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we need to design a T-junction power divider in ADS in layout window.But we dont know how to design it pls help us on how to design it!.
Dear all, I have design a wilkinson power divider in ADS2011. i am getting correct result for S parameters. but the problem is with layout. I am not getting correct layout. please look at my layout and tell me what is the problem. 99226
i need to design wilkinson power divider. Operation frequency can be between 2-8 ghz. i need to Ads systematic or pcb file.
oh,thanks for your suggestion but what you mean the isolation resister? you mean adding a coxial line between the two port which is 100ohm or other? Rolaki talk of Wilkinson-divider, not at powersplitter as yanghui3j example. yanghui3j:s power splitter is impossible to make isolation above 6 dB between ports.
i need a widespread microstrip power divider
I use 0603 resistor for 10GHz power divider, the result seems ok(S32 -25db)
Hey guys, I'm currently looking for a good Architecture for 8-bit divider (the divident is 16-bit and divisor is 8-bit, the quotient is supposed to be 8-bit). The one I previously used was some "restoring division algorithm" and 16 iterations of subtractions are needed to obtain an 8-bit quotient, so it was working really slowly. Can anybody
dear all, at the moment we build a broadband power divider. The wilkinson type needs a resistor say 100 ohms. what kind of resistor is it? Is it easy to get it, maybe as samples from vendors thanks and regards
Hi If you make a hybrid coupler or wilkinson power divider in ADS layout, is it possible to have this imported into Orcad. Here I mean to have it as an component with ports so I can use it in Orcad Capture? Hope this make sense. Regards
So I have gotten my Wilkinson power divider designed and simulated. Now I want to extract the circuit to an EM simulation using MWO EMSight. The problem is that MWO doesn't recognize my thin film resistor in the EM simulator. Is there a way to get MWO to see the thin film resistor. I don't want to use a different simulator like sonnet.
Hi guys, I have implemented a ring oscillator at 45nm technology node. The ring oscillator has 11 stages of inverter, and the speed of the ring oscillator is 9GHz. The output is connected to a DFF-based divider, also at 45nm technology node, and the frequency is divided by 2 nicely. But all these are only in Spectre simulation. I wonder if in r
I am modeling a 3dB wilkinson divider at 30 GHz. In ADS, the S parameters and performance is exactly what I would expect. I then export the layout in dxf and import it into HFSS. After adding all the geometries and ports to HFSS the model converges and solves. However, I have run into something that I can't explain. When I run the HFSS model w
Hi, everyone. I am going to make a PCB with a wikinson power divider, which includes a SMT 100 Ohm resistor. For the 0402 resistor, I got the dimension of it from the data sheet, for example 1mm length and 0.5mm width. But there is no recommends of the PCB pads. My question is that what is the dimension of the pcb pads and spacing should I
Hi all, I have to design coplanar power divider using ADS 2006. I have done it using schematic window but when I generate the layout using for momentum, I do not know how to set the properties for substrate....can somebody help me with that?
hi, i have made schematic for power divider, it's working (response ) is the best. but when i generated layout, and executed the EM analysis, i noted that layout is ignoring the effect of all the shunt resistors used. i want design on microstripline, can any-body help me how to figure out this situation, should i place (...)
If I'm not wrong, you mean by the voltage divider of PIN appears to me, by looking at PIN 11, it's a digital ground. I haven't read anything about this IC, I just looked at the Figure 30 of the ADE7753 Datasheet. This IC has sepearate analog and digital ground. You might be confusing a little bit. You can eventually add analog ground and digit
if you are using cadence custom ic, start with veriloga models (from bmsLib) and confirm functionality. then move to circuit level and finally physical layout. there are many papers on ieee about programmable divider, you should not have trouble with references. www.designers
hi everybody!!! i have designed a wilkinson Power divider in ADS, in the schemetic it is working best but when i generate layout, i have no idea how to place shunt resistors(lumped element in case of schematic) between the microstrip lines. .. when i calculate W and L for equalenct value for resistance, and place them between the m-lines,
i m tryin to simulate a wilkinson power divider in IE3D software...but have no idea how impedance matching is implemented in strip lines.....can somebody help plz
dear roommates i've designed some wilkinson power divider in microwave office and exported the layout to altium designer 2009 im going to manipulate the layout in altium designer to fit the layout for special PCB.ok? so i'm going to convert the rectangular filled area to curved filled area.but as we khnow in wilkinson (...)
Following the thread, I have done some advances. Now here is an odd problem I am facing with Cadence IC5141. I have done a layout of the simple voltage divider circuit using the RNNPO_RF model file in UMC018 library. images.elektr
Hello all, I have been working on a Wilkinson equal power divider. Most of the S matrix looks fine but the two output match is very poor, only -12dB or so. I have defined a RLC lump boundary for the 100 ohms resistor. The layout of my Wilkinson is attached. Please take a look and comment on why the output match is so bad. Thank you!
While designing a circuit a 20Ghz you have to take alot of measure because of coupling between the microstrip. It wont be an easy design as you have to add extra lambda/2 length in the ring of Wilkinson divider to avoid the inter-coupling. And while simulating it properly select ARC Resolution otherwise your result will not be correct. Regards.
