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HI FRIENDS NOW AM INTERFACE 8870 WITH NOKIA 2310 CELL PHONE i check dtmf 880 q1,q2,q3,q4, outputs are working pressing all keys on only that mobile only and not working remote operation another mobile why.............??? am using c1=0.1uf, r1=10k, pin 2 r2=10k , pin 3
dtmf decoder MT8870.
i was working on dtmf decoder(MT 8870) lately and during that time i found that it was giving proper o/p on galaxy fit but not able to decode and give o/p on galaxy Y.Just try to plug in the device which gives you undesirable output and make a call from which you are getting correct output. P.S when you jack in aux wire make sure your phones media
Hi i use sim900 and firmware 1137b08sim900m64_st_dtmf_jd_mms i also use mic for ivrs when there is no voice transfer form modem to mobile.....dtmf are working but when there is a voice transfer from modem to mobile.....dtmf are not working properly ,some time randomly (...)
as a part of project i had connected mobile to dtmf Decoder Works Well(gives Output for all switch pressed ) But when I Make A call from Another mobile to the mobile that is connected to dtmf DECODER It Only gives output for pin Number 3 6 9 What Shoud Be the Reason? I have Also Tried after (...)
I have attached the dtmf decoder circuit using MT8870 IC. I that circuit, at the input section two zener diodes are used face to face.. I want to know why it is used...??? i am using a mobile phone instead of telephone.... its working fine... but can i remove those zener diodes...??? 73455 Thanks in adva
what is your question? you need multiple interfaces, including the dtmf detector is drived from speaker output your mobile phone
dtmf can be detected if the call is from a telophone by sim900, but how can i detect dtmf from a gsm , or in othor words how can i send dtmf tone from my mobile... i am confused as when i call a callcenter they automaticaly detect dtmf tone if i send it (...)
Are you using this :- MT8870 datasheet pdf datenblatt - Mitel Networks Corporation - ISO2-CMOS Integrated dtmf Receiver ::: ALLDATASHEET ::: it says the input is on pin. Frank
hello everyone i made aproject using a gsm mobile dtmf based home light that i need two things. 1. pasword system 2. when we do press any key then from my device side it inform about it accepted operation and welcome message and other message also. so please guid me about this process.
I am interfacing a mobile phone with a micro controller using a dtmf decoder (HT9170) and the signals from the head set cable. I need a provision to detect when the call has ended. Most circuits in the net are for phone lines Thanks for the help
ASA hi 2 all im currently working on voice interactive system .......... im using cell phne at reciving end. can any body tell me how do i detect which key pressed from the dialing end ? do i use AT cmmands or dtmf tone decoder ic ??? thx.
you can use a dtmf to bcd ll get a bcd output which you can interface with a ?c and do whatever you want.once i used this to interface with a mobile phone to control 4 switches of course you can control more .heres a schematic which you can connect to landline and control 4 need to dial the landline and press 0(im not sure
How receive dtmf tone from mobile phone? I need it for remote controle. Could I use data cable to read send number from another phone with AT command and HyperTerminal? Thanks, kima