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Hi, what's the name of the best book about FEM and specially vector FEM? Added after 2 minutes: Hi, I suggest you "the finite element methods in electromagnetics" by Jianming Jin.
For transmission lines Refer to Applied electromagnetics by Fawwaz t Ulaby. best book ever used world wide Regards Rotmanlens.
Hi, Download and take a look at this book... ~AK
Hi, I will start MS in September 2013. I want to study in my remaining time. I have taken Microwave Course (in which Pozar's first 5 chapter is studied), Antenna Course (in which Balanis' first 6 chapter is studied), and 2 UG EMT Course (in which Cheng's book is studied). I am asking for these three months and also for all grad studies. Clearly
Your question seems to be very generic - microwave engineering is as broad of a topic as engineering itself and needs to be refined. It largely depends on what you need it for. If you re dealing with passives - then - what passives - transission lines or lumped? If this is lumped - Collin and Pozar will lead you to nowhere - but on transmission lin
FMM stands for Fast Multipole Multilevel . See Chew's book "Fast and efficient algorithms in computational electromagnetics" Artech House, 2001 AIM stands for Adaptative Integral Method. See Bleszynski's paper "AIM: Adaptative integral method for solving large scale electromagnetic scattering and radiation problems" Radio Science, Vol 31 pp 1199
Dear All: I'm reading the book of " The CG-FFT method: Applications of Signal Processing Techniques to electromagnetics" written by Manuel F. Catedra, Rafael P. Torres etal, publishede in 1995 by ARTECH HOUSE. Anyone has the source code or some implementations of the book? The source code that is said to be available from the website: (...)
I am 3. year student and i my major is radio engineering in university. Now i have to get book for electromagnetics. I have looked books: U. Inan - A. Inan: Engineering electromagnetics David K Cheng Fundamentals of engineering Davik K Kraus electromagnetics What do you think, which would be the (...)
Hi Pozars book is an OK all around book. But the basic stuff like transmission line theory like reflection coefficients and how the wave behave on the line is treated better in electromagnetics books like Chengs. At leat in my opinion. Regards
Circuit Analysis: Huelsmann or Svoboda/Dorf electromagnetics: Kraus Signals and systems: Oppenheim Willsky or/and Oppenheim Schafer
for electromagnetics, a book by krauss is great. then there is saidiku. of the two u have mentioned, cheng is more famous. for sigs & sys, oppenheim,s book is good. regards.
Hi The book 'MRTD (Multi Resolution Time Domain) Method in electromagnetics' is available in the forum for free download. You don't need any points for downloading this book, if you use the free mirror link. (Procedure: Click the link 'EDA E-books Upload/Download' in the Forums page. Type MRTD in the Search Field of (...)
Hi Code from the book Computational electromagnetics by Ingerstorm is attached. best Regards Jithesh
Just in case anyone's interested, here's a link to a free book by Field Precision:
try The Finite Element Method in electromagnetics by Jian-Ming Jin best book for ANY FEM-related stuff
For a good understanding of the electromagnetism, I recommend you to read the "Field and wave electromagnetics" by David K. Cheng The solution manual for this book is available on the internet.
Try the following article: "Microstrip Filter Design Using electromagnetics" by Daniel G. Swanson, Jr. it can be d/l from (x=t) best regards, Al
I mean how to teach and learn EM basic efficien. EM is not taught efficiently for that purpose for you to learn it. EM is a very deep area. Some people in college read Fawwaz Ulaby book "Fundamentals of Applied electromagnetics". I have seen that book. It makes EM like learning logic gates in analog electronics. Of course y
I don't have exactly anything particular in mind. I just want to start having a good collection of e-books on antennas, antenna arrays and computational electromagnetics. I personally have a major interest in antenna arrays, hence the request. Also, I'm a huge fan of Munk's, Hansen's and Mailloux's work. Would it be OK if you could e-mail your copy
hello adel_48, do you happen to know if the feed model as described in 'antenna and em modeling with matlab, sergey n. makarov" is accurate? i am thinking of using this book as a start to develop some MoM code in c++ using the matlab scripts accompanied with the book. if there is a better way of starting to learn programming numerical electromag
Hi tarkyss There is an itrative method for calculation of maximum aigenvalue of a matrix by name of Method of Power that I think it is easy to implement. I saw it in the book "Numerical Methods in electromagnetics" by Sadiko. Now time is late, if you cannot find any information about this method notify me. Regards.
you can search for the book titeled "" computer techniques for electromagnetics " by R. Mittra 1973
Hi Jota, I agree with the rest - Find Balanis's : "Antenna theory, analysis and design" I think there's a similar solved problem there. Another good one (Yet, not focused on antennas): "Applied electromagnetics, Fawaz T. Ulaby". Very "user friendly" and easy to read. Good luck. P.
I have a very nice book, it gives notes on all the techniques in solving the electromagnetics problems The book is Computational electromagnetics, by Anders Bondeson, Thomas Rylander, Par Ingelstrom It is a good book
hi everybody... I am applying MoM for scattering by dielectric cylinder in MATLAB. I want to ask what is the best way to treat the problem, volume integral equations or surface integral equations?I have read in the book " Computational Methods for electromagnetics (Peterson,Ray,Mittra) both of the ways. Concerning volume integrals, i (...)
see methods of electromagnetics by Sadiku, i think it has solution of wave equation using FDTD
hi i think the book of Taflove titeld by " Computational electromagnetics the finite difference time domain method" is the best refernce to learn FDTD
Engineering electromagnetics by: William H. Hayt, Jr. . John A. Buck
Hi friends, I am struggling to simulate the electromagnetics inside the breast for the breast cancer detection using 2D FDTD. please help me
There are a lot of ways of measuring the performance of an antenna over a frequency band,(eg,impedance bandwidth,directivity bandwidth,gain bandwidth and so on),impedance bandwidth of the microstrip patch antenna is the band in which the reflection coefficient(S11) is less than -10dB. well no offense intended but since you are asking for what is t
Hi, OK, then it mostly seems to be about microwave and signal propagation and integrity. Should I know a lot about them? (I have passed electromagnetics and know some about antennas). best & Thanks. PS to cks2976: Dr. Howards book is 1993 did you find it useful?
Dear Friends, I want to understand and implement the "Addition theorem for Hankel Functions" Equations 11-82 from Advanced electromagnetics by Balanis. I never took lectures on this course and I am following the book myself, and I am unable to find an easy proof for this equation, specially how to understand the solutions for rho < pho_dash and