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Hi ALL I need to article "Magnetic field detector by Andy Flind " published EPE magazine January 1995 . dose anybody having it? If yes , please upload here or send to my email box: Thanks in advance .
Below please find the link for building a microwave oven electric field detector using the RFD102A (RF-DC Converter) module from RF Diagnostics, LLC along with a surface mount LED and a dipole antenna made from the wires of a 1/4 leaded resistor. It's a fun gizmo to show the electric field strength on the outside of a microwave window. The (...)
I'm looking for a design of low level electric field detector too. I'm interested in the principle of operation of this probe: Can anybody help us? nebisman
hussain_kiet, perhaps this can help you: bye !!!
hi, all, i need the following papers. pls upload if you have. 1. Kordic, S., Integrated silicon magnetic-field sensors. Sensors and Actuators. v10. 347-378. 2. High sensitivity silicon magnetic field detector Doyle, J. Custom Integrated Circuits, 2001, IEEE Conference on. Volume , Issue , 2001 Page(s):105 - 108 3. (...)
Do you need CA to measure capacitor or charge? Charge amplifers are used in micromechanical sensors. But charge is changed there because capacitor changes. And if the speed of capacitor deviation is low, it is better to use capacitor to voltage convertors.
You do not have the proper feedback. You have a gain of 1 op amp circuit and put the LC between the inputs. You would be better off doing a one transistor oscillator circuit that you can find in many books.
You probably left the gate floating. As mentioned by Brad, you need to pull the gate low. When designing circuits with MOSFETs, you should ALWAYS use a pull-down resistor from gate-to-source. Value could be between 1k to 4.7k. You'll find plenty of threads of MOSFET failure, where the solution was the pull-down resistor.
Dear friends: I want to design a portable system for sense charged power lines and systems for human protection near power ssystems. For this, I need a sensor for measure low level electric fields (which is about 20-30 V/M). Can you give me an advice about some semiconductor device for do it ?. Could you give some basics of principles for appro
Hi I was involved some years ago in the field of machine vision .. There ares several aproaches that you can do ..I Advise you first to start to UNDESRTAND SEGMENTATION .and edge detection .. INTEL has very nice LIBS .. look for them .. Now .. Once you UNDERSTAND how a MACHINE can SEE .. then you have to build a SYSTEM to compare "FEATURES" t
You should use the following sequence: wire antenna, broad band RF amplifier, diode detector, indicating method. A simpler method which is not as sensitive is the wire, diode, oscilloscope.
Need more information: What do you know about the characteristics of the uncorrupted signal for which you are trying to detect the noise?
- go to - enter MA4E2037 in field Part Number Search - mark Contains - click Find Part - click View All Documents - click View
Hi buts101, I see a problem if you trigger a water line to put out fire caused by spark or electric malfunction would create a havoc as water is conductor of electricity (unless it is very pure) and this would cause trouble. Try using a system that trigger a DCP (Dry Chemical power) or a Form type extinguishing system. Now coming to the case
Hi all :) , I have a very stupid question to ask. If I wanted to measure the magnetic field around a loop antenna how would i go about doing it and what equipment would I need. I'm not clear on the methodology :( Any advice is much appreciated Kind Regards Cat :)
Hi, not the expert in this field but I would say that the only difference might be in the time constant used in video portion of detector circuit. For peak detector the constant should be very small so that instantaneous value of the signal is detected, for RMS detector it should be long so that integrator like (...)
What Verba is trying to tell you is that the "Gold detectors" that you see advertised for sale are just ordinary metal detectors with sensitiviy enhancements. They use different frequencies, sense coil sizes, and pulsed signal techniques to allow detection of small metallic objects against a background of metallic oxide sand, or other naturally in
How can I make a precision Peak detector?
Magnetic field measurement is totally a relative mesurement. So both are right from their own reference frame. A similar kind of problem has been discussed in Griffith Electrodynamics, in introduction of special theory of relativity. This can be referred to.
if I got two RF signal sources, one, which transmit at 2GHz 20mW/m2 at 1 meter distance and the other which transmit at 3GHz 10mW/m2 at a 1 meter distance. Should the RF field strength power meter show 30 mW/m2 at 1 meter distance from them? or just the 20mW/m2 (from the strongest signal source)?
