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Dear All, I have a circuit which uses 3.7v Li_Ion battery and it works for 5 days. Now I like to provide USB port to add external battery to the user to extend the circuit running period. User can just attach external battery on the USB port to extend the period. I need the circuit details. Kindly see the attachment and let me know your (...)
You missed the one I use, a Fujitsu. It's an excellent laptop with a dual battery bay.
I propose you use a dual battery operated measurement device with 200dB CMRR when you are using high impedance signal sources and high impedance loads (OA) you can use large divider ratio ( 10~30:1) then amplify with a single resistor to choose any gain you want 1~1000. Why? Because E-field from AC mains will be high; and ESD events
how to get dual voltages (12v, 0v, -12v) from a single 12V battery ??
I need to design a power supply powered by 9V cell battery to provide a +/- 6.5V dual polarity power supply with max. load curent of about 1A each rail. Is it possible to apply a National buck regulator IC to implement this? If so, how to implement? Or could you suggest me a schmetic for this with selection of passive components in detail?
Well i guess you mean how to use the op-amps which need dual power supply ,well for this case there is some ct. which makes dc-dc converstion so some ct take the 9v and converts it to +4V , -4V and GND ofcourse
Hi there, Hope you dont mind me giving my two cents. I once developed a charger to charge a 12V sealed lead acid battery, I will first briefly explain what I've done and let you filter if there is any chance where I can provide useful information to you. Mine is a PIC based dual powered, switch mode charger unit. I've developed a boost conve
Hi guys, I have browse through several battery charger IC with dual input (AC & USB) from Maxim and TI. I'm wondering on how to know whether the IC can provide faster charging time compared to others. Ussually, handphone charger are fast charger, what charger IC they ussually use...? Thanks.:D
Yes, three individual parts or they have duals or triple outputs available from National or Linear. The TPS61032PWP is probably too large a part (2A) that can boost from 3V to 5V. This requires min amount of parts.
Im in the process of making a set of arc hid-li-ion mountian bike lights, because i just cant justify spending $700 on them. You can buy a li-ion battery pack for lights, but that alone is $300, so i figure, a laptop battery will be my cheapest bet. I have a set of homemade dual beam 15wX2 halogens with a nicad battery with (...)
Hi, Just want to know if my design for dual power switching between an AC-DC adapter and batteries as shown below is correct. My intention is to allow the system to draw power from the AC-DC adapter instead of batteries when AC-DC adapter power is available. Appreciate if there is any feedback on this circuit. Thanks. Regards, Eric
I need a circuit design for battery charger getting two different input source i.e Solar panel and Wind mil.
Hi all, I wanna make a designed circuit to work with battery and also charge with USB! The circuit is designed to work with 5v & I wanna add the battery part without changing a large parts of it. As I studied about it, I'm going to use a dual-cell polymer Li-Ion battery with a regulator. However, it would be great for (...)
Hi, I need dual output Dc-Dc converter. Input Voltage--->+6V (from battery) Output1-------->+12V @ 50mA Output2-------->-12V @ 50mA Can somebody suggest me with the part number or readily available module. Thanks and Regards, Viswanath.
Friends, Does L293 need dual power supply ? I tried to rotate the wheel with load, but can not rotate, It's rotating if there's no load ( not sticking to ground ), but not rotate if I put it on the ground. Is it because of the power supply ? or my battery is not strong enough ? I'm using 12V 1.3Ah Thanks
Hello friends, I am going to buy 4 motors which are having following specifications : Outrunner Brushless DC Motor dual sealed ball bearings Weight: 78gms KV: 1500 RPM/V Thrust: 1200gms max. Voltage: 7V to 16.8V Current: 18Amp continuous, 20Amp max. & related motor controller has following specs. ? Output: 20A continuous
OP290 is a high performance micropower dual op amp that operates from a single supply of +1.6V to +36V
dear all I have two question 1. what happen if i will use 47uf16v elco. capacitor in place of 47uf10v ,Is it effect remote battery life? 2. Is dual color SMD led's come in two pin Regards
Hi all, I'm starting a design of a power controller using the LTC 4417 chip ( ). In the typical application, it shows the use of dual PMOS in a common source configuration. What exactly is the purpose of using two versus just a single PMOS? Is it simply for the voltage sense? Thanks!
Hi mscaff, if you connect a dual diode across vcc, input and gnd the following could happen: If the interference at the input is of high energy, your vcc could rise too high. To interface the ?c to 24V (for example) I use a voltage divider made of two resistors (output voltage ca. 5 Volt) and connect a zener diode 4.7 Volt parallel to the low
Hi, I am looking for circuits of 20-30 Amp intelligent battery charger for deep cycle batteries. Thanks.
hallo, do somebody have a application for a battery supplay with a standby current of ca 1 ?A and max current of 20 mA from 3,6 to 5 v for example m*a*x619 the battery should life 10 years eventually is the low battery current a problem thank you
hi guys! i have designed a 24v,4A low cost battery charger works in simple constant current mode as stand alone.also it is possible to control its output current/voltage by a microP or even a computer port,if an a/d card is available. its docs (sch & pcb)in protel format is available. if u want it respond to this letter! :smil
Does anyone have the schematics for Compaq Armada E500 battery? Or at least how it communicate with the notebook? Thanks
I am looking for MC3362DW or MC3363DW chips or equivalent.. M*tor*la decided to stop the production of this exellent chip.. Infortunately I did not find anything as good (yet)... Anyone who would have some unused chips (for sale) ? Or any other *decent* dual conversion chip with front end RF chip ? Thank you in advance. Regards
Like said in the subject, I would be very thankfull to anyone who could give me or point me to a schematic for a charger for 12V 35 Ah boat battery. The source is the 10hp outboard engine that gives ~9-~17 V AC current, varying on the power applied. Thanks very much!
