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Hi, I have a TN9/6/3 3R1 toroid and I would like to find out of I can switch it's magnetization using my RF signal generator operating at 7MHz AC. I follow the procedure in this page and especially the part entitled "Measuring arrangement with a digital oscilloscope". The scope is
what do you mean by debounced? sorry I'm a newbie when it comes to Verilog switch debouncing concept has nothing to do with RTL coding. It is a concept taught in most universities across the world in the digital systems design course. For a basic overview look here:
If these are true digital then "bus transceivers" (like 74xxx245, an octal) can make a mux using their tristate / direction enable pins (glue logic sold separately). There are LVDS transceivers and crosspoint switches that might be suitable for that format, if needed. Again you might need to roll your own control logic. I would not use analog s
How to disable ECCP Module and make pins digital Outputs 128953128955 Configuration?
If you just want to know whether the person is walking or not, you will need a digital output- something like a switch. If you want to know the pressure, you will need an analog output- something like a strain gauge. As mentioned in post #2, conducting rubber mats are widely used in most common strain gauges and you can use them to measure forces c
i dont know what the power level will be in the resistor?, but you can put tactile switch into pic and then get pic to vary the resistance with a digital pot say...microchip do them. It seems like what you want though is an actual pot where the resistance is changed, or the wiper is moved , by repeatedly pressing a button, and i dont think such th
A CMOS gate can be used instead of a SPDT switch if the supply voltage is used as the reference, also a digital opto coupler with CMOS output. The output buffer should either use a rail-to-rail OP, or need a supply larger than the intended output range. For fast response with low output ripple, the filter should be at least second order.
Opamps are fine and will switch faster than your vision. Comparators and digital logic switch much faster but they are not needed. Your opamps have positive feedback so they do not work. I show them with 100% negative feedback then the LEDs turn on brightly when the input is at Vcc level and turn off when the input is about 1.7V or less. (...)
hello, i am trying to write a program for dspic30f4012. I have a requirement to call a adcvalue() function within an interrupt routine of timer1. This adcvalue() function needs to switch on the ADC. Load the digital values of analog signals at AN0 and AN1 to variables defined as data1, data2. And then again turn down the ADC. This cycle r
Begin with the basics. Do you mean switch, like an RF / analog switch, where you already have the drivers and the summing point and only want to steer, or do you mean switch for two digital lines that acts like a logic multiplexer? Fundamental topology choices. Is this a 100-ohm differential system throughout, or are you (...)
10 lakh (1 million) comes in the range of electromechanical relay lifetime, depending on its electrical rating. I would prefer a switch transistor, like the 24V/0.5A output of a PLC digital output module.
At first sight, there isn´t any issue in sharing the analog input with a digital output, but should ensure that the current coming from analog circuitry will be not sufficient to activate the output.
a wave form .. Amplitude level ? Frequency ? see analog switch whis digital level command CD4066 or more rescent device ...
Hello...i'm using switch case with uart and dont know y it's not plz can anyone tell me wer im going wrong... unsigned char low, upp ,KP ; void main() { CMCON |= 7; ADCON1 = 0x0F; // Configure all ports with analog function as digital UART1_Init(9600); // Initialize UART module at 9600 bps d
When first plugged into usb, a device can only draw a certain amount of milliAmps (about 100 mA). Before it can draw more power it must negotiate with the host. The process is called enumeration. Does the host detect current flow? Does it detect a voltage drop? Does it detect digital communication? Not sure which. Here's one discussion from among
Hi all. At the moment I'm working on a simple LED indicator (up/down) for a motor controller. It has to indicate if the motor is going in one direction or the other. On the controller there is a control port (D-SUB9) and a switch is connected through a three wire cable to this control port to connect one common wire C to either wire A (up) or B
Hi there, I'm wondering if I can use a 5k ohm digital pot where a 4k7 ohm analog pot used to be? There is .3k ohms of difference of resistance, so would that mean that I would have to crop that off in my arduino code maybe using the map function perhaps? This is where I'm wanting to buy the 5k ohm digital potentiometers from. nz.ele
I think the easiest would be to use a mains timer like this Its quite versatile, gives a number of program cycles per day, or day of the week. I have used quite a few of these, and they are
i have 8 switches that each connects disconnects a 50v 700mA DC load. I want to do this electronically and be able to control it. how can I do this ? thanks
An analog switch is an IC that passes or blocks an analog or digital signal and is controlled by a logic input voltage. Look at the datasheets for CD4016, CD4066, CD4051, CD4052, CAD4053, CD4067, CD4097 and their HC sisters.
The observed charge injection is described as crosstalk between digital input and switch in the datasheet. Your circuit is generating maximal crosstalk because you bias the switch DC level near to ground instead of half supply. All crosstalk specification are referring to the advantageous symmetrical bias situation, so we can just say that (...)
Microprofessor, ha, ha, that is a good joke.:lol: A switch contacts bounce when the pushbutton is activated which results in many pulses fed to the digital input that counts all of them. The capacitor is normally charged and is discharged very quickly on the first contacts closure and during the bounces its slow charging by the 10k resistor
Search for "time to digital"
OK, so what you are asking for is a latched system, one that has to be started manually but afterwards keeps it's power switch on by itself. Firstly - you must have another connection to maintain an uninterrupted supply to the ECM or it will disconnect it's own power source when the relay contacts open. That will obviously stop all outputs and at
Hi, I have to design a digital system using both combination and sequential logic and i was wondering if someone can give me ideas/guidance as what to design. Thanks
Hello guys, I'm planning to build an automatic test bench. Basically, rather than staying all day turning on and off inputs and pushing buttons, powering off and on the device manually. I was to make this an automatic task. So I would require a board that has at least 15 digital outputs, 5 inputs ( 2 CAN buses optional ) and a USB interface t
How to increase the combinations from a to d converter without increasing resistors??? NOTE: Use only 3 resistors but get more than 4 combinations...
