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Pleas discuss A up to 500 watt transformer-less Inverter's design structure , advantage ,disadvantage etc .. I am planning to make it ?
Hi, I have a HCPL-3700 optocoupler and I need to interface with a pic chip, basically I want to tell the chip when 230 volts is present. I have been told that although the optocoupler has ac or dc input it is best to first convert ac to dc ? Thanks in advance Rizzy
:-D Hello there, I just wanted to use solar energy to run a 250 watt 230v ac motor. and i want to know that can i use a UPS for this...because the UPS has 12v DC to 230v AC inverter, so that i can replace the battery with solar energy for 12 v DC i/p to the ups.... :roll:can i do this.... plz give me suggestions and schematics if possible..
I have some confusion about the half bridge converter. Can anyone help me to clarify it? Usually I saw the there are 4 diodes at the beginning of the circuit. What is the difference??
At a lower power level , I used a 12 to 300 V DC/DC converter and a commercial VFD controller supplied with 300 V DC instead of single phase 230 V AC. You may want to build your own VFD controller, but it doesn't pay for low quantities. It's not particularly a problem to build a 1kW/12V input DC/DC with todays MOSFET transistors, but (...)
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Hello all, does anybody know the standard ETSI ETS 300-230 and in particular the specifications of the modem FFSK @ 1200 bps? Thanks Mowgli