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has a list of the free eda tools .. also try OpenCollector
i use mandrke9.0. most eda tools work well on it. c@dence(ldv4.1, ic5.0) $ynop$y$(dc, pt, tmx) m&ntor(ms, ic, cal)
I think most of the eda tools run fine on RHEL 3. Synopsys do mentioned in their official web site that, all the newer version of their tools will support RHEL 3.
Well, I suggest all brothers post here a list from current know eda´s: If anyone know more, please post and I will update my list... That´s all! Gorkin OBS: EOL means End Of Line Altium -- AltiumDesigner 6.8 -- PCAD2006 (EOL) Cadence -- ORCAD (EOL) -- Allegro
Cadence openeda project : h**p:// On 2002-02-15 16:35, KARLZ wrote: Hi Open-Source eda interesting. TIA
Hi 1. -> t tnx jimjim2k, Did you bother to visit this site or are you too busy posting here the entire Internet? Since when Half-life and Counter-Strike became eda ? regards, Buzkiller.
TCL for eda tools Web site Enjoy it!
:D Hi anybody, Please suggest me which eda tools is better for RF filter design especial on cross couple kind RF filter. Thax.
Hi Open-Source eda -> t tnx
Hi Free eda tools 1. -> t tnx
hi all, can any one tell me the price of a perpetual license of these eda tools for windows or linux Synopsys VCS Synopsys Desgin Compiler Synopsys Prime time Synopsys Hspice Cadenec LDV Cadence AMbit Buildgtes cadence silicon ensemble Modelsim modelsim+ Hdl designer series leonardo spectrum Fpga advantage Aldec Active HDL
Is it possible to find the eda tools roadmap of Cadence,Synopsys,Mentor Graphics, Model Tech??
Sequence ports eda tools to Linux By Richard Goering, EE Times Jun 17, 2003 (10:55 AM) URL: SANTA CRUZ, Calif. ? Sequence Design this week (June 17) is announcing that it is porting all of its eda tools to Linux. The company also claims to be experiencing significant run-time speed ups with th
EE Times June 17, 2003 (1:55 p.m. EST) SANTA CRUZ, Calif. ? Sequence Design this week (June 17) is announcing that it is porting all of its eda tools to Linux. The company also claims to be experiencing significant run-time speed ups with the open-source operating system. According to Sequence, internal tests reveal that the PowerThe
Hi ALL, Any eda tools with Suse 8 , may be 8.2 ?
Hi Fine pointer on eda tools 1. -> t tnx
I change my linux to Chinese,but the most eda tools can't work,the all message is about tcl,anybody known the reason?
Most eda before Linux had to be run on an Unix workstation which are very expensive ( 5 to 10 times compare to PC with the same performance). There are afew run on windows, because of its instability. now with the appearance of Linux, PC can have a stable operating systems and it's almost free. There are more and more application
Any advice in runing eda tools using Suse 9.0? Thanks in Advan!
Hi Java Resources page, including embedded java and java eda tools. 1. -> t tnx
There are many tools using for eda, depend on your requirement, u will use one of them or more, I like the Cadence and Mentor. Regards
if we have many eda tools + many User + manay Linux server have any queue tool can schedula JOB and assign job to linux server and let Linux server CPU always get JOB to work I know some queue tool use on Unix eda enviroment , how about linux server ??
are there any trial version of cadence eda tools available for download You can always try to mail or call cadence, or perhaps search their site. It is also posted in wrong section . Cluricaun
:?: does eda tools like eagle or others work under debian? can anybody share her or his experience? best regards, ep20k.
Hi all: How to begin with development of eda tools like simualtion and synthesing tools, what elementary knowedge should be known, and where I can find the resourse and tutorials to start! thanks Tutorials? What tutorials? To learn how a 741 op-amp works? It is easy for a CAD program, maybe for PCB somewhat to do
now , eda tools upgrade at AS3 who have support how to do ?
I am the user of there any converter for perl to tcl ? or bidirection converter is even better...There are several eda tools made by Perl, I just don't know why they don't support perl....It's will be better if perl interpreter is insided....;)
What's ESL(Electronic System Level) Design Methodology? What eda tools can support ESL Design?
hello, many eda tools support low power design anyone can tell me what kind of low power techniques supportted by the eda vendor (cadence, synopsys, MAGMA...)? i know the synthesis tools have switch active reduction, clock gating, operand isolation & multi-Vth optimization, and any else? the APR tools (...)
