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The basic issue here is that hfss and the associated files are 3D in nature. A Gerber is used to fabricate a printed circuit and is basically 2D. hfss supports a variety of file formats. The one useful here is a *.dxf which is supported by hfss . This file is convertible to a Gerber using software like PADS. Keep an eye (...)
Hello, I had tried importing a .dxf file in Ansoft hfss but I cant open the file in hfss. Can you please provide me the steps to import .dxf to .hfss. Thank you.
Hello, Does anyone know any free parametric 2d cad software? Basically i need a dxf editor that i can input coordinates of points using variables. Like the cad editor of hfss.
dxf format is industrial standard.hfss will accept it..
hfss supports the import of a variety of 3D files. If you have a 2D file (*.dxf possibly?) you could import that and use it as the basis for drawing a 3D model for simulation.
The issue is probably that you have an antenna file that is in a 3D format. You (probably) need to convert to 2D like .dxf that is more easily converted to Gerber files. I am assuming that you are trying to make some sort of printed circuit antenna. There are other solutions possible and you might find free software somewhere. Even with paid so
Creating useful dxf vector data from bitmap is not trivial. Check your file in AutoCAD or another CAD package. For filled copper area you want to have closed polyline with zero width.
dxf files, other than pdf or bitmap graphics come with exact dimensions, because it's a mechanical CAD data format. If you see wrong size, it's either a problem of your viewer or wrong dimensions setup in hfss. Nevertheless dxf files can be scaled to intended exact size in a CAD tool. A number of full featured gerber tools can import (...)
Hi, This is a simple problem which can be solved with ease. The solution is to construct your structure in hfss on the plane (x,y,z) = (0,0,0). If you have your structure above or below the 0 plane, then the .dxf file will be blank when opened in autocad.
Hi I want to export from hfss to ADS , I go through this page but I have problem with naming the layers?? it is mentioned in there that Go to the Advanced page and define the names of the dxf layers in your file. How can i find the dxf layers in my design?:bang::bang: Thank you for your help
I made a simple patch antenna in CST. Now I want to compare its results (S11) by designing it in ADS and hfss. I'm able to import dxf files from CST into hfss and ADS. I successfully simulated the design in hfss but was wondering if I can simulate the dxf file in ADS (Momentum) as well? Is it doable? (...)
Hi, I am working in Rotman lens antenna. i want to know how can i draw it in hfss and i hear that it is very difficult to do that . i have been started to draw it but it was very Creepy. So , i have read that it is simple to draw it by AutoCad and then import the dxf file in hfss. There is any help for Rotman Lens Drawing? either (...)
Just had the same problem when importing to LPKF CAM software. The correct answer - all the planar objects must be collected exactly at Z=0. Then dxf export/import works fine.
look at the available filetypes available for export from auocad, the look at the types available for import in hfss v. 11 and see if there's any that match. for hfss v.15: sab, sat, sm2, sm3, anstgeom, xls, dxf, dwg, exp, model, CatPart, CatProduct, gds, iges, igs, nas, x_t, x_b, prt, asm, step, stp, stl, sld are the import options.
hi, i have made a patch antenna in hfss.the problem is while exporting it to dxf , i only get the bottom face. can you help me in this regard? its urgenttttttt!!!! help meee :( thanks in advancee :) attached is the hfss original file.
hi, i am new in the field. can anyone help me in exporting the hfss file as dxf. i have set all z=0 bt still the dxf file has only bottom layer. my antenna is a simple patch antenna with partial ground thanx in advance
hi hfss can export the file for the mechanical software similar dxf or the others which all of them can be used in the altiume.
Maybe if you have exported your model to dxf in CST and then importe to Altium, it may not work because dxf (in CST 5.0 atleast) is 2D and all layers may not have been exported precisely. What I would suggest is to export the file in *.step or *.sat. Then may be you will have to again convert this to DWG using any CAD / CAM softwares and then impo
The standard format for sending PCB layout for manufacturing is Gerber RS274X for the layout files and Excellon for the drill files, but those PCB manufacturers who support Rogers substrates usually accept dxf as well. A few notes on dxf: - Unlike Gerber, dxf can have many layers in one file. There is no need to split the layout into (...)
I would prefer *.sat over IGES, STEP and dxf because *.sat format is the "native" 3D format of the ACIS drawing kernel that both simulators use.
The AutoCAD data exchange format for 2D layout is dxf. dxf can be imported into hfss and other EM simulators.
Hello, i have simulated the design in hfss and now for the fabrication purpose i have to make the negative of my design to make the pcb so i export the design to dxf design is converted into .dxf file but now i am not able to take its print out to make the negative. I am not able to convert it into jpg file with exact dimention. so please
Hello to convert hfss file to .dxf file. i have tried to convert my hfss design to autocad file but after conversion it is showing my ground plane only and nothing else. can anybody tell me the step by step procedure of how to convert the hfss design to .dxf file regards
Hello attaran Got a dxf file,which you can convert to hfss file.Since its a complex geometry,its best drawn on autocad then uploaded to hfss for simulation.let me know if you are still interested. Regards Sajid Mohammed.
I have designed an siw structure, which consists of drills in substrate, in hfss and exported the same to dxf file so as to fabricate in T Tech machine available in our lab. The software used is isopro (most probably 3.0) by t tech co. The problem is that only vias are been shown in isopro software while importing the dxf file. There is a (...)
