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I don?t understand exactly what you have and what you want to do. You said that you want to import those dxf files into PowerPCB and later you added that those are schematic files. PowerPCB is a layout tool and not a schematic capture tool. If you have a schematic done in OrCAD Capture you can use E-Studio from E-Tools Company to translate it to
You can try using dxf import under the file menu..
Hello Sergiu! I wiil write in romanian, it's easy for me Se poate rezolva ce vrei tu in felul urmator: Poza in format cdr, bmp, jpg trebuie exportata in AUTOCAD (format dwg). Aici se verifica daca are grosime la contururi si se exporta in dxf; Se deschide ORCAD si se importa dxf. MAX-ul obtinut se salveaza librarie(LLB) si se prelucreaza
U can use the tool of mentor "schcvt.exe" to convert protel or orcad sch lib to power logic, or u can import dxf file to powerpcb and save as a library. then u can use it in power logic.
I don't use pads, so I don't know the answer to this. Does the exported dxf file contain Z-Axis data? I export dxf out of Mentor Expedition all of the time, but I have only looked at the files in AutoCad LT, which is only 2-D If pads can export IDF and you have a tool that supports it (Pro-E, Solid Works), that would (...)
Hello friends, Currently I am working on a project in which there are two PCBs one motherboard & another PowerSupply Borad which will be on motherboard with 7 mm Height difference. To get exact position of board to board connector i've generated dxf file for psu board but when i import it to motherboard file i am not getting it in some ano
it is better to analyse few things like 1) if pads 2004 is servind ur purpose than what is the use of upgrading and paying more. 2) if you are facing any issues and they are fixed in new versions than u can go for that. 3) if u require some functionality which is not present in the lower versions than check it out. pads 2007 enhanshment
I was looking for this feature of pads few years ago and I'm afraid it has not been added up to now. I started from pads2005.2 up to pads9.2 and the object properties i.e. imported objects from a dxf file don't have the option to be converted into a trace/route.
When I use dxf into pads the traces are comes under 2D line there any way to convert it to trace properties from dxf?
i have a .dwg drawing which i intend to use in my layout job so i had to save it as a dxf file in AutoCAD 2007. i had to Import that dxf file into my layout job in Expedition, and i did successfully. the only problem is that the imported dxf file seems to be way too small from its dimensions in the original DWG and dxf (...)
Hi All, When i converting the dxf into pads layout is there any way to bring traces as a trace properties from aitocad file. Regards, Monolisa
Hi all, I am exporting BRD file in allegro to dxf but the problem I am facing is that I am unable to see pads in top and bottom also shapes are showing as just unfilled areas in dxf. Somebody please guide through the process of exporting to dxf in allegro. thnx in advance Ricky
i have done a layout in another pcb layout software and exported it into dxf file. then, imported the dxf file into pads but the routes/traces became 2D lines.. is there a way to change the Properties of those 2D lines into Route/Trace in pads 2005?
i have a layout design on ads .. i exported it to dxf format.. i used many pcb software ( proteus , pads , cam350) to import the dxf file but it doesn't work ?! :S anyone can help me ?
I need to extrapolate a DRILL file from a dxf file I use Linkcad4 and I can make gerber files, but I don't understand how to make a Drill file thanks in advance
pads layout and text. One way to solve the text box in layout is to create desired text in some tool such as autocad or solidworks if you have it available. Or any tool that can export a dxf. You can pull dxf into layout and convert it to copper shape. At this point you can set rules for spacing to whatever needed. Yes, I agree it is (...)
Hello, is there a free software which convert dxf to gerber and vice versa...... thank you in advance, N
Hi, i am beginner and i want to know how to use the allegro in step wise and also i'm using pads which been comfortable with it. I'm able import the dxf.file to allegro so what is the next step to be followed..? regards, pushpa
Hi, I am a user of Altium Deigner Summer 09. In some cases we get a dxf file of a component and we have to import it in PCB to produce a PCB component. All pads/HOLES shall be imported as pads/HOLES and all other body lines and non-electrical objects shall also be imported. Looking forward for your help. Regards, Maqbool
There is a printer driver program from Leadtools that will read in all sorts of printer format files and save them as gerber files or even dxf files. Use it to read in your text and save as dxf, then import it into your board. On the other hand you can create a small photoplot file and import it into your layer photoplot. I haven't used this for
I used dxf to convert Autocad polygons to copper areas and found that the conversion increased the areas by the width of the aperture. Autocad looks at the copper edge same as pads- the actual edge of the copper, but the conversion made the edge equal to the center of a draw. pads will back the line center away from the copper edge equal (...)
