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A few years ago I made an electric fence which worked quite well out of a motor car spark plug coil. I used a 555 timer to energize the coil every few seconds. I connected the gnd to a metal spike hit into the soil and the output of the coil went to the fence. I uses a 7ah 12v battery to power the system. It worked well on people (i tested (...)
General application is giving high-voltage pulses from time to time, which is to ?scare? a cow from the fence. HV transformer was obtained from an old energizer as well as the housing. The circuit was soldered on a piece of the un
hi, i need construct a electric fence :( for the corrals of my cows in the farm hi can help me ;)
can any one suggest me solutions for the electric fence There is a circuit at: of a electric fence Controller For inductor coil L1, transformer T1,T2 i want specifications parameters For T1,T2 what would be parameters Primary coil inductance,Secondary coil inductance, Coupling
Hi all, I am looking to build a very specific electrical fence energizer per client's request. I personally have a very very limited knowledge of electronics. I was hoping that I could gain someone's expertise on here in the circuit diagram and components needed. I will get a local professional EE to build this for me (...)
use a line output transformer { tv lopt or a flyback or trippler driver} and a small 555 oscillilator to drive it i remember looking in the guts of one and this is all it had the eht comes from the top of the box i am sure it was just a transformer with no trippler though as it had a 2.5 kv electrl
Hi there I want to design and build my own energiser for a home electric fence system. Does anyone have any knowledge of this type of circuit and where can i get information regarding this topic. Any help would be really appreciated. Willem Namibia
I design power supply for electric fence. Primari voltage 230V AC 1 Secondary +5V <100mA for control electronics 2 Secondary +400V for charging 70uF capacitor, capacitor must be recharged in less 1s Other conditions and pitfalls Control electronics must be able to source block for time <1ms, ie after the time when the capacitor discharges
I recently got shocked when I touched a live lightbulb socket with a butter knife. However, I was standing on a wooden chair when I did so. How did I complete the circuit standing on a wooden chair? I have been reading a lot in order to understand the specifics involved in electric shocks but I still don't understand why I got shocked if I wasn't g
it has nothing to do with radio, its an electric fence You didn't read thoroughly.
It may be used for signal shielding. It depends on the type of the instrument & area of application. Example... electric fence is a battery operated equipment but it still need earth connectivity to close the circuit path. If the battery operated instrument is having very sensitive amplifier or line frequency noise picking circuits, then it requir
Hello, I need the electric diagram of the Techtronix 2221A. Thank you.
Please, I badly need urgent electric diagram for FLUKE 725- process calibrator. Could you ( if anybody wants to help me) send it to my email adress as well. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is there any document only about the electric diagram and managment control panel system ! Layout or drawing and so on ? *** there is full repair manual for Peugeot 607over the following link but it.s too big for downloading in our area ( low speed internet )! best regards:!:
More details: The MoM analisys is based on electric Field Integral Equation (EFIE) and leads to the formulation of a homogeneous matrix problem. The solution of this problem is performed by an iterative procedure: for a given value of the propagation phase constant beta, the frequency range is scanned to find the frequencies where the field eq
Usually, electric fencing runs on a charger, which converts low voltages into a pulsed, high-voltage, low-current output .. Although the potential involved may be in the order of 2,500 to 9,000 volts the actual pulse lasts only milliseconds .. Here is an example of such a circuit:
hi, I am using PIEZEO electric ULTRASOUND TRANSDUCER operatintg ranges are 12v,100 to 200mA 2MHz frequency. This transducer is used for measuring the Aorta thickness. We can use this transducer As a transmitter and receiver.For my application i am using this one as a Transmitter and receiver.that is when we on this transducer
Hi! I am building something that looks quite like a sliding gate, but in a small size. The problem is that I dont know how should I control the motor. The application is composed of a DC motor, something that is attached to the motor(gate), and 4 push buttons/switch's(A,B,C,D). The idea is that when I push the switch A, the motor drives on
Hi all i have a peugeot 206 2002 edition and have recently started having a problem, well more of an annoyance with the rear windscreen de-mister. The relay clicks in and out on its own intermittantly and there is no longer any function on the pushbutton on the panel. suspecting a loose wire or faulty relay which i could probably repair if i cou
Hello! Ask Google! Have fun! Dora. i wish to get the circuit diagram and the working principle of a relay circut which gets open with one electric pulse and must be closed with the next electic pulse. the speci
yes... the microcontroller. The cellphone is most of the time activated manually. pressing a touch pad allows the current to circulate and sends a signal to the phone microcontroller (see OpenCell picture). Instead of having a finger mechanically triggering the touch pad and sending the electric signal, I have the motion detector sending the sig
This electric fan has a switch for speed control (1,2,3). Well, this was not there in your acual question. For this application , just use the relays and switch it on and done, and do not worry about the reliability etc etc, I have seen relays working for years without any fuss. Though triacs are the better
Sketch the energy band diagram (E versus x) including Fermi level of an intrinsic semiconductor under uniform electric field in x-direction.
