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How can I use doppler signal in my M_File in MATLAB?Is there a function or command for it? I'm not good in MATLAB!please help me.
hi , frequency offsets are due to channel delay spread (coz of channel impairments ) and doppler spread ( movin vehicles) suppose ur upconvertin RF frquency is @ 2 Ghz and IF :100 MHZ , ur transmitting frequency will be 2100 MHZ so if ur channel delay spread is say 10 HZ ur recieved signal at RX will be 2100. 000 010 hz , ur receiver d
frequency offset (FO) occurred by the mismatch between the oscillators in the transmitter and receiver or doppler frequency and it can cause performance degradation or we can say it can increase BER
Hello, I am looking for a MATLAB code for ofdm that introduces doppler effect due to relative motion of Tx/Rx. Thanks in advance
Othogonality is preserved if the frequency of all subcarriers are matched. So only doppler shift, phase noise or inaccurate frequency estimates could distort the orthogonality of the subcarriers. The orthogonality is more important for ofdmA where different subscribers send interleaved subcarriers. So maintain in a system that all subscibers to
doppler has a devastating effect on ofdm signal due to ICI and loss of synchronizarion ,unless adequate compenasation techniques are applied
Hi all I want a sample source code in matlab for simple ofdm modulation that shows the doppler shift effect I have some source codes for ofdm but none of them has the doppler effect I'm wondering if anybody can help thanks :|
hi, i'm doing a comprfassion between ofdm and cdma. doppler spread destroy the orthogonality between the sub carriers in ofdm and cause ICI. but i cant figure if and how doppler spread effects CDMA (not MC CDMA but DS CDMA) i mean, every user spread its information with PN code on all the BW can (...)
i have question if the mobile channel cause a frequency modulation of the subacarriers in an ofdm based syste? And i want to know what is the physical explanation of the doppler shift from the communications point of view?