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i use mandrke9.0. most eda tools work well on it. c@dence(ldv4.1, ic5.0) $ynop$y$(dc, pt, tmx) m&ntor(ms, ic, cal)
I think most of the eda tools run fine on RHEL 3. Synopsys do mentioned in their official web site that, all the newer version of their tools will support RHEL 3.
has a list of the free eda tools .. also try OpenCollector
Well, I suggest all brothers post here a list from current know eda´s: If anyone know more, please post and I will update my list... That´s all! Gorkin OBS: EOL means End Of Line Altium -- AltiumDesigner 6.8 -- PCAD2006 (EOL) Cadence -- ORCAD (EOL) -- Allegro
Well, at the time, most eda companies are leaving Windows and are supporting or plan to support Linux for the PC platform. It is difficult to list all tools. Synopsys, Mentor and Cadence have ported most of their tools to Linux. If you can give more details about what you plan to design, I can give you a possible design (...)
Hi just use what you need the most to finish the job There are tons of eda packages
Hello, everyone I run these tools on solaris 2.6 before, but I found the operating system is so old and wanna update to solaris 8, but I'm not sure if these eda tools can work well based on solaris 8. These is the tools list below: Cadence IC 4.45 Hsim 2.0 Debussy 5.0 Hspice 2000.2 LDV(how to (...)
Hi, I am planning to buy a new AMD Athlon processor. Is it possible to still operate it as a 32bit processor so that I can install eda tools(32 bit linux x86)? Or do I have to get 64 bit versions of my eda tools? Which one would do a better job AMD or Intel? Currently I am using P4 2.4Ghz, RH9. Any suggestions (...)
Hi Ankit, Which university are you in? Can you talk to your supervisor/lab incharge who purchased/maintains all these tools for a detailed list of tutorials? Usually all these eda tools will have some tutorial in their install directories. For Cadence, "cdsdoc" is a good start (type that command in UNIX shell). (...)
Hi kishore2k4, " But that eda server farm would be a really great idea for the poor-man joe " I really did not understand that what did u meant by.... for your further in formation please check the following link for more information about eda server farm concept :- Added after 1 minutes: w
I was hoping someone can give me an idea of the list price for a few standard ASIC dev tools. Such as Synopsys DC and Primetime and Cadence RTL Compiler and Encounter SOC I know the actual paid price can be significantly lower and varies depending on # of seats etc. I see this has been a forum topic in the past but not for several years. I'
Do you try it? i change the mac address under windows 98 and windows 2000, the mac address is changed, but eda tools fail to get a license. Does it success under solaris or other unix platform?
Accellera - development and use of standards required by systems, semiconductor and design tools companies AMS - Circuit Creator for schematics and PCB Design, SpiceCREATOR for circuit simulation as well as educational products Ansoft
rh7.2 and as3 is the best platform for eda. I agree and have full expereinces with rh7.2 BUT Please list supported (and tested) eda tools on Redhat AS3? tnx
Yes, TCL is very important for eda designers, especially backend
hi tahar, the steps 6,10,11,12,13 are needed only in ASIC flow. You cant learn them with Altera FPGA and Quartus tools. You need process library and very expensive eda tools for this purpose. eg: Synopys Design compiler,Physical compiler, ASTRO, StarRC.. Proabaly ur university has a license to these tools .. check (...)
all the eda tools support tcl mode.
HI, I need to list all the ifdef parameters used in my Design. Along with this list I need to know if these parameters are defined in some include file or not? I have a TCL script to do it but I am facing problems like: 1. If include file has code: 'ifdef FIRST_CONDITION define SECOND_CONDITION define THIRD_CONDITION 'endif Now if Par
Goto database section of . This site provide list of most of the opensource softwares related to electronics, eda, VHDL etc.
this link also. The only useful Free (Open Source) verilog simulator+synthesizer I know of. ------- hairo -------
any synthesis tool will do exactly that , that is take RTL and convert it to gate level net list . But they are in simple verilog format. I don't know how large your design is , you did say it was 98% ananlog but the question is how big is digital not in % but gate count / area . If your fsm is not too big you could hand-design it . I know that art
Here is a list of opensource eda tools from opentech Cadsoft Eagle has a free version but it is limited by the design size instead of time but its very good. , I haven't tried it but heard that it has got decent features.
If you just implement in project,the ways will be supplied by eda vendors,and now,you list the main ways used in eda tools,but if you want research,I recommend you can search this in IEEE website.
Hi, Don't forget to look at the board list at! Also ask your local distributors what they would recommend for your application. We recently bought a large FPGA system for system prototyping. Some of the systems we considered that circuit_seller didn't mention were Annapolis Wildstar, Synplicity HAPS and Prodesign Chipit. O
Hello friends I am new to this community and I know little about the the tools can any one give me the process from start to end of chipdesigning (simulation to tape out) with the technicla names and the tools at each process Thanking you Ramesh
Hi, As you have mentioned, SCANDEF has Scan chain connectivity information , which is also present in netlist. That make SCANDEF an optional one. Some of eda tools, lets us auto- trace the scan chains ( without annotating with SCANDEF) , given the information on SCAN in/out points. However, there are additional information (...)
Description We are inviting suitably qualified candidates to apply for future vacancies for this position. You will participate in the next generation Electronic Design Automation (eda) software and methodology development. You will define, implement and improve the state-of-the-art desig
Verilog2001 has added a lot of features/properties to make it can do things that VHDL can do, such as "signed" operation and multi-dimensional array. Although the eda venders, just like $ynopsys, C@dence, Ment0r, ... etc. all calim they will support Verilog2001 standard. But in order to be portable to older veriosn Verilog simulator or logic sy
I had similar problems with other eda software. The problems were gone when I managed to using the java runtime environment from sun instead of the built-in java stuff. Just for your reference.
Hi, Can some one please share your views on following terms :- 1) Formal Verification 2) Functional Verification with respect to ASIC flow, i.e. what are these and when and where do we perform these verifications ? How do we do these ? What tools are generally used ? Synopsys ? Thanks, truebs Functional Ve
hi, my 2 cents, At first you need to know the complete asic design flow, There are pointed tools available for performing specific task if you need accuracy , you can get the list of the tools and their datasheets, and what functionality or what portion of the asic design it will be covering can be found at the eda (...)
You have to include the model library file. Follow these steps: Go to setup-->Spice simulation Select General on the left pane.Under Files and Directories on the right side,you will find an option called Library files. Click on browse, select your model library file ( *lib) and then press OK.You need to add "tt" or "tm" a
Hi, i am designed a OpAmp usig Tanner eda 15 now i have to draw the layout for that.Please tell me how to convert my schematic to layout automatically in Tanner eda15.
DONT KNOW WHICH MICROCONTROLLER TO USE! Hi im new here and the sole purpose to join this was to get some answers i cant find anywhere! read the inputs manipulate them by mathematical formulation into useful data ( that involves a lot of math functions) check and see if the input data matches
A unique and interesting problem: I have a GDS file (and the ITF or ICT technology file). I want to decode and process that GDS to get a list of all the actual metal/dielectric shapes that actually get manufactured. What workflow and tools can do that? I'm not even an eda designer.. I'm actually a physicist and I'm hoping to use my (...)