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i need to design wilkinson power divider. Operation frequency can be between 2-8 ghz. i need to Ads systematic or pcb file.
hi any suggestion to design a two_way power divider with coaxial method? I've designed one ,but the isolation is very poor how to improve the isolation? thanks
I need to design a 1 to 4 power divider from 0.5GHz-6.5GHz. I tried Wilkinson divider using microstrip on RF-60A (Er=6.15, H=1.52). With 4 stages I can meet the specifications. However, the size would be extremely large. Hopefully the length of power divider will not exceed 20 mm :D Anyone could give me some suggestions? Thanks in advance.
I use 0603 resistor for 10GHz power divider, the result seems ok(S32 -25db)
Hey guys, I'm currently looking for a good Architecture for 8-bit divider (the divident is 16-bit and divisor is 8-bit, the quotient is supposed to be 8-bit). The one I previously used was some "restoring division algorithm" and 16 iterations of subtractions are needed to obtain an 8-bit quotient, so it was working really slowly. Can anybody
Hi,everyone I'd like to make a 1/4 devider ('osc'/40KHz---->'clk'/10KHz) by the code as follows: reg devider; always @(posedge osc) if(devider>=2) begin clk<=~clk;devider<=1;end else devider<=devider+1; the waveform of 'clk' jitters, sometimes the 'clk' raises or falls on a wrong edge of 'osc'.please refer to the pictu
dear all, at the moment we build a broadband power divider. The wilkinson type needs a resistor say 100 ohms. what kind of resistor is it? Is it easy to get it, maybe as samples from vendors thanks and regards
Hi If you make a hybrid coupler or wilkinson power divider in ADS layout, is it possible to have this imported into Orcad. Here I mean to have it as an component with ports so I can use it in Orcad Capture? Hope this make sense. Regards
So I have gotten my Wilkinson power divider designed and simulated. Now I want to extract the circuit to an EM simulation using MWO EMSight. The problem is that MWO doesn't recognize my thin film resistor in the EM simulator. Is there a way to get MWO to see the thin film resistor. I don't want to use a different simulator like sonnet.
Hi guys, I have implemented a ring oscillator at 45nm technology node. The ring oscillator has 11 stages of inverter, and the speed of the ring oscillator is 9GHz. The output is connected to a DFF-based divider, also at 45nm technology node, and the frequency is divided by 2 nicely. But all these are only in Spectre simulation. I wonder if in r
I am modeling a 3dB wilkinson divider at 30 GHz. In ADS, the S parameters and performance is exactly what I would expect. I then export the layout in dxf and import it into HFSS. After adding all the geometries and ports to HFSS the model converges and solves. However, I have run into something that I can't explain. When I run the HFSS model w
Hi, everyone. I am going to make a PCB with a wikinson power divider, which includes a SMT 100 Ohm resistor. For the 0402 resistor, I got the dimension of it from the data sheet, for example 1mm length and 0.5mm width. But there is no recommends of the PCB pads. My question is that what is the dimension of the pcb pads and spacing should I
Hi all, I have to design coplanar power divider using ADS 2006. I have done it using schematic window but when I generate the layout using for momentum, I do not know how to set the properties for substrate....can somebody help me with that?
hi, i have made schematic for power divider, it's working (response ) is the best. but when i generated layout, and executed the EM analysis, i noted that layout is ignoring the effect of all the shunt resistors used. i want design on microstripline, can any-body help me how to figure out this situation, should i place (...)
Hi all, I have abandoned my quest to build an energy meter completely from scratch since I've found out that you get such nice energy meter IC's such as the ADE7753. I now want to interface with this device with a PIC18F452 (primarily because this is the model I have lying around). I have one question...for now: I am going to read the curr
if you are using cadence custom ic, start with veriloga models (from bmsLib) and confirm functionality. then move to circuit level and finally physical layout. there are many papers on ieee about programmable divider, you should not have trouble with references. www.designers
we need to design a T-junction power divider in ADS in layout window.But we dont know how to design it pls help us on how to design it!.
