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electric cad is a great free software! But how to get the PDK for it? i.e. how to get the process information to design? e.g. if I design a diode layout, how to abstract the parameters?
1. I Am learning cmos image sensor. and want to design a sensor, but I don't know what software is much easy to use. You can use any software as long as you have the right layers to do the layout... since it seems you're not using a specific process with its own PDK you will basically have to start from scratch, so you won't probably have fil
'electric' is another free system, but hasthe same problems as Alliance. Not general purpose at all. Mike
current electric tool is java based. so you can use any OS. if you already have windows with java , use it for electric.
There is also an electric available in most of linux distros repos.
hello, i want to do voice transfer on electric lines please help me digitallan...
Transtech Windows-based cad and Transtech parts selector guides for dielectric resonators
Have anybody an idea who can I download F*A*C*T*O*R*Y cad ? thx.
Hi 1. -> t tnx
Hi This page provides access and links to tools which the Case Western Reserve University, Computer Engineering Department's VLSI cad Group has developed or found useful. 1. -> t tnx
Hi all good idea this room :smile: . I work for year in windows machine using CAM cad CAA programms. I would like traslate to linux platform but is so difficult find this tecnichal programms. Can anyone help me to find a corrispondent programm for do my work? Im using now: #EPD2.0# for schematichentry; #PADS4.01# for layout boards; #CAM35
Where can I find Stu*n Gu_ns electric Scheme?
Can someone please guide me to electric Motors design type info or software available. Please note: This is not electric motors for vehicles but induction motors (3 phase 400V, single phase 230V, etc) I am working for a company that deals with such motors and any help would be appreciated 2 sites have design software which if someone has w
Hi 1. -> t tnx
I'm looking for a design of low level electric field detector too. I'm interested in the principle of operation of this probe: Can anybody help us? nebisman
Hi VLSI cad TOOLS "Expresso" Boolean logic minimization "Magic" Interactive editor for VLSI layouts "PDRTF" Process Design Rule Technology files (.tech27) "IRSIM" Event-driven logic-level simulator for MOS (both N and P) transistor circuits. "SPICE 3" Simulation Program Integrated Circuits: General-purpose electrical and semico
Hi page provides access and links to tools which the Case Western Reserve University, Computer Engineering Department's VLSI cad Group has developed or found useful. 1. -> t tnx
Hi I need a fast tutorial on or*cad sch,pcb and on autorouting with it. please send pdf or any useful links about that. thanks
a completely free ide for drawing and producing electronics cad applications this app is four times better than altium >>>>cost 1200$ and up^^^^ includes spice schematics capture {full} pcb layout auto route and layout 3d pcb visualization database support features the url for this app as i thought
Hi cadence cad Tutorial 1. -> t tnx
Hi Lessons In electric Circuits A free series of textbooks on the subjects of electricity and electronics 1. -> t tnx
Does anyone know of any PCB cad software that can export the PCB as a 3D file to for example SolidWorks? That woud decrease design time alot. MrEd
According to some sources from Juniper Networks all cad tools from MicroMagic (MAX layout and SUE schematic capture) were released into the public domain after the collapse of MicroMagic Inc. Does anybody knows where to find it ?????
Hi all, someone have the library of rtl8019as for p-cad ???? where can i found ready alternative library? tks, Daniel
cad / CAE / Draw Softwares
I try it Automation studio it's really good and you can try it to, use google and type automation studio and download the last version. you can make hydraulics, pneumatics, and electrics schemas. You can find in diferents lenguages too.
Hi MEMS cad and Simulation Tools This area describes design and simulation tools of interest to the MEMS community. 1. -> t tnx
Hi Strategic cad Labs (SCL) Strategic cad Labs (SCL) is one of Intel's main cad research groups for silicon design technology. The team focuses their research on design technologies that will be needed 3+ years from now by the designers of Intel's next generation microprocessors. 1. -> t tnx
Hi. Anyone know how to readout some/all info from Kamstrup electric Meter 382. See page 2 in the PDF-file about the optical need help to build the interface and some useful soft.
Hi VLSI cad Tools at Case Western Reserve University 1. -> t tnx
Hi Webcad: Web-Based Interfaces to MEMS{cad/CAM} 2. -> t tnx
Hi cad Systems for MEMS 1. -> t tnx
Hi cad Translators, Postprocessors and Plotter Drivers 1. -> t tnx
Hi QS cad Pure Tcl/Tk EDA Package. Schematic capture through to PCB layout. Has Part editor as well as editor for Schematic and PCB Decals. 1. (Download src/binary) * -> t tnx
Can someone advice me about a free electronics cad for Linux? If it's possible, It have to import sch and pcb from orcad or protel. thx Lollo
Hello, I'm working with 9.2.3 OR*cad. When I make a touch pannel with silicon keys I need to make a footprint with 2 padstacks with complicated shape. With CorelDraw I can make easy any shapes with exactly dimensions, but I can't see a way how to import from Corel to Library Manager. Currently I export CorelDraw picture to DXF format. The
Are there any good PCB cad for Linux? See ya Politicante
Who can tell that I in HFSS " Stitching " electric capacity is when building the pattern, and how to join 。
Free ASIC cad Tools with GPLed, just check out here. Regards. - satya
P-cad 2002 WORKS FINE IN LINUX WITH WINE, HERE IS THE STEPS: P-cad 2002 URL: Tested Wine Version: 20021007 First you must install DCOM98. This is needed to make the installation program work.Get it at: Installation is easy. Just type wine -
Hi NetBSD cad packages archive 1. -> t tnx
Hi jcad jcad is an electrical cad system, written in java. 1. h**p:// * -> t tnx
how did cad-ul ( ) ? plz help me.
I´m looking for the old P-cad Master Designer software 8.7 Any idea where i can get it ? 8O
I have files made with the old P-cad Master designer 8.7 software and i want to import these files in the current version of P-cad 2002. I don´t have the libs of P-cad 8.7. I think there were some customer libs within the P-cad 8.7 ( made by the designer) . Do i need these old libs or are the customer symbols, devices, (...)
An empirical HBT Large Signal Model for cad
Hallo!! I need " service menual " for welding machine Lincoln electric SP 175PLUS I have problem with " arc voltage" potentiometer ( no regulation)? Is possible that someone give me scheme of PCB Thanks Gogi
I've got this electric motor from a K'NEX toy kit I found lying around. It was power by 2 AA batteries (~3V DC). I would like top use this motor on a 12V car circuit, but when I wire it to 12V, it spins way too fast. How can I reduce the voltage significantly? I want it very very slow, possibly slow enough so it will take 5 seconds for the motor to
Dear friends: I want to design a portable system for sense charged power lines and systems for human protection near power ssystems. For this, I need a sensor for measure low level electric fields (which is about 20-30 V/M). Can you give me an advice about some semiconductor device for do it ?. Could you give some basics of principles for appro
Hi, I'm not finding the equivalent electric conductivity of air anywhere! I know that for a perfect conductor, the conductivity goes to infinity, but what about for air??? Thank you Hi! You can consider air to be a very good insulator (imagine high voltage transmission!!), thus conductivity ~ 0 S/m Rgz, eirp