plz tell me, how to construct a energizer circuit for wild elephants? (I can make the fence)
Hi, i am simulating a square lattice 2d photonic crystal and i want to get the dispersion diagram. For TE mode, i have periodic boundary at xy direction and electric boundary at z. An air box is placed above the substrate. phase x and y is scanned for the brillouin zone. The photonic crystal is a air rod of r = 0.3a in a silicon substra
hello, i want to do voice transfer on electric lines please help me digitallan...
Looking for circuit diagram for Sharp fax F3600M. Mvbrgds Ludvig
Hi all The below picture represent a block diagram of a DWELL TIMER. Does anybody know how to design the shematic diagram.(connections) The two D-type flip-flop(4013)are used as edge triggerning device which activate the monostable that it turn activates the astable. Please HELP !!!!!! ./uploads/timer.JPG ______________
Where can I find Stu*n Gu_ns electric Scheme?
Can someone please guide me to electric Motors design type info or software available. Please note: This is not electric motors for vehicles but induction motors (3 phase 400V, single phase 230V, etc) I am working for a company that deals with such motors and any help would be appreciated 2 sites have design software which if someone has w
Hi 1. -> t tnx
I'm looking for a design of low level electric field detector too. I'm interested in the principle of operation of this probe: Can anybody help us? nebisman
I would like to have diagram of a house alarm systems. Thanks
Can anyone explain the wiring of the blue line in the schematic diagram in the following link. Schematic description at Thanx
Requesting : ===> Radio System Block diagram TV System Block diagram VCR System Block diagram Satellite Receiver System Block diagram Phone System Block (...)
MP3Hombre, My thoughts - generically speaking, if you are using nylon strings on your instrument, an inductive (magnetic) pickup will not produce any output as it converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy by (ferrous type) metal strings cutting the magnetic lines of force produced by the pickup. A piezo style pickup however converts
Who can give me some diagram for a shaper gaussian shaper amplifier. With Google, I can find a lot of custom made high perf. ICs ( CERN.... ) or bloc diagram, but noting else. I need a discrete or OPAmp based diagram. Thanks
Hi Lessons In electric Circuits A free series of textbooks on the subjects of electricity and electronics 1. -> t tnx
This is Time Crafter 1.0. A simple timing diagram editor. the_penetrator?
Have anybody a system to convert Grafcet diagram to C for microcontroler? Thanks in advance cb30
Please help if you can. I want to modify the max o/p voltage to go to at least 12V (Normally 10V) If anyone has done this before let me know, otherwise the diagram would be enough for me. Thanks
Do you have Stereo Coder Schematic diagram?
I need a free tool for block diagram drawing.
Hi, Anybody knows a very good timing waveform drawing tool? I know Timing crafter,synapticad,timing tool(online) but they r not requirement is draw a timing diagram and embed it in a word document.Pls help me in this regard. thanks in advance.. - satya
can any1 give me any flowchart r state diagram for a engine control unit like from ignition on to crank angle sensing to EGR sriram
Please i also would love to get a Digital to Analogue Converter schematic diagram
Hi all, I am looking for the schematic diagram and eventually the service doc of the PR710 2-way handheld radio which PYE / Philips made some 10 years ago. Anyone has a copy ? Regards 8) Mike
Hi. Anyone know how to readout some/all info from Kamstrup electric Meter 382. See page 2 in the PDF-file about the optical need help to build the interface and some useful soft.
I need Panasonic FAX KX-F2450 schematic diagram. Thank you very much.