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dtmf is like a voice. If you do not use a mic to detect this sounds you do not need a dtmf receiver , if you want to communicate with cell phone by data cable or IRDA , it is just a digital communication. dtmf has nothnig to do with it.
how we can reduce the heat compensation from mobile telephone anntenas in order to let the battry work for longer time????
I am using VB to receive sms from mobile. This is the code.i have tested the At commands given under on hyperterminal and i can receive the sms in it. at OK at+cmgf=1 OK at+cpms="me" +CPMS: 2, 60, 2, 60, 2, 60 OK at+cmgl="rec read" I get the correct response using the first two at commands as shown above but when i send the third comma
Hi all, i went to ask how i can send data from mobile to pc over gprs using the ip address of the pc and how to send data from pc to mobile? is there such ip address for the mobile??!!! is it necessary to send the data in xml file?? Thanks a lot!!!
Anyone have gotten idea to improve radiation immunity from mobile phone for LDO? In my LDO design, EMI is poor. When a dailing mobile is close to LDO, LDO's output voltage drop to 0v at 217Hz that is mobile's frequency.
My project is: 1. A motor is interfaced to a pic 18F. 2. The user must be able to send an sms in order to on/off the motor. How can I do this? I am just starting in this area. And I would appreciate your valuable suggestions and resources. :smile:
how can i send data like simple characters from my mobile to microcontroller through bluetooth ? Is there any application for mobile to send the characters to the microcontroller ? can u tell the interfacing between the mobile bluetooth and bluetooth module in microcontroller kit.
what is your question? you need multiple interfaces, including the dtmf detector is drived from speaker output your mobile phone
dtmf can be detected if the call is from a telophone by sim900, but how can i detect dtmf from a gsm , or in othor words how can i send dtmf tone from my mobile... i am confused as when i call a callcenter they automaticaly detect dtmf tone if i send it (...)
Any solution? THX
HI You can use IC CMX866 from CML Microcircuits. It has inbuilt dtmf generator & a RS232 interfacing facility. It also has inbuilt AT command interpreter with which you can dial/answer from PC. I am also attaching PDF for CMX866 I hope this will help. Bye
I started downloading a 250MB file through my mobile phone. But due to connection loss the download stopped at 235MB. Now when i start downloading, it starts from beginning. So i copied the 235MB to computer and finding a way to continue the download. Is there any way by which i can resume it. Because my net connection is too slow i don't want to
hello every one i make circuit with mt8870 and wnat to coonect with micromaxq3 mobile it has usb 5 pin socket and 4 wires red ,green and two copper color wires means total 4 wire and no one is common.then it is getting very hard ,how to connect with dtmf input line and with ground line. in 4 wires which wires i shud connect with i/p line and grou
Hai I have a website running in windows server and can Access from internet through " domain name . Now I want to know, Is it can access from my mobile phone with same domain name ? Or anything extra need for it ? Please help me .
I want to decode the dtmf tones sent from mobile's microphone but i have stuck in this. I am not getting output. I think there may be some problem in earphones' output .. Tell me how to connect earphone to dtmf decoder's IC. I am using MT8870.
Hi i use sim900 and firmware 1137b08sim900m64_st_dtmf_jd_mms i also use mic for ivrs when there is no voice transfer form modem to mobile.....dtmf are working but when there is a voice transfer from modem to mobile.....dtmf are not working properly ,some time randomly (...)
Hello everybody, I'm designing a mobile phone detector. My approach is to work with the GSM uplink frequency range. For this purpose, my questions are: 1- When a mobile phone is not in communication (call or SMS), what are the signals that it sends to the tower? 2- The most important for me, what is the period between these signals?
Wavecom WMOi3 User's Guide
how can i give input to a DC motor through sms from mobile phone? kindly give me the circuitry of the sms reciever and required softwares to give the input of sms to the reciever
what is the side effect for mobile radiation on the human body????
Dear all, I would like to know the main cause of TDD noise in mobile phone, can anyone explain to me? Why shunt capacitor on the trace can reduce this noise? And is it related to ratiatied intererence e.g. Signal from mobile's antenna? Best regards
hi all is there any software to upload and download java games to/from mobile i want it for samsung c-100 bcz it cant upload game also for k700 as i cant save its games in mypc
Please download this file
Question : is it possible to localize a simple mobile phone wih internet by GPS :?: adding of course an electronic card :!::!:
We want to send SMS to a recipient. We am using sonyericsson k750i mobile phone. We are using AT commands but we are getting an error using these commands. AT+CMGW="+85291234567" when we use this command we we get error. Help us if some one has a solution.Thankyou.
I want to use a mobile phone to take pictures and send out via MMS automatically when an SMS is received. I want to use a microcontroller connected on the serial port of the mobile phone which controls the phone over AT commands. Any suggestions?
