send me some project title and some info. about them
I need a good topic in digital communication for a course research(or project).can can anybody introduce me some good topics? tanx all.
A good idea would be to recognize your skills. What are you good at? Signal Processing, digital communication, Optical communication etc So once you know a field, then you can find out what the latest research in that field, and choose a part of it as your project
What about a building block (module) for a digital Terrestrial Receiver standard if it would be of interest. You would need to identify the basic functionality of the digital TV receiver and then identify its main system blocks. Isolate one block and proceed to form a diagram and then use Matlab, Simulink or some sort HDL (Verilog or VHDL) Coding
if you looking for RF design...I will say either power amplifier or low noise amplifier is a good choice for you to learn RF....while if you are looking for digital communication.....MIMO system or MC-CDMA.....are both interesting topics......
currently I am doing digital communication project, may I know what country you are staying? and your ideal market territories?
hi,i am final year student. -i am doing a final year project named DWOC(digital wireless optical communication). -inside this project, i am using a PIC16f877A to do the modulation job(manchester coding). -i will transfer my data from pc via RS232 to my PIC before the data transmit to my receiver. -i'm using PICbasic to (...)
hi all; can any one help by giving me any code(C++ or Matlab) for the whole digital comm. system simulation(any type) coz it is required from me to do simulation project and at the same time am a bit confused about this topic. thnx
try post your help in digital communication section you might find some help there Regards The Sniper (+)
How about an Amplitude Modulated FM Transmitter... Heres the idea: digital signals are carries by AM signals while transmitting FM analog information. Its like a dual modulation technique with only single carrier. though Im still working and experimenting on it, I hope youll have a better idea than mine.
hi every1 i've just finished CDMA project on FPGA boards the design is from A-to-Z digital even the summation process if any1 interested i can give a hand...,
join the digital communication project
hi friends.... i need some ideas.... about a final project on digital communication.... i want to do it individually.... so kindly suggest me the topics... or projects.... so i may proceed to next level.. that is searching the material....
Hi all,, I've just started source coding and I need any examples in MATLAB. Are there any codes in matlab ?? It's so vital for my graduation project. Thanks for helps.
Is there anything else in your assignment? Any application area? digital electronics sounds really vague. Do you have to or can you use a microcontroller?
Dear all, im thinking of building ADSL modem using Broadcom chipset as my master project. do you think that 9 months is enough to run such a project??or do u think its a group project? im welcoming any suggestion and advices. ps i have good experiance in c++ and digital communication
Hi....... ma sir have assigned a semester project of digital communication.can any one of u suggest me any topic and should not be too difficult n can be easily simulated in matlab.thank u.............
Hallo folks, I am new to digital communication and I've been studying it for some time. I need to make project fora simple digital tv receiver, or a Set Top Box. I went through this forum and I found some very useful materials. But I still need to ask some questions to the professionals, so I could clarify my idea :) (...)
Hi everyone, Can you please suggest me a topic for my masters' project in analog IC design.I am looking for a project that could combine the concepts of analog design and digital modulation circuit. In my communication class, I learnt many block levels circuits used in digital (...)
good evening hi, am lookiing for circuit for digital wattmeter for my project i searched but i couldnt find it please help me my best regards Hi, you can use forum's search facility to find more here some topics wattmeter schematic Here some circuit
clc; clear all; disp('M-Array PSK Modulation') %create a random digital message M=input ('M= '); %alphabet size x=randint(input('Number of binary bit stream = '),1,M); nsample=40; %oversampling rate. %% %% %use M-PSK modulation to produce y y=modulate(modem.pskmod(M),x); %% %follow with rectangular pulse shaping. ypulse=rectpulse(y
I am a newbie, and i would really appriciate the help of you guys. This project is required to my digital communication course. Due to many issues and the huge projects that im working on i cant finish it, and it need to submit it tomorrow till 11:59PM otherwise i'll fail the course. please help me with the Matlab code. (...)
i am 3rd year student of electronics and communication.Can any buddy please give me a simple Mini project with the help of hardware and simulation tools on digital communition. i have no idea on this subject(digital communication) so please give me a simple but good project...
