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doing a testbench for it is easy, you just create a spice netlist with different drivers and loads. combining the results into a .lib file is the hard part, that's why we use tools for this job. cadence has liberate, synopsys has silicon smart, there is eldo too...
There is no tool whose name is cadence. Even if you use cadence ADE, we can use various vendor's simulators such as Synopsys HSPICE, Mentor eldo, Keysight ADS, Keysight GoldenGate, cadence Spectre, etc. Always describe correct tool's name and vendor's name which you use as tool or simulator.
I just find out that in eldo we can use something like .extract label=XNM1_VDS VDS(XOPAMP.XNM1.MAIN) .extract label=XNM1_VGS VGS(XOPAMP.XNM1.MAIN) .extract label=XNM1_VTH VTH_D(XOPAMP.XNM1.MAIN) to extract the Vds and Vgs ...etc
Hi are you using spectre or eldo?
It is simply due to limitation of small signal noise analysis in frequency domain. We can never get reliable result of phase noise for small offset frequency. This is true for any vendor's simulator such as Agilent ADSsim, Agilent GoldenGate, cadence Spectre, Synopsys HSPICE, Mentor eldo, etc. See the followings. www.designers-guide.o
Hi, How to generate eldo netlist from cadence schematic? "si" command is generally used for spectre,cdl,hspice netlist.. Is there a command for eldo netlist generations? thanks
I am Velkumar, completed M.E VLSI Design in RMK Engineering College, Chennai. and secured First mark in M.E with aggregate of 8.8 CGPA. I have worked in DRDO as a trainee for SATA IP Core Development using Verilog HDL. I have hands on experience in EDA tools such as cadence- Virtuoso, RTL Compiler, SOC Encounter, MenterGraphics- eldo SPICE, IC
Hello! I would like to define a stimulus in cadence eldo that imposes on a certain pin the Waveforms of both the Voltage and the Current for the transient analysis. Is it possible? Maybe using a stimulus file\script? Of course if I were to use a Voltage generator to define the Voltage law I wouldn't be able to impose the Current law and vic
Hello! I have a quick question. Is there any particular model for the dielectric permittivity used in cadence? I'm using BSIM3v3 (LEVEL 53) with eldo Spice in cadence and I'm not able to identify how and where exactly they define the dielectric permittivity of either silicon or gate oxide. Where are those parameters defined? Thanks (...)
Logic gates (especially large scale) can be designed in VHDL (or Verilog) and then imported into cadence for example. cadence will allow you to simulate with these models. For transistor level design (e.g. one inverter), you can use cadence and a control language (e.g. eldo).
does anyone know the SST analysis with the eldo software?It is a "Master Large Signal Steady State Analysis" as same as HB-Analysis of Agilent ADSsim, CR-Analysis of Agilent GoldenGate, (.hb and .sn) of Synopsys HSPICE-RF and PSS-Analysis of cadence Spectre, etc. could someone explain them and g
Hello Every one, I want to generate netlist of my circuit (made in virtuoso) with eldo. Can I know how could I do it and is how to convert my spectre(.scs) file to eldo/hspice . Thugh there is HSPICED option in cadence there is no option for PSS, PAC, etc. what has to be done for the analsys to be made in eldo (...)
hello everybody, i have a small question regarding default settings each time i launch analog environnement, i have to change the default simulator(eldo) and default location for simulation folder (~) is there any file that i can edit to change those default settings for all subsequent sessions of cadence ? many thanks in advance
Hi, I use eldo through Analog Artist link in cadence. I did an AC Pole Zero analysis but when the simulation finished, no result window appears. So, I tried to analyse the result manually. After this simulation a .pz file is created. It may contain the result of the analysis but I didn't succeed in analysing it. Could anyone help me ? The .pz fi
Hello, I read various post about gm/id plot in cadence Spectre. Can anyone detail me the process to plot gm, gm/id v/s Id in cadence eldo simulator. I am simulation a single MOS to get the plots of various parameters like gm, Ron w.r.t vgs, Id, etc thanks
Hello everyone, Can anyone say how to caliculate leakage power of any (analog) schematic driven circuit in cadence virtuoso through spectre or eldo simulators Thanking you Ramesh
1. It depends: are you concerned about cost, performance, ease of use...? The industry standard is cadence, some people like HSPICE, some like eldo... 2. Why don't you change the nmos width?? 3. In a flash adc, the speed is mainly affected by the comparator design. Without any more information, this is as much as I can tell you.
