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Hi, Suppose we are getting to different frequencies on 1 line. Is there any way in digital to differentiate between the two. Its related to LFPS and SS data in USB3. How can digital differentiate between the two.?
Analog PLL has a Multiplier type PD while digital one has PFD, JK or XOR circuit. nathan
Anyone can show me how to differentiate the Transistor NPN & PNP using Multi Tester (Analog & digital)? And how to ensure the Base, Collector & Emitter is correct using Multi Tester (Analog & digital)? Thanks & best regards, Keng Loong, Liew
"digital transmission" in current context usually means that the data that is actually being transported is digital. All (except optical may be) transmission schemes are analog, in the sense a square wave kind of signal is never sent in a communication system. So "digital voice" means that voice is first digitised before it is (...)
hi, Think you have hit the nail on the head there - plus as some pins default to analogue at power up, its important you clearly define them as digital.
I need to design a digital circuit that will output logic 1 and lit an LED when the input analog voltage is within a certain range (say 2-5 volt) and will output logic 0 elsewhere. A schematic would be very helpful. Thanks in advance!
I will upload PC DSP in filemanager(New) in savvas folder. DSP is software tools for digital signal processing and simulation applications more information: :):):):)):):):):)):):):)
In your case I think there is problem with compiler. 10 sig digits from FS don't mean 10bit. 10bit it mean ~0.001 so only 3 or better 4 digits are enough. I think problem could be that compiller doesn't know what to do with so many digits, or maybe you should declare constants as float, or with conversion 10bit from A/D --> float (I think you use f
Hello all, I'm trying to design a lowpass digital Chebyshev Filter IIR to get the average of sinesoidal wave with some cut's from a triac. To do that I try to use Filte.r Solution.s but if I specify 10 sig bit (to use a 10 bit ADC of 16F870) I get saturation on the filter ... Some one have tips to do that. Thank's NeuralC
Hello all, I'm trying to design a lowpass digital Chebyshev Filter IIR to get the average of sinesoidal wave with some cut's from a triac. To do that I try to use Filte.r Solution.s but if I specify 10 sig bit (to use a 10 bit ADC of 16F870) I get saturation on the filter ... Some one have tips to do that. Thank's NeuralC ******
Where can I get some cheap digital CCD QVGA or VGA module with digital output? 30fp/s. thanks in advance. ahgu
If you want something simple, you can have a look for dcs (digital circuit simulator). The demo currently version 1.1 and was developed under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. But I'm not sure whether it can interface with c or not. I will post the link later
does anyone know any links to download pdf for various topics on digital communications? Not a PDF, but a good book: Principles of communication systems by Taub Shilling A lot of theory to just about every topic. Properties of various comm channels, coding modulation, error correction, etc.
This website gives you a full explanation on how to design a digital Oscilloscope. All circuits and software is included - Tip: This design includes a few hectic sampling circuits, but if you'r only interested in building a normal scope, just look at the PIC16F84 and sheet 4 of the scematics - the rest of the circuit can be disgarded. Just take tim
I am looking for a really good digital design tool like xilinx ? What is the best one out there?? Thanks
hi i looking an aplicattion to build a digital filter!!! any type, just for learning, purposes!!!
On 2002-04-14 07:50, AaronDu wrote: Who can tell me the digital clinical thermometer circuit ??? Thank you best regards These were orignated by a joint venture between two Japanese companies. The sensor is a precison thermistor and there is a mask programmed MCU. I'm afraid there's not much to it.. just the thermistor
Hi It is impossible to simulate pure digital amp using SPICE. The pure digital amp like apogee include Interpolation,Noise Shaping etc. How to simulate using spice? You may simulate using MATLAB. The pure digital amp is not class D amp. ynhe
Hi. I am looking for example designs of full-digital audio amplifiers. I want to use a 250mW speaker with minimum external parts, especially without DAC. There are about 2k FPGA gates available to be dedicated to filtering and PWM. The source quality is mono 8khz 8bit. Any suggestions? Marc
Hi,need help for HP 54502 digital scope trigger failer. Selftest gives Analog trigger failed. Everything on all input works well but it will not trigger. Inside is like a computer mainboard. I do not have a service manual and don't no where to start. So any help is very welkom Many thanks Rob in the Nethetlands jaeyndhoven@hotmail.c
dear mates, what I urgently need is infos about the HCTL 1000 digital motorcontroller for controlling the rpm of an dc-motor. especially the digital control-algorithm is an issue. could some experianced designer give some advice for adjusting, calculating the special factors. e-books, schematcis, anything regarding that formidable chip is
