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Thanks for reply . I'm using Nokia N79 . Now I'll do the changes and try again for DTMF side , that circuit was efy TESTED , is it problem with code or hardware ? . Can you please share the another circuit which you made . Thanks
I prepare to do my miniproject on cell phone basdd device control with voice acknoledgment. I can't able to instal efy magazine program with keils software. Plese send me bascom installing software . I hav micro ide software but with out serial no . I con't able to do anything. Plese help me.
hi can any one give the circuit for Microcontroller-Based Clock Using DS1307 published in october 2011 electronics for you magazine (efy) pls help me thank you
If its ok with LED displays, a fresh project is published in efy magazine with 89S52+DS1307+LED displays. Get a copy. Cheers
Halo edaboards friends electronics for you magazine reduced their subscription rate see the link Subscription Corner
I guess your project is the "remote controlled land reover published in efy magazine. If yes, why to stuggle to make things work while you get the complete Kit with PCB, all components, IC's Motors and the body of the rover with the article from Kits n spares and thier dealers all over India. that siad project, as the L293 is used, the logi
can any one give me a code (asm or c) for a project that have two 7segment display four button control (up down mode and set) have three modes 1-count down in hours(0-99hrs) 2-count down in minutes(0-99mins) 3-count down in seconds(0-99secs) i will use this code in 89c2051 and 89c4051 can i use the sam
??? efy ? India's first magazine on Electronics news, Products, Components, Industry: (efy) magzines are also available. you will get enough from this....
You may use M8870 in place of KT3170 and vice versa. The said circuit was published in efy magazine and is now modified by Kits n spares to make it work. You may get all the components, with description and all the components with PCB from thier dealers all over India..
does this programme works with atmega 16? will work...The said program of At Mega16 is from efy magazine where a cellphone's DTMF keypad is used to send various codes and it is decoded by DTMF decoder on the other side and AT mega16 converts the BCD output and controls the motors through L293.
Contact Kits'n' spares through or their dealer Electronic care center at 09448437768 for the similar project published in efy magazine, available in a kit form, Built arround 89c51 micro.Cheers