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Are you talking about a laser or an IR diode? IR diode: pump it with short >1A pulses while keeping an 1 to 10% duty cycle. Laser diode: use TOF (time of flight) measurement method. There are many distance sensors schemes on the net.
Hello, friends! Can anybody share info about laser distance measurement? Thanks in advance, cat
Can you suggest me an Ultrasound distance measurement module which can be connected to a PIC microcontroller? distance should be measured between 2 nodes. It would be good if the range is about 10-20m. Better if the range is larger.
Hi I am working on a new distance measurement sensor for robotics/automation that can measure distances from 0 up to 20 meters. I am interested in what other solutions that are available for distance measurement that works from 0 meters. Does anyone know about such a sensor? Oyvind
yes! it is and you don't need any additional oscillator circuitry you can generate some kHz frequency by timer 0 and count the pules via timer 1 set a counter, do some maths and you get the elapsed time then use the following relation to find the distance travelled: distance travelled = (speed of sound * time elapsed) /2 happy programming!
hi, we are working on a project that requires to sense the distance between two vehicles. thats why we need to know which sensors will be suitable for distance measurement of about 20 meters. thanks chaitanya....
can anyone help me, how can i measure distance using this sensor (TS601) ultrasonic & PIC 16F877A or 16F73 plz anyone help with code &
Hello! This doesn't look like a distance measurement sensor, but a "presence" check sensor. This is generally used with a disk with holes. Depending whether there is a hole between the diode and the sensor, light will be detected or no. This is used for optical rotation speed measurement. Depending on the number of holes, you will get an (...)
How to interface ultrasonic distance measurement sensor dyp-me007v2 with 8051 microcontroller. Want programming and circuit connection for it. Its urgent.
I Want to Make a distance measurement & Indication System Using Ultrasonic Sensor (TS601-01). It Should Consist of A LCD Screen to Display distance & LED With 1 Green & 1 Red. Green LED Should Always Be Lighten Up When the Car (toy) Containing The Sensor is in Safe distance (> 5 CM), But When The Car with the Sensor reaches (...)
Hello everybody, here is description of my thesis I have a bacheler thesis above distance measurement on FPGA. Within this master thesis, an algorithm for the distance measurement, based on stereo images has to be realized on a FPGA platform. For this purpose, the images of 2 stereo camera has to be sampled by a (...)
Hi All. My first post here so please go easy! I need to design a cheap simple device to measure distance variations. The key being the word variation.... which will be from 0 to 5mm with accuracy/rsolution to a micron (10^-6m) Having looked at some historic posts using IR, UV led with sensor is a good option. my proposed design will be teles
hello i want to make distance measurement using ultrasonic sensor by using 8051 and I want to display it on LCD I written assembly code but there are some errors.. can any one provide me assembly code for this.... I am attaching my project files 102985
hi im not a pro in electronics.. im doing it as a hobby.. im doing a laser distance measurement with phase difference method.. my target is to measure upto 50 meters. im using a 635nm 1mw photo diode i want to know what what photo diode i need to use here. and how to figure it out? i mean is there any calculations i need to do for that? and im u
I must confess that I don't even know what "old unmodulated CW radar" is. Classical radar is pulsed. The only fixed frequency CW applications I'm aware of are traffic speed control (and target lighting for surface-to-air missiles). Theoretically, you can determine the phase shift of reflected wave for two frequencies separately, both oscillators
Hello all, I am a newbie to this board and hands-on electronics in general. I am trying to identify a kit which can help me build a system which can do proximity measurement along with direction. I have gone through some of the offerings from various manufacturers who sell ultrasonic proximity sensors and the like (ping). I am looki
Generally for measuring distance, ultrasonic technique works well...Cheers
Myself Sumanta Kumar Show is trying to implement a program regarding measurement of distance through AT89C2051 Microcontroller. The program is as follows - ;Program listing: ;$mod51 ORG 0H AJMP 30H ORG 0BH ;TIMER 0 INTERRUPT VECTOR; AJMP TIMER0ISR ;Timer 0 Interrupt service routine address ORG 30H MOV SP,#60H ;set stack pointer
hello, Good application ! Thank's for sharing.. you can also increase accuracy by adding air temperature measurement , to correct sound speed in the air... you can earn any % of accuracy.. // Via la mesure de temperature LM35DZ en °C // reajuste la vitesse son dans l'air f(Temperature) // y = 0,5803x + 328,39 Sound_Speed= Filtered_T
One method used is IR tape measurement substitute devices is to modulate the IR emitter with a sine wave superimposed on a DC level. The receiver picks off the sine wave and compares the phase with the transmitted phase. A calibration point is used to compensate for the time delay through the electronics. I suppose
I would like to make a precise distance measuring device (distance from 0 to 1.5m). I was thinking about interferometry. Any plans? What laser should i use?
Dear All: I am currently developing a circuit to measure the distance via the delay of the recieved signal that can occure. any one has a parctical design. Preferred freeq is 2.4 GHz.