I see a way to make it possible with a bit of adapting, but my answer is still theoretical: Some basic digital alarm clocks use a "divide by 60" counter to convert the 60Hz wall signal (in Canada/US) to a 1Hz signal to count seconds. It's a crude design since the frequency may be 57Hz or 63Hz, but oddly it averages to 60Hz pretty well. So if you
Hi, I want to implement a digital controller for a switch mode power supply in Orcad pspice. The controller will take voltages and current values as inputs and create the control signal using intelligent algorithms (state machines, digital control techniques etc). Therefore I need a block that runs a code for processing these values (...)
I guess the OP phrased his question unclearly and is asking about regular digital logic gates.
which processor are you using? have your checked that your LED is working correctly, i.e. will switch ON/OFF? could your interrupt input pin be defaulting to an analogue input and needs to be set up as a digital IO pin?
hi forum members, I need help hooking up a model CX102B dpm. I want to use it to read 0-200v and 0-1a. is it possible to use just one dpm and switch between volts and amps? can a member supply a diagram with appropriate resistance values and hookup.thanks.
there are better ways to protect against an always ON PWM signal. run PWM digital signal through external logic gates being the most simple. on gate driver side, easiest way is to employ desat protection, even with mosfet switch. no problem.
Latches have existed for probably as long as flip flops as building blocks of digital circuits. However, they make timing analysis harder and thus are to be avoided. As far as I understand there are cases in which latches are still used in ASIC design instead of flip flops. Why should anyone use latches? Why is their support not completely remov
I am using ADG715 analog switch. I am switching analogue signals. I would like to know if the power supply to the analog switch should be analogue power supply or digital power supply. ? I have connected AGND and DGND using 0R0 link. Since it says analog switch I thought the power supply should be analog (...)
Hi, It depend on the distance of the sensors. Maybe a digital bus system has benefits. But surely it is more complex than with the multiplexers. Also you need to calculate expected sample rate, low pass filters (noise, anti aliasing...), and settling time when you switch from one signal to the other. To ease the design you can use 4 pieces 16:1
I use PWM port that connection to digital input and from digital input (with interrupt-B5) I take another digital output controller (C0), it's because I need to switch fourth transistors and this technique should work for me. (Attached picture of the connection) in duty Cycle I see that I flip between the PWM and (...)
All your so called "transistors" (SPICE switch elements) have infinite bandwidth. You should add realistic node capacitance. Otherwise you can perform a purely digital simulation with less resource effort.
Dear KlausST, Welcome to new thread about digital Multimeter. The meter I need design ammeter with selectable ampere detector. The code I wrote its interrupt is working well with 5ms time and cases are select nicely but issue is I want scroll digits with buttons for setting required ampere and store it,when ammeter detect pre-select ampere
I am designing a MCU controlled open-collector digital output (MCU control the base of transistor as a switch, output low). The output is assumed max. 26Vdc, 85mA. As transistor has max. reverse Vce of about 5V, I would like to add a reverse polarity protection for the output. In the other words, my device has no problem even the user collec
I've tried this and found the created schematic a nearly useless, unreadable mess. Now, I do not see verilog (different than veriloga) in your view-list. But an analog simulator is not going to switch into digital views usefully anyway. The mixed signal setup involves partitioning and somebody somewhere has to insert all of the (...)
Hi, posting for the first time, I've been working in the micro UAV market for the last several years and I've seen a trend towards more autopilot systems utilizing ethernet, more digital downlinks, and more ethernet based video systems. On some of the systems that I worked on I actually witnessed multiple downlinks being used because it was l
Fersev, please provide more information. Is it a digital signal or analog signal? If it is a digital signal (0v or 3V) simple "transistor switch" in enough. If it is analog signal (0V to 3V), better you go with an "OPAMP Comparator" circuit. Give me the detail about the signal behavior...
hello guys i need to switch on a camera to capture image using pic microcontroller 16f877a.hw can i achieve this.....?????
Hi, I have an output of impulse signals as shown below and I want a digital or analog circuit to trigger from one state to an other. Assume your circuit is in logic '1' and you want to switch when impulse signal comes. thank you very
Basically a digital potentiometer acts as a potentiometer with the wiper position (tap) determined by a binary di
Hi, i´ve built up a thermometer from the attached circuit, which is the base of a commercially available thermometer, so it should work. In my case, after switching on, a very brief (and always different) value appears and the display switches to 1 on the first display and the decimal point on the third with the other two displays left blank. Doe
9520595205 digital Time switch Silent Features: ? 5A relay contact capacity ? Manual override facility ? Accurate RTC & No battery require. ? Low Cost & Reliable operation. ? Time range : 1 min to 23:59 min ? Real Time based 4 on-off switching cycle ? 16x2 LCD display with softwar
I'll try to describe my question as simply and precisely as I can. I have a mixed signal audio design consisting of analog audio circuits controlled by a microcontroller and analog switches. The analog switches control fixed routing as well as some slow speed gating and switching stuff. The analog switches must be on (...)
Hello everyone, I have a small problem to solve. Since I'm only a junior electronic engineering student, I don't have much practical knowledge. And I only have some experience with analog amplification, none with digital. I have a digital signal coming from an Arduino microcontroller, a pulse train with 5 V amplitude, pulse width ranging from 5