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Hi. I'm looking for any documentation for this display. It has being pulled off from a energy meter type Nemo 96. A traditional web search doesn't return any usable results. Thanks
Hello experts, I am working with pi3, 3.2 inch touch LCD and temperature sensor. I got output for temp sensor, touch LCD. Now i have displayed my sensor reading to the touch display in terminal . But i need to display the temperature reading in GUI like graphical thermometer or analog speedo (...)
Sorry for the long post I have a UT60E meter which sends out RS232 data to serial port and would like an Arduino to receive and display the data on LCD(with the idea after to send via NRF24L01'S) for data logging to SD card, Now I know how to do the SD part, But fairly new to Arduino and don't really know how to do it, I found a couple of web sit
hello everyone I m designing a metering circuit based on a microcontroller and 7 segments, which will be used as display the value of a certain physical variable in industrial process. my problem now is which power supply to choose. I thought about transformerless power supply, but I think it will cause heavy losses and decrease efficiency ,
Does the meter display any status message, to indicate it has received communication? Or sending communication. I have never used this type of meter so all I can think of are general questions. You'll need to test any commands, in an effort to find anything that works. Start with the most basic commands. Watch for any sign that you achieved (...)
hi, i need to measure resistance of a 1m(minimum) length 0.2mm(minimum) diameter copper cable resistance with 1 micro ohm resistance least count. is there any commercial product available for this task. I have a 4 Wire Low Ohm meter using a 3 1/2 digit display, so it will only measure to .001 of an ohm. If a
Hi! I got a nice Digimess DM200 bench dvm (Mastech M9803R clone) sold as seen on ebay but it looks like the NJU9210F dvm chip has died - no display, backlight works but nothing else! Can anyone point me in the direction of any new (preferably less than ?20!) cheapo DVMs that use '9210F's I can use for the chip and any other odds and ends I mi
The question you did not answer was; Was the display backlight visibly fully on, when you measured the current? If not, it's the problem Audioguru describe. The current shunt in the meter has a voltage drop. Most backlights I've seen has a Vf between 4 and 5V, normally around 4V5. If you reduce the voltage below this, the LEDs will not go on
Hi! I may be wrong, maybe it's a faulty batch of DMMS, but "1" on the display can mean over-range. Are you measuring something under 200mV on the 200mV scale? If what you are measuring is over 200mV on the 200mV scale the DMM will say "1" "OL" or something like that.
hello sir i am doing my project on embedded pic controller 16f877a and i have got the meter for reading the solar panel data such as volts ,amps, freq etc .and this data is taken from MODSCAN software ,but i want to use or import the data from MODSCAN to MATLAB please do tell me the procedure to import the data and display in matlab.
Use a Battery and a variable resistor to set the current and to simulate changes in sunlight. Use a watt meter to display the power.
hello... i am working on flow meter project. in which i want to display total liter of water. i am just increment variable value on each pulse. i define variable for it "unsigned int TOTALIZATOR", my microcontroller is ATMEGA32A. My problem is that when i am trying to display this variable value in 16x2 LCD display, (...)
I have analog circuit that generate several type of waveforms (sine, tri, and sqrt) of frequencies from 10Hz to 1KHz trying to display the current and the frequency both on a LCD or through usb port in a PC. any selections
Dear all, O need to design digital meter that display current and voltage of three phase systemk 380v-400v please guide me how to make the connection and isolation ,i think aboit cts but not sure the way i will do it I am using pic18f and mikroc for pic, please post some link if possible thanks in advance
hello, Give more details.. what is your full scale of milliamp for 5V on RA3 ADC input ? with ADC 10 bits => you will get 1024 pts for the full scale... How do you display the result ? UART -> RS232 -> terminal or on LCD 2x16 car or ?
I build a poptronix some years ago and it's still working I changed the output because I didnt have an analog meter so I use a simple LM3914 and a bargraph display module, I copied the datasheet example. and it works fine. here is the original poptronix pdf, along with tons of others esr meters schematics (I did not try them all...) [URL="kr
I am writing a program which can take the analogue voltage reading and use adc to convert this signal into digital signal and display In terms of digital values. Initially I was using a digital lcd and displayed the above mentioned data on lcd. Now I need a program which can display the data in the form of a dial (gauge) on GLCD with a (...)
Or if it is simply two digital displays in one package it could for example be measuring voltage and current simultaneously. They are frequently used in the outputs of power supplies but could be employed anywhere where two readings are needed at the same time in a compact space. Brian.
Using C language: Develop a C program to turn off/on the analog meter. Develop a C program to vary analog meter from minimum value to maximum upon the key press. develop a C program to display the status of panel meter in LED. it would be nice if somone could help me out with the source codes as i am a beginer. Thank (...)
Hi all fellow electronics engineers. We are currently working on a two-display ARM processor solution and have finished our PCB but seems to be having some issues with the cabling. Our current configuration consists of a single SSD1963 LCD display connected by a 1 meter long 40-pin flat ribbon cable. The display doesn't (...)
Hi, i want to transmit some data like temp etc via RF Module and want to display at LCD which is connected to another MCU which is few meter away? How too achieve it??
hi, thanks for watching my esr repository. in the source code, you can see -- LED display routines const byte SSEG = { 0b00111111, -- 0, LED Segment: A,B,C,D,E,F 0b00000110, -- 1, LED Segment: B,C 0b01011011, -- 2, LED Segment: A,B,D,E,G 0b01001111, -- 3, LED Segment
hi all member . i wanna using atmaga 32 and lcd display to make project to read the value of inductance and capacitance . please help me
I have used the cable up to 1 meter, of course shielded. Only caution a capacitor of 10 uF between the supply pin of the display to avoid voltage drops or spikes. Made about 1000 pieces without any problem. Mandi
Use a microprocessor board with an RS485 port and an LED display?
