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Anather way PCB Wizard easy to Added after 7 minutes: Here is tour for PCB wirard Added after 2 minutes: Here is tour for PCB wirard
At the time of installation of the package, there will be aa way to select the language. Alternatively there will be another button for settings- in that menu you are likely find language and english This a general provision in most packages. Also try reading help file. Cut the help file contents and pate the in babblefish translator. But, yo
I have the protel 99se, not Altium Designer. So, I want to convert Altium Designer (.IntLib) files to my protel 99se (.sch) files. Please tell me how to do that. If someone has Altium Designer, he/she might know how to export files to the older version(protel 99se). or please (...)
Hi how can I use several windows font on protel 99se or 2.7 ? tnx
Evening (o; I tried several ways that a single-sided PCB has a GND plane and that protel 99se should not route GND... Whatever I do he still routes GND although it is connected through GND plane already. Tried with "Classes" as GND being not a member. But it says that the "Rule not followed by router"... Any easy way to avoid certain
in protel 99se, auto routing PCB, how to force it to use only bottom layer for a particular component? (not the whole board) i.e. i want connection to a IC only at bottom layer and not top layer i tried set rule, failed.
Does anyone know if I could use the library from protel DXP in protel 99se? Any help are apprecriated.
While doing segmentation in protel 99se,sometimes there comes an warning as "Connection to overlapping split planes" How to rectify this warning?
Does anybody know how to import Gerber files (not generated by protel) into protel 99se?
Hello I’m have a big problem witch protel 99se. I have to check my data line from cross talk, but I couldn’t know how. The second problem is How to set a clock track impedance in all bord, and check it. protel web side haven’t contain any training material about this simulation. Who know how connected a IBIS, and Spice (...)
Is there any way to generate IPC-D-356A file in protel 99se? Can anyone answer pleease. Thanks.
Hello: Who has the protel 99se compatible libraries for the Spartan3 FPGA and XCF family Flash memory? Symbol Library and Footprint Library are both needed! thanks!
Hello: Who has the protel 99se compatible libraries for the Spartan3 FPGA and XCF family Flash memory? Symbol Library and Footprint Library are both needed! thanks!
how can I save a project file inluding pcb and schematic in dxp 2004 that can be open in protel 99se.
P*otel V.2.7 is small than 2.7MB only. very fast too. I like Evaluation (limit) truth link is this.."p" must be small
Anybody knows how to create via plug layers/artwork for gerber on protel 99se?
fine. is there any study centre for protel & Altium? where to download these tools to learn deeply.
Hi My name is Kean. I used to be pcb designer in my local area in Malaysia. I m looking for a part time pcb design jobs. I have 5 years experiences in using protel 99se software in design pcb. Can anyone offer a task to me? Email me if you are interested in assigning me a task today. I will take design jobs depends on my freetime. My email
hi all I want to ask following questions: 1. How to do BGA routing in protel 99se?? 2. Does protel supports BGA handling or not? like should i shift to another pcb software?? 3.If protel supports BGA routing how to do it... plz give me step by step help... regarding this Thanks...
can any of you guys convert for me the attached Altium file (*.pcbdoc) into protel 99se readable *.pcb?? Thanks and best regards!!:razz:
Hi, I have problems on my protel 99se that require me to delete the folder in Program Files as well as the extension file in the registry, and reinstall it later. Where can I find the list of these extensions? I had googled but still can't find it. Does anyone know? Please help. Regards, lyz88
I have a schematic and pcb files generated from Altium Designer. However, I have the protel 99se, not Altium Designer. So, I want to convert Designer (.SchDoc and .PcbDoc and library) files to my protel 99se files. Please help me or teach me how to do that. If someone has Altium Designer, he/she might know how to export (...)
Could u help me for protel 99se to orcad9
Hi what is better DXP or 99se in real world not in papers? Thanks
try it, it is freeshare and for win(better using for dos version bmp2pcb),but it is chinese front !
Hey I download protel library but the zip file contane file its extntaion is ".DDB" which programe open this file. Thanks.
Try this PCAD translation.exe add on
I think you can use emule to download it. p.s. The current version of @ltium Designer is version 6.4.7263, DXP2006 doesn't exist!
Hello , I need to View protel 99, 2nd Ed, Service pack 6 schematics and PCB layouts. How do I do this. Is there a free viewer for protel, or can i download protel?, I can't find anything on google. I am using windows 8.