Hai all .. i have some queries on the eda tools. There are debates on which tools is the best for ASIC..some prefer mentor and some prefer synopsys and cadence is in between.Can someone eleborate and compare these 3 suites at each design flow level from front end to back end. Let say if u have some money to spend 400K what will u buy?If u (...)
What are the freely available eda tools either in simulation and physical design side. Please specify me. Thanks in advance. Sekartut
Good Website to learn different eda tools
please tell me what eda tools I can use to simulate full-digital phase-locked loop . thanks!
Who use RHEL 4 to install eda tools? How abot its compatiblity? I want to use it because it can support the newer hardwares.
well, for the continuous updates of tools there is a yahoogroup called VLSIcore which sends the eda tools used at Various stages of SoC Design Flow but for details about this issue u should refer to research cooperations and their reports; and there is always the IRTS (international roadmap for semiconductors)
Hi everyone. Does anyone know where can I get info about how eda tools' evolution is related to the efforts and work of people in the IC industry??? thanks for your help, diemilio
Urgent requirement for eda tools,C++,Unix Professionals in a Top IT Company called CADENCE Situated in NOida ,India Company : Cadence About Cadence: As market demand drives electronics companies to pack more performance and functionality into chips manufactured at ever-smaller geometries, designers begin to hit a wall of complexity?espec
I want to inatall some eda tools on linux.. Someone tell me CentOS is useful... So.. I'm installing now... But.. I'm not sure that CentOS is useful.. Is CentOS really useful for eda tools??
What is done in CTS stage by eda tools. It reduces skew or balance load.
Running on Windows XP 32-bit ... Xilinx told me they are working on multi-threading ISE. It sure would be nice for place-and-route. I've never seen more than one processor core used in ModelSim SE 6.3 or HyperLynx 7.5. MATLAB 7.4 now uses multi-threading in some operations. Hopefully they will add more. I've seen nice multi-threading in ANSYS 1
Hi all I plan to use system C for verification. Anyone knew which eda tools support system C ? thx in ad Most of the mainstream eda simulators support it. Say VCS, NC, MTI etc. Regards Ajeetha, CVC
Dear friends, I need recommendations with laptop I would buy for eda tools. I'm tinking about HP Pavilion 9500 in following configuration: 1) Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo Processor T7300 (2.00GHz), 4 MB L2 Cache, 800MHz FSB) 2) 2GB DDR2 RAM 3) 17" WXGA + High_definition HP BrightView WideScreen Display (1440x900) 4) Intel (R) Graphics Media A
Dear Sir / Madam, We are pleased to inform you that PG VLSI Design, Electronics and Communication Engg. Branch, Institute of Technology, Nirma University of Science & Technology is organizing a one day workshop on ?Advance eda tools for VLSI Testing? on March 28, 2009. This programme is planned to create the interest of participa
Hi I am looking for a tool that supports PSL and System Verilog Assertions. I only know of QuestaSim. Are there any other eda tools available which support both or either one? Available for free download/license? Please let me know Thanks Deepa
check chilteesh's Fedora Electronics Lab it is a fedora with eda tools
Hi, I want to ask for a question to everybody, Would you please tell me which kind of Linux OS is best on installation and using eda tools such as Cadence Virtuoso, Cadence IUS82,Mentor graphics Modelsim SE,Synopsys Design Compilier,......I means that we do not need to worry about a lot of wrong messages when we install and
I maintain eda tools in a pioneer univ in India for past 1 year. ???
Hi, Would you please tell me how to adjust and set the screen and page size of Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 3 for eda tools?Where has the tutorial to teach about it? I will appreciate your help,thank you!
Hi , Could you pl anyone let me know the best method to extract the behavioral model (verilog)for analog components like PLL or any analog component . Usually we see for Simulation purpose we hand-code at abstract level . however these models are proven to manual error , and hence live with bug at system level . Pl do let me know the eda to
Hi What are the eda tools available for analysis of IR and Electromigration. Could you please also rate them. Thanks & Regards