Very often it is necessary to save the job in an older version of your host program in order to import it somewhere else. Your pads 5 license should support older versions back to version 2. Try exporting your ascii file in an older version of pads and try importing that into Cadence. You also need to make sure that the database units are set pro
You should be able to get more information from which maintain such footprints for pads Pwr and I remeber they had a lot of stuff in DWG / dxf format. :R
Well, it should be said that it doesn't exist "the" tool for RF PCB. Maybe the good answer is how people do it. Some use autocad for their PCB, but forget it if you're doing complex design. And furthermore the dxf files should be imported in a simulator (ads,hfss,microwave office...) to verify performances. This approach is only for experienced p
if you can convert bmp to dxf maybe import in power pcb I use pdfcreator and pdft0dxf converter program firstly convert bmp to pdf and then convert pdf to dxf very long process but succes if you cant work bmp2asc program you sould use this way
Are both same versions? Save it as ASCII pcb file and try reopen, or export and import in dxf mode ... At first it can't happen, but it persist try copy libraries too. leomecma
hi have u checked all the file types which protel can accept? i think protel should be able to support dxf format, as it is the general format between ECAD packages. cheers skr
hi u can check for ascii format for schematic and dxf format for routing on your tool. i hope there would be dxf format available in your tool gud luck skr.
Hi all I would like to know if some of you have used Cadence Virtouso layout tool to make professional level layouts for pcbs for analog/RF applications. I've got a couple of very skilled colleagues that use Virtouso to layout RFICs and I want them make pcb also. I'm wondering if it will be more convenient to use their skill in the same desig
place a footprint in your cad that it opens in then export a '.dxf' file {look in help how to do this now import it to your other cad and save it as a footprint again most cads for eda support this dxf format its basicaly a bitmap
If it's Gerber format you can import that into a PCB, then copy and paste into a footprint. Gerber is troublesome since the artwork is comprised of thousands of elements instead of a few polygons. dxf usually does not work since the polygons do not come in filled. If you can export in pads PCB format (like Microwave Office does) then Altium
Dear all, I've trying to import an image (in dxf and PLT format) to Allegro 16.0, but nothing appear. First I convert a bmp format image into dxf format using Img2CAD software but nothing appear. Then I try "Raster to Allegro" to convert bmp file to PLT file and still nothing appear when I import the file in Allegro. Does anybody having the s
Are you talking about a PDIF file from PCAD or pads, or do you mean a PDF document file? PCAD PDIF files have a PDF extension, but they are entirely different from a PDF document. If you mean you want to convert a document file into a Protel file, there's no direct way to do that. It is possible to convert the PDF to a dxf file, and then impor
Hello Radike, upload your MWO file (*.emp)... yes, it is possible to create artwork for your capacitor s-parameter data file in MWO... Just go to Layout browser create new GDSII or dxf cell library then create New Cell then draw the Capacitor pads/artwork using the datasheet dimensions , then add the cell ports...finally then right click o
I've designed a number of planar microwave filters (6 to 18GHz) in MWO and now need to get them into Altium so that I can lay them out as part of a larger circuit. Altium have a method for importing Gerbers and converting them to *.PCB files (they refer to this as reverse engineering) but neither myself nor the Altium tech support guy could make
I always do it. 1st, in AWR set the unit to mm, then in layout window, export your layout, save as dxf format. In Altium, create a new PCB, then import the dxf file, slect the unit to mm, and set all layers to say Toplayer,set the line width to say 0.1mm or 0.0254mm. After import, you can see a draft of your layout in Altium, then use fill or oth
actually ORCAd is unique that the pad could be any shape defined with dxf. So you can define your shape in dxf and set the pad to be that shape - there are no limitations. SO the right approach is to create hexagone shape in dxf format and then to create custom pad from this dxf
I realize i was trying to add the component to a "default layer", which is my first problem. The next problem is I imported a .dxf file to the default layer. I think this is where the main cause of all my problems are. I think, that I imported it wrong. So right now i am trying to reimport it on a different layer. I do appreciate the help, like i s
Most full featured gerber tools (e.g. Graphicode GC2000) can convert gerber to dxf files. igs exchange format is mostly used for 3D graphic representation, but can display simple 2D structures as well, I presume. So you need convert dxf to igs in a mechanical CAD tool, and there you are. I wonder, if board station can't read dxf as most (...)
Best way to create RF parts or other such irregular parts is to create the drawing in tools such as AutoCAD. Because they are more accurate than directly adding 2D lines in pads. After creating the drawing in AutoCAD save the file in dxf format. And import the dxf format file in library editor of pads. By default this (...)
hi i unable convert .dra (allegro board file) to orcad layout(.max). i am able to convert .max to .dra, but i am not able to convert .dra to .max. i am following some stepls, i am mapping all layers,classes,sub classes in allegro dxf editor, i converted into dxf format. but on importing .dxf file into orcad layout plus(.amx) only (...)
logo is normaly printed in silkscreen(legend) or in copper. Normal procedure is * Convert your logo into dxf ( most of the PCB design software supports dxf import) * import it in to PCB tool in the desired layer * generate gerber