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hi i am using 16f676 with assembly language. i want to make PWM based lamp dimmer. for this purpose, i have to use 2 interrupts. external int and timer 1 interrupt. can i use both? when external interrupt will wake, timer1 will start, make a port hi. when it will turns off by overflowing, will make the port low. and will wait next external in
could you post the correct circuit? this one isn't isolated, as pin 2 from the 220-lamp connector (which goes to the triac) is connected to VSS and thus to the 5V power supply...
Look at "lamp dimmer" circuits on the internet.These circuits are used to dim the lamp light by decreasing the voltage accross the lamp.There are also dimming IC circuits for this purpose.ICs are better in terms of wide range voltage adjustment.
How you are going to control the dimmer driver?
If an incandescent lamp burns out, a high short circuit current might flow. Triac dimmers that are not protected by a built-in fuse can be damaged in this situation. Flickering of incandescent lamp can indicate a defective triac control circuit. LED drivers aren't necessarily suited for dimmer operation. - - - Updated
I would like to construct a labview vi in order to send command to microcontroller (arduino) to trigger the circuits in order to modulate the intensity of halogen lamp.(using VISA serial) Could someone please advice on how to construct a labview vi. (using slider to control the intensity in labview).please refer to the below attachment. pls: LIF
This is my schematic diagram that i'm using 105434 i cannot dim the lamp correctly the lamp is flickering can anyone check my code thanks! p/s: i'm using pic16f873a the RB0 is for external interrupt for zero crossing and RC0 is for dimmer signal unsigned char FlagReg; int x; int i; int maal; int dimming
AC lamp dimmer using MOSFET PWM. circuit diagram [url=obrazki.elek
hi i want to control two 12V AC lamps using PSoC3 development kit & PSoC creator 3.0 software. i not getting how to develop a logic using PSoC creator. plz help me.
Hello Everyone! I want to understand the use of anti-parallel diodes in this circuit. I know that 555 is configured as an astable multivibrator here. 99450 What is the duty cycle variation range?
I am looking at a lamp dimmer circuit. It has an rc pi filter used to trigger a diac. I want to know why and when does the first capacitor discharge into second capacitor. The second question is how does the first capacitor fully discharge.
See this link for the
hey guys. I would like to control an exhaust fan 220 vac that will vary the speed by the reading of smoke sensor. The fan is 50Hz and only 1 speed (1 phase i suppose?) Let step a side with the sensor. The varying speed will be occurred when I turn off and on the fan in a certain time. For the switching for lamp dimmer or fan controller it pop
I want to dimmer a lamp (40 or 50 watt) with ne555 with p channel But p channel mosfet is I am going to try with IR2103 and IRFZ44.. IRFZ44 like p channel with IR2103 Do you think the circuit is true?Please help me. And I have only 12v
I cannot read it and I don't understand. Is there any other link in English maybe? Use Google to translate it:
- - Updated - - - #include //triac light dimmer #define _XTAL_FREQ 20000000 #define TRIAC1 RB3 #define UP RB7 #define DWN RB6 #define MAX_TIM
hi when the user enters a specific rmp for the motor on GUI, the lamp must be dimmed to 65%. thank-you :-)
The most ancient speed controls used an L-pad. Simple, fairly low loss, and hard to find anymore. Inductive loads can be controlled by triac / SCR dimmer styles but there is more voltage applied at the current-zero-crossing which the design has to accommodate (lamp dimmers have it easy). This is really just component selection (but you (...)
Most economic method is phase angle control ("dimmer") at the primary, using a dimmer circuit designed for 400 Hz and transformer load. At the secondary, MOSFET solid state relays can be used for phase angle control, triac voltage drop would be most likely too high.
Simple voltage to replace potentiometer control. More details here: Circuit PWM dimmer/Motor Speed Controller Schematics | Electronic Circuits
You can buy a simple lamp dimmer for 120 V AC and use it; such dimmers are made for resistive loads which your heater is. You can build such simple dimmer but the cost of components usually is higher than the cost of a nice dimmer which was built to safety requirements. Only check the maximum allowed power (...)
PICDIM lamp dimmer for the PIC12C508 PIC-dimmer complete with PCB layout light dimmer controlled by PIC! Ir lamp Remote Control with PIC
Hi, I have to develop a Power Control Circuit that I have to use how Programmable dimmer for 3 Halogen lamps (3*1500Watts). I would design the control circuit with an integrated microcontroller that I'd like to use to drive a power device. For Power Device and schematic function, I can use Triac, SCR, IGB and Mosfet. I would like to receive you
A classic incandescent bulb is dimmable of course since it behaves like a resistive load. for Fluorescent lamps I found this: Dimming Fluorescent lamps Maybe check dimmer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia too Alex
Hi - I am creating a lamp dimmer using a micro to do phase control. There are 2 issues that I am having problems understanding. I want isolation from mains to my micro so I am using an ILD620 as a zero cross detect. I am using a 50K resistor in series with the mains. This device works but the output "pulse" is really a sinewave with slow rise ti
Light dimmer Circuit Using A Triac
I am trying to control Intensity of AC lamp. For this my steps are as follows 1. Initialise ports, timers. 2. wait for zero cross, if detect a zero cross point set a flag. 3. When zero cross flag set,enable timer0 & start timerto overflow after 8msec. 4. wait untill overflow. 5. When overflow, turn ON triac for some duration (may be 600usec)
Are infra red lamps simply a form of incandescant lamp? In which case a normal lamp dimmer would work. Keith.