I have simulated a 2 section wilkinson power divider at 2-4 GHz using lumped resistors in schematic of AWR .Since layout is not reflecting that resistors ,I can't do EM simulation .Please suggest how do to this and to take care of the parasitic at higher frequencies
plz Can somebody pleze help me with disgn an 25 GHz wilkinson power divider in ADS with layout. This is my data for substrate: Ronger 4003 Er=3.55, H=0.203, TanD=0.0027, I need to design an layout, and it is in microstrip and the frequency is 25 GHZ.
hi everybody!!! i have designed a wilkinson Power divider in ADS, in the schemetic it is working best but when i generate layout, i have no idea how to place shunt resistors(lumped element in case of schematic) between the microstrip lines. .. when i calculate W and L for equalenct value for resistance, and place them between the m-lines,
i m tryin to simulate a wilkinson power divider in IE3D software...but have no idea how impedance matching is implemented in strip lines.....can somebody help plz
i currently in progress of designing lossless power divider, T-junction i use equal power divider (with input feed 50ohm), connected to QWT*, and to the output feed which will later combine to antenna. the feed is connected to QWT and directly attach to 50 output feed iwhich is bent (+ mitter bent) when simulating my results, i obtain S11
I found that ADF4106 evaluation board using three 18 ohm resistors as power divider in pll at 5.6GHz. Now I want to design a 8GHz synthesizer,could this circuits be used at 8GHz? Or I have to use a microwave power divider in microstrip? Thanks!
dear roommates i've designed some wilkinson power divider in microwave office and exported the layout to altium designer 2009 im going to manipulate the layout in altium designer to fit the layout for special PCB.ok? so i'm going to convert the rectangular filled area to curved filled area.but as we khnow in wilkinson (...)
Following the thread, I have done some advances. Now here is an odd problem I am facing with Cadence IC5141. I have done a layout of the simple voltage divider circuit using the RNNPO_RF model file in UMC018 library. images.elektr
Hello all, I have been working on a Wilkinson equal power divider. Most of the S matrix looks fine but the two output match is very poor, only -12dB or so. I have defined a RLC lump boundary for the 100 ohms resistor. The layout of my Wilkinson is attached. Please take a look and comment on why the output match is so bad. Thank you!
hi friends, i actually want to design a PCB of a 2-way power splitter for 20 Ghz local oscilator. I searched on www and found most there that wilkison power divider works well in this case can any one explain 1. how to use wilkinson power divider for such frequency, i mean the deisign rule and issues, what things to keep in mind while designi
This is usually done with a resistive voltage divider. For not loading down the node being measured the two resistors should be large values. This produces a problem if the Thevenin output impedance of the divider is large and makes a voltage divider effect with the ADC input impedance. You have to make a judgement between the two sources (...)
Here are few question Gain, (how to improve gain?) Bandwidth, (how to improve bandwidth?) Feedback,(Stability is a must ask question! Know pole, zero, gain and phase margin!) Slew rate,(How to improve slew rate?) Offset,(how to eliminate offset? Chopper stabilized circuits, autozero) Noise,(what is thermal, flick, shot noise? What are
If your using a resistive divider, only the ratio between resistors matters. Go to the process specification sheet and get the matching parameter of the resistive material you are planning to use (say Ao). Then you compute the standard deviation of each resistor, if proper layout techniques are used, as sigma=Ao/SQRT(W.L), where L is the total
Hello, I am using VSdir standcell to build a programmable divider for frequency synthesizer. The VCO clock is around 1GHz. I constructed the schematic using symbols from the library. Now I need to layout the design (by which I mean connecting the standard cells as the cells are already laid out) . I have 2 choices: use Cadence First Enco
in my opinion, the timing issue won't be key problem for backend guys. what really care is that when you use both the original clock and divided clock in your system. it will be a problem to do the CTS when you use the counter style clock divider is there any style other than using counter ?
