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Hi I need some suggestion about my 6th term power electronics project . i am supposed to use a microcontroller for that if you people can give any ideas about the choice of project it'll help me alot.thanks
You do not clarify which kind and purpose of the electronics project you have to do. nguyennam
i want to do summer training i want you to suggest me any electronics project which best value in futureand also the it requires minimun hardware requirements so that i can afford it i can do programming but purchasing hardware too much costlier plz refer me i m in mess What type of micro controllers do you use?
would you like to Do some computer interfacing project.. or pure electronics project.. have you learnt about digital IC like counters, shift registers, flip/flops, MUX/Dmux
hi , can you suggest me a power electronics project?.. using SCR or TRIAC or any power electronic device .
You will find some on the sites mentioned below: power electronics projects - 1:electronics / Electrical/Instrumentation/Applied electronics project Ideas Power electronics projects
so you want a communication / electronics project... that is a bit vague... my suggestion is to (maybe) buy a TI dsp demo board and play with it. Although it can be quite expensive (~$300), i think it would be worth while. Maybe try a few simple projects and go through TI's extensive set of appnotes. As for (...)
Hi all I am a final year BE electronics student looking for some good topics for my final year project. Your suggestions are most awaited , preferably something related to microprocessors. Please provide some related links/material. Thanx in advance. Regards Kazzam Jus search the microcontrollers section, there
where from will i get electronics projects which can be given to final year students
I want to do some power electronics projects that also have a market value...Please give some good ideas..
I am planning to do a project based on wireless data transfer. I have a basic background in electronics only as far as flip-flops, shift registers, basic RAM/ROM circuits, etc. I plan to learn about wireless data transfer mechanism that is specifically relevant to the project. Can anyone give me a head start on how i should begin? What are (...)
I am currently in my first year of electrical and electronics degree programme. I would like to ask for assistance on how to go about starting this project. A little guidance from you experienced people would really help me to complete my project. Thank you in advance. :smile: DETAILS : -four traffic lights = one junction one traffic l
I understand from that this project was published in EPE in May1994 a front page can be seen here
Other good source for electronics project are Elektor electronics magazine... check in: About your question, You can try the following projects: - Data collector with USB or IRDA interface - TCP/IP litle stack (for automation purposes) - Residential alarm (good project because of the "net" ) (...)
Hi Eogotenks I learn electronics by reading basic electronics project books. These book usually cover basic theory of electronic component and some small project as the example of how the theory explained. I try to assemble the project and from those circuits I can learn a lot about how all these (...)
hi this sites may be helpfull for u :) hope that be usfull for u have a nice day :) Ahmed
Hi all, During my early days on electronics project making, I have made an IR sensor circuit using comparators, Stepper motor controller using transistors, and a DC motor driver using L298 IC. I wonder if you guys have any idea how can I combine these circuit modules into one, may be using a microcontroller as a line tracking robot, but this pro
Hi all, I am making the data base of electronics project related web sites, if you know the address of the web site on which circuit and explanation available then please post it Thanks
if you would like to have electronics project, I advice you to have mixed signal design like PLL, CDR or ADC and you should also pass to the complete design flow i.e, behavioral model, schematics design, layout, parasitics extraction & post layout simualtion best regards, Rania
Hi Im looking for a final year electronics project idea. Im especially interested in the following topics: 1> Biomedical instrumentation based topics 2> Energy conservation or solar photovoltaics based projects 3> Detection and measurement of chemicals such as Arsenic, Ammonia or chlorine in water Could anybody please give me any (...)
Hi Dear Frnds i need a project Suggestion for the Final year project and here i am requesting you to post your project ideas or and good projects if available at your side.... please send me as much as you have waiting for reply. PS: Dear Mod i dunno that this is Ryt section for this post or not please move to (...)
Using some of components you have you can construct a dual power supply .. 7815 can produce +15V and 7905 can be used to generate -5V .. Here are some details: i got some 3 pin devices that i thought at first were transistors, but i guess not. one is a dual rectifier i be
Hi, Thanks for your reply and yes I have done some search over that design and for that, I have downloaded some amount of data from this site as well as other. Reason to download files is that most of them are as per my own thinking most of them are useless for me. Why I am saying they are useless you can visit the following link where you will
This is a great site for analog electronics project. Enjoy
Guys I have given a project. The problem is I have no idea of making project report. Can anyone tell me what is the format of electronics project Report.
if u have full project please share.
Microchip PIC, electronics project Assembly program project using PIC PRO Compiler | Microcontroller Forum Tracker Hope this helps.