Sir, i am doing a project for dim and bright incandacent lamp using pic16f877. I hav generated pwm corresponding to LDR value. How i can control the lamp using a triac? Thanks in advance Sreeja
Hi, Try this zero-crossing detector. I use this for my 12F675 based lamp dimmer. It generates a high-to-low pulse every it helps. Tahmid.
I am interested in learning how to use a MOSFET and a Bridge Rectifier to control lights using PWM for incandescent loads. So far, I believe that it can be done, not sure how. Any suggestions? Thank
Hi all, please, which is the meaning of the following labels / are from a lamp of the "touch dimmer" type. (More information in this topic: ) Many thanks Z
Hi all, I'm concerned about the safety of TOUCH dimmerS, and specifically this one (HY-80CM): Here is an lamp case is connected to the "touch sensor" cable (the brown one), so it can not be connected to
Add a resistor in series to the >1KW dimmer potentiometer. At full turn of the knob will not supply full voltage.
Hi All, Is there a direct subsitution from a U.S. company for a BT136-600E Triac ??? I'm trying to repair a burnt-out touch dimmer lamp without spending a fortune ( meaning a 50 to 100.00 minimum order for 1 triac ). Thanks !!! :-)
here you have one with pic mcu Added after 1 minutes: and here one with an avr mcu I just goggled "avr lamp dimmer"... should be easy to do so ?
Or use low cost light dimmer with bigger triack.
Hi, can you give me some circuits or ic's that can I use to build a touch lamp dimmer with 3 steps. ie. 1st touch low light, 2nd touch middle light, 3rd touch maximum light and 4th tuouch turns off. I had some circuits made with TT6061A but I cant find from where I can buy the chip ! thanks ron
i'm designing a dimmer for a halogen lamp (15VAC 150watt) using a triac (BTA16) controlled by a microcontroller....and i want to know can i was a triac to control 15VAC the output of 220/15V transformer
hello everybody! can this circuit work ok to dim a flouroscent bulb what should be the frequency of pwm signal sorry for a very rough picture please reply me thanks
then what is your prob, it should be , when the lamp is not there, the terminal is open there is no connection between phase and neutral. and when you connect the lamp ,a connection is there , so whatever be the fired angle after that you should get the remaining cycle of that ac wave. from w/f it is clear that the , lamp is bright (...)
You need to know the power rating of the dimmer. For example - if the dimmer is rated at 100watts, you can drive one 100 watt lamp from it or four 25 watt lamps from it. The rating is usually in watts, but it may also be specified in amps. Look on the side or back of the dimmer for the specifications.
Hi all, can any one hlp me providing digitally controlled lamp dimmer circuit ramesh
I try to change the program in BASIC, but I do not know very well language C. Anywere I believe that him I will accomplish, but I have two problems: ----------- 1. I cannot find the point of choice for line 60Hz, to convert for line 50 Hz. 2. I want to change the program it understands automatically line frequency (time between two zero
I've just installed Elecronics Workbench Multisim 9, and was tinkering with a classic triac/diac lamp dimmer circuit. Waveforms are extremely spikey, inconsistent, and at times just plain wrong. Some signal excursions are even higher than the AC input voltage. If I breadboard the circuit, and put a scope to it, I get completely different (and
According to the zilog's design dimmer the decoupling capacitor has a value of 220uF. We're all tempted to increase this value mainly due to two reasons: 1. To reduce +5v rail ripple 2. To provide the current gate when triac is fired and still keeping a reasonable value for supplying PIC16F628 However, the value of this capacitor can't be inc
I have a problem with the dimmer switch for my halogen room lamp. It has a ST BTA12-400C triac and works for 120v 60Hz 500W 4.3A. I think it is the potentiometer that's giving problems, but it has no markings so I can't understand what type it is or what's the resistance. I tried to measure it, but it is not giving results I can trust. I also meas
hi Nice design with support of four different types of code with lot of nice features code for programing pic and all detial added here is the main options * Remote control operation * Uses commercial pre-programmed remote control * On and off control with soft start for long lamp life * Fast and slow dim up and dim down control * Au
I search for a schematic or theory for dimmer light flux of high pressure sodium lamp

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