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Hello all, does anybody know the standard ETSI ETS 300-230 and in particular the specifications of the modem FFSK @ 1200 bps? Thanks Mowgli
Here two diagrams one for 1000w and other 600w . but i have lots of confusion about this ckt.i got this ckt from 1. how to wind the transformer for both 600w and 1000w. 2. why cant use same thickness wire on primary and secondary.if possible what is the size of wire. 3. how to calculate the size of wire to be wind 4. whre we
I know very little about SMPS and need to make a reliable SMPS with these data. Input voltage can vary from 230VAc to 500Vac (230,380,440,480 500). Output should be 24VDC at 2A. All schematics or tips are welcome. THanks for your help.
Hi House_cat and marie65 good links for the motor control AC thank you
Hello, What did you need ? Please explain your project !. Best regard bsiswoyo
I want to announce cc1010 rf transceiver chip with integrated microcontroller chip specs; 300-1000 MHz RF Transceiver ?Very low current consumption ?High sensitivity (typically -107 dBm) ?Programmable output power up to +10 dBm ?Data rate up to 76.8 kbit/s ?Very few external components ?Fast PLL settling allowing frequency hopping proto
ARM evolution boardf Evaluator-7T price Evolution board prices: Low cost for s3c4530A: TEB-4530AC 350 USD
Hi , I have no experience in designing powersupplys but i repair often PC-Monitors and there ar alot of CRT Monitors on the Market with real autoswitching ( 105 -240 Volt ) Powersupplys , most of them have an rating about 100 to 230 Watt . The most PC-Powersupplys that i have seen are not autoswitching . they are fixt in input voltage . My t
Hi there, I finished my project but now there is a big problem.I need to supply high accuracy voltage to my project for reference voltage project has an adc and it needs high accuracy of +5V.I'm planning to get power from USB.But sometimes i saw voltage changes around 5.00V?0,200V.How to avoid or filter it for high accuracy? In short sent
I want to make a PIC based wireless network where microcontrollers communicate with eachother. How to deal with interference? Which ready-for-use OEM modules can I buy? Any suggestions, tips of links?
Yes, it is "E-Studio Pro" ( )
Hello! I have question regarding transfer of LED light over fiber light cable. I would need fiber guide with diameter of 2-3mm for distances up to 300 mm. Do you now where can I get this? Regards!
I need 300 MHz transmiter 1Km distance outdoor. I need transmiter 1Kbps data bit rate. Gracias
dont spend your time for this case. i have searched it for few years but the only thing that i have understood is that the mpi caple software and hardware is a top secret for siemens , by the way if you are insisting on it see the following link for some library and information about mpi cable: you may
Hi, i need a good project of a PA Amplifier, min 300 W Rms. Anyone have it?
Hi, I have a BS-230 cordless phone, but i lost it's adapter by the moving.... :? Can anybody tell me the output voltages, and the pinout from the power adapter? I need to replace them... I looked inside the base station, but there are just SMD components, more layers, and there are no stabilizator circuits, like 78xx, or switched mode st
My company has developed and installed the Automatic voltage regulator for 300 MW synchronous generator, which successfully performs all regulation, protection and other advanced functions required by the modern power plant installations. I would like to thank the Elektroda community, since many of precious advice found on this forum were embedd
One method is to buy another receiver and put an audio amplifier on the detector output.
Let us start with 2 questions: will you be able to arrange for 25kW 50V-to 240V transformer? and is the output voltage in a form of square wave acceptable?
hi, the mpi cable for s7 300 is not same as s7 200 cable i attach the schematic for s7200 cable, but for s7 300 the problem is not as simple as you think,i am looking for it from some years ago but only thing that i found is nothing .it's a top secret matter for siemens.but don't disappointed and if you find something please send me the documents
Hi, can anyone suggest me a transistor (a BJT is better) tu use from 200 to 300 MHz and with an output power at least 3- 4 W. TX
anybody has a simulator with network for the s7-300 like easyplc for moller.