Hi there i am working on digital electronics project which is basically an electronic lock. What it does is that you enter the security code into the keypad and press a button to enter it, if the code is correct the lock opens otherwise it doesn't. I also want the code to be re programmable.. I am hoping to keep it hardware only. The problem i am f
Having taken a couple classes in digital electronics, I am mildly aware of what it takes to design a circuit and I would say that what I am looking for is fairly simple. I am looking for someone to either design a circuit and possibly also create a prototype for me (although I may be able to do this on my own depending on costs) and am willing to
Are you interested in winning a free STM32F4DISCOVERY kit? The kit is made by STMicroelectronics and contains their new STMF4 microcontroller with a Cortex-M4 core with FPU and better
Give me the ideas fro 5th semester electronics project...............(not involving microcontroller and solar).
What simulation software are you using? zip and post your simulation file so that it can be tested. Do you have laser led in the simulator? If yes, place it near the photo-transistor and see if it works. I used circuit wizard 2. You can build this circuit on there in no time. - -
Hello experts! How are you all? I have digital electronics in this semester but now my semester is up to end. So I have been given to create project. I am thinking of design the transistor detector. Means, if I place transistor in the circuit then LED should glow if transistor is alright. And if transistor is bad then LED should be off. I think
hi i m student of final year E&C i want ideas for my final year project so i wish anybody help to get the ideas. please help me in finding ideas on arm7 processor n 8051 controller if anyone know link related to arm 7 processor & 8051 controller then also send me thank u
published a list of various latest electronics mini projects circuit diagrams in their own blog. All of them are latest and very useful for engineering students. Following are some of the electronics project circuits details: 1. Water Level Indicator project: The Water Level Indicator employs a simple (...)
Have a great electronics project you made. Submit your electronics project summary with a video. If qualified you can win upto Rs. 5000 Have an NFC project, Bluetooth, Zigbee or anything else that's interesting Submit to
Hi, We found that Day by day, the demand for electronics concepts, projects and circuit diagrams is increasing at rapid rate. Many people are showing lot of interest to study electronics in engineering and trying to improve their skills and knowledge. So, we have planned to provide the information about these electronics (...)
911 loader is a directv HU card programmer :) Can I use it program my atmel mcu for electronics project purposes instead of hacking cards? Isn't the loader itself is a programmer? I don't want to buy another programmer when I already have one.
Check this
Hi, In order to meet the EMC directive, you need to test your products according to the EMC directives depending on the types of product that you intend to test. The basic tests that you need to do is emission and immunity tets. You can get more information on this from the following websites.
:?: Hello, All. I am a converted computer nerd, whose last serious electronics project was in high school, 10 years ago - so, please bear with me. I am creating a project where I am combining 2 completely seperate (off the shelf) electronics devices into one box, creating a sort of "ALL-IN-ONE" solution. As it (...)
hello all, I am new to this forum and im looking for help on my school electronics project. I am making a small car for children to drive along in the road and it should have something interesting and new. So far i have designed a circuit with thyristors so if the child has a friend with one of these cars they can crash into each other and ea
Hi there! I would have two questions to you. Lets talk about the first only!In my electronics project i have to use linear interpolation.I found this document on the web: The problem is that after reading and trying to follow the equations i get confused. I think
Look fere: Your can modify the schematic, for the phone.
See some explanations here: The electret microphone picks up the sound, when powered with a resistor connected to a voltage, outputs a small voltage waveform which is proportional to the sound pressure waves. That waveform is then used t
Hello, I have disassembled an old electronics project lab which is now assembled without damage again. I looked into how the voltage was regulated from the 6 AA batteries needed. What I saw confused me. Why does the power supply have a low resistance capacitor in series? thank you
Hello! You can start with a book,one of the best books in this category : The art of electronics by Paul Horowitz.And after you read this you will have an idea about what you want learn next.You can find it on Best regards! Venix
hello plz i have a power electronics project about 3 phase bidirectional ac controller using workbench multisim..i just need to know which SCR must i use and the specifications for the gate pulse.thankyou
Hi, If you have capability in constructing your own circuit, you could take a look at: Or you could use a conventional lamp dimmer or fan speed controller for your app
Hey all, I'm planning on building a 1.2-18V @ 1.5A variable DC power supply using an LM317 variable regulator. The circuit I plan on following is seen here: Variable DC Power Supply Using LM317 Regulator . I will be using a 19V @ 6A AC laptop adapter (VERY cheap on eBay, c