Hi! I need theory of operation for dual clock fifos. please help me! Thanks in adv! :)
Hi, I have a 12v car battery charger, that I want to try and adapt to use as a motorcycle battery charger, yes it can be used as it stands, but motorcycle batteries don't need 4-6 amps ramming into them, it will do the job, but I've been told they could boil the battery My idea is to reduce the current to say 1amp maximu, using a (...)
I'm just using a LT1172 to step up 3,6v lition battery voltage to 12v, but i only can boost voltage to 9v, but linear datasheets sais that's possible, changing feedback resisors to 1.24k and 10.7k, but doing this my voltage is the same as input. I don't know what's the problem. Any help would be appreciated, thank you
I want to use in my system battery with smart capability (GPDR202). Could anybody explain me how I sould conect to it. I downloaded docs from but I can't find Slave Address of the battery on the SMBbus. Is this address unique for each battery. How I can determine if some same batteries are connected to the SMBbus ? Does anybody
Hi I need a good NiCd battery discharger circuitfor NiCd AA1.2V batteries.
battery Charger Display The Over-the-Top type of operational amplifier is ideal for use as a current sense for battery charger applications. The design described here can be used with chargers for rechargeable batteries (Lead/acid or NiCd etc).
battery Discharger The battery discharger published in the June 1998 issue of this magazine may be improved by adding a Schottky diode (D3). This ensures that a NiCd cell is discharged not to 0.6?0.7 V, but to just under 1 V as recommended by the manufacturers.
PC battery Charger An unused serial interface port can supply enough current to charge (or trickle charge) lowcapacity Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) batteries.
Hi All, Since dual-Gate FET is a four-terminal device, the traditional model of S-parameter S2p is not enough to model the device. Anyone who have experienced on it because it is quite common employed in Mixer design ? Best Rgs Rayengine
What's frequency is limited for dual fet transistors today? I need dual fet for 6Ghz mixer, is there some manufactures with this request.
hi all i need small circuit to make cd room play with battery of car thanks for all yours S 8O KRAT
dual band antenna paper
Hi, I need one dual schottky diode. the electrical characteristics are should be similar to BAT754L(its tripal diode). My basic requirement is -- 2. Continuous reverse voltage = 30V 1. VF should be very less below 0.3 mV @ IF= 1mA. Thanx and Regards ~niks~
I need a synthesizable code for FIFO with dual clock (input one clcok. output another clock domain). Anybody can help ?
I'd like to know if anybody knows 1 - battery pin description (it has 4 pins, 2 +2) 2 - How to revive it (I know some procedure exists. thanks :lol:
Hi all! I have to design a portable device powered by a 9V battery. I'd like to simply power on and off with a push button and when powered off the battery be diconnected.... any good Idea? In the device there is a uC (cypress psoc), I could use some line for this porpouse.... Bye!
Need to shut down a small signal dual gate mosfet amp the idea is to switch off the amp during transmit in a transciver ? any idea thanks bobi
How I can find the battery capacity by a microcontroller. Algorithms, formulas, c code, ideas etc..... are well apreciated. thx Lollo
Hello everybody, I have a small lead acid battery 2AH which serves as a power supply backup. The normal operation of the circuit is that the main power supply 13.8V is charging the backup battery, I dont have any advanced charging circuit even without the current limiting, and at the same time my load. But, when it happens that the input power s
Who knows is there any PC utility (DOS or Windows) which can change or program the notebook battery charge IC (BQ2040 of TI) register (on EEPROM also inside the battery) via the SMbus (SMBbus) ? My notebook battery always report wrong battery status which cause my notebook shutdown even in MSDOS after few minutes after (...)
Looking for a project/schematic/code for something to recondition older UPS batteries. Not just a charger, but something that can analyze the condition, and charge/discharge appropriately to recondition them. Thanks
i need a simple li-ion battery charger (3.6 and 7.2 v)
Hello, I?m looking for a 4-/8-bit low (ultra low) power MCU for a battery application. I need this for a LED torch. The device should available in small packages. For development it would be good to have a flash ROM. For the production it is enough to have a ROM Which devices or companies could you recommend? by, cube007
Hi, I plan to use a mobile phone in a specific kind of application. It has to work all the time and it is not operated by man, but it serves in an automated system together with a microcontroller. My problem is the power supply of the phone. Is it a good idea to leave the battery charger(220V or the automobile version) all the time c