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Net is list of point to point connection. Wire is electric conductor. Question 2 is not very clear.
There is also an electric available in most of linux distros repos.
The big hole in the open-source IC cad portfolio is in the verification (DRC, LVS, supported by foundry blessed PDK). electric is a front-back tool that is a bit kooky in the database (so you can't verify streamed-in databases, only forward- created in the tool) but has everything. LASI is good for some MOSIS flows, Windows-only last I checked, a
current electric tool is java based. so you can use any OS. if you already have windows with java , use it for electric.
electric - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF) electric is a sophisticated electrical cad system that can handle many forms of circuit design, including: Custom IC layout (ASICs) Schematic drawing Hardware description language specifications electric has these cad (...)
electric cad is a great free software! But how to get the PDK for it? i.e. how to get the process information to design? e.g. if I design a diode layout, how to abstract the parameters?
Hi All, I am not sure if this post is related to this part of the forum, nonetheless it is related to cad. I am electrical engineering student, I did some layouts of experimental circuits and converted it to gdsii format. I am using electric VLSI editor. Now I have to send the gds to Mask makers with some forms, I am not sure if (...)
List of IC Design Tools, that are free Magic VLSI, *nix electric VLSI, its based on Java so you can run it anywhere Alliance cad, complete netlist-GDSII, also includes a VHDL compiler, *nix Microwind, Window

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