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use VDM51.dll and keil debug with protues
Its Microcontroller section not the software. SO question needs to be moved. And usually this issue should not happen, must be some dll missing for its normal operation. Download the VS2013 express, its free and you can build standalone non profit application as well. hope that helps.
Hi, I am trying to access the parallel ports through visual studio 2010 using c++ om win XP. I have included the inpout32.dll in my system directory. I am using this code. //InpoutTest.cpp : Defines the entry point for the console application. #include "stdafx.h" #include "stdio.h" #include "string.h" #include "stdlib.h" //* ----
Hi, Am I using the correct way if testing the dll? 1. Set 1 input pulse for clock reference at phase detector input. 2. Set 1 input pulse for clock in with a delay at VCDL input. Results: If the dll is working properly, the clock reference from the phase detector input and clock out from the output of the VCDL would be able to align (lock)
how to put delay inside VB? i want to make delay between 2 operation. i try it before using "Sleep(3000)", but it need declaration... sum1 help me. declaration is as below Private Declare Sub Sleep Lib "Kernel32.dll" (ByVal dwMilliseconds As Long) also you may try this
Hi Guru, I am new to dll, can anyone educate me what is the reason of false locking and how to solve it in a simple way ? thanks, Jef
The Spartan 2E was designed before they started incorporating the DCM as one function. Back in these older parts, the clock generation was called a dll, for delay locked loop. The operation is very similar to a PLL. The main difference is the delay elements can be adjusted only in discrete steps rather than continually like a PLL. (...)
if you have no special requirment,you can use on-chip dll
Dear all: My boss asks me to design an analog dll. However, I am new on this filed. Please give me some papers or suggestions about analog dll deisgn. Thanks. Best Regards, slchen
You can use dll to generate clock. good luck
Outline Introduction dll operation and control theory dll building blocks dll design issues Multiplying dll