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Hi,I'm trying to simulate a power divider.I start my design from layout, then I'm trying to co-simulate with schematic and library model/symbol. but when I copy the symbol to the new schematic cell, I can't attach the other components to the layout part! , please help me
I'm trying to simulate a power divider.I start my design from layout, then I'm trying to co-simulate with schematic and library model/symbol. but when the symbol is produced The ports of the layout still have been remained and when I copy this symbol to the new schematic cell, I can't attach other components to the layout (...)
Hi iam design a patch array antenna using ADS -layout design i don't know how to use Wilkinson power divider for 2*2 array
Hi, Macro cell -- This is a small level of layout design for Ex: LDO block, divider etc Filler cell -- Cell used to filler the gap between the IO cells and to continue the power/gnd bus ECO cell -- This cell has some extra devices which will be re used for improvements after the first cut tape out done regards, basu
Driving (+) with (-)=0V gives a differential gain of 1 + 1million (GBW) so it is correct. It is often done with voltage divider to lower Source resistance near zero to reduce noise. ie. 1M to 1Ohm divider with 10V gives 10uV source. Then iput offset current * R =0
Dear all, I have design a wilkinson power divider in ADS2011. i am getting correct result for S parameters. but the problem is with layout. I am not getting correct layout. please look at my layout and tell me what is the problem. 99226
i need to design wilkinson power divider. Operation frequency can be between 2-8 ghz. i need to Ads systematic or pcb file.
dear all, at the moment we build a broadband power divider. The wilkinson type needs a resistor say 100 ohms. what kind of resistor is it? Is it easy to get it, maybe as samples from vendors thanks and regards
dear roommates i've designed some wilkinson power divider in microwave office and exported the layout to altium designer 2009 im going to manipulate the layout in altium designer to fit the layout for special PCB.ok? so i'm going to convert the rectangular filled area to curved filled area.but as we khnow in wilkinson (...)
The IF stages have a lot of gain, and even is low frequency is possible to oscillate, most probably due to layout feedback. Using a capacitive divider in front of each IF stage, minimize the possibility of feedback. L and C in the picture attached resonates on 455kHz. images.elektroda
hi everybody!!! i have designed a wilkinson Power divider in ADS, in the schemetic it is working best but when i generate layout, i have no idea how to place shunt resistors(lumped element in case of schematic) between the microstrip lines. .. when i calculate W and L for equalenct value for resistance, and place them between the m-lines,
we need to design a T-junction power divider in ADS in layout window.But we dont know how to design it pls help us on how to design it!.
if you are using cadence custom ic, start with veriloga models (from bmsLib) and confirm functionality. then move to circuit level and finally physical layout. there are many papers on ieee about programmable divider, you should not have trouble with references. www.designers
Hi all, I have abandoned my quest to build an energy meter completely from scratch since I've found out that you get such nice energy meter IC's such as the ADE7753. I now want to interface with this device with a PIC18F452 (primarily because this is the model I have lying around). I have one question...for now: I am going to read the curr
Hi, I created an Wilkinson Power divider ( 1->8 ) with several Wilkinson Stages. There is no problem in S-Parameter Simulation with ADS. But the Momentum(layout) Simulation takes a lot of time (hours...). Is there any way to reduce Simulation Time? The Wilkinson divider was created with the ADS Passive Design Guide. Thanks a lot Florian
hi, i have made schematic for power divider, it's working (response ) is the best. but when i generated layout, and executed the EM analysis, i noted that layout is ignoring the effect of all the shunt resistors used. i want design on microstripline, can any-body help me how to figure out this situation, should i place (...)
Hi guys I'm designing Wilkinson Power divider and I wana to tune the length of the transmission lines in layout of design with mumentum simulation Is it possible to do like that?? if the answer is yes then How to do it? Thanks in advance
Hi, everyone. I am going to make a PCB with a wikinson power divider, which includes a SMT 100 Ohm resistor. For the 0402 resistor, I got the dimension of it from the data sheet, for example 1mm length and 0.5mm width. But there is no recommends of the PCB pads. My question is that what is the dimension of the pcb pads and spacing should I
Professional-product implemented- design of a TPSC divider by 2 in 065CMOS have been developed with a max freq of 6.2GHz (Design of Experiment -DOE- Post layout simulation) and measurements are in accordance with simulation. Take care: there could be a LARGE difference from schematic and layout simulations. layout is (...)
Hi If you make a hybrid coupler or wilkinson power divider in ADS layout, is it possible to have this imported into Orcad. Here I mean to have it as an component with ports so I can use it in Orcad Capture? Hope this make sense. Regards
hai all, right now i am developing one power divider in ADS and one five element base station antenna in HFSS. Is there any possiblity that i can import the file of power divider from ADS and combine that in the HFSS with the Antenna and run the simulations in HFSS. if it is not possible tell me in which software i can develop both and run
oh,thanks for your suggestion but what you mean the isolation resister? you mean adding a coxial line between the two port which is 100ohm or other? Rolaki talk of Wilkinson-divider, not at powersplitter as yanghui3j example. yanghui3j:s power splitter is impossible to make isolation above 6 dB between ports.
Hello, I am using VSdir standcell to build a programmable divider for frequency synthesizer. The VCO clock is around 1GHz. I constructed the schematic using symbols from the library. Now I need to layout the design (by which I mean connecting the standard cells as the cells are already laid out) . I have 2 choices: use Cadence First Enco
If your using a resistive divider, only the ratio between resistors matters. Go to the process specification sheet and get the matching parameter of the resistive material you are planning to use (say Ao). Then you compute the standard deviation of each resistor, if proper layout techniques are used, as sigma=Ao/SQRT(W.L), where L is the total