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Who is the founder of eda board. who initiated this site, Which was the first thread in this site.
Sir , Soory for the i cant know where it post please ... I noticed that the threads our or eda board threads are founded in other site it legal I found my threads that i posted in eda baord in other site the site is follows please notify it Moving
Suggestion to add a chat server to eda board . Halo admin please add a chatting option like instant messenger :-google talk.aim etc will really help ful.
Dear All Friends Hope lot of people have won the eda board logo pen drive, if it stop working you can used uploaded software to get it working back same method can be used for other chip just check out what type of controller it has then Google it with part number you will find flasher software for the controller chip, i have shared a link here
See this thread for a start, there's a chart at the end:
Hello , i had an eda board hosting account ? I forget the details how can i recover it ? thanks
Not strictly eda software, but I use it so often here and in my research that is has become part of my regular eda toolkit. MHT Quick Saver from Simply, the applet is an IE plugin that gives you a 'quick save' button on the toolbar, that can be told to save in .mht format or others. I
I tryed to log in and received an error message. Was it me, or my computer, or did the board go down?
Hi All Happy holyday & a happy new 2009 year to all eda board members where ever they are All the best Bobi
Firstly eda board doesnot allow IEEE papers to be published. That is irrelevant - the question is about selecting a subject for an IEEE paper submission. Keith
Hi Linux has many advantages for eda software compared to other operating systems. 1. -> t tnx
Atmel? Corporation introduced its second generation System Designer eda tool suite for design of its FPSLIC(TM) family of programmable systems-on-chips (SoCs). System Designer 2.0 is the most comprehensive programmable SoC tool suite available providing fully integrated software (AVR? processor) & hardware (FPGA) co-design and co-verification for t
Yeah - many video editors may be used... But this issue is likely in a wrong forum: It has nothing to do with design of electronics, nor eda. Please, keep to the topics, and thus keep Elektroda tidy! My proposal is to discuss AVI issues in a multimedia board, not in an eda board.
New eda consortium promotes assertion language By Richard Goering EE Times May 22, 2003 (4:10 p.m. EST) SANTA CRUZ, Calif. ? Seeking to accelerate the adoption of the Property Specification Language (PSL) currently undergoing standardization by Accellera, 13 eda companies have joined together with two user companies to form the PSL
Hi All, I've been wondering if there exists a Linux eda benchmark. Does anyone know of such a beast? I was thinking of something along these lines: hspice run synopsys synthesis run verilog run DRC run Some sort of X window test with eda tools. Byte
Wich is the best eda software Protel dxp or psd 15 :?: I´m a user of protel dxp, but i found some limitation or problems, for example with the prioriti of the rules, autoruting single side boards, etc... But I think that is a very good software, and friendly to use.... :D I used Orcad 4 (1995), not to much.
Hi! Finding the site like this, is totally wasting of your time. You already are in the best eda board. There isn't forum like this. -- makswell
Ansoft has the full eda software ,such as SI can do that.
Have anyone have experience on build linux server for eda design ? my linux server should support 2~3 designer using eda include hspice ... Q1: which CPU type have high C/P ration ? P4 or P4EE (Xeon - -> I think very expensive ) K8 or K7 and Intel P4 have high speed FSB .... I don't know which CPU is better for hspice
Hi to all users at eda board! :) I want to know if there are developped libraries for Xilinx CoolRunner or XC95 series CPLDs to replace the standard 74 series TTL elements. Xilinx Offers a tool called CPLD Logic Consolidator located here . Unfortunatelly i didn't find any libr
hi In a custom product developement , who will be responsible for locating the connectors and board outline for PCB. should it be done by the eda engg or a CAD engg. can any one explain then Standard custom product design flow. thanks Binu G
for building simple circuits, analyse with Pspice, now and then making a prototype board (2 layer mainly, rarely 4). Orcad Capture -> Power PCB (not well integrated?) Orcad Capture -> Allegro? Concept HDL -> Allegro? Anything else? I have some experience with Capture - PCB Navigator - Power PCB, but is it not to well integrated, especially the
PID's can be implemented with Op amps or in firmware with a microcontroller .. There are plenty of examples of both IMPLEMENTATIONS ..even here at eda board do some searching .. There was one featured at ELEKTOR with a PIC . I posted the code here .. So ,,search ,,search
It is getting more and more powerful. Any eda board users using it and would like to share his experiences? bimbla.
can anyone give me the link to himanshu bhatnagar -advanced asic chip synthesis chapter one cant find where it is on eda board
Search eda board for AGC and you will find a lot of material.
