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hi I need to know how we can encode Data using Booth Recoding for digital Multiplier circuit, the algorithm to change radix from 2 to 4...with litle example if you please. thanks in advance.
Hello, I need the following book for a huge work in ASIC design. Please, can someone helps me. thanks! Book tittle:"digital Integrated circuit Design" Author: Ken Martin Ed: Oxford University press
any one knows the digital calender circuit with time.please give me
i want to design a digital-analog circuit in 5v/18v cmos technics (design digital parts in 5v,design analog parts in 18v) . I use a structure to realize 5v to 18v.(refe to figure),vin is the structure right (I want to reduce power)? what should I pay attention to in 5v/18v cmos layout? I am a beginner ,Thank you
dear friends.. can any one help me about explaining this circuit..? this is a "digital stethoscope" circuit. the heart beats can be heard in the speaker attached at the end. the heart sound is taken by the microphone. please explain me this circuit operation. Thanks in advance.. the ckt. is as follows
can anyone send me a digital calender circuit
Hello everyone i'm going to build a digital tachometer capable to measure revolutions from 1 to 2500 RPM with resolution of 1 rpm and speed alarm on low and high speed. the shaft generate 3 pulses per revolution. any help, source code or suggestion are very welcome Regards Giorgia
hi I'm doing a project in designing digital tachometer. so kindly tell about sensors assembly code for pic16f84a design parameters
hi I need a circuit for digital clock which shows time ,hour,seconds.
Please recommend about the book of Power Ic design and analog digital mix circuit design thanks!
Dear Friends, I am designing 10-bit SAR ADC. The blocks comparator, DAC has been completed. But I am fully unaware of, how to design the digital control circuit. Even I have tried with shift register, ring counter, D-FF , Non overlapping clock and gates. But couldn't succeeded. Even I am getting the problem in understanding the timing function f
help me in speed control of dc motor along with tachometer circuit
I'm trying to figure out how to modify the tachometer circuit in my car to accept the signal from an aftermarket standalone ECU. Unfortunately I DON'T have enough electronics knowledge/background to figure this out first time through on my own :( . Help would be much appreciated. If you want to see my original thread about this on the car forum
Hi all, I want to design a digital input circuit follow as: Active : 3VDC - 45VDC Inactive: <2VDC. About the active, it's too large. I'm confused that. Pls, help me! thank for advance
Hi, I am looking for resources related to digital AGC circuits to be implemented in FPGA. Can anyone please help me? Thanks. Suma
Can you use microcontroller to generate the output for your clock or do you have to use only digital logic circuit? What I am saying is you can count the frequency of your input clock and generate the output frequency as needed. See image. You will get something like that. Will your clock be synchronized with some other circuit also?
Hi everybody, I builded an old digital tachometer with LED bar ( ) thanks to a few members from this forum (they posted schematic and soure code, ), so maybe someone can help me to rebuild source code to display the time instead of RPM. For exa
In my analog design, I have used digital control circuit. Now I want to simultate them together. I want to synthesize the digital circuit through DC. But how can I get the netlist from digital? Is LDV possible?
The modulator can be either descrete-time (switched-cap) or continuous-time (e.g gm-C) or even both (some stages descrete, some continuous). The decimation filter is a digital circuit, that means FFs and logic.
I want to build a circuit that will pick-up induction from a pulse generated by an engine sparkplug and create a nice digital signal from it.. Any help will be apreciated !
Hai Anybody Got Experienced with LM2917 as tachometer.. DataSheet Seems to be very Poor... and i want to use 14 pin LM2197 (pulsed DC input)... if anybody has experience in this, please share circuit diagram for 14 pin LM2917....
hello friends:lol: can any one help me in trch how to design a digital clock circuit???pls pls??firnds ???
What is the result of glitch in digital circuit?
Here's a tachometer project with MikroC source code: SH1_Tacho How to make a contact-less digital tachometer using IR-light reflection technique. Part 1.
I'm have learned much in digital circuit, and I am facing with hazard problem in my design, but I don't have deep document about this field. Are there anyone having documents related to Hazard problem in logic circuit design. Please give me some advices or any links that I could solve my problems. Thanks.
Please upload the schematic files which are missing from The archive only has asm and pcb pdf's there is no schematic. digital tachometer by silicon chip mag. It is what i wanted....
What is the principle of FDT?How to design a fdt(frequecy-digital transform) circuit?
