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You need several 1000 V withstanding voltage and respective creepage and clearance distance for safe mains isolation. The part is absolutely unsuitable. - - - Updated - - - Consider a primary voltage measurement circuit and an optocoupler transmitting a digital "voltage good" signal.
Depends on the distance between antenna and transponder.Saying that 30-60 dBuV at the output of a Yagi-Uda antenna with a 10-18dB Gain.Maybe less maybe more respecting to the distance,antenna position,antenna matching,analog-digital...etc.etc..
I am trying to measure distance using LVDT sensor and AD698 IC. I don't have data relating the sensor I am using. I am simply tried to copy the distance measurement with device I already have. I matched the AC input and output of my system with the device that I already have. My input AC excitation is 5 Vp-p and 17 KHz. The output is (...)
If i hold this IR thermometer 1cm away from the surface to be measured, what will be the measurmenet spot size? The 1:1 parameter seems more like referring to the ratio of the focal distance divided by the inner diameter of the pipe ( its effective optical aperture ), which gives 1cm for the measured area at such distance. Perhaps
Its the equivalent phase noise as measured in a 1 Hz bandwidth with respect to the amplitude of the carrier. That is dBc/Hz. Now you can make that measurement at any frequency distance away from the carrier (usually above) and that is the @xxx Khz figure. As you get closer to the carrier the noise level will increase, and right at the carrier th
Hi, I am trying to work out an experiment for determining distance of a target placed 800 mm away. The experiment is something like this. A sharply focussed laser beam is targeted at a target (grey black in colour and non reflective), the laser beam is at an angle, a webcam like the Logitech C615 is placed directly opposite the dot. The w
Normally you measure S11 by transmitting to antenna under test and monitor using directional coupler with known S12 loss by calibration. then calculate Friss Loss vs distance and compare with known whip antenna gain. Ground planes affect gain and echoes off walls and nearby objects affect S11 which should be >-15dB. Then reverse antenna and repe
Hi, All, I found a UWB chip as attachment. Now I want to know: 1. Its minimum detect distance. I know the maximum distance can be calculated by PRF etc, but how to calculate the minimum detect distance? 2. How to calculate the resolution of the UWB radar? 3. What's the difference, which impact detect distance and (...)
Your 4-point probe is commonly used in semiconductor measurement / process control. The mapping from measured resistance to 2-d or 3-d resistivity is not simple but can be looked up. Force current between outer probes and measure voltage@distance with the inner probes. You need the geometry info (probe spacing and any sample features which would
Hello Guys, I have a new project that I want use RFID to verify ID of item and I need measurement distance from reader to TAG. The maximum distance between the reader to TAG is about 7 cm and I want know distance between reader to TAG with accuracy about 1 cm. Is it possible?
I do this all the time. Get a pair of known gain antennas. Point them at each other at your distance of interest (like 10 feet, 30 feet, whatever). Drive one of them with 10 dBm power level at the frequency of interest. Go to the other side and measure the received power. This is your "calibration" then replace the first antenna/source with
hello, if your application is just to take the distance (no other job in parralele) you can simply use pooling mode of the input and count number of cycle machine. Send trigger pulse of 10?s to arm the measurment then unsigned long BigCounter; .. arme measurement BigCounter=0; while (p3==1) { Bigcounter ++; // optional delay // dela
Hi All, I am working on a project where I need to implement distance measurement technique using some kind of a sensor. This system will be used to measure horizontal and vertical distance between which the Potato Bin Piler's shaft will move. This distance can vary from 10mtrs and may go as far as 75mtrs. I had some (...)