You will find information on digital filters theory and implementation in every digital Signal Processings books. My best reference is Oppenhein
you can find multiplier design architecture from "Architectures for digital signal processing" Peter Pirsch University of hannver ,Germany John Wiley & Sons it's a good book
I need to know how can i digital abjust the Vout of a power supply basted on voltage regulators like LM317.Any Shematics? THNX
hello once again, I'm looking for a digital potenciometer with about 10-20 taps, 10k-50k total value, Up/Down interface, easy to find and CHEAP.... any suggestions???... actually I'd like to control this D P with switches, so it has to be one with a simple U/D interface.... I've tried some from X*COR but the interface is not simple enough to
Hi all! You'll find a lot of good articles and thesis about digital amplifiers in Could be helpfull if someone colaborate posting other links. Also PWM digital-analogue convertion is interesting... Thanks in advance :wink: bicho
My opinion of IT courses in UK are that the topics are more business oriented . The IT students do get taught basic electronics and programming but not advanced topics such as OS Concepts, RTOS, Advanced Analogue and digital Electronics. I'm not very sure how the IT courses are taught in other countries and if they are similar to the courses in
who has information or circuits about 220 ac digital power meter. thanks alot
I am looking at replacing mechanical pots in a piece of test equipment with digital pots. I have had some success, but am limited by the range, and by the fact i need to isolate the signal through the pot from the dc supply for the pot. Anybody point me at some good application notes etc. thanks carrotts
designing digital pid... well,are u familaiar with digital Signal Processing? if no,u can learn it very fast specially i recommend u to read the well known book writen by Alan V.oppenheim:Discrete-Time Signal Processing designing a digital copy of an analog system like filters and controllers with feed back is described in this book (...)
I am looking for an high speed digital PCI I/O card (at least 10 MB/sec ) f it has a lvds interface , it is much more better
Hi, Does anybody have the schematics to eZdsp F2812 for TMS320F2812 from Spectrum digital? - Jayson
Somebody realized digital watermarking algorithms (based on wavelet transform) on FPGA, DSP....?
I want an digital ckt schematic for reading LPG gas flow and sending data through RS232 or by wireless AM or FM. Please help me its to urgent
The main problem it's not the circuit but the ground loop which is the pathway for noise to disturb the MCU. One solution it is to have 2 power source, with only one point of conection between the two common grounds, at the digital input board. Close your electronic completelly in a metal case grounded, and design your input PCB with at least 1 gro
Hi Course: digital Electronics 1 1. -> t tnx
Hi E-Book: digital Electronics (R.L. McConnell K. Meehan) 1. -> t tnx
Hi to all, someone have information about the price of the following Intellectual property: C32025 core 16-bit digital Signal Processor (DSP). sold by the Best regards Gnomix
Hi digital Integrated Circuits (A Design Perspective) 1. tnx
A reference: ---------------------------------------------- Partitioning and Layout of a Mixed-Signal PCB Component placement and partitioning, combined with routing discipline, are the keys to success in laying out a mixed-signal PCB-not the isolation of the ground planes. By: Henry W. Ott A question that I often hear is: How do I prevent
digital Design Techniques for Mixed Signal ICs
Hi, A article itroduces digital beaforming. /Deleted. (klug)
Hi All, This is with respect to a GPS receiver design. I feel that the analog and digital ground should be separted at a single point either athe source of supply or wherever possible. And The shield for the RF should be connected to digital ground The Antenna should be separated from the shield and should be analog GND Is this the sta
Hi Online digital Filter design (Via-web) Designs a digital Filter and draws the frequency response!!! 1. -> t tnx
TOM McGAHEE'S PIC CONTROLLED digital CAPACITANCE METER Design & Software Copyright July Is this it? The titles are very simular :!:
digital Oscilloscope Uses PC Sound Card for Input OS win98 Description: Oscilloscope for Windows is a Windows application that converts your PC into a powerful dual-trace oscilloscope. Oscilloscope uses your PC's sound card as an Analog-to-digital Converter (ADC) to digitize any input waveform (speech, music, electric signal, etc.) and then presen
hello friend, I've been working on a digital volume control. The cheapest and easiest way was to raise the ground of the load and use a counter conected to a 8->1 analog switch and finally a darlington driver to pull down the load and a series resistor to real ground. Works fine and can be implemented with CMOS logic with a 3V3 lihtium cell /
Signal Integrity Primer (digital) by tektronics.
digital storage oscilloscope!
digital Works OS Win98/ME/NT4/2000 Description: digital Works is a graphical design tool that enables you to construct digital logic circuits and to analyse their behavior through simulation.