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hi everyone, I need some research papers in dsp field. Kindly help me out. Thanks
Hello Every One! I am new to this forum and I have heard a lot about it, I am currently studyinf Adv. Digital Signal Processing and my professor has asked me to implement a research paper (General or PHD level) in the topic of "Statistical Signal Modeling" . Kindly recomend me an implementabe research paper(preferably related to radar). I will
I'm going to do seminar about the research trend in dsp through the world. Can anybody give me hints?
hai iam frm a.p iam now in the research area in dsp and vlsi how to approach the research .what sort of books i have to read to implements a reserch problems in this area .Ihave an offer from a industry to do resaerch but on that company they do the things with c language. I have a knowledge in c. but how to implement that to (...)
I work on a consumer electronics manufacture company. You should come up with a dsp circuit that makes video performance of a LCD screen better in any way ;) Seriously, we need sth like that. Nobody knows what will happen 10-15 years later, but for today, we are in an era of multimedia, and transfer of it through networks. Especially video proce
In our research project,we need more than 3 emulators. How about designing it by ourselves? Can anyone provide the schematics and FPGA designs of TI's dsp emulator for C5000 and C6000? I think it will be very useful for other freinds on this forum!
What is recommended between using a dsp or FPGA configured as dsp? Would the discussion be application specific or general? Kindly give reasons for your opinions. Thank you. bimbla.
Hi all, I am having real difficulties in finding good V92. modem which base on TMS320C6000 dsp. Can someone direct me to a software modem supplier? Thanks. :?: Paul
This question has no meaning as it stands!!! FPGA is an implementation technology, a process like standard-cell is for ASIC. There are many different FPGA architectures, like fine-grain (Xilinx, Altera, others) and coarse-grain (as many research and start-ups do recently). dsp is a kind of processor architecture. dsp means the (...)
There is a 16-bit fixed-point dsp project at Is this the one? You can also find a TI C54x at
Hi, I have visited an "opensource dsp project" homepage several months ago. It is about a free and opensource digital signal processor soft IP research project. I knew it from EDABoard. But now I can't found it, because the "Favorate" of my browser has been cleared. So is there anyone can tell me that website again? I'll be very thankful!
Hi, Currently i am working on Super Resolution schemes of highly compressed videos. In this context first i want to proceed with the super resolution of the still images. My target platform is Intel Pentium Processor and i will optimize that algorithm for SSE2 instruction set. Then i will redesign this algorithm for dsp processors. In this conte
in a journal i read many leading companies use NI's labview for dsp processors. may i know what is it used for. is it like vhdl simulator? whr can i learn about it.
Hi Please concentrate on C laguage for your dsp programing and use Matlab only as a research tool Kali
need a project on dsp
In the context of mobile communication, one of the hottest topics is video coding for mobile phones using H.264/AVC. Many papers and books on H.264 are available on the dsp forum at Edaboard.
I don't think Math is so important for dsp. Application is more important than theory research as dsp theory has developed for more fifty years. The math in dsp is relative simple and anyone can learn it, no need a math specialist.
Hello everybody, I've just completed my B.E. (Electronics). My final year project was related to dsp and implementation on FPGA, i wrote a paper on that which got rejected for publication... Now im willing to get a paper published (after performing some proper research) related to dsp or Image Processing or Radar (specially SAR)..... (...)
Hi, I am in 6th smester in BS (Computer Engg) I want to make a project as my Final year project on dsp. PLZ gave me the ideas of project on dsp if u make earlier a project plz gave me the data about that project as for experience for me. THANX IN ADVANCE.
Antenna's Digital Filters dsp
It depends... in which area you are working...dsp at present is key thing in many applications like Wireless industry, multimedia applications...etc
i have posted one.. "Application of adaptive filtering in CDMA.." infact if u giv me ur id..i can send u more projects..:D:D Added after 1 minutes: another one is: study and implementation of multiraste dsp for sdr..." plz download it...
For me embedded system is not at a problemm until i t combine with dsp processors.
Hi, I'm a final year student, seeking a project in dsp or DIP. We are a group of four and hence need a project with relatively large complexity(to convince our HOD to allow us together..) I need a good and innovative problem statement, which could probably be presented for acceptance and then worked upon. My major areas of intrests are..
hi, can anyone provide me a research article related to dsp and its implementation in MATLAB.