This design assumes a certain conductor resistance per km length to use Ohm's Law to measure distance. It ignores EMI induced into long transmission lines, ignores inductance and requires that no transformers be connected when the fault is detected which would cause measurement error. Most line fault detectors use a pulse with TDR method to loc
hello, i have convert the code to c18 mplab but it don't seem to produce the result, can u help me to solve this? i'm using pic18f4580 with xtal 20Mhz#include #include #include #include #include #include #pragma config OSC= HS #pragma config WDT=OFF #pragma config LVP=O
I must confess that I don't even know what "old unmodulated CW radar" is. Classical radar is pulsed. The only fixed frequency CW applications I'm aware of are traffic speed control (and target lighting for surface-to-air missiles). Theoretically, you can determine the phase shift of reflected wave for two frequencies separately, both oscillators
Hi, if there is a fixed dielectric constant then i´d use a capacitive sensor. a mechanical solution can be to push the paper between two ball bearings and measure the distance.. optical: light shine through it depends on some parameters wich solution to choose. Klaus
I would suggest investigating a laser range finder/ruler as these have had the benefit of development for a mass market and are now low cost and robust. They are now routinely used for room measurements for house sales/marketing and the DIY industry. Other possible options are the robotic distance measuring sensors such as produced by Sharp. Ultr
hi im not a pro in electronics.. im doing it as a hobby.. im doing a laser distance measurement with phase difference method.. my target is to measure upto 50 meters. im using a 635nm 1mw photo diode i want to know what what photo diode i need to use here. and how to figure it out? i mean is there any calculations i need to do for that? and im u
Hello friends, I want to share my small project...Ultrasonic distance measuring. Compiler : MikroC Pro V.6 Xtal : 16MHz Sensor : HC-SR04 from ebay LCD : 20x4 Trigger pin was connected to RC3 Echo pin connected to RD0 Duration measure formula: Duration(us) = TMR * Clock speed per instruction(Fosc/4) * timer pre-scale(1:4) Cloc
ORG 30H RAM_ADDR EQU 20H hundreds equ 20h tens equ 21h ones equ 22h MOV P1,#00000000B ; sets P1 as output port MOV P0,#00000000B ; sets P0 as output port CLR P3.0 ; sets P3.0 as output for sending trigger SETB P3.1 ; sets P3.1 as input for receiving echo MOV TMOD,#00100000B ; // sets timer1 as mod
hello i want to make distance measurement using ultrasonic sensor by using 8051 and I want to display it on LCD I written assembly code but there are some errors.. can any one provide me assembly code for this.... I am attaching my project files 102985
Are you using IR distance measurement sensor? If yes, provide its datasheet.
Please let me know I want to build distance measure device for 2m to 4m by using Laser. Can anyone interested to tell me?
For such short range ultrasonic range meters are easier to make. Doing it with light needs picosecond pulses and a very fast-response receiver. Check laser distance meters to see how it is done.
Hi All. My first post here so please go easy! I need to design a cheap simple device to measure distance variations. The key being the word variation.... which will be from 0 to 5mm with accuracy/rsolution to a micron (10^-6m) Having looked at some historic posts using IR, UV led with sensor is a good option. my proposed design will be teles
To measure distance from time-of-flight, you'll need an absolute timing reference. It's missing in your setup. Generally, you'll get three distance vectors that aren't alligned to x-y-z direction.
Hi, I am measuring the distance using range sensor SRFO5. The sensor is having the maximum range of 400 cm. When I trigger the sensor, it releases echo signal which is used to measure the distance of the object. The echo signal will become zero when the object is detected. The counter value increments which measures the echo width an
Usually a simple printout scaling problem, see You can always check the nominal package size and pin distance by eagle measurement tools.
most of the applications of ultrasonic sensor is distance measurement...but i want to make a project in which a pattern is stored in the microcontroller and when we show the hands in the same pattern the door should open...simply the hand detection is a please help me in this project....
Hi Guys, I need help to understand the inner working of US distance measurement sensor. I was very amazed with the quality of the output from the "HC-SR04" sensor. So, I started digging into the circuit. There isn't any schematic of the board and I started by looking at the waveform on the Transmitter transducer pins. I'm struck on the first
Hi, Can anyone please tell me, why only 13 to 23 bits are taken in this code for distance measurement library IEEE; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_1164.ALL; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_UNSIGNED.ALL; use IEEE.NUMERIC_STD.ALL; entity distance_measurer is port ( clk : in STD_LOGIC; trigg : in STD_LOGIC; pulse : in STD_LOGIC;
want to build a "laser range finder"* to measure a distance of approx 70 meters... help required for components and any schematics to build one..,i am trying using the 650nm CW laser diode with a collimator and receiver is a PIN/APD diode...can anyone suggest how to proceed with above few components or any new one to workon will be much helpfull..