Hi, I have designed an siw structure in hfss and exported the same to dxf file so as to fabricate in T Tech machine available in our lab. The software used is isopro (most probably 3.0) by t tech co. The problem is that only vias are been shown in isopro software while importing the dxf file. There is a microstrip line before the SIW (...)
Before going to the dxf import dialog, go to Options > Layer in the layout editor menu. This will bring up the layer editor. Go to the Advanced page and define the names of the dxf layers in your file. Finally, save the settings into a file, with the default filename y
I've never personally done this, but I'm pretty sure one issue you need to look into is to define the layer mapping from .gds/.dxf to .hfss during import. Have you done this?
Hi Matte Try to export from hfss in Autocad dxf format and import to Altium with same configuration (mm or mils). You can also try converter like LinkCAD. Good luck!
Hello, I need to analyze a waveguide with an unorthodox shape. I have the shape of the OUTER cross section (2D dxf - Customer info provided). I would like create IN hfss the INNER cross section contour. I can do that in Autocad, but unfortunately Autocad cannot read the dxf provided, so this is why I need to do that in
Hi, These files are the full human brain model in different versions of AutoCAD (2000 to 2010) in .dxf and .DWG format(acrually I export them from 3ds max), I'm trying to import them into hfss and run simulation on them. I searched a lot to find a human brain model in hfss, but I couldn't (The price of human brain in ansoft webpage is (...)
Hi Everyone, I am not able to import dxf files into Ansoft Designer 4 or to hfss 11/12. I am getting the following error when I tried to import, using Layout->Import File " viewport entity with no extended data" Any suggestions regarding this error? Thanks, sv
Hi, I want to Export a <256x256x128 double> matrix ( It's a multilayer image; it's human brain model) to a .dxf file, is there any way to do this?? I need it to work on it in hfss. So I am thinking of exporting a .dxf ,and then using AutoCAD export another one so at the end I am able to open the image in hfss. is there (...)
Thanks sweetchoto, Actually was working on exporting this multilayer image (<256x256x128 double> matrix) to a .dxf file and use AutoCAD first but I will search for Controlling hfss with matlab right now.
I think one should go for AutoCAD in case of such curves.. First drwa the structue in that and than import the .dxf file in hfss Besties Kecbackbencher
Hi, I have transferred many designs from ADS and with no problem. I have only imported the copper as dxf. Substrate, ports etc. have to added of course. Copper thickness in imported file dxf has been 0.1mm (set value) and it needs to be corrected. Have you checked that your substrate is attached to copper (no air between them)? Have you placed
I would like to use Matlab to draw a geometry and then save it in dwg or dxf format to import into hfss. Does anyone have a code to generate dxf or dwg from a generic geometry like a square? Thanks in advance for your help.
hello, would anyone know how to effectively import a single layer layout file (dxf) into hfss ?
hi guys! how do i print my design to scale? i tried exporting it in jpg, bmp but it is not to scale i also tried dxf then opened it in Autocadd, again it is not to scale? i am simulating antennas and i would like to make the actual already to test it. but i can't! i need to print my design wit the right dimensions help! thanks al
I have to study a 3d model, in hfss or cst, scanned by a 3d laser scanner. My problems are on the choice of the model format (.sat, .dxf, .stl, .step, ...). Ah, the model is a closed surface of 400,000 faces. Thanks.
hfss can export a dxf file. Once you have that, you need a CAM editor, or other PCB software that can import the dxf and export the Gerber files. Without knowing what sofware you have at your disposal, it's difficult to give detailed directions. If you can get the dxf file, and you can't find software at your location (...)
A lumped port is assigned after drawing a rectangle on the antenna feed. How sensitive is it when considering the rectangle overlapping to GND, not in line with the input, small/big by cross section area compared to that of antenna input etc? I am importing the .dxf file of printed antenna pattern, which doesnt match with the grid setting often. An
Ok thank you for your reply, My problem with the import of file, I have some design with hfss I would obtain the layout using GerbTool so I import the file from hfss (*.dxf) and I try to export it under GerbTool but I don?t obtain the desired layout (it give me only the substrate and the ground plane only but not the structure on the top) (...)
Hi: One of my former colleague wrote the following cbs for hfss10 to read dxf and then convert to solid object. But how do I extend this to handle the case when I have more than one slices? Thanks, Dim oAnsoftApp Dim oDesktop Dim oProject Dim oDesign Dim oEditor Dim oModule Set oAnsoftApp = (...)
Send your ADS design to the Momentum Layout and save it as a dxf file(or what ever file format you can easily import to hfss). Now start hfss and look for that Momentum file. It should be straight forward. In Momentum go: "File"-->"Export" and pick the best format. Good luck.
First you need to import the dxf to layout and then export to Gerber. Its try and iterative process in setting the various check boxes
Zeland offers an Adix converter to convert IE3D geometry file into dxf, GERBER and ACIS.
hi friends, i want to simulate a 3d building first i have made a .3ds then i have made dxf but i dont have any software that will make .iges any software that will make iges file or any advice that make these operation more easier.
Hi, I've made some 3D designs in hfss and now want to export them for PCB fabrication. What I had done in the past was to use hfss -> SAT export -> AutoCad import of SAT -> dxf export -> ADS/Momentum dxf import -> Gerber export However, this doesn't work very well with what designs I have (the dxfs (...)
hi shakey, I guess You're using hfss v11. If it's true, let use 'Import method' as Script Method when you Import objects from .dwg or .dfx sources. You can do it at dxf/DWG IMPORT dialog -> Options Tab. Hope it helps!

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