Hello! First: what is a smart meter, what does it measure, how frequently, etc... What did you write? Where do you have a problem? By the way, it depends how smart your meter will be, but if it's some measurement / display device, I think the F5438 is well over spec. Do you need 256 k flash? Do you need 16k memory? Dora.
From the link supplied, I believe the product is basically a 10A meter with a 100A shunt (see the wiring image). The shunt is just doing its job and bypassing the 90A. As for what you received? I think it is probably the same meter (i.e. can display up to 100A), but you have a 50A shunt. My thoughts are this will make your reading approx 2 (...)
Guys, How to measure heartbeat with atmega128 ? I have created the sensor module with TCRT5000 and op amp and the pulse already, My question is how can I count / measure the pulse and display it to my LCD on BPM ? Thanks
Not enough information, i.e. can the display actually show 500? If the range is 0-300, the hundreds digit might be 0,1,2,3. Frank
which compiler u r using? and whats ur display?
I want to measure the RPM of a simple squirrel cage induction motor running at 1500 RPM max. is ATMEGA8 running at 8MHz can cope such a high speed pulses. my idea is one timer1 working as 16 bit counting the pulses. the other timer0 working as "time gate" to ovulate the captured pulses the. timer0 is working 10 ms, 100ms or 1 ses. period
Hello for our guys, this topic i'm have make a pH meter circuit and i want to using pic 16F877a to read the value of pH using of LCD display 16*2... i have complete my pH circuit, but, for the PIC, i dont know how to program the analog signal convert to the digital..hope some one can help me please, i very2 need this program code, program to
Hi, Not that difficult, you read in the o2 sensor data via an adc port, then convert that value to your Lambda scale via some suitable conversion table and display the result on your meter display. The points you have not detailed, you need to choose a Pic16F with the ADC feature ( most have them), you do not detail what the 02 sensor (...)
The +3 after the percentage error figure means plus 3 counts. In other words there's an uncertainty of 3 in the last digit of the display. Oh, I just looked at the 15B's specifications on Fluke's web site
Hi, How to build an LC meter... ? I mean the analog part of the circuit.. I would like to interface it with PIC 16F877A and display the value in LCD... I am using the mikro C pro as compiler... I would like to know the working principle as well as the calculation procedures... Thank You
Hello friends, i am planing to display the digital values on LCD interface with PIC16f877a from rotary(existing) meter.can i get some ideas which i will used to sense the digital values.or how shall i get the voltage signals. i am planning to place reed switches and place magnet on the needle. when the needle comes near the swit
I have a pic 16f73 based ac volt meter.the volts on Adc pin vary from .87v to 1.58v the respective lcd display is from 170v to 230v. .87v=170v .93v=175v .99v=180v 1.05v=185v 1.11v=190v 1.17v=195v 1.23v=200v and so on.i am unable to understand adc math for this conversion.can any one explain it.Vref = Vdd in the circuit.
Hello all! I have just started creating components for Proteus VSM and am having some troubles with the coding. I have gotten a basic digital decive to work and now am working on a combo V/A meter with animations to get the hang of graphics but I can only display info from RTVPROBE or RTIPROBE but not both at the same time. Does anybody know
Here is the manual for the fluke 87 I just learned how to use the analog display scale , because i always thought it was uncalibrated all this time because its always lower than the digital display value or its at a random lower number which doesn't make sense. The manual say this
Consider the Spectral density meter, A.k.a. Spectrum Analyzer. The entire inoput bandwidth is up converted to an IF above the maximum instrument BW then down converted to 2nd IF 75MHz and then 3rd IF1@ 10.7MHz then log detected to baseband. Here negative frequencies are shown on display, which as you say seems illogical but actually occur
The meter is based on a chip TC7129 and dedicated LCD. Scheme was taken from the layout sheet.
I am designing an audio amplifier using a microcontroller, lcd. But i have problem designing the amplification section because most the design i know about is analog. Can anyone help U mean u want a power meter ? and display on screen as a number or as a bar graph led screen [COLOR="#FF00
please provide me a circuit diagram of 3 1/2 digital 7 segment led display meter driven by 0 - 10 ma dc transducer
Hello! This is not the right way to start! Nobody is going to write your application. You should try first to display something on the screen, then try to measure something with the ADC, then put this together. Dora.
Hi. Im new learner for MikroC. I doing automated meter reading using rf. Transmitter is connected to the electric meter and it counts the pulses from it and displays it over the LCD display. It also transmits the data over wireless using RF. and i added few thing like RTC for clock and external EEprom for storing (...)
It clearly says that this is a single 9 Volts supply version of the meter. Means it needs separate 9 Volts supply to operate the meter and the you can measure the input. Did you read the manual before connecting it? Now make clear that when you connect the 9 volts supply does the meter display -1 and stays on with other (...)
This looks like the interface to display current or voltage or something. Do you want to measure the current when the LED's light? Then connect a resistor between the common cathodes of the LEDs and ground. The voltage across the resistor will be an indication of the resistance since R=V/I. So, measure the voltage at the common cathodes of the LEDs
The instrument is suitable for measuring small power local generators and high power transmitters (with additional dampers), and after connecting appropriate antennas a a field strength meter, to check the antennas and their effecti
The main problem is that of accuracy versus gate time. Suppose your engine does 10,000 RPM flat out. If you hold the gate open for 60 Seconds you get a display of 10,000, if only 6 seconds then the count will be 1,000, if you choose .6 seconds then the display will be 100. Now if you throttle back to tick over (1000 RPM) then the display (...)
Very often it is necessary to measure standing wave ratio SWR or transmission power of a device. The presented design is a classic system of power and SWR measurements, except that to calculate and display the results of measurement