Hi, I've done a digital tachometer using a PIC16F877 and an Hall effect sensor wich "sense" a small magnet attached to the engine shaft but I need to make it more "universal". This tacho. is gonna be used with small gasoline engines wich don't have primary ignition coil signal available. What I'd like to use is to wrap a p
The professor of our faculty has asked us to do digital measurement circuit for the electronic measurement material.. I need your thoughts about what can i do for this project , I don't want to make difficult circuit ,simple is enough but...I haven't yet decide which project should i execute... thanks in advance!!
we need a a circuit and program for a digital clock using pic16f84a. It should be in military and standard time. thanks!
can any one suggest variable dutycycle with fixed frequency digital logic circuit thanks in advanced
hello all, could anyone show me a schematic of a tachometer? in motorbikes.. I mean HOW/where do they get the SIGNAL.... and how do they convert it to RPM readings.. is the RPM meter switched by PWM? or is it some sort of an frequency meter? thanks for any info.. :)
Hi, I found a lot of articles on analog ALC. However, I can't manage to find any articles on digital ALC. Does anyone out there have the link to digital ALC circuit and operation? Appreciate it. Thanks.
digital delay is related to input signal delay...........
dear friends, can any one help me about the circuit discription of this attached circuit.... this is a "digital stethoscope circuit" the heart beats can be heard on the speaker attached. may i have the explanation about the circuit..? tanks in advance.. following is the ckt. [url=htt
I am designing a simple digital clock circuit which display's "sec, min, hour, if possible day month year" Please suggest me non-programable ic and if you have any idea of the project please suggest me Thank you.
Ok, Here?s a circuit I?ve been working on, It?s a good experimentation circuit for a beginner. Could some of the experts please check my findings and advise me of my mistakes. This is only the third circuit I?ve ever done. I?m teaching myself as I go. However, I?m hoping that I?m right. I?m sorry I can give any detail values, my scope is old (...)
hello! anyone one can provide me with the design of 12-hour digital clock using synchronous decade counters and truncated sequence counters to count minutes and seconds up to 59 and then reset?
I'm working on a custom car and I need a switching circuit. I'm more mechanically minded than electical, so I've been unable to work it out myself. I'm hoping someone here would be willing to take a stab at it. Here's what I need: - Constant +12V input. - Two switched +12V outputs, A & B. - One momentary contact pushbutton switch. First pus
When you guys looks a schematic circuits for digital circuits/networks how do u do the circuit analysis for each inputs,outputs,etc for every pin on every IC chip? When i look at a schematic i always thought it was just a topology of trace routing and schematic symbols of electronic parts , thats all it was suppost to (...)
Hi All, I'm hoping someone out there can provide a .pdf of the Silicon Chip (April 2000) project of a PIC16F84 digital Tacho. I had the magazine but the silverfish ate it. :cry: I'm after this particular project because I built it when the article was published and I know the beast does exactly what I wanted AND I have most of th
In fact, we have Voip or IP telephone that use to combine CS and PS. The rule of this technology require converting analog - digital - analog.
I want to make a digital clock using combinational logic gates flip flops counters registers and full adders. Can any one please help me. If any online resources please provide me the links. Regards,
hiii i am trying to build a digital clock using 7-segment display can any one please help me... i am having 16f877a,16f628a and also 18f2550 so i am trying to use any of the pic with 555 timer ic can any one help please i have one but its using very large 7 segment display what i need is a simpler one
Hi all, can any buddy provide me download link for following book. Its quite urgent for me and I am not able to find any free download link for this
i need a circuit suggestion that can detect ac and dc 24V input and produces a dc output. Can you suggest me anything? No optocoupler will be used.
Right below on your page you'll find Similar topics: digital Clock Schematic (11) NIXIE DCF-77 clock schematic (2) digital Clock (27) digital Clock (4) digital clock (1) digital clock problem (2) digital clock program (5) digital alarm clock (8) 7 Segment (...)
Possible yes, but limited in terms of signal bandwith and dynamic. Assuming you mean an analog signal, the best way is most likely by digital processing. Previously, magnetic tape loops have been used for delays in the seconds range.
You can separate the analog and digital supplies of your circuit by connecting the analog and digital supply pins to separate nodes, and then joining these nodes at the point closest to your power supply. You can join the supplies with the use of inductors, which will block noise traveling between the nodes. This will reduce noise caused by (...)