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Pleas discuss A up to 500 watt transformer-less Inverter's design structure , advantage ,disadvantage etc .. I am planning to make it ?
Hi, I have a HCPL-3700 optocoupler and I need to interface with a pic chip, basically I want to tell the chip when 230 volts is present. I have been told that although the optocoupler has ac or dc input it is best to first convert ac to dc ? Thanks in advance Rizzy
yes you can but VA rating of ups should be higher and you can't remove battery during operation you can calculate your panel size that is around 300 W battery size depends upon run time of motor you need charge controller autonomous day or hrs cheers
I have some confusion about the half bridge converter. Can anyone help me to clarify it? Usually I saw the there are 4 diodes at the beginning of the circuit. What is the difference??
At a lower power level , I used a 12 to 300 V DC/DC converter and a commercial VFD controller supplied with 300 V DC instead of single phase 230 V AC. You may want to build your own VFD controller, but it doesn't pay for low quantities. It's not particularly a problem to build a 1kW/12V input DC/DC with todays MOSFET transistors, but (...)
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Hello all, does anybody know the standard ETSI ETS 300-230 and in particular the specifications of the modem FFSK @ 1200 bps? Thanks Mowgli

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