:D :D is the BEST
Hi, Is it possible to shift the orgin of the board graphically. like what we do in powerpcb and other eda tools. which have an option to move the datam in GUI mode. thanks binu g
Today I received my SKP28 kit! Its amazing! In the next days, I will put my mind and my fingers for work!!! Thanks eda board Group, Circuit Cellar and Renesas! Gorkin.
Hi all! This will be my first topic here at eda board. And i must say it feels nice! Recently i went to a fleemarket and found a bag of D80C51BH chips. The price was about 1$ for 35 chips, witch makes it crime not to buy them. So i did.. Now i have spent hours and hours on google to find a datasheet but with no luck. :( Do anyone
Also the developers of Picbasic pro (MeLabs) have much more experience than anyone else since they are in the subject some years before the rest, hence the package is now bugs free as compared to simillar compilers. There are also many books written about it that you can find on net and some are available at eda board, here if u make some search
hi, basically the problem is to find the frequencies present in the signal for this various spectrum estimation methods are used which try to estimate the frequencies of the incoming signal. a good intoduction can be found in book "digital signal processing" by proakis and manolakis u also need to revise ur probability and statistics fund
Look for example here: best regards
Hi all, I am wondering what tool is better for Simulation of my routed boards... Currently I am using Hyperlynx. This tool has been very usefull. To say the least it paid for itself the first time I used it. However there are some functionality (Rf)limitations to this product. I am considering moving up to ICX or similar tool. Would it be wor
Hi I am new to eda board. Can you please help me in below case. How to delete label name using Cadence SKILL code from CIW window. Regards Krishnananda nayak
i need a schematic or pcb layout for the usb programmer for PIC? Is there such thing? thanks Do a search on the eda board , not to long ago there was a simple USB pic programmer. Good Luck
Its an RISC processor( upto 64 bit) developed by ARM, Almost all SOC's and other wireless related projects are using ARM processor because of its flexibility and other resource materials from ARM, U can check the ARM site for all the good documentation, and even there is a book related to ARM's SOC architecture in eda board. please refer the AR
Dear ckt.R, Speech coding related material is alll around the internet. I am giving you few addresses and you will find different Speech coding algorithms Also Try like LPC, CELP, etc and also the thoery relted to speech coding is on the
Few of them regarding VHDL are there in te eda board upload and donload section check it out
Would anyone happen to have a start board for a MINI PCI III? Power PCB or dxf format would be great. The version I am thinking of has a 124 pin interface. Thanks much, eda
you can refer to the JPEG standard... view this topic if you want then send me your personal email and i will forward you the JPEG standard document and the reference software and in this you will find all details about the entropy coding of Baseline......... For information it is sim
Dear 'walters', The post above could be written in another style...(shorther , and to the point phrases). Would you expect any user to respond to such a request style ? There are some basic posting rules in Elektroda eda board. Please read the rules, and try to follow them. Topic locked - by 'roli'
I see that in the attachment part.You have enough points so you can easily download it from edaboard.
Great idea girl! But more better if integrate with eda board forum, maybe one "special" area, what happen? Regards, Gorkin.
Hi gbaerf, Here are my comments A. AWR EMSight is an integrated 3D planar the sense it is tightly integrated to circuit simulators... Hence it is targeted to different applications & solutions ex: RF PCB, MIC & MMIC circuit design analysis...Since it is based on MOM & it is a sheilded / closed box simulator it has some ad
Search eda board for "debounce" for more info but this is short explanation: This code is written from head and it's not tested CNT res 1 movlw 255 ;time for debounce movf CNT,w SCAN btfss PORTA,0 goto SCAN DEB decfsz CNT ;wait for debounce time to run out goto DEB btfss PORTA,0 ;test
various electric circuit books are upload at eda board. you may consult any of them
Can you be more specific? eda board isnt the right place for that qustions I thi..nk Added after 1 minutes: Really a Junior member Level 2 ?
There are several good links on DS12887 and 8051-derivatives within eda board .. For example: For more use the SEARCH option (keyword: DS12887) .. Regards, IanP
If you would like to learn about 8051-core then these three PDF files will become your BIBLE: