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Anather way PCB Wizard easy to Added after 7 minutes: Here is tour for PCB wirard Added after 2 minutes: Here is tour for PCB wirard
At the time of installation of the package, there will be aa way to select the language. Alternatively there will be another button for settings- in that menu you are likely find language and english This a general provision in most packages. Also try reading help file. Cut the help file contents and pate the in babblefish translator. But, yo
I have the protel 99se, not Altium Designer. So, I want to convert Altium Designer (.IntLib) files to my protel 99se (.sch) files. Please tell me how to do that. If someone has Altium Designer, he/she might know how to export files to the older version(protel 99se). or please (...)
try it, it is freeshare and for win(better using for dos version bmp2pcb),but it is chinese front !
Hey I download protel library but the zip file contane file its extntaion is ".DDB" which programe open this file. Thanks.
It's file download form : Home/Schematics/Merici pristroje/Pajky if you look date in zip and date when its uploaded to mcu you find out that the file isnt from mcu :)
for protel DXP
Hello, You directly upload it in pdf format if you download the free pdf creator: PDFCRETAOR. CD:)
Be certain to get SP6 at the Altium website. You need it.
There is a tutorial that explains step-by-step how to create a PCB in DXP2004. You can download it at:
Upgrade your protel99se to service pack 6 (Version 6.6.7) and it will work fine under Windows XP. Trying to install an older version of MDAC would cause problems with Windows XP, and is unnecessary. Service pack 6 for 99se is available for download at:
Hi, Check this below thread, were we have discussed about reverse engineering,also google with proper string you might get article related to it. Bottom line is outsource to some company, who are specialized in this. Beside this also visit for CAM350,which has an nice article r
protel 99 (and 99se) is a discontinued product. You can't get a demo version any more. You can get a demo for Altium Designer 6 from your local Altium sales office. That is the product that replaces protel 99(SE). It is not available for download from the internet, it only comes on CD or DVD.
Thanks for the reply. The script is very confuse to me. I don't have programming knowledge.... I found one solution. But its a lengthier steps & i succeeded only with this.... 1. I downloaded protel 99se . 2. download BMP to PCB converter. [Find th