Hello, Search google for the same, you will find lot of projects based on ultrasonic distance measurment. Bye
hello, i am using an atmega32 at 5v with 16mhz crystal. i have written the code for the ultrasonic distance measurement sensor. this is the code --- #include #include #include #define lcd_port PORTD #define LCD_EN 0x80 #define LCD_RS 0x20 unsigned int count, dist, temp, t; // C
I fear, that none of the suggested solutions works at 5 m distance. In principle, you can measure distance by triangulation with high accuracy, but unfortunately, you need a large base distance. Unfortunately too, you didn't tell a word about resolution and accuracy. For higher accuracy, laser time-of-flight and possibly optical FMCW (...)
The said distance sensor uses a special integrated optical device from Sharp rather than a simple LED and a phototransistor. The latter are good for a reflective switch, but don't allow distance measurement.
Ir works better for smaller distances. For 1-5m I would recommend you sonars. Off course it also depends distance to what want to measure. Best regards, Micard
hello everybody,, :D I've a problems in my project,, I want to measure distance using ping ultrasonic sensor and PIC16f84a with 4Mhz xtall and display it in 8 bit data,, when the distance is 300cm led in PORTB show ffh I've already made the program,, but this program doesn't run well,, the counter is reset when the distance 125cm,, the (...)
hello friends, i want to build laser distance meter with following requirement. if anyone worked on that please help me out. 1 it should measure upto 100m 2 it must works 3 days continuously. 3 with cm acuracy. thank you in advance.
Hi I am trying to do distance measurements between two radios. Now I have found a method I am confident will work, and does work in my simulations. As I know only the basics of RF design I had hope to find a near complete transceiver as an IC and make a circuit board for it. Unfortunately it seems that due to a few special requirements that ther
Hi, I need to plot the oscillations of a vibrating system in PC application. During oscillation the complete distance (peak to peak) is around 7 cm. I have successfully completed PC application , interfacing and micro controller part. For measuring distance, initially I used sonar but its resolution (1 inch) was not suitable for me.. I jumped to I
Want to build distance finder using laser and binocular. Do you have Any idea or link to share???
Hi guys, I have been looking around, for a laser distance measuring device, about 200$, but couldn't find anything related. Could anyone suggest some distance measurement lasers. I will describe my project needs. I need a laser scanner/range finder to detect cars in parking spaces in a parking lot, basically know how many parking spots are (...)
hi, pls give me code for distance measurement using an ultrasonic detector and interfacing with pic 18f.
As i said in my title. i need someone to teach me how to measure distance using SRF05 Ultrasonic sensor and printing in onto the 16X2 lcd? i am using mplab ide 8.80v and c18 compiler. i am using a PIC18F4520, 8Mhz internal oscilator.
Hi everyone I want to measure distance using radio waves I have an antenna transmitter and a receiver antenna, the antenna emits a sine wave and its frequency changes. waves transmitted and reflected by an obstacle, then transmitted to the receiver antenna wave antenna in both forward and reflected waves so i want to
hai friends, i am doing my mini project. can i use ultra sonic sensors for water level measurement in over head tank. my idea is to measure the water level by ultr sonic as a distance measurement system . ultra sonic tranciever is mounted on a plastic pipe, and the pipe (...)
Write the user stories of what your project must do for example: Generate 40 KHz carrier wave Generate transmission pulses (2Hz) Time period between TX and RX Amplify received signal Rectify received signal Calculate distance Display distance on LCD .......
I want to find a distance sensor but not using the IR sensor can any one help me in choosing a good sensor. I prefer digital sensor.
Hello, I have a project that I want to do using lasers to detect a persons shoulder from no more than 3 meters away and no less than 2 meters away. I have looked at other detection solutions such as IR and other devices but due to the material type (t-shirt) and the device having to work out side I have ruled those out. Unless you think it can s
Hello! Let's assume that we have simple FMCW distance measurement system with linear frequency sweep from F1 to F2. Sweep duration is T. ADC frequency is enough to digitize 128 points for each sweep duration T. Then we do some windowing and perform an FFT. For example 1024pt FFT (yes, i know about 128 points and interpolation, but it is from real
hey, need to display distance using 8051 and hc-sr04 on LCD. i have the code for distance measurement and LCD but don't know how to display it please help the code is attached.
Hello All, As a newbie in our forum, I honestly haven?t got much experience in any electronic projects in the past. So please bear with me. I have recently been asked to provide a solution for monitoring the misalignment (distance) of two objects within a short range (up to 30 cm). My task is to propose a cost effective solution that can monitor
HI friends i am working on distance measuring sensor and i am going to display the output on LCD i got the output but , how can I get the output in increment form mean ,just like digital counter on LCD. plz help!!!!!......
Hi, I am measuring the distance using range sensor SRFO5. The sensor is having the maximum range of 400 cm. When I trigger the sensor, it releases echo signal which is used to measure the distance of the object. The echo signal will become zero when the object is detected. The counter value increments which measures the echo width an
What is the distance? For distances of a few feet, an ultrasonic sound transmitter and sensor is often used since the slow speed of sound compared to light makes it much easier to measure the distance from the time the reflection takes to travel to the target and return to the receiver. If you want to use light then the easiest would be (...)
To measure distance from time-of-flight, you'll need an absolute timing reference. It's missing in your setup. Generally, you'll get three distance vectors that aren't alligned to x-y-z direction.
For such short range ultrasonic range meters are easier to make. Doing it with light needs picosecond pulses and a very fast-response receiver. Check laser distance meters to see how it is done.
Please let me know I want to build distance measure device for 2m to 4m by using Laser. Can anyone interested to tell me?