I used a low-cost ($10, Craftsman) ultrasonic distance meter for similar purpose. Water and sand reflected well but wood chips were worse to measure in a high tank. You must experiment to see if ultrasonic sensors are good in your case. In some tanks secondary reflections make problems at certain levels. There are Ka-band radar meters for liquids
Hello everybody, here is description of my thesis I have a bacheler thesis above distance measurement on FPGA. Within this master thesis, an algorithm for the distance measurement, based on stereo images has to be realized on a FPGA platform. For this purpose, the images of 2 stereo camera has to be sampled by a (...)
HI friends i am working on distance measuring sensor and i am going to display the output on LCD i got the output but , how can I get the output in increment form mean ,just like digital counter on LCD. plz help!!!!!......
Hi, Can any body know any GPS can give accurate measurement about speed. One of my project need it. for now i am taking two reading after a time delay, then calculating distance ant then distance/time=velocity. but this gives me inaccurate information. I want to improve it. Any idea please....... Thanks
Hello , I would like to understand at what distance HFSS computes the far field amplitude and phase? I want to simulate the e field phase at a given distance ( but in the far field zone) while moving the horn generating this field +/- from the reference plane. Is it OK to move the horn and consider the far field measurement location (...)
Can you post your script? Also have you examined the raw data, do the values look realistic? I've done this kind of measurement with inexpensive accelerometer and gyro and without filtering of the raw data I could never get any sensible results (ie. speed, distance and direction).
Hello All, As a newbie in our forum, I honestly haven?t got much experience in any electronic projects in the past. So please bear with me. I have recently been asked to provide a solution for monitoring the misalignment (distance) of two objects within a short range (up to 30 cm). My task is to propose a cost effective solution that can monitor
I Want to Make a distance measurement & Indication System Using Ultrasonic Sensor (TS601-01). It Should Consist of A LCD Screen to Display distance & LED With 1 Green & 1 Red. Green LED Should Always Be Lighten Up When the Car (toy) Containing The Sensor is in Safe distance (> 5 CM), But When The Car with the Sensor reaches (...)
hey, need to display distance using 8051 and hc-sr04 on LCD. i have the code for distance measurement and LCD but don't know how to display it please help the code is attached.
Do you really need horsepower? What a messy measurement that is these days... Anyway, Power = force x distance / time 1 cubic foot of water at STP weighs 62.42796 pounds. That's the force. So, Power = 62.42796 x 100 / 1 Power = 6243 ft.lbf/s (rounded, no more silly decimal places) Since 1
Myself Sumanta Kumar Show is trying to implement a program regarding measurement of distance through AT89C2051 Microcontroller. The program is as follows - ;Program listing: ;$mod51 ORG 0H AJMP 30H ORG 0BH ;TIMER 0 INTERRUPT VECTOR; AJMP TIMER0ISR ;Timer 0 Interrupt service routine address ORG 30H MOV SP,#60H ;set stack pointer
Hello! Let's assume that we have simple FMCW distance measurement system with linear frequency sweep from F1 to F2. Sweep duration is T. ADC frequency is enough to digitize 128 points for each sweep duration T. Then we do some windowing and perform an FFT. For example 1024pt FFT (yes, i know about 128 points and interpolation, but it is from real
Which supply i.e. 5V or 12V with refrence to GND i have to chose for its input for long distance say 10Meters. for more than 1 sensor on a single line is there any specific ID arrangement.
How to interface ultrasonic distance measurement sensor dyp-me007v2 with 8051 microcontroller. Want programming and circuit connection for it. Its urgent.
Hello, I have a project that I want to do using lasers to detect a persons shoulder from no more than 3 meters away and no less than 2 meters away. I have looked at other detection solutions such as IR and other devices but due to the material type (t-shirt) and the device having to work out side I have ruled those out. Unless you think it can s
Define your user stories in terms of accuracy, temperature range, water surface details , update rate, output resolution and format Then search Google and EDA for ultra sonic distance
hello i use MB1010 ultrasonic sensor for distance measurement. I put an object 1 inch in front the sensor and observe the voltage at AN0 of the pic pin and display the value on LCD. at that point i should get 9.8mV but then, i got unstable value.... anybody knows why this is happen