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Can the voltage of a single 9V battery be reduced to the value I want using a sinple potentiometer? What short of current should I expect out of a standard carbon potentiometer? I am asking so that I can calculate the value of potentiometer to use, so that I can get maximum output current without burning out the potentiometer. Any estimations?
Hey, so my situation is this: Im currently trying to improve the efficiency of a wireless temperature sensor. On the board currently is a voltage regulator that drops the voltage from 7.4V to 3.3V essentially wasting a lot of the batterys power. My plan was to change the configuration of the batteries from series to parallel as to drop the volta
I put together this battery disconnect circuit and it's not working as planned. The datasheet does not state if the output of U1 is Push-Pull or open Drain, I assumed it was push-pull. Idea was that if there is no charge voltage AND the battery dropped below 11Vdc, Q1 isolates the battery. Pin 1, 7 don't go much above 2V even with a (...)
Hi, I have a dual coil latch relay (NEC EA2-5T) and I would like to find a way to switch it on and off using a single RF signal from the same coaxial. I cannot use DC fed into the coaxial for it, I can only use RF power remotely rectified into DC at the relay side. One way I was thinking was the time delay like this
I have a project where I need to measure 4 x 24v battery banks which are isolated from each other. I really only want to use 1 Arduino to record the data onto single SD card. I've used an ADS1115 (18 bit converter) to read the voltages at the moment I'm using a dual power supply reading the 4 channels with common ground but I can't have a common GN
Hi all, I'm starting a design of a power controller using the LTC 4417 chip ( ). In the typical application, it shows the use of dual PMOS in a common source configuration. What exactly is the purpose of using two versus just a single PMOS? Is it simply for the voltage sense? Thanks!
Dear All, I have a circuit which uses 3.7v Li_Ion battery and it works for 5 days. Now I like to provide USB port to add external battery to the user to extend the circuit running period. User can just attach external battery on the USB port to extend the period. I need the circuit details. Kindly see the attachment and let me know your (...)
dear all I have two question 1. what happen if i will use 47uf16v elco. capacitor in place of 47uf10v ,Is it effect remote battery life? 2. Is dual color SMD led's come in two pin Regards
What Is the Main Difference in Single cell vs dual Cell Li-ion Which one is the best
Hello friends, I am going to buy 4 motors which are having following specifications : Outrunner Brushless DC Motor dual sealed ball bearings Weight: 78gms KV: 1500 RPM/V Thrust: 1200gms max. Voltage: 7V to 16.8V Current: 18Amp continuous, 20Amp max. & related motor controller has following specs. ? Output: 20A continuous
I propose you use a dual battery operated measurement device with 200dB CMRR when you are using high impedance signal sources and high impedance loads (OA) you can use large divider ratio ( 10~30:1) then amplify with a single resistor to choose any gain you want 1~1000. Why? Because E-field from AC mains will be high; and ESD events
Dc to DC converter is what you need. I will give you details soon ---------- Post added at 12:23 ---------- Previous post was at 12:22 ---------- See here for 30V dual supply from 12V car battery. 12V to +/- 30V DC to DC Converter ht
If you want to charger a dual-cell battery with 5V USB, I think you have to have a Boost circuit.
I'm building a dual axis sun tracker. My solar panels are rated 10W. The solar panels is going to charge a 12V lead acid battery. I tried the circuit below but didn't manage to get any good result. Now, I 'm thinking of just using the 10mm Greed LED as photodiode and connect 4 of them(for dual axis), with 90deg between them, directly (...)
how to get dual voltages (12v, 0v, -12v) from a single 12V battery ??
Hello, I am currently working on a small project that will use a dual one-shot IC (something like HCF4548B) and will be powered off a 12V automobile battery. I am not sure how I should power/connect the IC. Let me explain a little more about the project: The HCF4548B has an absolute maximum rating for Vdd of up to 20V (I think), and it's trigger
I need a circuit design for battery charger getting two different input source i.e Solar panel and Wind mil.
Hello, I'm looking for one H-Bridge to move one motor with 60W of power and 18V. The solution will be compact and efficient. Use 4 MOSFETS is one posibility, but the solution is not compact. Someone knows one dual Mosfet (N-and P-Channel) ? Also the RDSon are very important (efficiecy) because the power supply is the battery. Thanks!
For distortion pedal, you can use a generic dual op-amp like lm358, 1458 or tl082. If you want low noise, use a tl072. Generally, a guitard pedal is powered with a 9v battery and a rail to rail op-amp is a good choice. Bye.
The C8051F9xx is the industry?s first MCU family capable of full-spec operation down to 0.9 V and up to 3.6 V, enabling single-cell battery operation as well as dramatically increasing battery life for dual-cell applications.
You missed the one I use, a Fujitsu. It's an excellent laptop with a dual battery bay.
Im in the process of making a set of arc hid-li-ion mountian bike lights, because i just cant justify spending $700 on them. You can buy a li-ion battery pack for lights, but that alone is $300, so i figure, a laptop battery will be my cheapest bet. I have a set of homemade dual beam 15wX2 halogens with a nicad battery with (...)
I'd like to use 2 11.2 lipo batteries in parallel, and therefore need them both to be regulated down to about 6v. Anyone know of a circuit whereby I can use 2x11.2 v packs together (without explicitly wiring them in parallel first?) It would be ideal that there be a concept of a pack1 and pack2 (kind of like a mini-ups) and a failover if the volt
Hi guys, I have browse through several battery charger IC with dual input (AC & USB) from Maxim and TI. I'm wondering on how to know whether the IC can provide faster charging time compared to others. Ussually, handphone charger are fast charger, what charger IC they ussually use...? Thanks.:D
Hi there, Hope you dont mind me giving my two cents. I once developed a charger to charge a 12V sealed lead acid battery, I will first briefly explain what I've done and let you filter if there is any chance where I can provide useful information to you. Mine is a PIC based dual powered, switch mode charger unit. I've developed a boost conve
Hi everybody! Could somebody help me? The problem is: I need to feed a circuit with some values of supply: 5V, 3.3V, 3.8V and 1.8V. Some ICs need 3.3V, only one IC needs 1.8V, another one needs 5V and another needs 3.8V. Then, I have two sources of power: a +12VDC which comes from a solar cell and another one which comes from a +3.7V battery. I
Well i guess you mean how to use the op-amps which need dual power supply ,well for this case there is some ct. which makes dc-dc converstion so some ct take the 9v and converts it to +4V , -4V and GND ofcourse
I need to design a power supply powered by 9V cell battery to provide a +/- 6.5V dual polarity power supply with max. load curent of about 1A each rail. Is it possible to apply a National buck regulator IC to implement this? If so, how to implement? Or could you suggest me a schmetic for this with selection of passive components in detail?