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what is drc,LVS,ERC?
Hi everyone- I'm relatively new at using Mentor Graphics DA-IC and IC Station. I've been tasked to write scripts (in either AMPLE or Tcl) to automate the running of drc and LVS checks as well as Parasitic Extraction using Calibre. I'm not entirely sure where to even begin with this, but if anyone has any pointers to either a tutorial or even what
hi, pls refer the attached doc for notch drc. it may help u. thanks.. HAK..
Hi all, Can anyone tell me the flow in Ic design.( as per the layout concerns) I know up to the LVS and drc . please let me any documents .
I have just uploaded a material for Calibre drc/LVS tutorial.. KK
here you can get free editor for lvs MyChip Educational Software * LayEd(Layout Editor) : handles up to 10,000 objects * Mydrc(Design Rule Checker): handles up to 10,000 objects * LayNet(Netlist Extraction and Electrical Rule Checker): handles up to 10,000 obje
While using PCB123 layout software for hobby purpose, I got a problem not able to increase the CLEARANCE between tracks and earth(ground) FILL. Can any one help in offering a suggestion Thanks in advance, Sarma
You are asking what an analog IP (intelectual property) must contain, when you buy one? ya! i want to give a file list for the analog IP, such as gdsII, SPICE netlist, doc, drc.LVS, and ...? Thanks
The best LPE tools is xcalibre or drcula .