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The meter in the photo is an LCD type . Then what is the requirement? You can also buy digital meter modules for volt/ammeter. That is to save time instead of starting from a microcontroller and programming...
I am writing a program which can take the analogue voltage reading and use adc to convert this signal into digital signal and display In terms of digital values. Initially I was using a digital lcd and displayed the above mentioned data on lcd. Now I need a program which can display the data in the form of a dial (gauge) on (...)
I would first get a good digital volt meter like a Fluke 115, it will serve you well for a very long time. If you don't want to spend so much there are fair meters for much less. You need to measure the voltage before you connect it to the Thrustmaster. I would also measure the hair dyer power supply to see (...)
Buy a DVM, digital volt meter. Get hold of scrapped electronics stuff, take it apart and study the components - ask questions. Go to Library and borrow books on basic electronics. Talk to Teachers/lecturers and ask about basic courses, take them or at least read all the material relating to them on the WWW. Frank
I got the entire project except the multiplication by 2 factor. It is not clear why the ADC value is multiplied by 2. Though the matter has been detailed as "To avoid floating point, use I/P voltage = 2*digital Count", still I could not get the idea. The calculation in the project you are refering is simple. Sinc
For a battery monitor, you'll draw the least current with an lcd digital meter. Get the kind that can monitor its power source without needing a separate power supply. You'll have to attach the correct resistor divider, to drop the incoming volt level to a range where the meter can handle it. If you don't mind (...)
for all DMMs; when you measure the DC on AC range you will certainly get 30% to 40% high readings. Most digital meters provide AC coupling in AC ranges as far as I'm aware of. If DC coupled, a true RMS meter would give correct reading for pure DC, a meter displaying full wave rectified value calibrated as RMS is high by 11 (...)
What can a analog volt meter do that a digital one can't? What kind of tests or checks is good to use for an analog volt meter? to test for what?
If you use 4 digits you can display upto 9999. But first bin2dec conversion is done in software. See this example. Link:3 digits digital volt meter
I was just Googling and came across this page. digital volt and Amp meter with Temperature Control I was wondering which software was used to create the schematics on the board? I thought at least someone here must have used that software, so someone would be able to let me know abo
I am planning to Measure and Display the voltage and Current of my solar panel using a Parallel Interfaced LCD Module and a PIC Controller 16F877A... I am having a hardtime doing it therefore i have some questions: So far i was able to measure the voltage, but i also need to measure the current. Any idea?? Is there any other Microcontroller
pls help to make the multimeter for my project Step one for making a multimeter is to build a volt meter. The volt meter circuit is central to all other multimeter functions. Find a semiconductor and display to only measure voltage. If trying to make (...)
You can do it with an mcu (search google using pic or avr voltmeter) A simple PIC LCD volt meter project. AVR Project : digital voltmeter - Microcontroller Project Circuit Also check this thread www.eda
pls visit Downloads / 8051 Projects / Simple digital voltmeter using 8051 : 8051 Microcontroller Projects AVR PIC Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes for voltmeter project and for controlling use lm317 as adjustable power supply
hey guys i'm using PIC 16F877A with 10bit ADC + i'm using highly stable Power supply along with capacitors + i'm using a 47uf capacitor on ADC channel & the digital volt meter is reading a stable value, but i'm not able to get a stable ADC value why? what should i do now? i am also doing Average of ADC value & the average window size (...)
Attached is a schematic of digital Energy meter as available on the site: Now working on the code to convert Analog input to digital, I've attempted this (am using PIC 16F877A)TRISA=%11110000 '2 set 4 bits of PortA TRISB=%00000000 TrisC=%00000000 TRISD=%00000000 DEFINE ADC_BITS 4 DEFINE ADC_CLOCK 3 DEFINE ADC_SAMPLEU
engineeers I would like to make a DVM(digital volt meter) using PIC controller help me out plz...!!! yes and the specifications are it should be 300 V AC & DC result would be shown on & 7segment and programmed on assembly language You don't ask for much on your first post :D , I've got a good tip others may help i
Hi every body, I want to make 16f676 based digital volt meter can anybody suggest a c code using mikro c comiler by Mikroelektronika. anand
if u want to make a digital volt and ampere method see the link
You will need to build or buy a portable FM broadcast receiver. Then there should be some output from one of the IC pins that is the log of the signal strength. Then makd a digital volt meter with an ADC.
I am disigning a digital volt meter using the 10 bit A/D converter of the PIC16F877. I need to convert the 10bit value stored in ADRESH:ADRESL register pair into ascii inorder to display the value on an LCD. could any body send me the code in assembly language. phahee, uk
TechOnLine?s digital volt meter (DVM) Design Challenge Calling all Design and Development Engineers: Register today TechOnLine invites you to register for the first Design Challenge of 2004 for a chance to win cash prizes. This design challenge is unique ? it?s al