Toronto, Canada ? GAO Embedded ( ) recommends its TI dsp evaluation development board that is designed for use as a daughter card and can be integrated in a user?s system easily and directly. The price of the development board has been reduced to US$389.00. It is an ideal solution for study and experimentation and for applicatio
You can get the C code (mentioned in another thread) and recompile using Visualdsp++. If that code doesn't make sure of external libraries, you shouldn't have any difficulty in recompiling that with VisualDS++.
Hi all, I'm doing a research about "Active Harmonic Filter" based on TMS320F2812. I used to work with DS1104, one dsp of dspace, but it doesn't support running "stand alone". So I decided to use TMS320F2812 instead by oder a Starter KIT from SpectrumDigital (eZdsp F8482 for TMS320F2812 dsp in Socket ). (...)
Hello, I'm an undergraduate physics student, and my research professor is set on getting a dsp to replace the DAQ that we are using in the lab. The problem we have with our DAQ is the amount of time the computer needs to communicate with the device (ie. sending signals to set voltage, processing information etc.). The dsp will need to be (...)
What are the features in breathing and heart beat signals that indicates that a baby is alive. This involve serious theoretical dsp
WWW.COREIN.IN CORE IN- contemporary know a leading company in India, assisting Engineering students in their career by providing real
Hello everyone, I am Rahul Aggarwal, an engineering student. I am interested in learning dsp programming and i want to know where should i start from. please recommended me the books or link to the datasheets for basics of dsp. Please tell me the right approach to start. THANKS in advance.
Is Artificial Intelligence applied to dsp still a trend? I am specially interested in dsp for audio, image and video applications. Is there research going on these fields using A.I. techniques? Or is it kind of stagnated. I have studied a little about Neural Networks and I thought it to be a wonderful way to do non-linear filters (...)
Have you done any research, literature review? Looked at any books or papers? Or did you just 'google' for some code for a dsp.
Hello everyone, I am planning to use a dsp board for my power factor correction project. It's my first time to use dsp so I am completely clueless how to choose the right one for my application. I am a student and the dsp board will be bought as our laboratory equipment so maybe I will need a sort of general purpose dsp. (...)
Hi, Guys i am applying for foreign scholarship, hopefully i get get one from HEC next month. For that i need to make a good research proposal. I am good at matlab and computer networking. suggest me some topics/problem for my research proposal. Its good if its related to computer networking or signal processing. I had successfully implemented OF
Greets all! I figured that if what I want to do could be done, and where to look to research it, the best place to ask would be here. I searched all the tags I could think of but came up empty. Both here and via Google. I have audio files encoded as AAC that I recorded via SDR, streaming, or just plain audio capture of my favorite morning show
I will upload PC dsp in filemanager(New) in savvas folder. dsp is software tools for digital signal processing and simulation applications more information: :):):):)):):):):)):):):)
I want to use a dsp(TMS320C54x) to interface with an ethernet controller.Who can tell me which one is appropriate for the dsp? Thank you!
I want to use TMS32054x dsp to control a CAN controller. Most CAN controllers' parallel interface is multiplexed.But TMS32054x dsp is how can I design the interface between them?And is there any CAN controller that has a non-mutiplexed parallel interface? Thank you very much!
Hi, I have got 2 questions about dsp: 1°) have someone already bootload a dsp (TI c5402) via the HPI port? 2°) Does someone use the KERNEL/BIOS for real time application?? tchuss, :wink:
Anyone has a dsp core in VHDL or Verilog? Prefer TI but anyone will do. ASIC
If you are looking for research paper in ALL IEEE periodical (all Transactions, Journals, ...), please go
Best regards.
Hi all ! Is possible to implement a Delta-Sigma digital to analog converter using a dsp ? Infos, documents, comments, all are welcome. :) TIA
For audio application, you may use some more powerfull (cheaper) dsp. Try Analog Devices Adsp-21xx family (16bit fixed point). Some of this chips are really low power, if you plan to use them in battery powered devices.
Visual dsp : IDE of analog device for programming dsp (only AD part) with is c & c++ for more info see
i'm a freshman for dsp. Can anybody help me?
ADI's dsp at Yahoo Group
Hi I need Test Drive Serial number for Mixed Signal visual dsp++3.0 for Adsp-21992 device Thanks