Hi all good day to u, Currently I'm doing a project in digital communication subject. I'm facing a problem to convert sound data to binary representation. This data is going to be use for modulation and demodulation purposes. Anyone out there can help me on this problem. Looking forward to learn from u guys advice. Appreciate that. Thanks ;)
hello , For my course work i have to select one course among digital communication networks and speech signal processing but i am very confused which one to take. AS my final year project/ thesis will depend on the courses taken in this semester. So please help me out. Speech Signal Processing is a good choice
Must U do the design of filter ? If so , digital or analog ? U can use design software . Good luck.
Generally is useless to activate a 5 years post, especially an analog TV subject, nowadays when most of the countries switched (or are going to switch soon) to digital channels.
I recommend you a digital wirelles communication simulator with all the step for do it, using Matlab and simulink. Other suggestion can be a vector quantizer for audio processing.
Could anyone out there please advice on what test equipments I'll need for maintaing a alcatel digital microwave (6-7GHz) and other brand name besides agilent.. 1. Spectrum Analyzer - This week I've asked Agilent to quote me a spectrum analyzer and they are offering me an option that can lower the noise floor to -120db. Do I really need that opt
DTMF is like a voice. If you do not use a mic to detect this sounds you do not need a DTMF receiver , if you want to communicate with cell phone by data cable or IRDA , it is just a digital communication. DTMF has nothnig to do with it.
I've taken an exampple on ADC: This example demonstrates the Timed ADC and DAC models in Advanced Design System through a basic digital audio codec application. These models are suitable for the modeling of ideal or non-ideal conversion in signal processing applications. It's an @DS project. rename it with extension zap and open directly with
Look here: and for software: The system presented in this application note implements a simple digital thermometer that includes a built-in LCD and RS-485 communication port. It is designed around Atmel’s AT89
Hi I have a project who need to do the following tasks: 1)2 control loops using A/D conversation (100Khz /sample time) 2)2 communication channel both working full duplex @ 9600 3)FSK signal decode /Encode using capture timer 4)1 char LCD display 5)32 digital I/O for input & output signals 6)small keyped (6 keys) for control (...)
dear all, Thank You....first.... i need some help on the topic on my final year project in my university. i hav some board wth altera FPGA chip/s.... and i m still thinking of wad topic i should do wth these boards. i would b grateful if someone can suggest me a few which is suitable as my final year project. i would love it if it is no
Perhaps you can refer to J.G. Proakis book: digital communication. Chapter 2.
Any book in digital communication will have a chapter on spread spectrum. M. B. Pursely's boook is also very good. Proakis's digital Comm book is there.
I am a begginer in digital communication. Currently, i have my final year project which is dealing with convolutional code. I am using a R-2/3 ,BICM ID system ( and this is fixed not able to change). However, the error floor is occured at BER 5E-4. This happen too early to me. Is there anyone here able to help me on it? Or is there anyone (...)
You can go to for some starting points.... they maybe talking about a PC based oscilloscope, but the concepts I think can be applied to digital oscilloscopes as well. Also I recommend an ebook "Art and Science of Analog Design by JIm Williams" it contains oscilloscope-related concepts and cir
anyone of the given type of digital communication will do..i need links on this type of communication as my reference
1-Wire Parasite-Power digital Thermometer DS18B20-PAR The 1-Wire? protocol was originally designed for communication with nearby devices on a short connection ? a way to add auxiliary memory on a single microprocessor port pin. Customers soon devised unique applications that involved e
Undergraduate OK? Then not really needed to do some thing completely new, I suggest you to begin working on one area and learn and learn and then, in graduate level you can develope some thing new. For now just do some research and make some ideas about what new can be done. Example: ADSL modems is interesting Power line communications and e
Hi I am working in my graduation project now, it aims to design, simulate, and implement a digtal RF data link.. As a first thing, we hope to succeed to implement it with the following requirements: - Data bit rate > 3 kb/s - FM Tx/Rx with carrier ≥ 50 MHz - Coverage Range (distance between Tx and Rx) > 5 meters - Stable - Made with