Hi members, I was simulating a dff based register in order to measure the total power that it consume. The circuit uses a power supply of 2.5V. I use the clip+Average functions of the calculator and I found that the current at the GND node is -4.5 E-4 A. So I calculated the Total power by multiplying Vdd*GND's measured current which gives 2.5
i'm pretty sure you're gonna have a tough time (if not you'll give up) trying to simulate with pspice. there just aren't any models. you will need to use cadence spectre, synopsys hspice or mentor eldo simulators. those are supported by tsmc pdk.
Hello sir Can I know how to find IV curves in a mentor graphics tool?? using eldo(adk_daic) Thanking you Ramesh
Hi everybody, When I lunch a simulation using a cadence/eldo the tool prints that ** NO CONVERGENCE: Simplified G RAMP What does this mean ?
It appears these are Steady-State analyses from Mentor Graphic's eldo RF tools: So I assume there going to be similar to pss analyses.
Hi all, Is it possible to read a netlist generated by cadence (Virtuoso+eldo) using Agilent ADS ?
i do same simulations of temperature using the spice algorithm in eldo "Mentor Graphics". are you interested?
in eldo, there is also .pz analysis. maybe spectre will hace the similiar tool
Hey in cadence or eldo spice, u can do a Frequency analysis & observe the point at which gain is 0db & subtract 180 from the corresponding angle.This will give u the phase margin roughly.
Hi, I recently had to make a transition from Mentor's eldo to Analog artist for analog simulations. I used to work a lot in eldo with user- defined waveforms. The command there is .defwave - basically you get the idea, one can define new waveforms from existing waveforms by putting them in some sort of an expression. This
Hi, Can someone tell me how to determine the power consumed by a circuit designed with the cadence analog platform (Virtuoso, eldo, Esywave...). Thanks in advance.
HFSS is 3D em simulator for passive devices only ADS and ansoft Designer best for board level RF circuits Virtuose , eldo for RFIC on CMOS and so on Khouly
Hello, A Spectre DK cannot be used directly with ADVance MS integration in cadence. But it may be used with a dedicated eldo integration called "spectre2eldoD". To be able to create the netlist for ADVance MS, you have to convert your DK first. See the Artist Link user's manual. Regards, Bozzo.
just apply and input current and then measure the ratio: vds/id,for a particular size of your transistor. In eldo this is a simple script in measures. In cadence you may need to use skill amarnath
Hi, i am using eldo, so would like to add an eldo view to the analogLib library for all devices, so that i can netlist using eldo. What is the best way to go about it. please help.
Virtuoso Composer eldo HSIM ARTIST KIT SPECTRE S HSPICE AMS Designer Virtuoso Layout Editor CALIBRE (layout verification DRC/LVS/ERC) eldo, CALIBRE - from Mentor. HSIM, HSPICE - from Synopsys.
cadence ic5141 is involved simulator and full custom IC layout and I don't think Mentor Graphics has the similar tool on windows platform. Mentor Graphics' IC station and eldo are only for Unix/Linux version.
Mentor's eldo supports the frequency response simulation of SC filters.
I think eldo well.
I ahve used eldo for many years now. I haven't used other tools from Mentor, but I think that eldo is very good and robust simulator. Almost never crashes. In the first few years I thought Xlega sucks, but then I found out that actually it had many powerful features. But, yes, in certain aspects it is not very comfortable to use. Good thing is (...)
cadence analog artisst is more wide spread. However, Mentor's eldo is a very robust simulator. It is not true that there are no models for it. There are, of course. Mentor's schematic capture sucks, for what I know. But eldo can be integrated in cadence analog artist and one can use cadence schematic capture (...)
i want to know what are the strong points and weak points in cadence spectre and mentor eldo ,which tool is generally preferred in analog IC desgn?
Hello What simulator they use in cadence IC5033 and IC5141 packages. Is it as good as eldo from Mentor Graphics. Thanks. Pavel.
I use eldo instead of HSPICE. Spectre is more convenient in use. But eldo is faster.
you can download some of that from edaboard eldo, spectre and hspice pspice is mainly for accurate analog simulation, they are simulators. eldo and hspice can integrated into cadence analog environment-artist. On pc platform, we mainly use hspice and pspice. Design flow: basic concepts, basic books, then practical books and (...)
It seems few people use eldo, I want to use eldo, who can give me some advice.
cadence IC5 and Mentor eldo also have this option.
My present company is using Mentor IC flow but not eldo. Personally I prefer my company to use cadence IC tools mainly because I'm more familiar with it.