I think you should seperate the power supply for PFD divider and other analog part. Because the analog parts are supply noise sensitive. PFD and divider will induce the Fpfd or other freqeuncy noise on your power supply, and your output PSD will have the spur.
hi, i am trying to make wilkinson power divider (equal or unequal power division) in IE3D , but don't know how to define or implement the chip resistor in IE3D software. if anybody has any idea or tutorial example , kindly share ion this forum. with regards abhi
For typical interviews, I think some questions relating to the following maybe necessary (1) Understanding of 2-stage Op-Amp design (2) Understanding of current bias and bandgap reference design (3) Understanding of simple inverter transfer function and the operation region w.r.t. each input voltage range. (4) Understanding of layout matching e
Hi David, In the clock path broadly two things need to be taken care 1. duty cycle -> if in generated clock domain you want to preserve duty cycle(50 %) chosen cells in the clock paths must have same rise time and fall time. All the vendors provide such cell in their library( e.g. TSMC -> CKAND*) 2. After clock balancing in post layout ther
I am a junior IC design enigneer. I read a "Clock dividers Made Easy", SNUG Boston,2002 and found some issue which i dont understand. Could you help me? The problme is below: I really understand the logic function of clock divider by 3. But there is combinatinal loop in the circuit. I knew we general
Hi all, My team will achieve a analog divider using analog method through cadence simulation. My question is who know the flow from schematic to achieve auto P&R? That is to say, schematic designer will give me a schematic, how can i achieve the layout using APR tool like Astro or Encounter from schematic? For the schematic is much huge, using c
hai all, right now i am developing one power divider in ADS and one five element base station antenna in HFSS. Is there any possiblity that i can import the file of power divider from ADS and combine that in the HFSS with the Antenna and run the simulations in HFSS. if it is not possible tell me in which software i can develop both and run
We can use combinational logic and sequential logic in clocl divider. In RTL design, we concern functionality. In layout and CTS(clock tree synthesis), we concern timing of clock network. quan228228
Why need LDO ? It doesn't make any sense to use LDO as bias boltage generator, as you know, LDO need large cap compensation. I think you mis-understood what the LDO is Bandgap, with an op-amp and feedback resistor divider will have a gain >1, so you can get any voltage by resistor divider ratio.
Hi If I would like to make a Wilkinson microstrip power divider, is it possible for MWO to somehow include the isolation resistor. Either in the EM-simulation orafterwards by incorporating the layout with the schematic. I have done this in ADS and then applied internal ports where the resistor is placed. Afterwards the EM-simulation, it is po
Some circuit needs resistor to adjust voltage vallue. Especially, resistor used in Voltage divider circuit. In cmos process, process variation of resistor is too large to ignore. in additional to Aread of Resistor is big compare to NMOS or PMOS Nevertheless, Why We use Resistor in Voltage divider circuit instead of MOS? May w
You shouldn't use a very small resistor segment, but I expect your poly is about 2k per square. So make 20 resistors of 20k each. One example would be 40 micron length and 2 micron width if you want fairly accurate resistors. Or shrink it to the minimum width if you just want a divider and don't care about absolute value.
hi, we are buying few RF and Antenna tools. we work on RF Active- Amplifiers, RF passive-couplers/power dividers RF filters, mixers, LNAs, TMA/TMB Also on Antennas.....Base station antenna/IBS/Space antennas i want ur help in finding the best fit for our company. ADS(2D ckt simulation tool)- AMDS/EMDS (3D antenna tool) Microwave offi
I have one project to design Power Spliter ( divider) at FM. I can design divider as Wilkinson with high frequency. At low frequency, I use R,L,C. It given good result (show below Figure ). However I wonder about it. 1> I simulated(ADS) without define Substrate. Like this when schematic with Substrate ( epsilon =4.3, h =1.58) result has change ???
Hi all, I designed wilkinson divider using ADS.I have run optimization,and get the result that i want(current EF=0) in schematics.But when i did co-simulation,the result can not meet the specification.What should i do in the next step?Because the optimization of schematics is OK.
This is not a problem but warning. You can ignore it. This warning comes when ever it fails to create the mesh for geometric lines with almost parallel but not. my design is three way uneven wilkinson Power divider and I have desgined with frequency 2.14 GHz and the Problem is that when I simulate the design from schematic
1-do you have the correct charge pump polarity programmed into the IC? You can set it so that Kv is positive or negative, to compensate for Tuning polarity changes in the VCO 2-use the National Codeloader program, can you program the Fo/LD pin to output the divider outputs? That way you can see that your Reference and RF paths are working 3-W