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hi, Look here, your module is a UV Ballast. - - - Updated - - -
Hi all, I planned to work in a diy 3d printer project. Can anyone recommend electronics? Ramps 1.4 or Melzi board or Rumba? Thank you.
people Im doing a project and I need a programable microcontroller the same size as this one. But the problem we need 3 PWM outputs. Is there any microcontroller you know we can use?
I am collecting various components for my DIY project in electronics and i wanted to know how i can get the following circuits. 1. Bluetooth receiver 2. Bluetooth transmiter 3. GSM circuit with sim card (i will use this to sen,receive texts and also to make and receive calls) 4. GPRS receiver circuit 5. Wireless receiver circuit 6. Wireless
Hi everyone:smile: , I am doing my last year post graduation on Power electronics.I would like to ask everyone's help to find an appropriate project opportunity in any reputed industry. Expecting your help, Thanks and regards Peter
I'm looking for an electrical engineer for a project I am working on. Job description: Design, debug, and test bluetooth audio electronics. Program the Bluetooth chips for functionality and design requirements Experience required: Knowledge of programming and bluetooth protools Experience in PCB design/layout a plus Experience using CS
Hello Friends, My 8th semester has just started and we are in a big dilemma on our final year project (electronics & communication domain). So I would like some advice on project ideas. Please share all the links and websites you guys know. Hoping a reply very soon. Thank you.
Hi all, folks ! I have no experience in designing power electronics. I have a small automation project. The requirements are to switch on and off some vents. according with temperature. The client wants to be able to use manual and auto mode. The uc. part was easy but since I dont have experience with power electronics I thought that (...)
First I'd like to introduce myself and thank you for any help that you can offer. All that I know about electronics design is self taught so I very likely have made some stupid mistakes. This is not my first project but it's particularly difficult because I don't know much about analog design. This is not a project for a client. I need (...)
electronics LEARNING GUIDANCE DOUBT Well, I have started with this electronics stuff not just because I like electronics but also because as a future engineer this is something I should really know. I know what a protoboard is, I know what the ohm law is and how it is used, and you know the basics as well topics like what a condenser, res
Dear Friends HAPPY NEW YEAR TO All I am doing this project But My problem is not Finding the ATMEGA8 configuration (Fuse bits) Please help me what is the fuse bits of Atmega8
Hi, I'm working on a project where I have to get a weight readout from a straingage attached to an aluminium box profile. The mechanical part of the assignment is done, but they're realy letting us hanging with the electronics part. We were handed this circuit scematic (after specifically asking a teacher not involved in the project). (...)
A very ambitious project you chose for a person self-confessed to be very limited knowledge of electronics. First you must compare all existing available technologies for wireless. BLuetooth is usually limited to poor audio quality telephony and higher quality vs bandwidth and range are all tradeoffs. I suggest you read up on topics like c
Hello engineers,Hope you all are fine Can you please give me best project ideas in electronics and communication?
Hey, guys. I'm taking a class on Digital electronics, and I'm asked to project a circuit on weekly basis. Well, projecting the circuit is actually easy. The problem is that the circuits are always too big and it's a pain to do it. So, what I'm looking for is a simple way to write functions given a know truth-table Initially I (...)
Hello, I am a newbie and I'd like to create my first serious project in electronics: a motor driver. The motor I'd like to control is a 12V DC brushed motor, it is a grill motor, it is chinese and it has no datasheet. I tested the motor with my hand and it rises up to ~28 amps when stalled, the motor will be used in a robotic arm which is not
Have a look at this forums post. I had seen such project published in electronics for You Magazine, i will provide you link soon.
hello everyone Today, this is my first time post here, rather than replies. I am very happy to come to this forum to learn more knowledge of electronics.I share a project I've ever done, an AVR/51 ISP programmer, Maybe it is simple, I think there must be someone who need it. PCB and schematic is easy to understand, people who use it can
Dear Friends I am new for GPS modules. I am going to develop a project for consumer electronics. I need to receive location of a person inside the home(He always be with GPS module). I have tried some GPS modules. But result is poor, it requires external antenna. Without an external antenna how can I get data from GPS module. Module should be
There are 32 Vacancies of Senior project Fellow/project Fellow at CSIR - Central electronics Engineering Research Institute, Pilani Rajasthan, India. Please check below link for details:
you have to be more specific in which field, you want to become an expert, first of all you have to know the basic of electronics, the basic components, and also how those components worsk, second you have to take an existing project/circuit and try to understand it, and understand each block and how they use this, and try to make a PCB by yourse
Hi guys, I'm new to power electronics and my professor gave me a project to design and build. It is a SMPS 9V input, 400V output 3A. Anyone who knows how to design this power supply??? I will appreciate your help. Thanks a LOT in advance!!!!:lol:
You must first be interested in something. Any area of electronics. Such as electronics for automation, or high frequency devices (transmitters / receivers) or microcontrollers. Then in this area need to find a ready-made projects with a description of their work. Repeat this project with their own hands. According to the (...)