Hi all. I am presently trying to use protel for home use. The problem I have though is that when I print out the PCB on the laser film, it dosent print out any holes, ie, DIL socket pads are just solid pads. I need the hole on the printout as this is used to guide the drill when doing it by hand. can anyone help me out ??? Thanks. :)
I am a (legal) user of protel 99se (and now DXP). Their supplied libraries are out of date and much work is involved in creating new components. It seems a shame to waste it. Would other users join in an exchange of library entries for new devices? Provided you have created them yourself or they are supplied freely by a manufacturer there shoul
Hi Can anyone tell me the url to download protel SDK. Amjad
hello guys i would like to a have a complete software for drawing my shematics and designing my PCBs and after reading a lot of articles in this forum i found out that the 2 most popular are OrCad And protel so which one to choose , what r the disadvantages and advantages that these two sowtware have. please i would like to have answers fro
i got the same problem last week. but once i remove the default driver and install the driver downloaded from HP (i am using HP laserjet 6L PCL), everything is solved.
To DXP or not to DXP, this is a complex question. P99se is a pretty stable product and you will only have an issue with large files sizes if you use the Access database file storage method and do not regularly compact the database. If you use the windows file system method a single .ddb file is created and it is only usually a 1-2k file size
When I exit protel 99 SE SP6 ( Full version NOT eval ) using File/Exit I can hear Error Beep, but when I exit using close window "X" everything is OK. What is going on ?
question: 1.why turn to using DXP? 2.Why using the tools other than protel,such as orcad,power pcb? 3.How to read a ger file in to the protel pcb? may someone tell me.
It's file download form : Home/Schematics/Merici pristroje/Pajky if you look date in zip and date when its uploaded to mcu you find out that the file isnt from mcu :)
this is a link from The library currently contains the following devices: ATMEGA128 ATMEGA103 ATMEGA64 ATMEGA161 ATMEGA162 ATMEGA163 ATMEGA8515 ATMEGA8535 ATMEGA8 ATMEGA32 ATMEGA323 ATMEGA16 AT90S8515 AT90S8535 AT90S2313 AT90S1200 ATTINY26
How I can convert PCB file from protel (99se or DXP) to Power PCB 4 or 5 please help me .....
for protel DXP
I have some designs downloaded from in protel format, and wonder if someone woulb be able to make them pdf files. It's few adapters for willem programmer (schematic and pcb) I'll upload files only if someone can convert it. Thanks for your help. Zibby.
Hi All, Looking to convert Cadstar for DOS PCB and/or Schematic Files to protel 99 SE. I have read that protel DXP can import Camtastic and if I open the Gerbers generated from Cadstar into Camtastic and then blow them into protel DXP it could work. Only thing is can I save them into protel 99 format or am I stuck in (...)
In protel99se, I assigned power1 to a plane layer while creating it. And I segmented power2 and power3 in this layer. The power1 was segmented into two by mistake (the two segments of power1 totally isolated from each other) while segmenting power2 and power3. But, there was no broken net error and no incomplete routing. Could anyone explain h
Be certain to get SP6 at the Altium website. You need it.
Hi, Can anyone tell me how to convert schematic design n PCB design from protel 2004 to protel 99se?
I have just installed trial version of Klipper for protell 99se, put my logo into board. Erros generated by protel : "faild to match all shapes for pcb...". Using GCPreview there was no logo in overlay gerber file and erros in apertures file. What is wrong? Doea anybody use klipper for protel 99se? Immediate (...)
Hi All Recently I face a problem when opening a PCB 99 se file in protel 99 se software. It appears this statement " Access violation at address 0C3E9A86 in module 'ADVPCB.DLL' .Read of address 0000000F." Is there any one who expert in protel 99se program help me out of this... Help mee...see attachement: file 1 Thanks for your (...)
you can download the Demo version from the @ltium website. can't. You need to request a 30 day demo from your nearest sales office. You can get the information about the sales office from the Altium website. They only distribute the demo on CDROM's now - no more downloads.
Hi, Check this below thread, were we have discussed about reverse engineering,also google with proper string you might get article related to it. Bottom line is outsource to some company, who are specialized in this. Beside this also visit for CAM350,which has an nice article r