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electric cad is a great free software! But how to get the PDK for it? i.e. how to get the process information to design? e.g. if I design a diode layout, how to abstract the parameters?
'electric' is another free system, but hasthe same problems as Alliance. Not general purpose at all. Mike
1. I Am learning cmos image sensor. and want to design a sensor, but I don't know what software is much easy to use. You can use any software as long as you have the right layers to do the layout... since it seems you're not using a specific process with its own PDK you will basically have to start from scratch, so you won't probably have fil
current electric tool is java based. so you can use any OS. if you already have windows with java , use it for electric.
Well that's interesting .. there are several approaches .. you could IMPROVE some already existant ON GOING projects like : or t his is a great one! or check this ... Well here are all :
List of IC Design Tools, that are free Magic VLSI, *nix electric VLSI, its based on Java so you can run it anywhere Alliance cad, complete netlist-GDSII, also includes a VHDL compiler, *nix Microwind, Window
Hi All, I am not sure if this post is related to this part of the forum, nonetheless it is related to cad. I am electrical engineering student, I did some layouts of experimental circuits and converted it to gdsii format. I am using electric VLSI editor. Now I have to send the gds to Mask makers with some forms, I am not sure if (...)
You should check out electric VLSI. It doesn't come with foundry support but with some effort, I suppose, you can build your own technology file. I am not sure about the simulator though, If you need BSIM3v3 then you can try some of the free tools that supports it but don't expect tight integration between them. Free IC related tools: Magic
Is the are back-end P&R software that is either open-source or free for back-end design ? icarus can be used for simulation gtkwave for viewing waves limited synthesis can be done with icarus with scripts to convert it to technology libraries but from a netlist to placed routed gates, is there any open-source or free softwar
electric - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF) electric is a sophisticated electrical cad system that can handle many forms of circuit design, including: Custom IC layout (ASICs) Schematic drawing Hardware description language specifications electric has these cad (...)
The big hole in the open-source IC cad portfolio is in the verification (DRC, LVS, supported by foundry blessed PDK). electric is a front-back tool that is a bit kooky in the database (so you can't verify streamed-in databases, only forward- created in the tool) but has everything. LASI is good for some MOSIS flows, Windows-only last I checked, a
It is better to show your schematic. If you use 1000uf for regulation and still have problem so i think you have a problem in your circuit board. please check connection between your circuit and bike electric system's such as : inputs , outputs and electromagnetic noise ... Also I think you should use fast diode instead of your usual freewheel di