Hi guys, Firstly, I am by no means experienced with electronics, so if I say something stupid, please forgive me. I am working on an interlock system for a project I'm assigned to as part of an industrial placement, and I am not sure how to overcome a couple of issues. The way the interlock works is as follows; In normal operation of th
Hi all, This might be a dumb question or something already answered and I simply don't know what to search for so please bear with me. I have a small project I'm working on and don't know where to start so here it goes. I need a small motor/actuator/servo/something that can power a rod/stiff wire (1lb pressure is enough) to extend and retrac
Hello I am looking for someone who can DESIGN AN INTEGRATED VOLTAGE-MODE CONTROLLED DC-DC BUCK CONVERTER. The project must be done on cadence using 0.35um technology. All simulations must be completed by team viewer on my machine. It is a one week job and I am willing to pay 200usd upon successful completion. Anyone interested, please feel
Hi, Have a look here the progam should run on a 877a with minimal modification
hi im not a pro in electronics.. im doing it as a hobby.. im doing a laser distance measurement with phase difference method.. my target is to measure upto 50 meters. im using a 635nm 1mw photo diode i want to know what what photo diode i need to use here. and how to figure it out? i mean is there any calculations i need to do for that? and im u
Enough power that could charge mobile electronics devices that can work with a distance of 1m from the source... The latest designs now reach 4.5 cm distance, if properly adjusted.
I don't know allot about electronics so correct me if am i wrong. For a school project i need to make technical study's more interesting for children. And i had an idea to let them make a small USB powered fan, i found on the internet that you get around 5V from a normal USB. But my question is if this works the same for a mini USB, for use in t
electrical is more simple devices that use electricity - like vacuum cleaners, fridge, a/c electronics is more complex devices that use electricity - like stereo, TV, DVD players
now am working about automotive electronics. in area my doubt is, which is best concept as following concept for developing a prototype 1.Pressure sensor , RADAR sensor, switch with load are interface by using one controller or 2. pressure sensor is interface with one controller then RADAR sensor, Relay and load are in
Hi guys, I am trying to integrate video splitter in my hobby project. I have studied one splitter available and draw schematic of it. I have soldered this circuit but it is not working. Can you guys look at circuit. Maybe I draw it incorrect. I am dumb in analog electronics and transistors. Should it work? VCC is 5V
Hello fellow electronics enthusiasts My name is Krishna. I am New to this forum and I would really love to discuss about my project. GSM Enabled USB door Locking System. I have already successfully tested GSM module and I wanted to come up with something really useful. So thought of having USB key (Normal USB) to unlock you
If your idea of learning electronics is to ask others to do your school project then you should probably change your education direction.
If possible use Super capacitor reduce size & but increase cost No. A capacitor is not a battery. A battery voltage stays close to a high voltage for most of the time of a discharge. Then when it is almost dead its voltage drops quickly. A capacitor voltage IMMEDIATELY begins to drop quickly. The graph
I am Prasad Pandit, BE in electronics Engineering. I have worked on lots of FPGA and embedded system projects for foreign university students as well as some small companies. I have 3 years of practical experience working as Freelancer in this field. I started a blog to help students work on some interesting VHDL projects. I have
I am a engineer student. I want to make a project so please suggest me some good topics
I'm about to graduate this 3 year electronics school in my second year, and I need somewhere to go on from here. I'm making a robot for my graduating project or whatever it's called (seriously, what's it called xD) So anyway. In my dealings with MCU, I have come across Arduino, but I never liked the idea myself, as making the PCB is the best part
Dear all, I'm an apprentice in the last year of electronics Engineering, my project is to monitor an Elevator via PC. I'm using the PIC18 as an intermediate device: "PC-> PIC18 -> Elevator controller". The section "PIC18 -> Elevator" is handled smoothly, no problem with that. The section "PC -> PIC18" is half done, I could get and understand
Our company Fyrware LLC is a software development firm (we do not dabble into hardware heavily). However, all of the engineers on our team love tinkering with electronics as a hobby. We have come together to create a small side project called SUSHIBOX CO. We plan to release a vendor powered marketplace to provide "breakout" snippets (free or paid).
First collect what are the requirements need in your project for example 1. What are the sensors interface in that. 2.what are the protocols you need. and etc Based on the your requirement Choose the micro controller Best Regards,
For your project you need no electronics. Install a limit switch to the load spring and adjust it to close the circuit when the applied weight force is exceeded. Make the circuit of a battery and a lamp, LED or a buzzer to indicate the overweight.
Hi, I have a electronics project that require to conduct 8x8 IDCT using verilog. Could anyone shed some light on this? Please tell me steps to do it? I am totally lost at it.:cry:
Hi, We found that Day by day, the demand for electronics concepts, projects and circuit diagrams is increasing at rapid rate. Many people are showing lot of interest to study electronics in engineering and trying to improve their skills and knowledge. So, we have planned to provide the information about these electronics (...)
Hello! Im new to electronics and this is my first project so bare with me.. i Want to build a fan-controller. i have a power source that is 15VDC 1000mA and the fans require 12VDC 160mA... How should i do that and does it matter how many fans i want to use?
You show the defective original power supply that is a kit in Greece and is a project at electronics-Lab. Many of its parts are overloaded and are operating with a supply voltage higher than their maximum allowed voltage. The maximum output voltage at 3A is not 30V, it is about 25V with lots of ripple. I fixed the circuit and there are a few long
Hi, I am offering freelance electronics services, mainly on the hardware side of things. Located in Limburg, Belgium, I'd be happy to accept project regardless of location but keep in mind that my on-site time decreases in direct proportion to the distance to the job. For an idea of what we can do for you: Ice-Tea ou
i am working on a fingerprint security project, based on what i read so far i decided to go for at89s52 as my microcontroller, but i got stucked when i decided to simulate my circuit on proteus isis 7.8 electronics schematic software i am using. the software offers me at89c52 i didnt see at89s52 . so i am stuck between using at89c52 but am scared i
Hey, I was thinking about ways to make something useful and learn at the same time, and I had an idea; a temperature based fan controller for PC. My idea is that the device would read temperatures from the different parts of the PC, and according to those temperatures adjust the fan speed by adjusting the resistance. There would be about 4 or