I have a TSMC spice model. But it is for ADS. I do simulation by hspice on my personal computer. So there's some problems I cannt resolve. At first I use '.lib' to find the spice model. But it cannt find the 'TT' or 'FF'. So I use '.inc' . But many errors come out. The errors is ; translated with ads netlist translator (*) 230.300 apr 6 200
I require a solar cell of the specifications 3.6V, 300-450 mA. Could anybody tell me if the particular solar cell is available in the market? And also any dealers over the net from where I can procure them?
I want to repair an acer travelemate-230 battery pack. For this reason I need some technical info like electronic contents and connector-layout etc.
hi has anyone built a planar antenna in the frequency range 120 - 300 MHz ? could anyone suggest me a design?
Hi Looking for H8/300 Gcc Compiler Toolkit URL. Any clue Regards, Ranjan
Help me I need to do oerate a very old computer :cry: -Please I need information of download links for hewlett packard 9000/ 300 (a 1981 computer!!!) series basic 5.0 interpreter reference guide or any manual. -I want to know if there exists any application for emulate thia basic over a recent computer with windows. DOS or linux -
Had anyone program for programming AVR microcontrollers (>128kB of code) with STK200/300 ?
hai,,., how to calculate the hold up capacitor in swich mode power supply ,,, it is a AC/DC converter min AC line voltage is 150 v,,, o/p volage 35 ,current 3.5 A,, requir hold up time 20 ms...... regards kamal
PLC s7-300 cpu 315-2dp instructions and architecture needed please!
I search about PLC s7-300 cpu 315-2dp instructions and architecture? can anyone help me to find it?
How can i build a lookup table in a s7-300 siemens PLC?. I can build the table, but i dont want to use comparators to return the value. Any ideas?
hi all! normally the fabrication plant will specify, for example ,300-mm fab . Is the 300-mm fab refer to the diameter of the wafer?
Hi, I have Cyberhome CH-DVD 300 & Panasonic TV (Old model works only on PAL). I get black & white picture. Whereas in Other Tv's picture quality is clolor & Perfect. Can anyone tell me settings to convert NTSC to PAL converter for DVD or Suggest interfacing circuit. Thanks
I think it depends upon application, but with LNA you achieve better sensitivity (lower noise figure), but as you noted, bandpass filter are necessary in either case to remove out-of-band strong signals, which could end up in your intermediate frequency without it...
Hello all, Please, I don't know where I can get circuit diagram of epson lq 300+ dot matrix printer. Please ? Thanks
Hi all I have problem trying to make comunication between panelview 300 micro and PC (Rslinx) for downloading aplic. from panelbuilder32. Panelview model 2711-M3A19L1 - DH485 over RS232 communication protocol. I am using 1761-CBL-PM02 programming cable according user manual. Tanks for any help
Your largest risk will be safety. This will be probably powered from the AC mains and has the potential to rise to high temperatures or electrocute you if it is not designed properly. I would suggest that you hire the degaussing from a competent source instead of building the equipment yourself.
i have 2 plc s7 300 : 1= cpu 314c 2dp . i can not monitor project with wincc. 2= cpu 315 2dp . i can monitor project with wincc. please help me ?
Can't be done in any reasonable way.
just wanna share these ebooks bout s7
hai friends plz clear my doubts why flurecent lamp voltage is mentioned as 230 . it is not working with 230 as per my knowledge
Hi, We are attempting to interface LG KG 300 mobile phone with Atmel 8051. When we connect the mobile with computer via USB cable it asks for it's drivers. we want to know whether we can interface this mobile with microcontroller without it's drivers. actually we are also attempting to send sms to other mobile so if anyone has some information on
i update firmware from: but vr-300 appears as player only now my combo only player, not blank dvd is acept firmware original where? h
can any one give me the schematic for aesculap gn 300 electronic surgery unit?
I need Service Manual for Printer Epson C45/46 and R210/230. Anybody can help me? Thx ...
Hi, I wish to buy good mobile-phone within the range 250~300$ not more! Would you suggest your favorite mobile sets? I wonder if it's possible to find a mobile with WirelessLAN option and at the same time has extended miniSD memory card within my budget?! I hope! Thanks a lot in advance, Regards, Ahmad