Hi i finally overcome connecting my t29s mobile to pc, it was perfect I successfully get the message from mobile through HyperTerminal. But now How should I connect t29 to MCU?????? i connected tx & Rx & Gnd of mobile to Rx & Tx & Gnd of my MCU(atmega16) and i wrote this program : unsigned char send_data = (...)
:-Di want to display the sms when i received from mobile that connect with pic 16f877a but when i run the simulater proteus the program don't work i don't know the error
How one can transform body coordinate (Roll Pitch Yaw) system to ENU (east North UP) coordinate system. I am using HTC mobile sensor accelerometre and orientation sensors. I want to transform Acceleration values from mobile Coordinate system to ENU system, and also after transformation how should i verify it whether the transformation is (...)
Hi!!, Greetings!! Required for a not for profit social enterprise a system-integrated micro controller and user interface that regulates the function of a Hawkers's Solar Lantern based on proof of payments. It should be possible to switch on/off the solar lantern through a SMS sent through mobile phone. Also need to develop a Revenue Manag
hello experts ., I want to make project that send an sms from a nokia mobile using 8051 (when certain condition comes in controller attached sensor ) i have googled a lot but am confused where i start . i have no experiences regarding hyper terminal please help me where i will start any sample c code for that
hi please are you help me how to connected the pic with mobile explain (send the sms from mobile to other mobile then operate the load such as lamp) please give me the image and block diagram and code at micro c thank you
i am using aubtm 20 with my computer connected with rs232,i want to know that can i send data or any word from mobile to computer terminal or computer to mobile .
I wanted to transfer the messages that my mobile receives to a word or text file in my PC. Is it possible to do it serially through COM port ?? I also tried sending a message to USB Modem (micromax modem with a docomo SIM). I used the following python code. import serial import time ser = serial.Serial('COM4', 9600) while 1: data
Hello every one, Is there any way to update the sim900 RTC time from mobile network? I am not able to find commands. There are commands to write and read in to the RTC register but I want to update time when the device powers up and I do not need to configure time again and again. Thanks
Dear All, I need to make a mobile App controlled Gate Automation. For that I am planning to Use mobile Wifi to send commands. I am planning to Interface some wifi module with the PIC micro controller. I am new to Wifi interfacing. Anyone please help me in this. Thanks in advance.
u could try
Hi, look at Isn't it nice :lol: Best regards
Hello friends, many e-shops are selling Graphical LCD displays with integrated controller but it seems to me that they are still too much expensive (30-40$ for a simple 128x64). I'm looking for low cost LCD with integrated controller (with basic commands) starting from 128x64 pixels and backlight. Do you know a good LCD brand and a place wher
I plan to build for electronics beginner -PIC 16F876 -Color LCD (from mobile phone) -Keypad 4*4 (for each color and number) press color keypad and display value to LCD or press number keypad and display color to LCD Comning soon...
Hello Do you know any low cost colour graphic LCD module available maybe in China, Taiwan or somewhere else? Please let me know Kind regards Maverickmax77
Hi EDA guys, I have a problem here, Im a working student in my country. I have to access my PC from my home while in my work. I want to access the files from my PC. How will I turn the power on for my PC and connect through the internet automatically so I can access my files while away from home using my old cellphone. (Im using a Nokia (...)
hi iam doing a project on multiuser detection in cdma but i wasn't able to understand Asynchronous Channel in uplink can anybody help:?:
i need to built 2watt amplifier at 900 Mhz is there any single device which can be use for this and can be find easily.
hello guys... u know...those polling scheme...advertise by News Channels...sending sms "Vote A" to number 2525 by mobile. Please anybody know about the technical thing i need to have and to learn so that i can create such polling system by receiving vote or choice from mobile sms. Please help Thank you buts101
Greetings of peace and love!!! I am a fourth year ece student, and I would like to ask for help about my report, TRANSISTORS FOR INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS, I really needed your help. Thanks ahead and God Bless...!
Can anyone give me information about GSM module, what can we do with them, do gsm module need SIM card to communicate and use in projects??? Thanks.
hai for 64 ifft size 48 subcarriers + 4 pilot signal + 12 zero carrier is this constant value? if then for 1024 ifft size how many pilot signals and zero carriers needed another issue is one frame contains how many symbols ?? how to fix FRAME SIZE? HELP ME PLEASE........... I AM confused with concepts regards venkatesh.
hi i m doing my final year project that includes autoically sending sms from mobile phone. i m connecting 8051 with T630 using Tx, Rx and Gnd of 8051. i m using MAX232 IC in between microcontroller and mobile phone. i made assembly code to send the AT commands. but i havent got any response from the (...)
Functionality: Monitor the transmission to and reflection from mobile antenna, through loose couplings and in an directional/isolated manner: e.g. coupling: S31~ -15dB directivity:S31/S41~20dB Concept & Technology Four-port passive device Directivity and isolation depend on phase relation and coupling design Realizable with dist