Hi, I would like to know, how is the correct distance between the antenna under test and the probe using the planar near-field technique. Someone could help me to understand more about this. thanks Marco
I found a website showing on how to detect current (How to Build a Simple Non-Contact AC Voltage detector, Sensor, Tester - Construction Explained ) 65103 So far what I don't understand is what is the purpose of the capacitor? Is it got someth
dear all greetings, i am trying to build a metal detector sensor based on LC circuit (at resonance). which leads to any metal come in the range of the magnetic field of the coil will leads to drop in the voltage so that i can sens it with amicro controller. now here is the problem the resonance frequency is 130khz (using a generator) now
Hello newbie here :D I would like to ask for help in our project... we're planning on using lux meters as an obstruction detector... the idea is that we will use the changes in value of illuminance in an controlled area... that thing is that we need to connect the lux meter into a computer.... an make a program that will track that change...
I have a PIR detector in my office that controls the light. Sometimes it doesn't detect me, so I consider building a device to constantly trigger it. Do you have any idea on how to activly trigger a PIR detector? It is my understanding that they are tuned for 7-14 micrometer wavelength, but few if any diodes are in this range, so one would pro
If the RF Power detector circuit is used only for conducted measurements, and if the circuit is designed properly in terms of the PCB design and using shield cans to give isolation to external electromagnetic field, everything would work fine and able to measure the power of low signal levels. There are more RF Power detectors options from (...)
As you are detecting high voltage, you'll want to measure electrical not magnetical field, I presume. I also guess that the measurement can be restricted to low frequent AC fields? As a starting point, you calculate field strength numbers for intended sensitivity.
Hello everyone. I am designing a simple metal detector using the 555 timer. This is the the sensitivity is very poor. How can i increase the sensitivity of the detector.
I am looking for metal detector's shematic based on microcontroller. I'm especially interrest by the tesoro's metal detector shematics. If someone could help me. Thanks
I have stored 2 kind of metal detector based on microcontroller. I build both and i am sur it is good. Have a look at filemanager: Neron/metal_detector. If someone have other schematics i am interrest.
The field-programmable Port Extender (FPX) Interesting FPGA application.
Hi Send a Private message to Simbox. He loves metal detectors, and I think he's the best person who can help you. Regards No Fear
I think Analog devices produce few rms to DC converter up to 2.5GHz range. These might be usefull for measure the power in dBm.. ( this is better? ) and you can transform this DC value by using a ADC ..that's it.. Good Luck
Try this:
Hi If you like to build a simple electrometer you can check luck
Hi, ap001, I'm not RF engineer. But based on my pass experiences, an advanced technology might not make you money within 2 to 5 years (maybe longer). Many companies with very advanced technologies failed just because marcket timing was incorrect while some companies with so-so technologies earned big chunks of marcket because they catched right
Check out websites of FPGA vendor's : also look at FPGA FAQ : more information here : regards, buzkiller.
You can use U2270 from A*mel or P4095 from E*Marin. I used both of them and work fine.
How does one define the field of IT? How does on differentiate it from Electronics or the Computer industry? Suppose I were asked to do a prject in IT field, what would pure IT topics for the projects be? It sounds too dumb, but I haven't got two people defining the IT field with the same view. bimbla.
the best solution is to make use of a ccd and watch the iron content in the bload a ccd when you emit a magnetic field and tune the frame refresh to the mag field freq you will see the iron or the polerised particules etc etc as harmonics of the mix freq so... you can split the ccd into different colours blocks
There are many trends exhibited by some research groups: 1. multiple or variable voltage supplies (transistor-level) 2. application transformations that infer differentiations at the system level e.g. the memory subsystem organization and the update rules for these memories. (RTL and system level) 3. adiabatic switching (transistor level)
this is the only i can get freely. maybe you can get more detail datasheet from chipdocs but not free of charge.
Look for an Inductive Loop Vehicle Sensor. Its basically just a LC multivibrator that uses the inductive variability of a loop of wire on the road. When a vehicle passes over or stops over the loop the frequency of the multivibrator shifts and a microcontroller can sense this, setting a flag. There is plenty of information on building the loops and
I think calibrating possible only with gas and/or other gas measuring instrument. Send me the application for consideration.
Oh well, the BFO type metal detectors are on the bottom of the food chain ;) Here is a nice colection of info about the metal detectors/magnetometers.
search for schematic (datasheet) with chopped amplifiers pool_77
hi, Here is a collection of resources on biopotential measurement and next generation human-computer interfacing.
phase detector good to 1ghz maybe any advance on 800mhz {as a nice ic and cheep too} samples avalible
Not all nano-devices are trying to take advantage of some quantum effect, can we say that?
Look for data separators for floppy disks - although those days they are integrated into controllers, there might be some data available. They accept mixed data/clock stream and extract data and clock signals...