Hi, Macro cell -- This is a small level of layout design for Ex: LDO block, divider etc Filler cell -- Cell used to filler the gap between the IO cells and to continue the power/gnd bus ECO cell -- This cell has some extra devices which will be re used for improvements after the first cut tape out done regards, basu
Which software do you use in PCB layout when you design RF circuit? Is there any inofrmation about how to draw PCB board in RF design? Thanks in advnace.
I looking for EPIC Plus PICmicro MCU Programmer Board Schematic or PCB layout. Thanks
So many people in that forum are interrested in tanner or calibre ... So many companies have shek|ist ... Let' share them ... Let's try to do the impossible exhaustive one, post your cheks ... Analog layout shek|ist +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Top level sheks : ----------------- Die size versus package Bonding diagram pin order Bondi
Hi, guys: I am looking for RF CMOS process foundry libraries for RFIC layout design (test design). Could anybody offer some kind of CMOS RF process libraries, for example TSMC 0.25um or 0.18um libraries? Or does anybody know where I can download some kind of CMOS RF process libraries? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks r
Hi, guys: I am looking for RF CMOS process foundry libraries for RFIC layout design (test design). Could anybody offer some kind of CMOS RF process libraries, for example TSMC 0.25um or 0.18um libraries? Or does anybody know where I can download some kind of CMOS RF process libraries? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks r
Hello,all: I am familiar with IC process, but i not familiar with layout out, Could someone give me some advise!
what is best ic layout tool for rf design?
Dear All, I'm designing an asynchronous circuit based on Martin methode (, the problem is the method's output is a CMOS circuit, I mean a switch-level description of my design. So, the problem is how can I automatically generate a layout from my switch-level description and how the sizing, routing and etc. will be solved. A
I'd like to know more about the tools that can do LPE (layout Parasitics Extraction) for ICs such as Hercules. :idea:
Mentor Graphic RF layout is a powerful RF layout tool. Could someone share this baby? Thanks in advance,
Hi Guys, I found a link for 3D modeling using Eagle layout at But the site in dutch, I can't understand anything How can i use this utility in Eagle layout ? AmR
Just wanted to get a couple of opinions of PCB packages. I need to come up with a reccomendation to a university on PCB tools. As you probably can guess, cost is a very serious concern. I'm looking for a complete package that can do schematic entry and maybe a 4 layer stckup pcb layout. Autorouting isn't needed but forward annotation from schem
Can someone help me, i can't set the dimension of the Drills in the layout plus... I have tried anything but it didn't work... Thank you.
Can someone give me some vhdl source code about Fraction-N frequency divider.
Here you go- these are files in pdf- I made this some times ago. Most modules are serviceable but since I didn't have any need for it some are not tested at all. If you find any errors in layout pls advise me via PM or mail. BTW if somebody realy needs it- I can upload Protel99SE files also... I just have to find it somewhere on &$%#*! crammed H
Hello I want to conver a 0-10Vdc signal to 0-2.5 Vdc .I do it by two resistor (1%)as a passive voltage divider,Both the linearity is not good and in some region of full range the value of nonlinearity is high.If I use a .01% resistors the problem may be solved but the cost is too high. I need to know is there an active solution with opamp fo
Hi All I want to know which PCB layout software could be let more than one people do the layout at the same time?
I Have A Part Call XC2V1500-4FF896. I'm Using Most Of It's I/Os (Some Banks Are Full Completely). The Question Is How Many Signal Layers Do I Need In layout ? Thank's For You'r Quick Answer !!!
Hi, All I use orcad capture and layout, but i get problem. I generate netlist in layout format(.mnl), and create new layout. but it appear below error messages AutoECO Error Report FILE-A: Y:\TEST\TEST.MAX FILE-B: Y:\TEST\TEST.MNL Cannot load a metric netlist on top of an english board or template. Please convert. Unable to (...)
Which software can convert protel layout to powerpcb layout? Or how to use powerpcb to open protel layout?
Hi layout-to-Circuit Extractor download MOS device extraction, full custom bipolar extraction, interconnect resistance extraction, interconnect coupling capacitance extraction, 3D capacitance extraction, RC model reduction and substrate resistance extraction. 1. -> t tnx
Someone told me it was deleted here it is again .... nathan
Hi, Could anyone help to upload this great article ? "Partitioning and layout of a Mixed Signal PCB" from Printed Circuit Design Magazine, June 2001 Thank you :)
Hello everyone. It?s really important for me to find a detailed layout of a motherboard. The newer the better? I don?t mean the layouts you can find at a common motherboard?s manual. My purpose is to simulate computer buses like PCI bus, memory bus e.t.c. So, I need a layout which shows the multiconductors? structure, their (...)
Hi I installed orcad 9.2 layout in my machine, but I can't use keypad's numbers to change layers. it works only with numbers keys in keyboard. With demo version of orcad layout it works fine.
I often need to layout with negative film approach. It's like the Spliting Plane, but I only draw lines for which I want to clear. It's easiler. But this method cannot check open or short circuit. Does anyone know which software support this work. Or how do you do it?